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tim cooks apples focus on india is insanely great

iphones dont matter anymore

iPhones don’t matter anymore

iPhones are the new truck

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How the Industrial Internet builds on the new platform for digital business

More than just the IoT and big data/fast data/data analytics, the real potential of the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 will be realized by the holistic combination of a key set of technology enablers to deliver “dynamic,...

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9 key questions to ask of your next digital business initiative

Here's a list of nine key questions to ask of your next digital business initiative -- not just on the vision, value proposition and differentiation of the product or service itself, but on your entire business model and how you...

change management cio

Shift to digital business disrupts traditional IT

Ready for a change? IT pros should be prepared to rethink traditional IT roles and responsibilities this year.

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Secrets of disruptive CIOs: Investing in tomorrow has little to do with 'keeping the lights on'

“If all you do is keep the lights on, guess what, you’re not particularly valuable to your organization,” says Jim Houghton, CSC's Chief Technology Officer for the Americas Region. Listen to Houghton's CIO Perspectives keynote...

predictions for apple in 2016

Predictions for Apple in 2016

There’s no accuracy in guessing the future

crowdsource innovation

Video: How to fail fast, learn quickly and move forward

By developing products like startups do, GE is fast-tracking innovation.

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IBM and Apple can put Watson's A.I. insights inside Apple Watch

Watson's A.I. insights inside the Apple Watch can make a useful difference.

Public APIs give customers access to the internals of the SaaS platform

How three old-school companies became digital platform players

IT is a key driver when product-centric companies move to a new platform model. Here's how to make customers and supplies part of your business ecosystem.

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Digital business predictions for 2016

In 2016, as the race to digital transformation progresses, we’ll start to see the leaders separate themselves from the rest of the pack by setting a firm pace that’s fueled by five essential ingredients.

Michael Nilles, CIO, Schindler Group

CIO seeks 'disruptive opportunities'

Michael Nilles is not only the CIO at Schindler Group; he's also CEO of a new business unit that's leading the 140-year-old elevator maker's digital transformation -- an effort that includes the development of smart products connected...


Digital business lessons from the world of Formula One

With all the interest in digital transformation in the business world, what can the world of Formula One, where results are measured in thousandths of a second, teach us about emerging technologies and how to manage, combine and...


What you need to know about sales innovation: Tiffani Bova, Gartner distinguished analyst

Tiffani Bova, VP and distinguished analyst at Gartner, is passionate about helping her clients grow and increase competitiveness through sales innovation. She discusses that and why she believes the most disruptive thing in the market...

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3 ways to make social sharing work for publishers

It’s still early to effectively weigh the pros and cons of these social media partnerships for digital publishers, but what’s certain is that the way that readers access content -- and the way that publishers distribute it -- is...

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Why IT and Operations are on a collision course

Long autonomous, IT and operations are now forced to work together, spurred by increasingly complex digital devices that pose fearsome cybersecurity threats.

apple in your truck telogis ships ios telematics

Apple's in your truck as Telogis ships iOS telematics

Apple isn’t just going to be in your den, it’s going to be inside everything else as well.

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Innovation and large-scale IT, with Mark Sunday, CIO, Oracle

Mark Sunday, Oracle CIO, discusses how the rise of digital technologies are creating opportunities for CIOs to assert new importance in the enterprise.

speed of innovation

Disruptive innovation, education and open data: Tim O’Reilly, CEO O’Reilly Media

In this CXO Talk interview, Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, discusses disruptive innovation, education, open data and changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators.

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