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setting up os x yosemite the way you want it

Setting up OS X Yosemite the way you want it

There are several things you can do to set your Mac up to work the way you want it to.

Telco Systems lays groundwork for fewer management worries with virtual routers, firewalls

The company's platform lets service providers offer virtual router and firewalls

OS X Yosemite desktop 4

Apple releases OS X Yosemite

Apple today launched OS X 10.10, aka Yosemite, as a free upgrade for most Mac owners.

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Microsoft trumpets 1M Windows 10 preview participants

Microsoft today said that one million people had registered with its Windows Insider program, which provides easy access to the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

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Microsoft slates critical Windows, IE fixes for next week

Microsoft \will release nine security updates next week, with fixes slated for Internet Explorer, Windows, SharePoint Server and Web app developer tools.

onedrive for business new search

Microsoft tightens integration between Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business

Microsoft wants to promote the use of OneDrive for Business among Office 365 customers, so it's building links between the work cloud storage service and Outlook Web App, the suite's browser-based email interface.

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Will Windows 10 TP's spooky data collection make the final version?

Windows 10 Technical Preview stealthily collects lots of user data and transmits that information to Microsoft, raising questions about whether the OS will continue the practices after the testing period ends.

Windows 10

7 things to remember if you're trying out the Windows 10 preview

Microsoft has kicked off the Windows 10 public testing period. Here's what enthusiasts trying it out need to know.


Apple delivers OS X Yosemite 'golden master' to devs

Apple on Tuesday released a "golden master" of OS X Yosemite to developers, signaling that the upgrade is on track to ship within the next three weeks.

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Windows 10 download is 'incredible... empowering... amazing'

The Windows 10 download is melting the internets: Build 9841 Technical Preview in 3... 2... Wait... So what happened to version 9? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make a rockumentary.

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12 things to know about Windows 10

Microsoft offered its first look at Windows 10 on Tuesday, touting a major release that will span all hardware from PCs to phones and try to address the ills that dogged Windows 8.

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With Windows 10, a contrite Microsoft tries to atone for Windows 8

Microsoft has issued a mea culpa for Windows 8 and pledged that Windows 10 will delight IT execs.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft unveils 'spiritual successor' to Windows 7 by going to 10

Microsoft today unveiled the successor to its failed Windows 8 at an event in San Francisco, putting the Steven Sinofsky era behind it by, if nothing else, naming the new OS "Windows 10."

iCloud icon in a dark sky.

iOS 8 bug deletes iWork docs

iPhone and iPad owners running iOS 8 have reported a new bug in the software that deletes iWork documents from iCloud Drive when they've reset their devices.

Bossie Awards 2014: The best open-source desktop and mobile software

InfoWorld's top picks in open-source productivity tools, desktop utilities, and mobile apps

In strike against Oracle, Workday ships first app for higher education

Workday Student Recruiting is now generally available, but a full suite won't be released for another two years


Windows Server 2003 end of support looms

IT organizations need to begin putting migration plans in place now or risk major disruptions when support for Windows Server 2003 ends next July 14.

wwdc continuity phone

iOS 8 and Yosemite are the next step in unconstrained computing

As much fun as it is to examine a new OS's features and functions, it's also worthwhile to put them in context. Chris Breen considers the Big Picture.

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