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Grant Thornton connects workforce with cloud collaboration tools

Will create online tool for up to 39,000 staff

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In earthquakes, alerts may turn machines into action heroes

Earthquake early warning systems integrated into schools, offices and other buildings could save lives and give rise to a whole new industry.

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In Napa quake, power surges led to PC damage

The 6.0 earthquake in Napa County, Calif. caused power surges that may have led to much of the damage to computers in homes and small businesses.

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IT outages are an ongoing problem for the U.S government

Fully 70% of federal agencies experienced downtime of 30 minutes or more in a recent one-month period.

Azure services down again

Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform, wobbly for more than a week, is again experiencing outages and interruptions that are impacting multiple products in the U.S. and abroad.

Azure cloud services have a rough week

Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform suffered a series of outages and service disruptions in the past week that affected several products and impacted customers in various parts of the world.

Internet outages expected to abate as routers are modified, rebooted

A flood of updates to databases inside Internet routers caused intermittent outages on Wednesday and connectivity issues for companies, but experts expect the long-forecasted hiccup to be resolved soon.

How not to save money, Christmas-in-August edition

It's the late 1980s, and this pilot fish works for a university in the southern U.S. in the computer center, which is located in the basement of a 16-story building. "The university closed for two weeks every year for the...

Sounds like a blueprint for disaster, all right

Pilot fish is the sole IT staffer for this 400-user organization, and it's turning out to be almost impossible to improve the situation left behind by her somewhat underqualified predecessor. Case in point: disaster planning....

How to Survive 4 Cloud Horror Stories

Horror stories don't just happen at the movie theater. In a few cases, companies make a big play to use the wrong cloud application or experience widespread outages in their connection to cloud storage.

Facebook back up after crash

Facebook said its website is back up after suffering a widespread outage for nearly two hours today.

No good deed goes unpunish-- Oh wait, never mind!

It's shortly after Y2k, and this pilot fish is part of a small IT group at a big multinational company. "The data center I supported was in the top floor of a multistory building near the airport," says fish. "I was put on a team...

But aside from THAT, not a problem

It's a few years back, and this college's main computer facility is located in one building's basement, reports a pilot fish on the scene. "Normally this was not a problem," fish says. "However, the day that the water main under...

A new tool for disasters: The personal antenna

New York start-up goTenna has created a portable antenna that could come in handy when cellular service is unavailable.

How'd you get the vendor guy to go along with it?

The financial institution where this pilot fish works is moving to a new disaster recovery site -- and that means arranging the transfer of several financial-market data servers. "They were all owned by the data vendor, but served...

At least the data center stayed high and dry

Flashback to the 1980s, when this pilot fish is working for a local bank with an old-fashioned two-story lobby -- and its own mainframe upstairs. "In the data center on the third floor, above the branch, we had a leased IBM 3081...

Now, SPENDING money -- that's an issue

Pilot fish takes a job as the solo IT guy at this small company. His mandate: Get things working right -- and money isn't an issue. "Management knew their systems had lots of major issues that needed to be remedied," says fish. "I...

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Want credit for June's Exchange blackout? File a claim

Microsoft will require companies to file individual claims if they want a service credit for the Exchange Online outage of last month.

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