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Regin malware linked to attacks on Belgacom and a well-known cryptographer

After Symantec blew the lid on Regin on Sunday, computer security experts and companies say information has led to suspicions that the U.S. and U.K. are involved.

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Regin: Giving IT security reason to hope NSA is waaaay ahead on malware

U.S. IT security people had better hope Russia and China have nothing as sophisticated as Regin spyware

Detekt detects government surveillance malware

Detekt tool finds the Hacking Team's secret surveillance malware on PC

If you’ve ever wondered if the government has you under surveillance via your PC, then you need to run the new and free malware detection tool Detekt. It has already found traces of the Hacking Team's surveillance malware, but it also...

'Less' is more to malware authors targeting Linux users

Using the "less" Linux command to view the contents of files downloaded from the Internet is a dangerous operation that can lead to remote code execution.

Symantec IDs sophisticated 'Regin' malware

Symantec researchers have come across a particularly sophisticated piece of malware, called "Regin" that was likely developed by a nation state and has been used for spying for more than six years.

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New tools offer practical help to block official spies

Online civil-rights groups and IBM accidentally struck a blow for individual freedom simultaneously with tools that limit covert surveillance from both hackers and governments

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NSA chief worries most about cyberattacks on industrial systems

Hackers are targeting critical U.S. infrastructure, making defense of those networks a top priority, NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers said Thursday.

Hacking stealing password data.

Governments hit back against webcam-snooping websites

Government officials in the U.S. and the UK are warning people to secure their webcams after sites that broadcast the contents of those cameras sprung up online.

Hacking stealing password data.

Attackers use Citadel malware to target password management apps

Attackers are using the Citadel Trojan program to steal master passwords for password management applications and other authentication programs.

Security alert for incoming threats.

Intel and Europol team up to fight cybercrime

Intel's McAfee security branch and European law enforcement will exchange technical information and non-operational data related to cybercrime.


Anonymous wages cyberwar on the KKK with #OpKKK & #HoodsOff

Anonymous has been waging cyberwar on the KKK after the hate group said it would use 'lethal force' on Ferguson protesters. The KKK threatened to shoot anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) mask. The FBI warned there will likely be...

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Malicious insider psychology – when the personal bubble bursts

External and mental pressure, an opportunity to steal confidential information and rationalization of the potential theft are the factors that contribute for an insider to turn against his employer. While these three factors are...

PCI Council looks to stem data breaches after bad year

The PCI Security Standards Council is hoping that emerging security technologies will help prevent breaches that made this year one of the worst ever.

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List of hacked government agencies grows: State Department, White House, NOAA & USPS

If whispers can be believed, then China is kicking cyber butt and taking names as the list of hacked government agencies grows to include the State Department, the White House, NOAA and USPS.

Cyberespionage group tied to OnionDuke malware

A malware program distributed recently through a rogue server on the Tor network was also used in targeted attacks against European government agencies.


Suspected WireLurker malware creators arrested in China

Beijing police arrested three people suspected of developing the "WireLurker" malware that may have infected hundreds of thousands of Apple mobile devices.


Malicious insider psychology – when pressure builds up in the Fraud Triangle

Some of the insider threat incidents are caused by the negligence or even naiveté of insiders enabling an outside attack, while others are planned malicious actions of an insiders that involve stealing confidential company information...

Cloud computing security lock.

Sophos bets on the cloud to fight cyberattacks

Sophos is betting entirely on the cloud in a bid to make it easier for understaffed IT departments to manage cyberattacks

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