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Ashley Madison data dump

Ashley Madison sex-cheat data -- it's FAR worse than you think

Ashley Madison hackers released the site's user data, as threatened. Or, at least, that's what they say they've done. But it's likely that much of the data is forged or bogus in some way...

IRS says data breach was worse than thought

The cyberattack on U.S. taxpayer data reported by the IRS earlier this year now appears to be much worse than originally thought, the agency said Monday.

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How college CIOs brace for back-to-school (with video!)

Enterprise IT stands to learn a lot from higher-ed CIOs, who are on the front lines in tackling demands for connectivity, service, security and innovation.

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FAQ: What you need to know about chip-embedded credit cards

The conversion process from older magnetic stripe cards to chip-embedded credit and debit cards has sped up in recent months because of an Oct. 1 deadline. That's the day when liability for credit card fraud will shift from banks to...

Carphone Warehouse hack

A Warehouse of Carphones? What is this, Back To The Future?

Millions of Carphone Warehouse customers' data got hacked last week. But we're only now hearing about it. The British mobile retailer is 'sorry'...

Windows 10

Windows 10 hardening and enterprise security

Windows 10 incorporates a number of promising additional features that will greatly benefit corporate security officers in their attempts to secure and lock down their environments. These features come at a price, however, involving...

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ICANN resets passwords after website breach

The overseer of the Internet's addressing system said that someone obtained information related to user accounts for its public website, although no financial information was divulged.

United Airlines

OPM, Anthem hackers may also have breached United Airlines

The cyberespionage group that stole the personal records of millions of Americans from U.S. health insurer Anthem and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has also reportedly breached United Airlines.

breach bucket

Closing the data floodgates

The unauthorized disclosure of sensitive and controlled data is a major issue for businesses today. Data loss prevention is a relatively new class of products that attempt to monitor common communication channels for the presence of...

hillary clinton

More questions raised about Hillary Clinton emails

A government review has concluded that Hillary Clinton sent classified information through a personal email account while she served as secretary of state, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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When the good guys are wielding the lasers

Lasers can be used to steal sensitive data, even over long distances. New research at MIT shows that they can also be used to protect data.

phishing attempt

Thanks for all the phish

Verizon, in its 2015 Data Breach Investigation Report, found that for three years running, phishing attacks were a part of over two-thirds of cyber-espionage incidents. Since a single user click can start a chain of events resulting...

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5 arrested in JPMorgan hacking case

U.S law enforcement officials have arrested five individuals who reportedly were involved in the high-profile 2014 computer hacking of JPMorgan.

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Regulators push to limit security software exports

The comment period on Wassenaar ends next Monday, and the rules, as written, would severely restrict international sales, deployment, research and even discussion of cybersecurity tools and exploits, experts say.

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10 best practices to protect student records

Teenagers may put their lives on social media, but school administrators are held to a higher standard when it comes to keeping student information private.

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Vietnamese man gets 13 years for massive ID theft scheme

A Vietnamese man linked to a data breach of 200 million personal records at a subsidiary of credit monitoring firm Experian has been sentenced to 13 years in prison, the U.S. Department of Justice said.


Assessing the value of cyber insurance

A good policy would be welcome if a data breach ever hit our manager’s company, but what constitutes a good policy?


Hacking Team CEO insists tools weren't compromised

The founder of the Italian surveillance software company that suffered a disastrous data breach last week sought to reassure clients Tuesday about the gravity of the intrusion.

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