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Lawsuit filed against Sony after massive hack

Two former Sony Pictures employees have filed a lawsuit against the company alleging it didn't do enough to protect their personal information and prevent its loss in a massive cyberattack.

Hacking stealing password data.

Sony hackers turn to terror tactics, threaten movie theaters

The hackers who attacked Sony Pictures may be attempting to spread fear among the general public. In a message on Tuesday, the hackers allude to attacks on movie theaters showing "The Interview," which opens Dec. 25.

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Franken unhappy with Uber's answers on user data

U.S. Sen. Al Franken isn't satisfied with Uber Technologies' response to privacy questions he asked the ride service.

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Illinois hospital reports data blackmail

An Illinois hospital says someone attempted to blackmail it to stop the release of data about some of its patients.

Hacking stealing password data.

Hackers to Sony staff: Email us to keep your secrets private

The hackers who stole gigabytes of data from Sony Pictures have asked employees of the company to contact them if they don't want their information to become public.

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Microsoft gets help in telling U.S. to back off on Irish search warrant

The U.S. Department of Justice should back off its request for Microsoft to turn over a suspect's digital documents stored on a server in Ireland, or be prepared for other governments demanding documents stored on U.S. servers, the...

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After the Snowden leaks, 700M move to avoid NSA spying

Nearly 700 million people worldwide have taken steps to ensure their privacy from NSA surveillance, according to an international survey on Internet security and trust.

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Android apps exploit permissions granted

Android apps really do use those permissions they ask for to access users' personal information.

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Why Google should leave Europe

The company is under attack by European authorities who won't stop until they do real damage. The solution? Leave.

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Google moved to lock down data after NSA revelations

Google has worked hard to lock down the personal data it collects since revelations in the last year and a half about mass surveillance programs at the NSA, company Chairman Eric Schmidt said.

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Intelligence community must get its own house in order

If governments want private-sector cooperation for their lawful investigations, they should first examine their own operations, goals and assumptions.

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Zuck despises Dislike button (but does Facebook HATE you?)

Updated: We dislike this. Town Hall meeting exposes 'social' company's greed and disdain for users: Mark Zuckerberg -- currently worth $34 billion -- continues to brush off user suggestions. The best he could say was that Facebook...

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Your in-store shopping affects the ads you see on Facebook

Connecting the dots between the ads users see online and the purchases they make in stores is a key goal of Facebook's advertising efforts.


Companies need to trust gov't on cybersecurity, DOJ says

The U.S. fight against cybercrime would be more effective if companies put more trust in the country's law enforcement agencies, a top U.S. Department of Justice official said.

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Feds can't seize emails stored in Ireland, Microsoft says

U.S. demands to seize emails stored on a Microsoft server in Ireland are threatening the privacy of U.S. citizens, Microsoft said in its appeal in an lawsuit that threatens international relations and may violate European privacy laws....

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US court extends NSA surveillance rules in current form

A U.S. secret court has extended the authorization of the National Security Agency to continue surveillance of phone records in its current form after a reform bill ran into difficulties in the Senate.

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China reminds Apple on need to support privacy, security in its products

Apple may have access to China, as long as it protects users' privacy, a top Chinese official told the company's CEO last week.


Getting in customers’ faces

When retailers use IT analytics to get close to their customers, they need to do it the right way.

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