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New Windows 10 build is a monster update

windows 10 laptop pc
The first update of the year adds more new features than any previous...

Amazon commits to hiring 100,000 U.S. workers

amazon stock 1 100667895 orig
While many of the jobs will be in warehouses, Amazon said the company will...

Best tips & takeaways from RStudio Conference

R programming conference
I'll be sharing the most interesting things I hear, see and learn at this...

Microsoft launches StaffHub to connect deskless workers

microsoft staffhub screen compilation
Microsoft is taking another step towards serving workers who aren’t at...

DARPA wants to create secure data-sharing tech

Proposals needed to help secure shared data in remote areas on handheld...

2017: The year of serverless?

sap locations st leon rot 2012 010
Just a trend for the fan boys or something fundamentally different?
Citrix and Microsoft are longstanding partners, but with a new CEO that is...
microsoft headquarters
Microsoft has released one of its smallest monthly patch bundles ever,...

Microsoft drops pay-as-you-go Azure cloud option

clouds money dollar signs public domain
Starting in February, new Azure customers will be sent to Microsoft's...
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