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facebook not like sends personal data to Twitter, Yahoo and Google

Information entered into the U.S. government's health insurance website is being passed to companies such as Twitter, Yahoo and Google.

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People are increasingly worried about privacy and lax legal protections

Internet users in the U.S., France Germany and other nations are increasingly worried about the impact technology has on privacy, and feel legal protections are insufficient. In 11 of the 12 countries surveyed as part of a...

iphone users how your government spies on you

iPhone users: How your government spies on you

New Edward Snowden revelations tell us more about iPhone spies.

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How to shield yourself from Verizon's mobile tracking

The Electronic Frontier Foundation published a list of tools that can block online advertising companies from collecting web browsing data.

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Cleared your browser cookies? It won't stop ad company using Verizon tracking header

A company that correlates data about users across different websites to share with marketers is using unique IDs inserted by Verizon into mobile Web traffic to recreate tracking cookies that have been deleted by users.

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75% of writers in free countries self-censor due to fears of mass surveillance

There’s a worldwide war on free speech. Despite 1.5 million who marched under the banner of free expression in France, 54 people have been arrested for online comments. The UK wants encryption outlawed and backdoors in apps to be...


Obama resurrects cyberthreat-sharing proposal despite privacy concerns

The centerpiece of President Barack Obama's new cybersecurity proposal is a controversial plan that allows companies to share more cyberthreat information with government agencies.

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UK prime minister suggests banning encrypted apps like WhatsApp, iMessage

The U.K. may ban online messaging services that offer encryption such as WhatsApp and Apple's iMessage, under surveillance plans laid out by Prime Minister David Cameron.

apples tim cook becomes global privacy champ

UK PM makes Apple CEO Tim Cook a global privacy champ

Willingly or not, Apple (and others) face a huge fight as they try to maintain privacy and security.

Obama revives call for immunity to companies sharing threat data

Dusting off a 2011 to-do list, U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to propose legislation to protect companies sharing computer threat data with the government from prosecution, according to reports.

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Obama calls for data breach notification law, privacy bill of rights

President Obama will push Congress to pass a law requiring companies hit by data breaches to notify affected consumers within 30 days and a second law to give consumers more control over their digital data.

FBI access to surveillance program expands

FBI access to overseas surveillance collected by the National Security Agency has expanded since 2009.

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Anti-terror cooperation with ISPs is 'essential' in wake of Paris shootings, EU ministers say

In the wake of the shootings in Paris last week, justice ministers across the European Union have called on major Internet providers to create a system to quickly report and remove online material that "aims to incite hatred and...

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Obama aims to tighten laws on data hacking and student privacy

President Obama is expected to call for new federal legislation requiring hacked private companies to report quickly the compromise of consumer data.

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Glitch in OS X search can expose private details of Apple Mail users

Performing a Spotlight search opens email previews that load external images, even when the Mail client is asked not to do this.

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Using spellcheck? Electromagnetic fields could reveal what you're doing

Subtle electronic fields and noises emitted by computers can offer clues about your activity, allowing spying that can be done from a few feet away.

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EFF lays out plan to end online harassment

The Electronic Frontier Foundation spells out its stance on online harassment in the wake of #GamerGate, but the path forward won't be easy.

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CES: FTC chairwoman warns how IoT device data can secretly be used against you

Will 2015 be the year when smart home hacking is a real threat? At CES 2015, the FTC chairwoman mentioned the security warning during her speech; she suggested IoT risks to privacy such as smart TV viewing habits and other data from...

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IoT companies should ensure consumer privacy, warns FTC chairwoman

Internet-connected devices are popping up all over the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. But while this new technology has the potential to provide enormous benefits for consumers, tech companies should put more effort...

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