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China says Facebook not banned, but must follow the rules

China may be blocking access to Facebook, but that doesn't mean the social media network can't one day enter the country, as long as it follows the rules, a top government official said on Thursday.


Verizon bans domestic surveillance and net neutrality articles from tech news site

Know where you won't hear about Verizon injecting a privacy-decimating 'perma-cookie' in consumers' HTTP connections so advertisers can track Verizon customers across the web? SugarString, Verizon's tech news site, where writers are...

Hacked, unlocked, unsafe.

California reports huge jump in data breaches

The number of personal records compromised by data breaches in California surged to 18.5 million in 2013, up more than six-fold from the year before.


Tracking and the law

As courts continue to rule on what is and is not acceptable when it comes to tracking, a lot of what we do with our smartphones could become illegal.


Facebook, Yahoo prevent use of recycled email addresses to hijack accounts

A new mechanism helps email servers determine if a message was intended for a recycled account's previous owner

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Phone maker Xiaomi moves data outside China over privacy concerns

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is moving customer data and its Internet platforms to servers outside China, only months after the company apologized over privacy concerns.

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Industry can head off IoT privacy rules

The Internet of Things is raising a host of concerns over the control of data that could lead to government regulation, but tech companies can rein in those worries on their own if they act fast, a former White House technology...

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HTTPA: New tech transforms transparency into privacy

Privacy by obscurity is dead; long live privacy by transparency

12 surprising ways personal technology betrays your privacy

It's not just your boss or the government that's spying on you, it's also the devices and technologies you embrace.

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Kickstarter suspends Anonabox Tor router project

After days of critical scrutiny on social media networks, the wireless router that was supposedly a custom-built Tor privacy engine has been suspended by Kickstarter after raising nearly $600,000 in only a few days.

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Once the FBI has a back door into your smartphone, everyone does

FBI director James Comey believes tech companies should be forced to insert back doors to bypass encryption on smartphones. But experts say once that happens, security is moot and anyone can breach your privacy.

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Six browser plug-ins that protect your privacy

Privacy is a real concern for users these days. We review six browser plug-ins that offer privacy protection -- and a way to avoid ads.

Mobile phone data privacy.

Anonymous sharing app Whisper under a cloud about user location data

Anonymous sharing app Whisper has come under scrutiny after a newspaper reported it has been tracking the location of its users, including those who asked not to be followed.

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Got a Mac? Prevent OPSEC leakage by cleaning hidden OS X files from USB drives

If you plug a USB drive into OS X and use the Finder app to browse and change sort order, then you may have an OPSEC problem. Apple knows about the issue, and came up with a work around starting with OS X Tiger; but while Apple...

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Snapchat and other online services need to tighten security

Regardless of the fact that some data leaks weren't the result of direct server hacks, Internet service companies need to do a better job of educating their users and offering stronger security measures.

Password obscured.

What to consider when choosing a password manager

Many security experts think passwords are no longer sufficient to keep online accounts safe from hackers. But we're still a long way from widespread adoption of biometrics and alternatives.

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Would an anonymous app from Facebook be creepy or smart?

Facebook is preparing to launch a mobile app that would enable users to interact online anonymously, a move analysts said could be good or scary.

IT industry group slams burdens imposed by proposed EU privacy policy

A proposal by EU justice ministers to relax data protection rules for low-risk personal data doesn't go far enough, industry lobbyists say.

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