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Enterprises can now migrate virtual machines whose OS drives size exceed...
rendering of facebook data center
Facebook is being sued by a British engineering company that claims the...
The flaws could allow attackers to gain limited access over affected devices or to disrupt their normal operation
EMTEC Duo USB Type C thumb drive
After SanDisk announced its first USB Type-C flash stick earlier this...
A client of this consultant pilot fish complains that his token-ring Novell network has gotten really, really slow. How slow? A print job submitted on Monday would spit pages out over the next two or three days.
social network
South Washington County Schools standardizes on one vendor, leans on...
The emerging USB 3.1 standard is set to reach desktops as hardware companies release motherboards with ports that can transfer data twice as fast as the previous USB technology.
cloud enterprise
Enterprises that want to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing but...
A new consortium was announced this week, created to address switch faceplate bandwidth density and airflow constraints caused by increasing networking speeds.
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