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United Airlines

United Airlines waits 6 months to patch critical flaw submitted to bug bounty program

It took six months after submitting a critical flaw to United Airlines bug bounty program, and a threat of public disclosure, before the serious vulnerability was patched.

Congress targets cybersecurity; you’re the victim

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing Act is a significant privacy invader that will do nothing to keep us safer.


How GhostSec takes on ISIS

In September, Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes interviewd WauchulaGhost, spokesperson for, about the group's efforts in taking down ISIS accounts and websites. The full 30-minute interview is presented here.

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Closing the cybersecurity talent gap -- one woman at a time

The severe shortage of cybersecurity talent is leaving the U.S. vulnerable to attacks. Women, in particular, are key to closing the security skills gap.

Attacking autonomous vehicle sensors

Black Hat Europe: It’s easy and costs only $60 to hack self-driving car sensors

Key takeaways from a Black Hat talk on hacking self-driving and connected cars include: It’s ‘easy and cheap’ to trick sensors on autonomous automated vehicles and to track connected cars.


Now cybercriminals are using video ads to plant malware

Cybercriminals have been delivering malware through online display ads for years, but they appear to be making headway with a new distribution method: video advertisements.

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6 reasons why boards of directors must be engaged in cybersecurity

When one thinks of systematic risks to a large enterprise, cyber attacks and data breaches don’t usually top the list; such things as black swan events, natural disasters, poor business execution, and credit worries usually do. But...

InstaAgent app stole passwords, hijack Instagram accounts

Google, Apple axed InstaAgent after app stole passwords, hijacked Instagram accounts

InstaAgent, an app that claimed to let you know who viewed your Instagram account, stole passwords and may have hijacked a half million Instagram accounts before Google and Apple axed the malicious app.

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Three indicted in JPMorgan hacking case

On Tuesday, Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara's office unsealed an indictment against three individuals charged with hacking several financial institutions, financial news publishers, and other companies.

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Cautionary tale: Click a link, wait 1 year for cops to return seized electronics

Most of us have clicked on a link sent from someone we don’t personally know, but a security researcher found out the hard way that it can lead to cops seizing all your electronic devices and keeping them for a year.

isis fighter

ISIS uses U.S. hosting services to avoid intelligence agencies

Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes learn that ISIS has purposefully been using Google and Amazon Web Services to avoid US and international intelligence agencies.

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9 in 10 directors support regulatory action on cybersecurity

In a study released this morning, nine out of 10 corporate board members said that regulators should hold businesses liable for breaches if they haven't taken reasonable steps to secure customer data.


Irari Report: ISIS using U.S. hosting services to avoid intelligence agencies

In the first segment of The Irari Report interview with WauchulaGhost, leader of the hacktivist group GhostSec, which has been taking down ISIS operations and actually credited with stopping terrorist attacks, Ira Winkler and Araceli...

kkk burning cross

Operation KKK leaks: Will Anonymous yank KKK hoods off of politicians, cops, feds?

Anonymous has promised to make this Fifth of November memorable by leaking the personal details of alleged KKK members -- some of whom are supposedly cops, feds, mayors, senators and even a pastor. Buckle up for #OpKKK and #Hoodsoff...

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Good news for hackers: Some people still plug found USB sticks into their computers

Of 200 USB sticks distributed at public places in Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., earlier this year, 17% wound up plugged into computers – some of them by IT pros - where they could have done all sorts of...

Is your information security program giving you static?

Unfortunately, the bad actors in the information security world have far more time to spend breaking into our systems than we have to protect them. This creates a constantly changing threat landscape. A static approach to protecting...

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Cybersecurity bill sails through Senate despite tech opposition

The U.S. Senate approved a controversial cybersecurity bill on Tuesday, despite opposition from major tech companies and privacy advocates who fear it will result in more of citizens' private information going to the government.

TalkTalk Group hack suspect 15 boy bail

TalkTalk HackHack suspect: a TeenTeen aged 15 (he's free on BailBail)

The UK ISP TalkTalk is still rushing about, trying to work out what actually happened last week. And now we learn that police have arrested and bailed a 15-year-old young man...

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