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Why the world's top computing experts are worrying about your data

Experts in computer science and mathematics spent an afternoon at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany on Tuesday trying to figure out how the widespread collection of data about consumers can be prevented from causing harm.

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman

This Ashley Madison hack story keeps getting worse and worse [u4]

The Ashley Madison hack continues to make headlines. Naturally, that's because the news keeps getting worse. Worse for website owners Avid Media Group. And worse for the REAL victims, more importantly -- the people named in the hacked...

Ashley Madison hack

Ashley Madison hauled to court in class action suits over data breach

Legal pressure on Ashley Madison and its parent company is picking up with more class-action lawsuits filed this week against the extramarital hookup site in the U.S., alleging negligence by the site in protecting confidential user...

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Spotify enrages users, apologizes over privacy changes

Spotify is trying to calm down users after many threatened to stop using the music streaming service that recently announced significant changes to its user terms and conditions.

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Bloatware: What it is and how to get rid of it

Many Windows PCs are sold laden with unnecessary -- or even harmful -- software. We look at what you might find on your new system and how to get rid of it.

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Google ordered to remove links to stories about 'right to be forgotten' request

Google has been ordered to remove links to news articles reporting on the company's earlier removal of links in response to a "right to be forgotten" request in Europe.

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Intel to pilot cloud technology for sharing personalized cancer treatment

Intel and an Oregon hospital announced a technology that will allow clinics around the world to securely share patient genomic data, images and electronic health records as part of an analytical cloud platform to discover personalized...

the easy ios 9 proactive guide

The shocking truth about Proactive intelligence in iOS 9

Proactive is Apple’s name for an intelligent iOS 9 technology wants to help you get things done – but shockingly it tries to keep your private life private.

Ashley Madison data dump

Ashley Madison sex-cheat data -- it's FAR worse than you think

Ashley Madison hackers released the site's user data, as threatened. Or, at least, that's what they say they've done. But it's likely that much of the data is forged or bogus in some way...

Malware steals payment card data from PoS terminals

Internet company hit by credit card breach

Hackers breached the computer systems of Internet services provider Group and stole credit card information of 93,000 customers.

Ashley Madison hack

Hackers release full data dump from Ashley Madison dating site's owner said Tuesday it is examining a large batch of data posted online by hackers who breached the website last month.

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AT&T's ties to NSA detailed in Snowden docs

A fresh analysis of documents disclosed by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden shows that AT&T has been a much closer partner for the National Security Agency's Internet spying activities than was known.


Controversial confessions of a professional cyber-stalker and spyware developer

You might not think being either a cyber-stalker or spyware developer is a good thing, but what if that person, who knows how to be tricky with tech for tracking purposes, starts handing out privacy tips?

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Twitter sees surge in government requests for account information

Twitter has expanded its latest Transparency Report to include information on trademark notices and email providers' privacy practices.

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Global privacy advisory market topping $3B

The first-known estimate of corporate spending on privacy lawyers and consultants projects strong gains driven by regulatory and technology change.

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The Bot That Cried Wolf: Battery tracking poses no real privacy threat

If we worry about every possible privacy invasion, we will end up not paying enough attention to the ones that really need to be addressed.

Carphone Warehouse hack

A Warehouse of Carphones? What is this, Back To The Future?

Millions of Carphone Warehouse customers' data got hacked last week. But we're only now hearing about it. The British mobile retailer is 'sorry'...

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Beacon technology: Download our free PDF

In this free PDF download, you’ll get a top-level overview of beacon technology -- what it is, and how beacons use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless links to communicate with mobile devices. In the enterprise, there are several...

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