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Start-up touts wireless charging from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals

Ossia today announced a wireless receiver chipset that works with existing mobile device antennas to draw power from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmissions.

NY Times content for the Apple Watch

All the news that’s fit to squish -- on a smartwatch

It was probably inevitable: The New York Times said Tuesday it will produce one-sentence stories and other content on various topics for the Apple Watch as soon as it goes on sale April 24.

mit apollo  guidance simulator

Over 100 years, NASA's top 5 tech advances

One hundred years ago this month, Congress established the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, launching the nation into a time of advancing aeronautics and eventually space exploration.

Ivanpah Solar Power plant

California leads nation in solar installations as world sees 14% increase

California became the first state this year to receive 5% of its power from utility solar, and while that number may seem small, it's likely an early indicator of growth elsewhere in the U.S.

DARPA's weapons-system mix-and-match plan called SoSITE.

DARPA needs drones, fighters, missiles to attack in tandem; wants open systems to make it happen

DIY air-defenses-destruction kits could be as unstoppable as open systems, BYOD and the cloud.

internet of things iot stock

IBM to pump $3B into new IoT business unit

Hungry for a bigger piece of the Internet of things market, IBM will invest $3 billion over four years to establish a new business unit dedicated to providing IoT systems and services to enterprises.


Researchers say low-cost, longer-life graphene light bulb coming this year

Researchers in the U.K. have created a lightbulb using graphene, a material that's 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than human hair.

Surgical team includina a robotic da Vinci surgical assist system

Google bringing vision to robots that need touch

Google teamed up with Johnson & Johnson and appears to be trying to make vision and cost better in robot-assisted surgery, rather than adding new senses that would make it safer and more effective.

nasa solar power satellite concept

China considering space-based solar power station

Chinese scientists say a solar power station in a geosynchronous orbit could supply a constant stream of electricity, avoiding the intermittent issues that come with nighttime back on Earth.

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Smartwatch shipments to catapult by 500% in 2015 on interest in Apple Watch

Smartwatch shipments will grow by 500% this year, fueled by the interest in the coming Apple Watch and its impact on other smartwatches already in the market, market research firm IDC said today

car hacking

$60 DIY car hacking device is an inexpensive and easy way to hack cars

At the Black Hat Asia security conference, former Tesla intern and embedded systems developer Eric Evenchick released open source Python-based CANard software and CANtact hardware designs that will allow anyone to hack their connected...

iot opensource linux

Will open source save the Internet of Things?

Middleware standards based on open source could be the glue that pulls IoT solutions together.

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5 ways to use virtual reality in the enterprise

From connecting with customers, better showing off products and helping potential customers feel like they're trying out everything from a new car to a new iPhone before they buy it, virtual reality is likely to be a game changer for...

apple watch three faces

Apple Watch mini-stores to open in London, Paris, Tokyo luxury retail shops

Each store opens on April 10, the same day the smartwatch becomes available for try-ons and preorders

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Goodbye GPS? DARPA prepares new tracking technology

DARPA considers GPS unreliable, as it isn't always available and signals can be easily jammed.

oculus rift headset

Facebook wants to blur lines between reality and virtual reality

Facebook doesn't want to simply build a virtual reality game where users put on a headset and pretend they're flying a jet or commanding a tank.

Oculus VR

At F8 today, virtual reality may be next phase of social networking

Virtual reality is among the topics that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, is expected to talk about today, the second day of the company's annual F8 developer conference being held in San Francisco.

internet of things iot stock

Fujitsu develops thin, solar-powered IoT beacon

The beacon can be rolled up and attached to curved surfaces.

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