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hands work as a team managing business and technology gears and symbols to create innovation


How open space fosters innovation in IT

Tech execs explain how tearing down the cubicle walls leads to better collaboration and tighter teamwork within IT.

apples products are essential to the modern workforce

Apple products ‘essential to the modern workforce’ - Deloitte

iOS ‘most secure platform for business’

Mobile networks cell tower

Why mobile operators need a digital makeover

Mobile operators are still using business support systems architected in the early 1990s. They need to become digital service providers delivering digital user experiences.


How to create a culture of innovation's Rich Hein spoke to seasoned IT leaders to learn the ways in which they foster a workplace culture that values and rewards innovation.

cisco says apple worlds most innovative mobile tech

Interview: Cisco says Apple ‘world’s most innovative’ mobile tech

Cisco SVP talks about the Apple/Cisco partnership and what it means in iOS 10

evans future of innovation management thinkstockphotos 487970224

The future of innovation management software

Today, the market for innovation management software is highly fragmented and centered on the idea-management portion of the innovation life cycle. Here are five areas where today's software needs to evolve over the next few years to...

hottest it skills arrows look business man future

Master Class: How to drive digital transformation in IT and throughout the organization (with podcast)

Listen and learn as VP of business technology Paul Friedman explains how Humana transformed itself into a digital-first, customer-centric organization. This free knowledge bundle includes an article, audio transcript and slide deck.


FairFly makes airfare tracking easy

It's a busy space, but given the money that is spent on air travel -- and the potential savings -- it's not surprising.


How to become an innovative leader in the digital age

Change your approach to new technology and inspire innovation, separating yourself from the masses of companies muddling through the digital age.

now apple ibm and the digital transformation of everything

Apple, IBM and the digital transformation of everything

The oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the US bets on an Apple + IBM future

crm research scientist

IT career roadmap: Research scientist

Amanda Stent's interest in music has helped advance her career as a research scientist as much as her mathematics and computer science background has.

air new zealand airplane

Boxever and the promise of modern airline customer experiences

I've written extensively about how airlines can provide a better customer experience. Boxever believes it can enable this change to occur.

chrome for work

9 business-worthy Chrome for Work devices

When you think of the enterprise, you probably think Microsoft, Apple and even Samsung, but probably not Google Chrome. Well, that hasn't stopped Google from releasing a suite of Chrome for Work devices.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2016 2015.5

New Adobe Photoshop CC looks awesome

Adobe Systems retouches its software. Photoshop CC 2015.5 and other Creative Cloud parts get some exciting new stuff, for your media-fiddling enjoyment. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers turn that frown upside-down...


Digital Disruption: 3 ways to transform patient care

At the recent Agenda 16 conference, David Baker, VP of IT at St. Joseph Health, gives a preview of his work on telehealth initiatives.

puerta de viru tallinn estonia

Country as a service: Estonia’s new model

The world has seen a massive leap in the number of people who offer their skills and knowledge for sale on the global marketplace irrespective of location and national borders. Estonia wants to offer them digital services.

signs arrow confused

6 ways to better align IT with the business

IT and business have struggled over the idea of alignment for decades, and not always successfully. Members of the staff of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research have come up with what they think is a better way for business...

Home Depot CIO Matt Carey

How Home Depot is building customer experience from the outside in

The retailer's growth strategy hinges on the success of what CEO Craig Menear calls "One Home Depot." Here's what making good on that strategy looks like from IT's point of view.

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