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Senate blocks NSA surveillance reform bill

The U.S. Senate voted early Saturday to block the USA Freedom Act, legislation that aimed to put an end to the bulk collection of telephone records by the NSA.

Patriot Act protestors

Senate leader pushes to extend NSA phone dragnet

The U.S. Senate was deadlocked Friday over whether to extend authorization for the National Security Agency's massive collection of domestic telephone records, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insisting the program should continue...

Android apps

Even a factory reset in Android phones leaves user data behind

Resetting an Android phone to its factory state before getting rid of it often fails to properly wipe all sensitive user data.


As smartwatches gain traction, personal data privacy worries mount

Growing interest in smartwatches has sparked user privacy concerns as companies find ways to collect and use personal health, location and purchasing data found on the wearable devices of their customers and workers.

U.S. Congress Washington DC

U.S. Senate leader to push for vote to renew NSA phone dragnet

Senators could vote on a Patriot Act extension bill as soon as Friday.

Radio Shack 1980s

RadioShack, U.S. states reach agreement on sale of customer data

The amount of data to be sold has been considerably reduced, according to Texas attorney general Ken Paxton.


Senators stall vote to extend NSA phone records dragnet

Senator Rand Paul filibusters efforts to pass a bill to renew parts of the Patriot Act past June 1.

U.S. Congress Washington DC

Senators stall efforts to extend NSA phone records dragnet

Four U.S. senators ground the chamber's business to a halt Wednesday in an effort to prevent lawmakers from voting on a bill to extend portions of the Patriot Act.

android security danger

Researchers create app to stop RIG attacks on Android and Android-based IoT devices

Researchers, who said there is an urgent need to mitigate runtime-information-gathering (RIG) attacks on Android mobile and Android-controlled Internet of Things devices, presented 'Leave Me Alone: App-level Protection Against Runtime...

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Tech companies ask Senate to pass NSA reform bill

The USA Freedom Act was earlier passed by the House of Representatives.

smartphone encryption

Apple, Google urge Obama to reject encryption back doors

Apple and Google are appealing to President Obama to reject proposals to allow encryption "back doors" in mobile devices.

091514 radioshack

FTC recommends conditions for sale of RadioShack customer data

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has weighed in on the contentious issue of the proposed sale of consumer data by bankrupt retailer RadioShack, recommending that a model be adopted based on a settlement the agency reached with a...


Critics blast NSA phone records bill as 'fake reform'

A lopsided vote in the U.S. House of Representatives this week to rein in the National Security Agency's domestic telephone records dragnet won muted praise, with many supporters calling on Congress to take stronger action.

U.S. Congress Washington DC

House votes to rein in NSA phone records collection

The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to rein in the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone records, while allowing the agency to continue more targeted surveillance.

Bleep secure messaging app

BitTorrent Bleep -- crypto messaging disgruntles data snoops

BitTorrent just released its anonymous messaging app: Bleep, designed to keep messages and voice data private from unknown third parties. Although we could share more...

U.S. man pleads no contest to running revenge porn site

Casey Meyering, the operator of a so-called revenge porn website, pleaded no contest to criminal charges, including extortion, in a California court.

Mobile phone data privacy.

Update: Appeals court rules against NSA phone records collection

Congress didn't give the agency the authority to collect U.S. phone records in bulk, the court says.


Civil liberties groups oppose bill to end NSA's bulk phone records program

The USA Freedom Act's changes to the phone records program are 'modest' at best, opponents say.

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