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Cloud or on-prem? This big-data service now swings both ways

There are countless "as-a-Service" offerings on the market and typically they live in the cloud. In 2014, startup BlueData blazed a different trail by launching its EPIC Enterprise big-data-as-a-service offering on-premises instead.

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Here's why Twitter bought machine-learning startup Magic Pony

Twitter has made no secret of its interest in machine learning in recent years, and on Monday the company put its money where its mouth is once again by purchasing London startup Magic Pony Technology, which has focused on visual...

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Google revs its A.I. engines

Google has made no secret of its A.I. ambitions, and on Thursday it announced the next step in its bold plans to realize them: a brand-new research group in Europe focused squarely on machine learning.

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Women use tablets, men prefer Smart TVs, says revealing U.S. data

The U.S. government is collecting data about tech device use in America and analyzing it -- and the data offers interesting insights about technology use in the 21st century.

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SugarCRM is planning a Siri-like agent named Candace

SugarCRM has put AI at the core of its product plans and is working on a new intelligence service along with a Siri-like agent named Candace.

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Review: SQL Server 2016 boosts speed, analytics

SQL Server 2016 shines with stretch database to Azure, queries against Hadoop, internal R, better security, and higher performance

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Microsoft covets LinkedIn algorithms

Microsoft's announced plans to buy the business social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion were triggered by an appetite for algorithms.

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Nokia has high hopes for its its new IoT platform

Nokia hopes it will have a hit on its hands with Impact, an all-encompassing new Internet-of-Things management platform that brings together several existing products.

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6 reasons why enterprise drones are on course

In the future, large corporations are likely to employ fleets of drones. Drones can save time, money, and even lives.

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Machine learning could help companies react faster to ransomware

Behavior analytics vendor Exabeam applies machine learning to detect ransomware infections and help companies quickly isolate affected computers before the malware spreads.

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Microsoft analyzes web searches, finds clues for early cancer detection

Microsoft researchers have shown that analyzing millions of web queries can help provide early detection of pancreatic cancer -- and possibly other diseases -- and likely increase survival rates.

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This tool taps machine learning to take the guesswork out of content marketing

It's every marketer's goal to reach customers in the right place, at the right time and with the right message, but the online world doesn't make that easy. A new tool announced Thursday uses machine learning to help.

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Security event management: 14 questions to ask before you buy

Today's security event management technology boasts more brain power than ever, but many organizations fail to realize its full promise. Here are the key questions you need to ask to ensure the solution you choose will deliver.

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This company uses A.I. to stop cyberattacks before they start

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes, and that's just as true in cybersecurity as it is in health. So believes Cylance, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to detect and prevent cyberattacks....

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Google DeepMind’s kill switch research may ease A.I. fears

Google DeepMind, a London-based artificial intelligence company that Google acquired in 2014, is working on what will be a kill switch for robots and other A.I. systems.


LATAS is the air traffic controller for drones

The system combines satellite and air traffic data to ensure that a drone is flying in the clear.

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IBM targets data scientists with a new development platform based on Apache Spark

Making sense of data can involve a wide variety of tools, and IBM is hoping to make it easier for data scientists by putting them all in one place.

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The advanced beginner's guide to R

So you’ve gone through the Computerworld Beginner’s Guide to R and want to take the next steps in your R journey? In this advanced beginner’s guide, you’ll learn data wrangling, best packages to use for different tasks, how to make...

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