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The rise of SSDs over hard drives, debunked

hamr hdd
Despite reports that SSDs will soon be on par with hard drives in price,...
cloud storage hp
Red Hat continues to make inroads into the enterprise storage software...

Community solar farms to grow 500% this year

ma plymouth raffaelerd 140815 a 940x600
Solar power farms that share electricity among various community investors...
The company has, just like its competitors, partnered with app packaging company Bitnami.
It's a few decades back, and this technical rep pilot fish is awakened by his beeper to learn that a customer -- a college campus -- is completely without phones or data communications, and no one is sure why.

Open Container Project forces forks to COMPLY

Open Container Project Docker CoreOS
Docker and CoreOS declare peace in our time. The newly-minted Open...
Organizations that want to explore the use of Docker containers can now...

Oracle goes all in on cloud services

larry ellison
The company launched 24 new services to help its customers get into the...
box governance image
Continuing its efforts to woo enterprise users in heavily regulated...
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