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2016 toyota fuel cell vehicle 004 1

Flurry of hydrogen fuel cell cars challenge all-electric vehicles

Top car makers this week used the stage at the L.A. Auto Show to showcase announcements around their upcoming release of zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Molecular flash memory could store massive amounts of data

Novel molecules could help flash memory move beyond its storage limits, allowing for massive amounts of data to be recorded in small spaces.

general dynamics land systems mutt ebola

Cameras, robotic mules could help battle Ebola in West Africa

Researchers are working on technology that could be shipped to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak as soon as a few months from now, while also looking ahead to bigger plans to combat any disease outbreak.

blockbuster store closing

Disruptive technology: Dead companies do tell tales

Companies nearly always have plenty of time to properly address disruptive technology. So why do so many fail to do so?

Does being first in supercomputing still matter?

The European forecast of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was so far ahead of U.S. models in predicting the storm's path that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was called before Congress to explain how it happened.


Smartwatch interest ticks up as Apple Watch fever rises

Interest in smartwatches has soared in recent months, even as it has stalled for smart glasses. Credit, or blame, the coming Apple Watch.


Product needs, not profit, led to Microsoft layoffs

The biggest headcount reduction in Microsoft's history was driven by a need to invest in new technologies, not to boost the company's bottom line, said Jeff Teper, Microsoft's head of corporate strategy.


8 tech buzzwords that you need to know

Impress your friends at this year’s holiday gatherings by dropping a few of these terms.

apples homekit will be the talk of ces 2015

Apple's HomeKit will be the talk of CES 2015

HomeKit seems set to be the star of giant trade show, CES 2015, maintaining Apple's track record of dominating the show.


NTSB backs FAA on reckless drone use regulations

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has ruled that drones are aircraft for the purpose of FAA prohibitions of their careless or reckless use.

intel mica

Intel's new wearable MICA is too sexy for your PHONE

Brace yourself, Intel is getting into the fashion business with a new wearable, called MICA. See what fashionable bloggers say about the stylish new wearable.

Electricity prices throughout the U.S.

Rooftop solar electricity on pace to beat coal, oil

Rooftop solar power will reach grid parity in all 50 U.S. states in 2016, setting the scene for a dramatic increase in the uptake of household and commercial rooftop solar systems.

google glass

No, Google Glass isn't dead

The accepted wisdom today among tech wags is that Google has given up on Glass. Oh, really?

fiber optics 135152890

Intel turns to light beams to speed up supercomputers

Intel will start using light pulses next year to move data at blistering speeds in supercomputers, yielding potentially massive advances in high-performance computing.

philae comet

Comet mission could offer clues about the 'origins of us'

With the European Space Agency's robotic lander now sitting on a comet hurtling around the sun, the real science of the mission has begun.

car wireless internet security privacy security locks 100437820 primary.idge

Carmakers promise they'll protect driver privacy -- really

The two largest auto trade groups representing 19 of the biggest car and truck makers have signed onto a set of principles to protect data privacy in an every increasing digital, connected age.

internet of things

Chip makers hope to push IoT with power-efficient components

Low battery consumption will be a key to success for IoT products, and chip makers are working on more frugal processors and microcontrollers to make that happen. Improved energy efficiency was a common theme at the Electronica...

steve ballmer  2013

Ballmer says machine learning will be the next era of computer science

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said when looking at what's ahead in computer science research, he's most excited about machine learning, the science of building algorithms so that computers can recognize behavior in large data...

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