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SpaceCurve rethinks databases for the real-time geospatial era

Seattle startup SpaceCurve on Tuesday will release a new database system aimed at speeding the process of analyzing location-oriented data as it's being generated.

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Cisco sees a data analytics fortune at the network's edge

The company that commercialized routers 30 years ago is now using them to bring big-data analysis to the edges of networks, where some types of information may be valuable for a few seconds but not worth storing long-term.

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FoundationDB preps for the Internet of Things

When the expected tsunami of data from the Internet of Things hits the enterprise, FoundationDB's flagship NoSQL database should be ready for the deluge.


Getting in customers’ faces

When retailers use IT analytics to get close to their customers, they need to do it the right way.

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IBM Watson Analytics now open for business

After a lot of buildup, IBM Watson is now open for business.

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Tech bigwigs' need for servers helps drive Q3 sales

The increasing need for real-time analytics and the demands of companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft in the U.S. helped buoy server sales in the third quarter.

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HP rolls data analysis tools into the cloud

The pool of online data analysis services available for corporate users is about to get larger, with HP set to offer two of its own, key products as hosted cloud services by early next year.

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How UPS uses analytics to drive down costs (and no, it doesn’t call it big data)

When you have an organization the size of UPS, every single little bit of efficiency that can be squeezed out of daily operations translates into a big deal.

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Data analytics scores marketing wins for the Texas Rangers

When it comes to convincing your boss of the value of a data dashboard, nothing works better than when you can save money as a result of a trend that you visualized.

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Analytics app uncovers untapped sales opportunities

Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services deployed a mobile sales analytics application to identify new sources of revenue.

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Study says social-media analyses are off target

Rigorous methodologies, sophisticated analytic engines can still be wrong if no one corrects for flaws in data fed to them.

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Teradata brings MapR Hadoop into the data warehouse

Enterprise data sets have gotten so voluminous that they can't fit into even the largest data warehouses, many businesses find. Now, companies running these overstuffed data stores have an on-ramp to newfangled, big-data style...

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HP plugs the Vertica analytics engine into Hadoop

HP has released a package that will allow organizations to harness its Vertica analytical database engine to comb through reams of unstructured data residing in Hadoop systems.

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Key to productivity: A good place to gossip

Detailed analysis of office worker activities shows those who hang out and talk are far more productive than loners

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Tidemark adds predictive analytics to help CFOs use big data in forecasting, budgeting

Tidemark is adding predictive analytics functions to its cloud-based financial planning and analysis software.

STEM skills and female information technology (IT) professionals

How automation could take your skills -- and your job

Nicholas Carr's new book, The Glass Cage, examines the idea that businesses are moving too fast to automate white collar jobs, sophisticated tasks and mental work, effectively dumbing down workers.

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Platfora brings analysis to Internet of Things data

Software provider Platfora has extended its analysis software to work with data generated by sensors, machines and other devices that are part of the Internet of Things.

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Workday plots wave of predictive analytic apps

Workday is pushing into analytics with a series of specialized, predictive apps to help staff in HR and financial management roles.

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