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Why do we visualize data?

Why do we visualize data? Do data visualizations aim to inform audiences effectively? Or do they simply aim to catch people’s eye, providing the just gist of the data? This is a question which has been hotly debated by some of the...

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Plotly to open source its dataviz code

The JavaScript library is now free to use in any project, or offline in MATLAB, RStudio or a Jupyter notebook.

Here come the robot swarms

From nature to the military to your kitchen, they are coming

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Are death rates really soaring for middle-aged white Americans?

It's hard to argue with a paper written by a Nobel Laureate. But statistician Andrew Gelman is, in a way, doing just that.

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3 ways to make social sharing work for publishers

It’s still early to effectively weigh the pros and cons of these social media partnerships for digital publishers, but what’s certain is that the way that readers access content -- and the way that publishers distribute it -- is...

Taste Analytics Signals

This startup emerged from stealth to help SMBs get a grip on unstructured data

Signals is a new textual analytics platform that aims to help users in businesses of any size crunch a wide variety of data without having to rely on highly trained data scientists or IT experts for help.

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IT and the entrepreneurial age

Today, if you want to be hired as a C-level executive in a major global enterprise, you are going to have to be capable of delivering high-growth and high-margin revenue streams. In short, you are going to have to be entrepreneurial.

Changeable weather

With a torrent of weather data, IBM hopes to know the world

IBM's deal to buy The Weather Company adds to its cognitive computing capabilities something IBM really needs -- data.

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How Verizon analyzes security-breach data with R

Verizon researchers receive incident data from contributing organizations, which means numerous categories also have subcategories. Importing and analyzing all that with Excel was problematic.

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Make analytics pay off for you and your customers

When customers got a better experience, these companies got a revenue kick, thanks to accurate and timely analytics data in the hands of salespeople. 

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Intel targets IoT with new Quark chips and free cloud OS

Intel has released new processors and free cloud services as part of its latest push to capitalize on the nascent Internet of Things market.


Forrester’s top 10 predictions for business in 2016 — and what they mean for tech

2016 will be the year that the companies that thrive will be those advancing down the customer obsession path.

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New $85K package development service backed by R Consortium

And, the consortium's Infrastructure Steering Committee has more money to award; applications are now open.

EARL Boston conference

R conference live blog: EARL Boston

Interesting tips and tidbits on how to make better use of R, live from the Effective Application of the R Language conference.

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IBM snaps up and more in Watson IoT push

IBM will acquire and other digital assets from The Weather Company for its new Watson IoT Unit and Watson IoT Cloud platform.

Dell World 2015

Dell steps up analytics push with Statistica 13, new vertical services

Dell got a jump start in the world of analytics software when it acquired StatSoft early last year, and it forged further ahead into the space with a new Statistica release and a variety of industry-specific services.

Selecting data with Vizable

Tableau launches free iPad dataviz app

Looking to explore data on a mobile device? Tableau brings (some of) the power and polish of its desktop software to the iPad.

Big Data

Mind your analytics, or you could soon be in ethical hot water

It's no secret that the implications of big data extend far beyond organizational benefits into the societal and ethical realm, but market researcher Gartner predicts that the improper use of big data analytics will cause half of all...

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