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In desperation, many ransomware victims plead with attackers

The shamelessness of ransomware pushers knows no bounds. After encrypting people's files and then holding them to ransom, they portray themselves as service providers offering technical support and discounts to their "customers."

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Is there such a thing as ethical hacking?

A recent news report about hacking into a commercial jet raises concerns about how we view ethical hacking.


Applying the Irari Rules to a risk-based security program

A few respected critics took issue with what we call the Irari Rules. Here’s why their concerns are off base.

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BitTorrent Bleep -- crypto messaging disgruntles data snoops

BitTorrent just released its anonymous messaging app: Bleep, designed to keep messages and voice data private from unknown third parties. Although we could share more...

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Reading between the lines -- Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report

The annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report is one of the most comprehensive reports on the state of information security available today. Here are the findings that are important to most businesses, and suggested...

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Wi-Fi client vulnerability could expose Android, Linux, BSD, other systems to attacks

A serious flaw in a component that's used to authenticate clients on Wi-Fi networks could expose Android, Linux, BSD, and possibly Windows and Mac OS X systems to attacks.


The Irari rules for declaring a cyberattack ‘sophisticated’

These eight rules to help classify attacks are also guidelines to better security programs.

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Sony reminds us all what a pathetically weak link email is

We all rely on email too much to share and archive sensitive information, and we’re all at risk.

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New cyberthreat information-sharing bill may be more friendly to privacy

A new bill designed to encourage businesses and government agencies to share information about cyberthreats with each other may go farther in protecting the privacy of Internet users than other recent legislation in Congress.

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AT&T call centers sold mobile customer information to criminals

Employees at three overseas call centers sold hundreds of thousands of AT&T customer records, including names and Social Security numbers, to criminals who attempted to use the customer information to unlock stolen mobile phones,...

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California sends revenge porn operator to prison for 18 years

The operator of a revenge porn website has been sentenced to 18 years in prison, in what is being described as the first criminal prosecution in the U.S. of the operator of a website of this type.

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Want to secure your social info? Facebook shows you how

Facebook today launched 11 interactive guides and how-tos to help users secure their social information.

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Switch to new chip card stirs up e-payments industry

A behind-the-scenes switch in the payments industry coming in October will change the way U.S. consumers shop and could bring wider acceptance for Apple Pay and its competitors.

Google gives Apps admins more control over files and docs

Google is giving systems admins more control over Apps documents in an effort to address concerns about data security.

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British Airways notifies frequent flyers of possible breach of their accounts

Many British Airways customers have found that reward points they accumulated for flights, called Avios, have disappeared from their accounts. Others have been locked out of their accounts completely.

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More tales of security fails

Security experts continue to dish on mistakes companies make with their online protection.

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Twitch hit by possible data breach, resets user passwords

Account information for users of Twitch, the popular live-streaming service for gamers, may have been accessed through unauthorized means, the service warned on Monday.

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New malware program PoSeidon targets point-of-sale systems

Retailers beware: A new Trojan program targets point-of-sale (PoS) terminals, stealing payment card data that can then be abused by cybercriminals.

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