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Two men in Daqing, Heilongjiang with an iPad


Rise of the celebrity tech entrepreneur

It's no secret that Silicon Valley wants to invade Hollywood with disruptive Internet-based content distribution systems and computer-generated everything. But now Hollywood wants to invade back.

One technology down, just 30 years' worth to go

IT consultant's father has agreed to help his son with a new business -- and though he worked as a computer field engineer until the early 1980s, he hasn't quite kept pace with the IT industry since then.

Office 365 migration path

Microsoft unveils de-cluttering option for Office 365 mailboxes

Microsoft today launched Clutter, an email filtering option for Office 365 business customers.

disappearing messages

Apple issues iMessage purgatory escape tool

Apple has published a tool that lets iPhone owners sever the link to iMessage, iOS's texting service, when they move from an iDevice to Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone

Outlook for Mac 15

Outlook for Mac 15.3 review: Almost as good as the Windows version

A surprise update of Outlook for Mac approaches parity with Windows, but doesn’t yet play well with other ecosystems.

google bing logos primary

Microsoft to focus on search apps with Bing

Microsoft's director of search admitted that its Bing search engine can't compete with Google search in a full-on faceoff, but the company will focus instead on search applications.

Windows 10 Start Menu

Dell sees Windows 10 gaining interest from customers

Windows 10 is set to replace Windows 8 next year and some forward-thinking Dell customers are already excited about the new OS.

skype logo open graph

Microsoft launches wait list for Skype Translator preview

Microsoft is taking beta requests for its Skype Translator, the real-time translation technology and service it demonstrated earlier this year.

adobe logo

Adobe's e-reader software now collects less data

The latest version of Adobe System's e-reader is collecting less data after a privacy-related dustup last month.

Expect Microsoft to extend support for Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft's decision to launch the next edition of Office for the Mac in the second half of 2015 will likely result in the company extending support for the four-year-old Office for Mac 2011.

Google Inbox

An open email to Google Inbox

I have so many feelings that I'd like to pour out to Google's experimental, invitation-only Gmail interface, that I decided to write it an email.

Outlook for Mac 15

Microsoft teases Office for Mac with Outlook-only release

Microsoft today took the unusual move of releasing a new version of Outlook for the Mac months before the rest of the Office suite will be ready.

Update: Microsoft slates Office 16 for second half of 2015

Microsoft will launch its next version of Office for Windows in the second half of 2015, according to an online report.

Google apps Android

Google enlists PwC to push Apps, Android, cloud computing to businesses

Google has struck a partnership with PwC in which the global provider of consulting services will recommend to its customers the Apps suite, Android devices and the Google cloud computing platform.

Office for Mac, next version

Next Office for Mac leaks, shots of UI appear

A Chinese website yesterday published what it claimed were screenshots of Microsoft's next edition of Office for the Mac.

BYOD love
In Depth

Desktop-as-a-Service: Your BYOD assist

Using virtualized desktops delivered from the cloud is a way to bring apps to wherever your users are working and whatever they're working on.

Binary data cloud.

China attacks push Apple to warn users of iCloud threats

Apple warned users about attacks on its iCloud website, after monitoring groups said China tried to intercept customer information from the service.

Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft releases first Windows 10 update, starts testing fast-paced delivery system

Microsoft today issued the first update for Windows 10 Technical Preview, inaugurating its fast-cadence release practice.

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