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r consortium

R Consortium of major tech companies on the way?

Rumor on Twitter is that some major players will be joining forces to work on R infrastructure.


Blazent brings big data to IT operations management

Blazent enterprise customers can now get immediate glimpses into the health and performance of their IT systems.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Playground

Salesforce launches free Analytics Cloud Playground

While you can't save interactives, the site lets you do quick explorations and get a taste of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

broad institute biotech

Researchers to use Google cloud to aid in genome analysis

Researchers at MIT and Harvard are partnering with Google to use its cloud platform to take genomic data and use it to find cures to diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

demo traction 2015 champion followanalytics

Traction Watch: FollowAnalytics promises enterprise marketers fast, deep mobile and IoT analytics

Spring 2015 DEMO Traction champion FollowAnalytics has developed a "1:1 mobile marketing platform" that the company says helps enterprise marketers successfully transition to a mobile first strategy.

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Salesforce's new analytics apps will be tailored for specific roles

The first to arrive is Sales Wave Analytics, targeting salespeople.

data visualization

SAS automates data modeling for fast analysis

SAS Factory Miner can automate the building of data models and pick the best ones to predict the future.

Graph using ggplot2 code snippets

Free download: Save R data visualization time with these ggplot2 code snippets

Tired of typing -- or trying to remember -- ggplot2 syntax? These code snippets can help.

data visualization

My ggplot2 cheat sheet: Search by task

Here's your easy-to-use guide to dozens of useful ggplot2 R data visualization commands in a handy, searchable table. Plus, download code snippets to save yourself a boatload of typing.

consumer data ts

8 ways to get the most from customer data

While everyone talks about big data, many organizations don't know how to best use the customer data they collect and store.

machine learning robot face matrix

IBM prepares Spark for machine learning

IBM is putting considerable resources behind Apache Software Foundation's Spark to ready the platform for machine learning duties such as pattern recognition and object classification.

Spark update adds R support and machine learning chops

One of the most popular big data processing platforms, Spark, now supports one of the premier statistical programming languages, R.

Microsoft predicts China's air pollution with data analysis

Microsoft has taken its big data analysis to China, with computing models that can forecast the air quality across 41 cities in the country.

business analytics

Marketers are betting big on predictive analytics

The promise of predictive marketing is increasingly taking hold in enterprises looking to get a jump on their customers' buying plans.

netapplications jan 2015 os share

The changing face of Application Performance Management

A historical perspective on the APM market highlighting various vendor's strengths.

sap lumira screenshot

SAP previews new analytics tools for IT, business users

SAP has made no secret of its desire to be front and center in the trend toward easy-to-use analytics tools, and the company offered a glimpse at several upcoming capabilities for different types of enterprise users.

threat intelligence secrets sharing

Threat intel sharing: Security breakthrough or flavor of the month?

Reluctance of top 1% of companies to share information hampers industry-wide efforts.

data science dan

You're hiring the wrong data scientists

Companies are building data scientist teams which is great. But they are not giving them the support they need and they're incurring a ton of unnecessary overhead.

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