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Apple Watch vs. Android Wear

phil schiller says apples shipped one billion ios devices

Apple has sold one billion iOS devices, company claims

Apple has sold more than a billion iOS devices and says it will ship the Apple Watch in April.

FTC wants IoT vendors to safeguard privacy

The FTC wants companies developing Internet-of-Things products should adopt best practices to protect the privacy and security of consumers.

internet of things rev

What the Internet of Things can do for you

This article evaluates opportunities and risks associated with the Internet of Things and highlights two companies, Buddy Platform and SpaceCurve, who offer solutions that collect and analyze Internet of Things device data. By...

elvis presleys ipad and other stories

Elvis Presley’s iPad and other stories

Mobile tech is transforming everything, here's a few illustrations as to how -- and why -- there's iPads in Gracelands.


DEA cameras track hundreds of millions of car journeys across the US

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration program to keep tabs on cars close to the U.S.-Mexican border has been gradually expanded nationwide and is regularly used by other law enforcement agencies in their hunt for suspects.

drone with gopro digital camera mounted underneath   22 april 2013

Drone flights near White House test local restrictions

The quadcopter drone that crashed on the White House lawn early Monday was a recreation drone, among the same type that are flown on the National Mall across the street from the president's home.

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Gartner foresees 250M connected vehicles on the road by 2020

As part of the growing Internet of Things trend, Gartner expects one in five vehicles on the road worldwide in 2020 to have some form of wireless network connection.

Internet will embed itself into everything else, not disappear entirely, Schmidt said.

Schmidt: Internet won't go away; Gates: It won't be omnipotent, either

Google chief Eric Schmidt was misquoted as saying the Internet would go away. He said it would embed into everything and become a ubiquitous, universal good. Pretty good, according to Bill Gates, but it still won't cure malaria.

Photovoltaic panels

U.S. to impose big tariffs on China and Taiwan for dumping solar panels on market

The International Trade Commission has voted to uphold findings that the two countries intentionally saturated the market with cheap photovoltaic cells, undercutting competition and driving prices down.

mars helicopter

NASA tests robotic helicopter that would act as Mars scout

To speed up the rovers’ work, NASA is considering sending a robotic helicopter to Mars that could act as a scout for their explorations.

asteroid 2004bl86

No worries! Asteroid to safely pass Earth on Monday

An asteroid that will zoom past Earth on Monday poses no threat, but will be in a good position for scientists to study, NASA said.

Ford Palo Alto R&D

Ford opens autonomous vehicle R&D center in Tesla territory

Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto will focus its research on speeding up innovation in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data.

wireless traffic stream speeding down the street.

Big visions for 5G before the FCC

Drones, robots, high-altitude balloons and low-altitude satellites are all envisioned to provide fifth-generation (5G) wireless connections as early as 2020, according to recent FCC filings from 55 companies, including Google,...

Atlas Unplugged

Atlas Unplugged: DARPA challenge robot gets major makeover

The 6-foot, 2-in. tall humanoid robot that many teams in the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge will be using in June has gotten a major makeover.

microsoft hololens

Uh oh, Google, here comes Microsoft's HoloLens

Less than a week after Google said that it would stop selling prototypes of its Glass wearable, Microsoft announced that it's coming out with its own computerized headset.

fitbit charge

Why smart devices and wearables will be security's new headache

First it was BYOD and how to secure all of those smartphones in your organization. That's old news! Now those smart devices are communicating with smartphones, and that means they're the weakest link in your cyber kill chain.

Artificial intelligence computer brain circuits electronics grid

What's next for artificial intelligence in the enterprise

While still in their infancy, innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) have the ability to help professionals be more productive and make better informed decisions. The exact applications of AI in the workplace are still unknown,...

spacex space station

Google may invest in SpaceX for Internet through satellites

Google may invest about $1 billion in SpaceX, a company that aims to use satellites to deliver low-cost Internet to underserved regions, according to reports.

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