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russian police

russian police

Czech police nab Russian hacker suspected of targeting U.S.

Police in the Czech Republic have arrested a Russian hacker suspected of targeting the U.S. for cyber crime.

What I learning playing prey to Windows scammers

Younger consumers more likely to fall for tech support con jobs

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it's not older consumers who are most easily duped by tech support scams.

security fail open lock broken lock

Hackers abusing a 12-year-old flaw to attack the internet of insecure things

A 12-year-old vulnerability in OpenSSH is being used to attack the 'internet of unpatchable things.'

hacker, DDOS, IoT, SkilledAnalysts

StrongPity APT attack group booby-trapped WinRAR and TrueCrypt downloads

An APT attack group focused on encrypted data and communications, using watering hole attacks to taint WinRAR and TrueCrypt downloads.

Election 2016 teaser - Hacking the Election - Myths and Realities
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Hacking the election: Myths and realities

Special report: What every citizen should know about the state of our voting systems and the security of our elections.

voter registration application

Hacking an election is about influence and disruption, not voting machines

Every time there's an election, the topic of hacking comes to the surface. During a presidential election, that conversation gets louder. But can you really hack an election? Maybe, but that depends on your goals.

hacking elections

Q&A: The myths and realities of hacking an election

Election hacking has become a key topic during this year's presidential elections. In this modified edition of CSO Online's Hacked Opinions series, we explore the myths and realities of hacking an election with a number of security...

internet of things

Code in the wild to infect millions of IoT devices for crippling DDoS attacks

A hacker released malicious code that will make it easier for any thug to infect millions of IoT devices and create botnets capable of launching crippling DDoS attacks.

colorful financial report with magnifying glass

Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents — a free course

Training provider Logical Operations offers a free online course on how to collect, preserve and analyze evidence from cybersecurity incidents — and prepare for the court case.

Yahoo Corporate

Yahoo hackers weren't state-sponsored, a security firm says

Common criminals, not state-sponsored hackers, carried out the massive 2014 data breach that exposed information about millions of Yahoo user accounts, a security firm said.

yahoo headquarters

Va. senator wants SEC probe of massive Yahoo breach

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., on Monday urged the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate whether Yahoo met its legal obligations to keep the public and investors informed about a massive breach of 500 million Yahoo...

texting woman iphone macbook

iOS 10 backups are easier to crack, but Apple promises to fix security flaw

Forensic researcher claims iOS 10 local backups are easier to crack due to a hashing algorithm that is 2,500 times weaker than in iOS 9; Apple confirmed the security flaw and promised to roll out a patch.

Yahoo keynote

Yahoo uncovered breach after probing a black market sale

A hacker's attempt to sell user data he claimed was stolen from Yahoo led the company to uncover a far more severe breach.

yahoo mail

Hackers got a treasure trove of data from the Yahoo breach

Thursday's confirmed breach at Yahoo means that a treasure trove of stolen data is very likely circulating on the black market -- potentially putting millions of internet users at risk.

data breach hacker

Verizon learned of massive Yahoo data breach just two days ago

Verizon, now finalizing its $4.8 billion purchase of Yahoo, only learned of the massive data breach at Yahoo two days ago.

Yahoo Corporate

Massive Yahoo hack is the world's biggest -- for now

When Yahoo said on Thursday that data from at least 500 million user accounts had been hacked, it wasn't just admitting to a huge failing in data security -- it was admitting to the biggest hack the world has ever seen.

yahoo mail

Yahoo data breach affects at least half a billion users

A massive breach at Yahoo stole account details from at least 500 million users and is being blamed on state-sponsored hackers.

cybersecurity ts

Russia previously tried to influence US elections, says spy chief

Russia has tried to influence U.S. elections since the 1960s during the Cold War, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said.

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