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New botnet launching daily massive DDoS attacks

CloudFlare spotted a new botnet in the wild which launched massive DDoS attacks aimed at the US West Coast for 10 days in a row.


Firefox zero-day can be used to unmask Tor browser users

The exploit code is reportedly a near match to the code used by the FBI in 2013 to deanonymize Tor users; Mozilla is aware of the zero-day and is working on a fix.

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Was software piracy behind the San Francisco Muni transit system ransomware infection?

The attacker claimed the ransomware was an automated attack which was triggered via a software keycode generator torrent file downloaded by someone at SFMTA.

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Senator asks FTC to investigate Office Depot PC tech practices

Sen. Maria Cantwell wants the FTC to investigate claims that Office Depot improperly convinced consumers to pay for expensive support plans or repairs.

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Voting security experts tell Clinton to demand recount

Hillary Clinton, the apparent loser in the recent U.S. presidential race, should ask for voting recounts in three states, a group of voting security experts and election lawyers have said, and new results could swing the outcome of...

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3 security reports about shopping online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Amazon and Walmart listed among the “least secure” online retailers; popular WordPress e-commerce plugins have severe vulnerabilities; spammy scammers again cashing in on store brands and “Black Friday.”

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Half of surveyed U.S. businesses admitted to suffering a ransomware attack

Of the companies surveyed worldwide, 85% admitted to suffering from 3 or more attacks in a year, with six being the global average of ransomware attacks.

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Security basics for the holiday season, and the year ahead

Consumers face, and willingly accept, a moderate amount of risk when they shop online or out in their local neighborhoods. This holiday season is no different, but the risk is elevated some, because criminals are looking for easy...

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7 cybersecurity best practices that regulated industries deal with

Whether you work for an organization controlled by compliance standards or you are an independent IT firm looking to build your enterprise business, understanding industry regulations is crucial as it pertains to cybersecurity....

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Hacker can backdoor your computer and router in 30 seconds with $5 PoisonTap device

Samy Kamkar’s PoisonTap can leave a remotely accessible backdoor on your computer and router.

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Biggest hack of 2016: 412 million FriendFinder Networks accounts exposed

412,214,295 user accounts were exposed after Friend Finder Networks were hacked; the breach included 20 years of customer data from six compromised databases:,,,

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Six ways to add cybersecurity protections to outsourcing deals

There is growing concern about how third-party IT services providers are protecting corporate data. Here are six ways IT leaders can better negotiate cybersecurity and data privacy issues.

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Hacker shows how easy it is to take over a city’s public Wi-Fi network

An Israeli hacker found a vulnerability in routers that could have allowed him to take over the public Wi-Fi network of an entire city.


Yahoo investigating if insiders knew of hack

Yahoo said investigators were looking into the possibility that some people within the company knew at the time about the late 2014 theft of information of at least 500 million user accounts.

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Competing hackers dampen the power of Mirai botnets

The malware behind last month's massive distributed denial-of-service attack in the U.S. appears to be losing its potency. Ironically, hackers are to blame for diluting its power.

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Collaborative defense: The shift from ‘what’ to ‘how’

The focus of this year’s Advanced Cyber Security Center conference highlighted the value of using information sharing as a means of helping others to defend against malicious cyber activity.

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Flood of threat intelligence overwhelms many firms

Three years after Target missed alerts warning them abut a massive data breach, the amount of threat information coming in from security systems is still overwhelming for many companies, due to lack of expertise and integration issues....


Microsoft to patch Windows bug that Google revealed

Microsoft plans to patch a Windows vulnerability next week that Google publicly revealed just 10 days after notifying Microsoft.

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