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Stacked bar plot created with the R GGally package
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Databricks takes the human intervention out of Spark processing

A new workflow feature for Databricks Cloud can automate routine deployment tasks.

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Facebook's query software now crawls data mountains faster

Facebook engineers have revamped the company's open source Presto query engine to run up to four times faster.

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IBM puts a price on Twitter analytics

The insight gained from a single tweet might not be worth very much, but the data from a million could be worthy. At least, IBM hopes so.

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A call for data analysis case studies

For our 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards, Computerworld editors are seeking case studies that illustrate intriguing ways big data is being used everywhere from research to commerce. Submit your case study today.

Data science = achieving predictability

Data science leads the customer engagement revolution

The big data revolution gained significant momentum in 2014, amassing to an incomprehensible amount of data: a zettabyte in just the past two years. Yet the revolution that is under way is not in the unprecedented quantity of data...

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1010data gets religion on R

Data analysis platform provider 1010data has added R to its arsenal, allowing its many enterprise customers to interrogate their data with the statistics-oriented programming language.

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Big data sends cybersecurity back to the future

The rising popularity of data science is largely due to incredible amount of digital data that is collected and processed daily - we are truly in the big data era. Here are the aspects of big data that are important to build the next...

Tableau's new drag-and-drop forecasting

Tableau 9.0 beta rolls out

The latest version of this data visualization software features drag-and-drop forecasting and smart splitting of data fields.

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SAP brings new analytics tools to companies large and small

With new features for data preparation, visualization, scoring, data modeling and network analysis, the software is designed to enable users to predict and act in real time instead of relying on batch processes.

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5 steps for transforming your business using data

Digital organizations rely on their IT platform and on data-powered business processes. If your organization was not born digital, discover 5 steps that can bring you closer to a digital business and create new opportunities.


Apache Tajo brings data warehousing to Hadoop

Organizations that want to extract more intelligence from their Hadoop deployments may want to try the relatively little-known Tajo open source data warehouse software.

Salesforce gives Service Cloud a shot of data science

Barely a week after adding a new predictive decision-making feature to its Marketing Cloud, has added a new Intelligence Engine for Salesforce Service Cloud that's designed to improve how service reps interact with...

Airbnb offers a query tool for unlocking massive data sets

Airbnb is known for its home rental services, but check out its tool for opening data warehouses.

IBM Watson

IBM acquires AlchemyAPI to fatten Watson portfolio

IBM has acquired computing services provider AlchemyAPI to broaden its portfolio of Watson-branded cognitive computing services.

IBM to pump $4B into cloud, mobile and analytics this year

IBM will dedicate $4 billion in spending this year to the cloud, analytics and mobile technologies, as it struggles with seismic shifts that are changing the landscape it once dominated.

Jive updates deliver boost to enterprise communications

New Marketo integration enables community-focused customer analytics.

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How IBM analyzes Twitter for enterprise devs

IBM is creating new ways to derive potentially valuable information from the massive, sprawling data set known as Twitter.

IBM Watson

IBM's cloud pitch aims for the gut

IBM on Monday made its case as an enterprise cloud vendor with something special: Watson, its one-of-a-kind, cognitively-capable platform.

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