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Google's Project Brillo is an OS for the home -- and a lot more

Google has made a big play for the Internet of Things, announcing a new OS on Thursday that will connect appliances around the home and allow them to be controlled from an Android smartphone or tablet.

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At Google I/O, the Internet of Things gets a new OS

Google is moving deeper into the world of the Internet of Things, announcing a new operating system -- Brillo -- as well as a communications layer at its Google I/O developer conference.

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Lenovo shows smartphone that lets users interact with projected content

Smartphones and smartwatches won't just display content, but will also be able to beam it on to tabletops, walls and even to the eye, according to Lenovo.

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Legal trouble in wearables: Jawbone sues Fitbit

The intense rivalry in the wearables market has spilled over into court with Jawbone accused rival Fitbit of "systematically plundering" its employees, trade secrets and intellectual property.

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GM to offer both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on most vehicles

Following Hyundai's announcement this week that it will offer Android Auto in its sedans, GM today announced it will offer both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as options in most of its vehicles.

Apple Jeff Williams Apple Car is the ultimate mobile device claim

Apple’s Jeff Williams teases with ‘car is the ultimate mobile device’ claim

Apple's top brass teases with Apple Car, Apple Watch promises, iPhone space station talk and more.

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Computer chips made of wood promise greener electronics

U.S. and Chinese researchers propose high-performance chips that can biodegrade.

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At Google I/O, Android may push deeper into the home

A new version of the mobile OS is said to target low-power devices with little memory.

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Monsters, Mustangs and motorcycles: The coolest 3D things at RAPID

3D printer makers and service providers showed off an array of cutting-edge designs all made through additive manufacturing. Everything from production metal engines and drones to motorcycles, bicycles and special effects parts for...


Oculus acquires image recognition startup Surreal Vision

The company's technology could help Oculus apps better mimic reality.

Google I/O

Android M, wearables and robots expected at Google I/O this week

Virtual reality is also on tap; will an updated version of Google Glass be shown off?

Radio signals can be used to boost cell-phone battery life

Researchers at Ohio State University have developed circuitry that converts radio signals from a handset into energy that can be fed back to the device's battery.

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Hyundai becomes first to use Android Auto in production cars

Hyundai will begin using Android Auto in its Sonata infotainment system, making it the first major carmaker to use it in production vehicles.

HELLADS laser carried by B-1 bomber, artist's conception.

DARPA tests laser weapon for fighters, drones

DARPA and the Air Force will test this summer the HELLADS laser system that could show up in drones and fighters as early as 2016.


Google's Internet-connected toys patent sparks privacy concerns, visions of IoT Chucky

Google's recently published patent for Internet-connected toys, which have microphones, cameras, speakers and motors, have sparked privacy concerns; the 'creepy' anthropomorphic devices might look like a doll or teddy bear; but some...

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How Google and Apple will smartify your home

The next big culture shift in consumer technology is clearly home automation, and both Google and Apple will have a lot to say about it in the next couple of weeks.

LARS Augmented Reality System

Marines test augmented reality battlefield

Thanks to augmented glasses, the U.S. Marines on Thursday were able to turn a golf course in Virginia into a simulated battlefield.

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Pebble Time smartwatch to begin shipping on May 27

Pebble has developed new iOS and Android apps that work exclusively with the Time models.

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Overcoming the massive friction slowing the Internet of Things

To standardize more quickly, let's use IP as the common denominator from end-to-end.

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