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circuit board
The rowhammer problem can be exploited using JavaScript over the Web,...
Windows 10 start
Microsoft has offered customers disk image files for clean installs of and...

This new 3D XPoint memory could last forever

screen shot 2015 07 28 at 9.36.49 pm
Intel and Micron may be touting their new 3D XPoint memory as the first...
computer chip circuit board technology electrical equipment mother board processor engineering 0000
Oracle will disclose the new chip at an engineering conference this month.
network 000011399309
The flaw could be exploited remotely to crash DNS servers by sending them...

Xen patches new virtual-machine escape vulnerability

A new vulnerability in emulation code used by the Xen virtualization...
alibaba group
The Chinese company has plans to open a second data center in the U.S.
encryption locks security
Google will let enterprise customers of one of its Cloud Platform services...
This pilot fish is trying to use a new application, and it fails to log in to the server. But after a little initial troubleshooting on his own, he's sure he knows which help desk to call.
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