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New e-commerce model: Where everybody knows your name — and everything else about you

Some former Amazon managers are fine-tuning an app that, in effect, becomes shoppers' personal CRM profiles. Today, shoppers interact with specific retail sites and, maybe, develop a profile with that retailer. But every time that...

Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy's view on privacy: You still don't have any

One-time Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy now considers governments the biggest privacy threat on the horizon.


Proposal to limit anonymous domain registration ignites furor

ICANN seeks comment on proposal that would prevent anonymized registrations for online stores.

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US, UK spies said to attack security software

Spies working for the U.S. National Security Agency and its British counterpart found antivirus and security software a hindrance to their intelligence gathering processes and worked to thwart it, according to a report in The...


Hackers had access to security clearance data for a year

Hackers who breached a database holding highly personal information on government workers with security clearances had access to the system for about a year before they were discovered.

cvs pharmacy services

CVS's Target deal: Prescription for a privacy disaster

When Target announced this week that it was selling its pharmacy business to CVS, it was good news for CVS, which will add more than 1,660 pharmacies to its network. But lost amid all of the mega-drugstore talk are some extremely...

did googles eric schmidt just call apples tim cook a liar

Did Google’s Eric Schmidt just call Apple’s Tim Cook a liar?

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt made a point of telling the BBC that Apple’s claims about Google privacy are false.

when it comes to privacy apples got your back says eff

When it comes to privacy, Apple’s ‘got your back’ says EFF

EFF gives Apple a five-star rating for the way it protects your data, though others score less highly.

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AT&T, WhatsApp get low marks for data disclosure policies

The Electronic Frontier Foundation released the latest version of its annual "Who Has Your Back" report on tech companies' data disclosure policies, giving perfect five-star ratings to companies including Apple, Adobe, Dropbox and...

Lawmakers fear recent U.S. gov't breaches endanger national security

Two recently disclosed data breaches at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management could endanger national security and the lives of federal workers in intelligence or other sensitive jobs.

EU Council meeting June 2015

EU Council pushes data-privacy reform forward

But the proposal does not go far enough, say privacy organizations and industry lobby groups.

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Group asks FCC to make websites honor do-not-track requests

The agency has an obligation to protect privacy and promote broadband deployment, Consumer Watchdog says.

Facebook's API change severs Microsoft apps from friends' info

Facebook has rolled out a new API that has crippled most of the connections Microsoft built into its mobile and desktop apps to link with Facebook calendars, contacts and photos.

consumer privacy ts

Amazon now an open book on search warrants and subpoenas published its first transparency report describing how it has responded to requests from law enforcers for information about its customers.

amazon transparency report

Amazon gets transparency religion about government snooping -- but what took you so long?

AWS releases post-Snowden transparency report: Two years too late? Amazon CISO Stephen Schmidt finally opens kimono, and promises to continue doing so...

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U.S. now fears second major breach exposed more employee data

A second major data breach that might reveal far more personal and damaging information on U.S. government workers appears to have hit the Office of Personnel Management.

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FCC says PayPal 'robocall' policy could break rules

FCC has told PayPal that it needs to take written permission from customers for telemarketing robocalls and robotexts.

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Hacked data on millions of US gov't workers was unencrypted

A union representing U.S. government workers says detailed personal information on millions of federal employees that was stolen by hackers was not encrypted.

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