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seagate 4tb drive

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29% off Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0

Instantly add space for more files, consolidate all of your files to a single location, or free up space on your computer's internal drive to help improve performance.

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Best practices to fight corporate security risks

Ajit Sancheti, CEO and co-founder of Preempt, examines best practices each organization and their users must deploy, both in and out of corporate networks, to minimize malicious threats in inconspicuous (and conspicuous) places.

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12 steps to lower your espionage risk

Corporate espionage is the domain of companies that steal information to gain competitive advantage. Here's how to take the target off your back.

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Best Deals of the Week, November 7th - November 11th - Deal Alert

Check out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of November 7th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.


Review: BIO-key’s plug-in fingerprint readers for Windows 10 computers

Biometric security means that users don't have to remember those pesky passwords.

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How secure are home robots?

For homeowners (and security professionals) there’s a question about whether home robots could become an attack vector for hackers.

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Protection of white-hat hackers is slow in coming

Laws forbidding hacking into computers are meant to block the theft of intellectual property, music and movie piracy and other criminal activity. But they also have the unintended effect of blocking legitimate cybersecurity research....

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Collaborative defense: The shift from ‘what’ to ‘how’

The focus of this year’s Advanced Cyber Security Center conference highlighted the value of using information sharing as a means of helping others to defend against malicious cyber activity.

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Flood of threat intelligence overwhelms many firms

Three years after Target missed alerts warning them abut a massive data breach, the amount of threat information coming in from security systems is still overwhelming for many companies, due to lack of expertise and integration issues....

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The FCC’s new privacy rules are toothless

If opt-in agreements can be hidden within T&C documents, consumers will have little choice than to sign away their privacy rights.

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The limits of encryption

The latest WikiLeaks revelations included a reminder that there are revealing things that just can’t be encrypted.

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Protection is dead. Long live detection.

As critical as it is, protection will fail. You need robust detection as well.

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Does privacy exist anymore? Just barely.

The sphere of privacy continues to shrink.

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Critical flaws found in open-source encryption software VeraCrypt

A new security audit has found critical vulnerabilities in VeraCrypt, an open-source full disk encryption program that's the direct successor of the widely popular, but now defunct, TrueCrypt.

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HackerOne CEO: 'We’re building the world’s biggest security talent agency'

Marten Mickos is crowdsourcing security with a growing army of ethical hackers who can help your company if you’re ready to adopt a new security mindset.

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Here's how companies can deal with insider data theft

To learn that your company's data was stolen, not from any hacker, but from an employee is the nightmare scenario that no one wants to face. But it's also a risk that's very real.

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Cerber ransomware kills processes needed to access data

In order to encrypt some of the most important data stored on computers and servers, the Cerber ransomware now tries to kill processes associated with database servers.

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Hacking an election is about influence and disruption, not voting machines

Every time there's an election, the topic of hacking comes to the surface. During a presidential election, that conversation gets louder. But can you really hack an election? Maybe, but that depends on your goals.

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