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smart city

Open wireless standards could save smart cities 30% on tech costs

Open standards used to deploy Internet of Things technology could cut costs and accelerate the growth of smart cities.

20160224 stock mwc iot booth sign

To go from IT to IoT, build on your skills

The Internet of Things is growing so fast that it’s an obvious place to look for career growth. Instead of aiming for a whole new job, the best strategy may be to add some skills to the ones you already have.

smart home screen

5 misguided reasons for asking wireless carriers to manage smart home networks

Wireless operators managing smart home devices using newly acquired 600 MHz spectrum is a bad idea that defeats the purpose of smart home technology.

jaguar xj drone chase   zhuhai  china 12

FAA sets up advisory panel on drones led by Intel CEO

The Federal Aviation Administration is setting up an advisory committee, led by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, to guide it on the integration of unmanned aircraft systems in the national airspace.

kc streetcar

Kansas City gets 'smart': New streetcar line opens amid free public Wi-Fi zone

Kansas City, Missouri, has high hopes for the smart technology it's deploying as it launches on Friday a new streetcar line in its downtown innovation district and public Wi-Fi that spreads over two square miles.

Hydrogen generator

New generator can halve cost of hydrogen used to power buildings, cars

Start-up H2 Energy Renaissance unveiled a hydrogen generator that can make hydrogen gas for $1 or less per kilogram and used by fuel cells to produce electricity.

google to collaborate with fca to integrate self driving technology

Google, Fiat Chrysler to collaborate on self-driving minivans

Alphabet's Google Self-Driving Car Project has teamed with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to work directly for the first time with an automaker on developing autonomous vehicles.

microsoft campus building

Microsoft's Solair acquisition could expand its IoT services

Microsoft dove deeper into Internet of Things technology on Tuesday with the acquisition of Solair, an Italian company that operates a cloud-based IoT platform.

Pacifica minivan from Fiat Chrysler

It’s official: Google self-driving tech will debut in a future Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Google is working with Chrysler on their new Pacifica mini-van. The plan is to test a fleet of the 2017 model for now and have the technology integrated into the vehicle, not just as an aftermarket proof of concept.

jim hunter greenwave

The IoT company behind the curtain

Greenwave Chief Scientist Jim Hunter explores the promise of the Internet of Things and the challenges it still faces.

internet of things smart home

The race to create smart homes is on

Smartphones, mesh networks and cloud computing are enabling the long-awaited smart home. Standards and open-source software could make them ubiquitous.

SolarCity solar PV installations

Solar shift: Falling costs make owning better than leasing

The costs of consumer and small business-grade solar systems have dropped significantly in recent years, sparking a move away from leasing the systems to outright purchases so owners can reap the financial benefits.

Disney 3D printing

Disney files patent for near instantaneous 3D printing

Disney has filed a patent for a new 3D printing technique that uses high-intensity light to harden resin into a shape in a single process, unlike traditional 3D printing that uses a layer-by-layer approach.

prison cell

Hack a car in Michigan, go to prison for life if new bill becomes law

Hack a car in Michigan, go to prison for life...at least if newly proposed cybersecurity bills become law.

machine learning

Elon Musk opens virtual gym to train your robots

High-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has launched an open-source training 'gym' for artificial-intelligence programmers.

tesla model s

Tesla Model S P90D in 'Ludicrous Mode' is pure technology heaven

My first test driving the highest end Tesla Model S was a win for technology.

armatix smart gun

White House releases report on how to spur smart-gun tech

The Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security have begun a process to define, for the first time, the requirements that manufacturers would need to meet for law enforcement agencies to consider purchasing firearms...

Google Motorola Rick Osterloh

Google, what are you doing? Motorola ex-prez now new hardware chief

Google hires Motorola ex-president to lead a new centralized hardware team. This is BIG BIG news -- it hints at Google's plans for Nexus, ChromeOS, the living room, and even the ludicrous Google Glass...

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