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How to build a great data science team

Select the mix of skills right for your data analytics business goals.

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SAP spices up its predictive analytics and visualization apps

SAP has made a series of updates to its InfiniteInsight predictive modeling software and Lumira data-visualization tool in a bid to shore up its foothold in the analytics market.

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How IBM Serves Up Data to Tennis Fans at U.S. Open

IBM is using a combination of mobile, cloud and data analytics technologies to help the United States Tennis Association transform the U.S. Open fan experience.

IBM's Watson now answers your questions before you ask

IBM has upgraded its Watson Discovery Advisor data analysis service so it can answer questions before you even ask.

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Cloud BI: Going where the data lives

Historically, cloud BI has been mostly used by smaller businesses, but larger enterprises are starting to make the trek.

9 Common BI Software Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

According to Gartner, business Intelligence and analytics will remain a top focus for CIOs through 2017, with companies spending millions on traditional BI software, cloud BI services and now mobile apps and even social BI. However,...

Google's big-data tool, Mesa, holds petabytes of data across multiple servers

Google has found a way to stretch a data warehouse across multiple data centers, using an architecture its engineers developed that could pave the way for much larger, more reliable and more responsive cloud-based analysis systems.

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Why Analytics Makes Tesla Better Than Jaguar

The differences that Tesla represents to the auto market fascinate me. The firm is run more like a cutting-edge Apple than a typical car company such as Jaguar a and, in fact, exceeds Apple in the application of advanced technologies...

Ditch instinct: Why data drives business

The cultural changes involved with running a business on hard data and predictive analytics can't be underestimated. Here's what works and what doesn't work when making the cultural shift from traditional top-down decision-making to...

Don't Be Comcast: Use Analytics, Monitoring to Prevent a Viral Disaster

The executive in charge of Comcast's support organization is having an interesting week.

Michelin drives big data strategy with Microstrategy analytics

Michelin is using Microstrategy software to provide analytics and vizualisation capabilities as part of a big data strategy to improve the efficiency of its supply chain and manufacturing processes.

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11 Market Trends in Advanced Analytics

In today's business environment, organizations are increasingly demanding advanced analytics that allow them to use large volumes and diverse types of data to discover patterns and anomalies and predict outcomes.

Hadoop analysis now tackling IoT to improve transit

For the Internet of Things, collecting data is only half the battle, and public transit agencies know that as well as anyone.

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