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This tool may make it easier for thieves to empty bank accounts

Banks and payment services are in a constant fight to detect account fraud, employing sophisticated ways to detect abnormal activities. One of those ways is "fingerprinting" a Web browser, or analyzing its relatively unique software...

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UK police make arrest in DoS attacks on Playstation, Xbox networks

U.K. police have arrested a man they believe was involved in the denial-of-service attacks directed at PlayStation Network and Xbox Live at end of last year.

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Cleared your browser cookies? It won't stop ad company using Verizon tracking header

A company that correlates data about users across different websites to share with marketers is using unique IDs inserted by Verizon into mobile Web traffic to recreate tracking cookies that have been deleted by users.

Vulnerabilities in Corel programs allow attackers to execute malicious code

Several photo, video and other media editing programs from software maker Corel contain DLL hijacking vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to execute malicious code on users' computers. According to vulnerability research...

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UK prime minister suggests banning encrypted apps like WhatsApp, iMessage

The U.K. may ban online messaging services that offer encryption such as WhatsApp and Apple's iMessage, under surveillance plans laid out by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Hacking stealing password data.

United, American airlines account fraud highlights hacker focus on travel industry

More than 20 travel-related websites have experienced data breaches in the past two months, according to a security expert who tracks the trade in stolen data.

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Stolen credentials used to access United Airlines' MileagePlus accounts

Three dozen loyalty accounts belonging to United Airlines customers saw fraudulent transactions after hackers used login credentials collected from an unknown source.

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Bitstamp reopens after attack shuttered exchange

Bitstamp resumed operations Friday after an attack earlier in the week resulted in the loss of 19,000 bitcoins and forced the exchange to close.

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CryptoWall ransomware variant gets new defenses

CryptoWall, a malware program that encrypts files and demands a ransom, has gotten a revamp that is frustrating security researchers.


Sony and Chase: Don’t blame the CISO

No chief information security officer has ability to stop all attacks all the time.

Hackers steal $5M in bitcoin currency during Bitstamp exchange attack

Attackers made off with approximately $5 million worth of bitcoins after hacking the Bitstamp exchange over the weekend.

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Moonpig jeopardizes data of millions of customers through insecure API

The online seller of personalized greeting cards and gifts shut down its mobile apps Tuesday because of a security flaw that could give hackers access to customer information.

Cartoon about young freelance workers in the IT labor market in 2014.

2014: The tech year in cartoons

From Satya Nadella’s rise to the top spot at Microsoft to the emergence of 3D printing and the Internet of Things, here’s a look at some of the year’s biggest IT stories from the pen of Computerworld’s editorial cartoonist, John...

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Yes, Virginia, 'The Interview' will be shown on Christmas Day after all

The Interview will be screened in U.S. theaters on Christmas Day, the original release date of the controversial movie, which triggered a major cyberattack against Sony, threats of harm against moviegoers and the suspension of its...

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US lawmaker asks Sony for details on data breach

A senior U.S. lawmaker wants Sony Pictures Entertainment to provide details about its recent data breach and its cybersecurity practices, saying the information will help Congress decide whether new laws are needed.

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China is key to North Korean Internet, but maybe not hackers

A request to the Chinese government by U.S. diplomats to help crack down on North Korean hacking underlines the important role that China plays in keeping the dictatorship online.

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Two-factor authentication oversight led to JPMorgan breach

The attackers who stole information about 83 million JPMorgan Chase customers earlier this year gained a foothold on the company's network because a server reportedly lacked two-factor authentication.

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Google wants to turn browser signals of Web encryption upside down

Chrome security engineers have proposed that all websites that don't encrypt traffic be marked as insecure by browsers.

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