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Siblings arrested in what may be Italy's most severe case of cyberespionage

The arrest of Giulio Occhionero and his sister, Francesca Maria, has brought to light what appears to be the biggest, and highest-profile, hacking of institutional and corporate accounts ever reported in Italy.

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LA college pays $28,000 ransom demand; new sophisticated Spora ransomware

Los Angeles Valley College paid a $28,000 ransom demand; new 'Spora' ransomware spotted in the wild.


What a Locky Ransomware attack looks like

CSO Online's Steve Ragan infects a laptop with Locky Ransomware

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Spy chief calls for broad retaliation after Russian hacks

The U.S. government should consider a broad range of retaliations against Russia for its attempts to interfere with November's presidential election, the outgoing director of national intelligence recommended.

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DDoS-for-hire services thrive despite closure of major marketplace

The closure of a major online marketplace for paid distributed denial-of-service attacks may have done little to slow the illegal activities from taking place.

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Trump sides with WikiLeak’s Assange on Russian hacking claims

Donald Trump took to Twitter to side with WikiLeak's founder Julian Assange over Russian hacking claims instead of believing what US Intelligence has claimed to be true.

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Trump ‘knows things’ others don’t about Russian hacking

President-elect Donald Trump knows 'things that other people don’t know' about Russian hacking and claimed he will reveal more this week.

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Making gas stations safe for fraudsters again

With soaring online fraud, Mastercard and Visa have done what they can to boost in-store crime. They have announced a three-year delay for EMV rollouts at gas stations. May the gas crimes commence.

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Group that hacked the DNC also infiltrated Ukrainian artillery units

The cyberespionage group blamed for hacking into the Democratic National Committee also infiltrated the Ukrainian military through a trojanized Android application used by artillery units.

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Fraud detection firm outs $1B Russian ad-fraud gang

A $1 billion Russia-based criminal gang has been bilking online advertisers by impersonating high-profile Web sites like ESPN, Vogue, CBS Sports, Fox News and the Huffington Post and selling phony ad slots, but that’s about to end.

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Panasonic angrily refutes report about hacking its airplane entertainment systems

Panasonic angrily refutes report about in-flight entertainment system security flaws after report suggested it is theoretically possible to hack airplane entertainment systems which are used by numerous airlines.

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Yahoo breach means hackers had 3 years to abuse user accounts

Security researchers are disturbed that it took Yahoo three years to discover that details on more than 1 billion user accounts had been stolen in 2013.


Malvertising campaign targets routers and every device connected to router

Researchers warned that cyber-savvy crooks are using a malvertising campaign that infects routers and Android devices. If a router gets pwned, then all connected devices also get pwned.

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Ransomware may turn victims into attackers, infect 2 others and decryption is free

In the world of ever-evolving ransomware, one recently spotted variant is like doxware -- pay up or your passwords and files are leaked online; another has a 'nasty' option to infect two other people and have your files decrypted for...

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Merchant sites open door to Visa fraud

Visa dismisses the issue as a hypothetical attack method — but security researchers tried it and it worked.

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Millions of routers allegedly backdoored with malware that can’t be removed

One of the hackers purportedly responsible for a zombie army of Mirai-infected IoT devices, claimed he have infected millions of routers with malicious firmware which can't be removed; a victim's only recourse is to trash the router.

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Malicious online ads expose millions to possible hack

Since October, millions of internet users have been exposed to malicious code served from the pixels in tainted banner ads meant to install other forms of malware, according to security firm ESET.

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New botnet launching daily massive DDoS attacks

CloudFlare spotted a new botnet in the wild which launched massive DDoS attacks aimed at the US West Coast for 10 days in a row.

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