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IronKey thumb drives
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Dave Wright SolidFire

Q&A: What the new NetApp plus SolidFire combo means for storage buyers

SolidFire CEO Dave Wright makes clear that flash is not some alternative storage technology any longer -- it's the primary storage option for cloud providers and enterprises as well.

SanDisk's Sumit Sadana

Q&A: As prices fall, flash memory is eating the world

Sumit Sadana, SanDisk's chief strategy officer and general manager of its Enterprise Solutions unit, shared his insights on the pending merger with Western Digital and his take on the evolving role of flash in corporate data...

ultra plus cloud 800

Review: The SanDisk Ultra +Cloud is two types of storage in one

The SanDisk Ultra +Cloud USB 3.0 thumb drive offers an interesting twist: It provides both local and cloud storage.

healthcare security

Health insurer loses 6 hard-disk drives with records of 950,000 customers

Health insurer Centene Corp. said it is disclosing, out of an "abundance of caution and in transparency," that it's hunting for six computer hard drives containing personally identifiable information about its customers.


Memory that learns could help tomorrow's intelligent computers

Two new memristors now available from Knowm are available as prototype test kits for researchers and academics to play with.

young man in plaid shirt holding pile of cash money

NetApp buys SolidFire, Hitachi Data Systems rolls out all-flash array. Coincidence? (Spoiler alert: Nope)

Flash storage is hot. So hot that it gets near billion dollar acquisition offers and big moves from incumbents.


The world's first 13TB SSD is here

The 13TB SSD has more than twice the storage of the world's highest-capacity SSD, also from Fixstars

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD 10TB Dynamic

Seagate inhales, uses helium to create 10TB HDD

Seagate's first 10TB enterprise-capacity hard drive is also its first use of helium to reduce friction and increase density in a drive as Western Digital has done with several of its drives.

Because why would we want users to trust IT?

IT pilot fish fields a help request from a user who's getting a "disk quota exceeded" error -- but what fish finds out is a little more than he expected to learn about how the system works.

OWC Envoy Pro Mini thumb drive

New thumb drives pack faster speeds, capacity with USB 3.1 support

It'll take less time to transfer files from a PC with faster USB 3.1 thumb drives announced at CES, which also have more storage capacity.

IoT data challenges

Review: 7 data recovery tools for every data disaster

From resurrecting lost photos to recovering RAID arrays, these utilities can bring your data back from the dead.

sandisk x400 SSD

SanDisk reveals the world's thinnest 1TB SSD

SanDisk today unveiled what it's calling the world's thinnest 1TB solid-state drive, which comes in an M.2 form factor that's only 1.5mm thick.

Panasonic freeze ray

Panasonic to commercialize Facebook's Blu-ray cold storage systems

A couple of years ago, Facebook revealed it was using Blu-ray disks as a cost-efficient way to archive the billions of images that users uploaded to its service. Now, Panasonic has said it plans to commercialize the technology...

Chromé desktop drive

Seagate touts fastest desktop drive and slimmest 2TB backup drive

Seagate and its LaCie subsidiary unveiled a new line of mobile and desktop drives, offering users the company's thinnest designs and USB C-type connectivity with up to 10Gbps throughput.

Samsung SSD T3 perspective shot

Samsung's new portable SSD banks on USB-C

Samsung is coming out with a new portable solid-state drive that's not meant only for PCs: it will also plug into smartphones and tablets that support USB Type-C connections.

SolidFire deal gives NetApp the season's hottest gifts: Flash and cloud

NetApp wants to be at the intersection of two hot trends in a rapidly changing storage industry with its planned $870 million acquisition of startup SolidFire.

cloud storage hp

NetApp to buy flash storage startup SolidFire for $870M

NetApp is acquiring startup SolidFire for $870 million in cash for a foothold in the fast-growing market for scale-out flash storage.

OneDrive for iOS offline storage

Microsoft launches new OneDrive for Business sync client, developer kit

OneDrive for Business entered the next stage of its evolution as a product on Wednesday when Microsoft launched a series of updates that are aimed at improving its cloud storage and productivity service for businesses and other large...

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