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Digital Key

Ongoing MD5 support endangers cryptographic protocols

Researchers from the INRIA institute in France have devised several attacks that prove the continued support for MD5 in cryptographic protocols is much more dangerous than previously believed.

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Security eureka moments in New York taxicabs

There’s something about a New York cab that lends itself to imparting lessons on technology and security.

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Data convenience isn’t a crime, but treating it as one should be

It’s self-defeating to try to protect data by treating it all as if it’s equally sensitive.

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Over 680TB of data exposed in MongoDB databases

There are at least 35,000 publicly accessible and insecure MongoDB databases on the Internet, exposing 684.8 TB of data to potential theft.

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Grub2 bootloader flaw leaves locked-down Linux computers at risk

Pressing the backspace key 28 times can bypass the Grub2 bootloader's password protection and allow a hacker to install malware on a locked-down Linux system.

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Sometimes you have to protect your customers

Looking out for your company can mean looking beyond the perimeter.

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Forecast 2016: Security takes center stage

After a year of high-profile hacks, security is top of mind for tech execs in 2016.

vtech toy hack

This is why tech toys are dangerous

Toys are dangerous. I'm not talking about toys with sharp edges, toxic materials or parts that constitute a choking hazard. I'm talking about hacking -- a new threat to the safety of children. Last week, the risk got real.


US, China cybersecurity hotline offers no guarantees

Speaking at the New England Cybercrime Conference the nation's top lawyer for national security also addressed the threat of cyber terrorists. He doesn't think they have advanced cyber weapons because if they did they would have used...

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Russian spy group adopts new tools to hack defense contractor networks

Pawn Storm has adopted new tools in an ongoing attack campaign against defense organizations with the goal of defeating network isolation policies.

Digital Key

No more security fixes coming for older OpenSSL branches

The OpenSSL Software Foundation has released new security patches, but for branches 0.9.8 and 1.0.0 these will likely be the last security updates.

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New attack campaign against SMBs uses a botnet to deliver PoS malware

A group of sophisticated attackers is breaking into the networks of small and medium-size businesses worldwide with the goal of infecting their point-of-sale systems with malware.

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The biggest data breaches of 2015

Data breaches made big news in 2015 as measured by a variety of criteria that range from the number of records compromised to the types of data stolen to the potential threat to specific groups such as children.

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Judge applies common sense to question of what constitutes a data breach

A breach that doesn’t result in anyone compromising any data is something like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest with no one around. Is it truly a data breach?

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Healthcare security and HIPAA: Why compliance and security are still lacking

A number of healthcare data breaches have made the news of late, particularly involving large insurance companies and data clearinghouses. Often overlooked in press reports are the smaller practices, which are, from my experience,...


Volvo concept, Facebook Safety Check, Drone regulations - The Wrap

On The Wrap this week Volvo intros a new concept car that will pave the way for autonomous vehicles, Facebook enables Safety Check and there's a renewed push for chip and pin for new credit cards.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft touts new, holistic approach to enterprise security

Microsoft combines the attack protection, detection and response features built into Windows 10, Office 365, Azure and the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to help enterprises improve their operational security posture.

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Organizations are sloppy about securing privileged accounts

While most companies have processes in place for managing administrative and other privileged accounts -- the sorts of credentials frequently used in high-profile data breaches for the past several years -- most do a poor job of...

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