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OneDrive for Business for OS X

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Windows 10's Spartan browser will get extensions

Microsoft's Internet Explorer development team has confirmed there will be a browser extension system for Project Spartan, allowing developers to to extend functionality with software built directly into the browser.

Windows 10

Microsoft releases big update to Windows 10 preview

Microsoft today released the long-awaited consumer-centric preview of Windows 10.

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Microsoft touts two next-gen Office editions for Windows

Microsoft set a loose release date for its next iteration of Office on the desktop and announced that the long-awaited touch-enabled Windows apps will launch around the same time.

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Spartan browser and IE11 to coexist in Windows 10

The existing version of Internet Explorer will ship in Windows 10 along with Microsoft's new Spartan browser.

windows 10 project sparta markup web

Microsoft has a two-browser strategy for Windows 10, at least for now

Even after Wednesday's Windows 10 event was over, it wasn't clear exactly what Microsoft's browser roadmap looks like.

PC mode in Windows 10

Microsoft gets its Windows mojo back

Microsoft today showed off more of its still-under-construction Windows 10, focusing on features like the voice-activated Cortana digital assistant and its "universal" app model to put the same apps on PCs, tablets, smartphones and...

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WhatsApp arrives on the desktop

WhatsApp is now available for the Web in a form that pairs the mobile version to a user's desktop computer.

Universal Office apps to be preinstalled on Windows 10 devices

The first demonstrations of new universal Office apps made clear that these would be separate from the desktop versions.

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Next up for Microsoft: Close the app gap

While eyes will be on Microsoft today as it touts Windows 10 for consumers, the company's Build developer conference in three months will be just as important to the upgrade's future.

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Microsoft Windows 10 preview release date: TODAY (just listen to me)

Get set to download the latest Windows 10 preview -- the release date is expected to be today, right after Microsoft's 'big reveal' event. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers don't need to discuss much.

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'Bingbooks' need free Office to compete with Chromebooks

Microsoft's strategy in giving away one-year Office 365 subscriptions to many of its tablet- and notebook-making partners is all about matching the price and functionality of Chromebooks and cheap Android tablets.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Laggards face looming Windows Server 2003 retirement

Windows Server 2003, Microsoft's first ultra-successful server operating system, will retire in six months, a deadline many companies will miss.

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Google goes public with more Windows bugs

Google this week publicized two new disclosures of Windows vulnerabilities before Microsoft was able to patch them, the third and fourth times it's done so in 17 days.

Microsoft's Jan. 21 event page

Microsoft to webcast next week's Windows 10 keynote

Microsoft today reminded Windows enthusiasts that it will live stream the keynote from next week's Windows 10 consumer-oriented event.


Slack adds major enterprise collaboration features, uptime guarantee

Silicon Valley darling Slack is moving to take on larger enterprises with new compliance features and a financially-backed SLA.

Windows 10

Microsoft to make the case for Windows 10 on PCs and phones

On Monday, the Windows Phone Store posted a pre-release operating system downloader app called Phone Insider, evidently for testing Windows 10.

Build 2015

Microsoft's Build conference registration starts Jan. 22

Microsoft will open registration to its Build developers conference next week.

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Microsoft blasts Google for baring Windows bugs before they're patched

After Google posted detailed information about another Windows vulnerability before Microsoft could patch the flaw, Microsoft lashed out, calling its rival's move a "gotcha" that puts users at risk.

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