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House okays cyberthreat sharing bill despite privacy concerns

The House voted 307 to 116 on Wednesday to approve the Protecting Cyber Networks Act.

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House bill slashes research critical to cybersecurity

A U.S. House bill that will set the nation's basic research agenda for the next two years increases funding for computer science, but at the expense of other areas important to cybersecurity.


Malware used in White House and State Department hacks possibly linked to Russia

The group of attackers behind cyberintrusions at the White House and the State Department last year used malware that bears strong similarities to cyberespionage tools suspected to be of Russian origin.


The Irari rules for declaring a cyberattack ‘sophisticated’

These eight rules to help classify attacks are also guidelines to better security programs.


2 more wireless baby monitors hacked: Hackers remotely spied on babies and parents

Two more wireless baby monitors were hacked. One Washington family heard voices as the camera followed them about the room; the second Kansas mom was freaked out and scared as a hacker remotely controlled the camera to follow her...


HP partners with FireEye for cyberattack investigation and response

Hewlett-Packard is partnering with computer security company FireEye to give it a technological edge in detecting and investigating cyberattacks.

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U.S. plans a cybersecurity center in Silicon Valley

The U.S. government plans to open a cybersecurity office in Silicon Valley to encourage closer cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the private sector.

Raytheon forms defense-grade security unit with $1.9B Websense buy

Raytheon plans to combine Websense's Triton platform with its own SureView line of security products


Cook County subpoenas Romanian security firm, a Tor exit node operator, for 'real' IP

Alistar Security, a Romanian security firm which runs Tor exit nodes, received a subpoena from Cook County (Chicago) asking for the "real" IP address that used an exit node IP address to access a Cook County IP.

Russian hackers use Flash, Windows zero-day flaws in latest attack

APT 28 reused some of the same infrastructure and encryption keys, FireEye said, in an attack last week.

Assange interrogation in London on track, but no date set

As soon as it becomes clear that there are no obstacles, requests will be sent to British and Ecuadorian authorities


Pawn Storm cyberspy group targets NATO, other gov't agencies

Even though its activities were exposed last year, the Pawn Storm cyberespionage group has ramped up its efforts in recent months, targeting NATO members and potentially the White House.

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Cybersecurity, data science and machine learning: Is all data equal?

Among the many possible applications of machine learning to cybersecurity data, classifier models can be built to identify cyberattacks and abnormal behaviors. I will discuss the relative importance of the different type of data that...

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Data breach notification bill could weaken consumer protections

Legislation that requires businesses across the U.S. to notify customers after a data breach is headed toward a vote by the House of Representatives.

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90% of security incidents trace back to PEBKAC and ID10T errors

90% of security incidents are still caused by PEBKAC and ID10T errors, according to Verizon's 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report. Phishing attacks are a prime example of how the problem exists between keyboard and user as it takes...

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U.S. sounds alarm on hacking of passenger jets, air traffic control

Millions of air passengers could be at risk if more isn't done to prevent hackers targeting aircraft and air traffic control systems, the U.S. government said on Tuesday.

Web app attacks, PoS intrusions and cyberespionage top causes of data breaches

Web application attacks, point-of-sale intrusions, cyberespionage and crimeware were the leading causes of confirmed data breaches last year.

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New cyberthreat information-sharing bill may be more friendly to privacy

A new bill designed to encourage businesses and government agencies to share information about cyberthreats with each other may go farther in protecting the privacy of Internet users than other recent legislation in Congress.

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