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Have you considered someone with handcuffs?

This pilot fish is doing some side work providing IT support for a small heating and air conditioning business when he gets a call from the owner -- whose laptop's version of Excel has started going crazy.

perhaps this is why apples getting into the playlist club

master mac multitouch in 5 minutes

Master Mac Multitouch in 5 minutes

Sometimes it helps to review what you know; Your Mac’s Multitouch trackpad – like so much in OS X -- does much more than is immediately obvious.

filemaker14 luanch centre

6 key improvements in FileMaker 14

It wasn’t that long ago that Apple was short of cash -- and in those dark days FileMaker must surely have helped keep the mothership afloat.

MacKeeper at 5

MacKeeper celebrates a difficult birthday

MacKeeper, a utility and security program for Apple computers, celebrated its fifth birthday in April. But its gift to U.S. consumers who bought the application may be a slice of a $2 million class-action settlement. Released...

office 2016 public preview now available 1

Microsoft expands Office 2016 for Windows public preview to consumers, more business workers

Microsoft today launched a broader-based public preview of Office 2016 for Windows, expanding on the March sneak peek that was available only to subscribers of select business-grade Office 365 plans.

intro hp

8 time-saving productivity hacks

From to-do lists to time-tracking apps, here’s a look at eight ways to boost your productivity.

Oh sure, like YOU never used WordPerfect Office...

This help desk pilot fish is getting the new administrative assistant for a remote office up to speed on the company's applications, including the standard desktop stuff. But something seems to be missing.

041515 microsoft windows 10 smartphone windows phone

Next on the Office expansion list: Windows 10 phone apps

Microsoft plans to flesh out its Office lineup this month by releasing previews of the productivity apps for Windows 10-powered phones.

BeyondCore report after revising my data

In beta: BeyondCore Apps for Office offers automated statistical analysis in Excel

For $99.99 a month, BeyondCore will soon let you find relationships in your data -- even if you don't know the difference between a T-test and a T-bone. Does it work as advertised? And if it does, is that necessarily a good thing?

Microsoft refreshes Mac Office 2016

Microsoft yesterday updated the preview of Office 2016 for the Mac, fixing bugs and improving performance and stability.

band-aid patch bandage

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: The patches keep coming

For Microsoft, the vulnerabilities appear to be surfacing more quickly than ever before.

microsoft excel logo primary

Your Excel formulas cheat sheet: 15 tips for calculations and common tasks

Many of us fell in love with Excel and its deep and sophisticated formula features. Here's how to get the most from the program.

os x how to create and use mail contact groups

OS X: How to create and use Mail groups

If you frequently send Mail messages to specific groups of people, you should get familiar with setting up and using a Mail group.

acer revo rl85 card slot

Acer's Revo One RL85 desktop comes to US with Broadwell chips

Acer isn't as well known as Apple for product design, but its new Revo One RL85 compact desktop looks dapper, and with Intel's latest Broadwell chip, it also has muscles.

Internet privacy

Microsoft rolls back commitment to Do Not Track

Microsoft today rolled back its commitment to the nearly-dead "Do Not Track" standard, saying it would no longer automatically switch on the signal in its browsers.

macbook outlook 2x

Review: Office 2016 for Mac offers a new interface and better features

With the new Office 2016 for Mac, Microsoft has finally brought the OS X version of its office suite up to the standards of the Windows product. We take a close look at the preview.

os x pdf services 4

OS X tip: Better PDF controls with Print

It's time to fall in love with PDFs from OS X's Print dialog all over again.

os x easy screen sharing with messages

OS X: Easy screen sharing with Messages

Screen Sharing the Mac user's way.

windows apps

Microsoft wants to make Powerpoint more Web-friendly, buys LiveLoop

Microsoft has acquired LiveLoop and its technology for sharing PowerPoint presentations online more easily.

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