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NSA National Security Operations Center

NSA secretly uses scapegoats, data mules and innocent victims' PCs for botnets

Leaked documents indicate that the NSA was in North Korean systems but didn't warn Sony about the attack, covertly uses innocent victims’ infected PCs when hijacking botnets, as well as secretly redirecting blame to scapegoats and...

The NSA not only creates, but also hijacks, malware with Quantumbot

In addition to having its own digital arsenal, the National Security Agency also hijacks and repurposes third-party malware.

iphone users how your government spies on you

iPhone users: How your government spies on you

New Edward Snowden revelations tell us more about iPhone spies.

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Inside North Korea's network, NSA saw signs of Sony attack

The NSA has had a secret foothold for years in North Korea's networks and saw signs of the Sony Pictures Entertainment attack, according to the New York Times.

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U.S. and UK to step up joint cyber defense efforts

The U.S. and Britain are planning to launch more attacks against each other to test their defenses and scare away possible enemies.


Obama resurrects cyberthreat-sharing proposal despite privacy concerns

The centerpiece of President Barack Obama's new cybersecurity proposal is a controversial plan that allows companies to share more cyberthreat information with government agencies.

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North Korea's official news website serves malware

Users who visited the site of the state-run North Korean news agency might want to scan their computers for malware.

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U.S. CENTCOM Twitter feed compromised by 'Cyber Jihadists'

The official Twitter account for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) was compromised Monday afternoon, by attackers claiming to support the terrorist group ISIS.


Obama to unveil new cybersecurity initiatives this week

President Barack Obama is set to unveil a series of initiatives to tackle identity theft and privacy issues, cybersecurity and Internet access.

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FBI blames North Korea AGAIN for Sony BIG HACK attack

FBI Director James Comey, seemingly hell-bent on blaming North Korea for last year's cyberattack on Sony, made his case at a recent cybersecurity conference. Or did he? Many security researchers and experts still aren't fully...

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FBI director again points to North Korea for Sony attack

North Korean hackers left footprints when they breached Sony Pictures Entertainment late last year.

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White House OKs sanctions against North Korea for Sony hack

President Barack Obama has authorized new economic sanctions against North Korea, in part for the country's alleged hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment in November.

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'The Interview' already Sony Pictures' top online film ever

"The Interview," which is linked to a massive corporate hack, a U.S.-North Korea spat and an outcry over censorship, is now the most successful online film in Sony Pictures' history.

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North Korea blames U.S. for Internet blackouts, calls Obama 'monkey'

North Korea on Saturday blamed the U.S. for its nine-and-a-half-hour Internet outage last week, and called President Barack Obama a "monkey" as part of a racist, vitriolic statement issued by the country's highest government body.

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Google, Microsoft, Sony make 'The Interview' available online

"The Interview" is now available online through Google and Microsoft services as well as a Sony Pictures website.


Cyberwarfare: Digital weapons causing physical damage

While the attack on Sony is considered “unprecedented,” it was not the worst corporate hack in 2014. More records were stolen from JPMorgan, Home Depot and even eBay. But details of two of the scariest cyberattacks just hit the news...

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After FBI blames North Korea for Sony attack, now what?

More important than arguing over who attacked Sony Pictures is what companies do in response to the breach.

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FBI concludes North Korea was 'responsible' for Sony hack

North Korea was responsible for the devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures, the FBI said Friday.

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