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Radio Shack 1980s

NY attorney general Schneiderman

New York threatens action if RadioShack sells customer data

New York's Attorney General says his office will take "appropriate action" if personal data on millions of RadioShack customers is handed over as part of a just-concluded bankruptcy sale.

Target to pay $10M in proposed settlement for 2013 breach

Target has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a class-action lawsuit stemming from its massive 2013 data breach.

hacked hacker breach security

Data breach notification bill hit as weak

Proposed legislation to require U.S. businesses to notify affected customers after data breaches is being called too weak because it would preempt stronger state notification laws and wouldn't cover several classes of data.

Hacked, unlocked, unsafe.

Premera Blue Cross says data breach may affect 11M customers

As many as 11 million customers may have been affected by a data breach at U.S. health insurance provider Premera Blue Cross.

hertz rental car

Hertz is installing car cams that point at drivers

Unbeknownst to some drivers, Hertz has been upgrading its “NeverLost" onboard navigation assistant with a tiny internal cameras. But the company says it has not activated them, yet.

servers data center

Where’s the data?

The U.S. government wants access to an alleged drug dealer’s emails, but Microsoft says, sorry, they’re in Ireland and out of bounds. This is what happens when we apply non-digital rules to digital situations.

spy eye surveillance human eye peeping 000002836491

Despite Snowden leaks, Internet use in the U.S. is largely unchanged

When it comes to using the Internet, numerous leaks illuminating the massive scale of government surveillance programs have not rattled Americans

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo

Government requests for Facebook data continue to grow

Requests from governments for users' Facebook account data were overall on the rise in the second half of 2014, although they declined in the U.S. and Germany.

encryption locks security

Obama administration raises encryption concerns to 'start a debate'

The U.S. government still supports using encryption but has questions about law enforcement access to data.

iv leak

Google error leaks website owners' personal info

A Google software problem inadvertently exposed private information used to register websites after people had chosen to keep the data private.

email not available

Don’t get into an email mess

Mixing together personal and work communications in one email account is bad for your employer, but also not great for you.

Hillary Clinton

Some email truths for Hillary Clinton

One thing she should know is that armed guards aren’t really equipped to stop a data breach.

twitter revenge porn delbius

Don't tweet Naked pics of your ex -- Twitter will ban you, OK?

Twitter wants you to stop posting revenge porn and dox. I know you weren't doing this, or planning to, but it's good to know that Del Harvey's @Safety team is looking after our interests, no? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers keep their...

facebook app

Facebook letting advertisers take a deeper look at users' posts

Facebook will provide a new pipeline of data to select marketers.

wikipedia nsa

Wikimedia sues NSA to stop it from spying on its users

People might refrain from sharing unpopular information on Wikipedia dues to mass surveillance, Wikimedia said.


Unindexed -- the website built for Google to destroy

Unindexed was the latest project by Matthew Rothenberg, a 35-year-old based in Brooklyn,who has created a portfolio of interactive web installations and performance art projects around technology

U.S. lawmakers want Uber, Lyft and Sidecar to use fingerprint checks of drivers

Eight members of the U.S. Congress have asked Uber Technologies, Lyft and Sidecar Technologies to adopt fingerprint-based background checks of their drivers.

Hillary Clinton

State Department ducks security questions about Clinton emails

Government officials have been peppered this week at press briefings about government IT involvement in Hillary Clinton's email system while she was Secretary of State. But answers have been few.

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