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Disaster-response robot 'Octopus' debuts in Japan

Sensor tech makes predicting the future easier to do

We no longer need seers, oracles and psychics to tell us about the future. The declining cost of sensor technology and the availability of cloud-based analytical platforms is making predictive analytics accessible to every industry...

hacked hacker breach security

You’ve been hacked. Now what?

6 key things to do after a security breach.


Internet of Things could be key to IT's response to climate change

How IT execs can protect their companies from the effects of global warming and create new business opportunities.

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo

Facebook, Instagram restored after outage in many countries

Facebook said the problems were its fault

cwjan15 klossner humanerror cartoon

The risks of a big man-made IT disaster are on the rise

IT services are but one human error away from a spectacular failure, and there's very little evidence to suggest that we've found a way to stop people from making mistakes. (Insider, registration required.)

cloud upload

How to prepare for Verizon's 2-day cloud shutdown

With some of Verizon's enterprise customers about to lose their cloud service for up to two days, now is the time for them to prepare for the extended downtime.


Human error root cause of November Microsoft Azure outage

Human error was the culprit in a November outage of the Microsoft Azure cloud storage service. The company is hoping that recent updates that automate formerly manual processes will help prevent similar outages in the future.

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Whistling past the graveyard ≠ Data protection

Some thoughts on the data protection and downtime trends noted in recent studies by zetta.net, Vreeam and EMC.

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Why disaster recovery planning can save lives

After Hurricane Katrina left its mark on Louisiana, the CIO of LifeShare Blood Centers says the need for a disaster recovery plan hit home.


The paranoid person's guide to a complete Mac backup

You think you have a complete data backup plan? Then you haven't seen the lengths Rob Griffiths goes to to secure his data.

red siren warning alert emergency

CSO's incident response survival guide

Everything you you need to know to plan, detect and successfully respond to data breaches.

Storage hard drive racks

The 5 SMART stats that actually predict hard drive failure

Backblaze, the cloud service provider that has released several internal studies on hard drive failure rates in its data center, today released data showing SMART stats are inconsistent from manufacturer to manufacturer and don’t...

Ebola virus and electronic medical records

If Ebola's a problem here, just imagine it in India

It only takes a few cases of Ebola to turn things upside down, and if an outbreak were to hit India, a lot of U.S. companies would be affected.

Because what could possibly go wrong?

Pilot fish is dispatched to a big, highly automated warehouse to install a new server, and everything is going fine when suddenly the lights blink and the UPS takes over. Fish's first thought: What did I do?

renault reuters oct2014

Renault to roll out Salesforce globally to put it ‘in the driver's seat of change'

Renault will use a combination of three Salesforce products to link dealerships with customer information for better service.

burning money aa000703

Price tag for troubled SAP project will skyrocket to nearly $1 billion, audit says

An 'overly ambitious design' and poor training are cited as reasons for the mess at a New York gas utility.

Disaster. Recovery. Just like the name says...

It's time for this insurance company's big annual disaster recovery test, and because this pilot fish has some configuration changes to make, he heads to the colocation data center a few days early. Think that'll help?

data center nuclear emp

New data center protects against solar storms and nuclear EMPs

A new 2,000-sq.-ft. data center in Pennsylvania was designed to protect against an electromagnetic pulse, either from a solar storm or a nuclear event.

Solar flare

Strong solar storm won't fry electronics

Back-to-back solar flares, including one that received the highest classification of "X-Class," are striking the earth. U.S. scientists say electronics shouldn't be hurt, but there could be some GPS issues.

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