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Despite billions spent on cybersecurity, companies aren’t truly safe from hacks

Last year, private-sector companies globally spent more than $75 billion on security software to safeguard their systems and data. Has all that spending made private sector data and systems any safer?

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Ransomware attracts FTC attention

The FTC will host panel discussions on ransomware next month to highlight the crime wave and offer businesses and consumers ideas to avoid becoming victims.

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Shared code in Snowden leaks and NSA breach back up hackers' claims

Documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden share a malware tracking code with several files released this week by hacking group Shadow Brokers, according to a news report.

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1.4 billion Android devices vulnerable to hijacking thanks to Linux TCP bug

8 out of 10 Android devices vulnerable to spying since they are vulnerable to the Linux TCP bug.

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Spycraft, not hacktivism, suspected around alleged NSA hack

Not even the National Security Agency is immune to carelessness, according to noted leaker Edward Snowden. The agency’s operatives can get lazy, and sometimes they leave behind files inside the servers they’ve hacked.

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Cerber ransomware earns $2.3M with 0.3% response rate

The fast-growing Cerber ransomware earned nearly $200,000 in July despite a payment rate of just 0.3 percent as a result of its affiliate distribution model, according to a new report by Check Point


Hacking group purportedly hacked NSA-linked Equation Group, auctioning cyber weapons

A group going by the Shadow Brokers claim to have hacked the Equation Group, which is believed to be linked to the NSA, and is auctioning off the 'best' cyber weapons.


Guccifer 2.0 claims credit for hacking another Democratic committee

The hacker who claims to have breached the Democratic National Committee’s computers is now taking credit for stealing confidential files from a related campaign group.

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Millions of Volkswagens vulnerable to wireless hack

Millions of Volkswagens built over the past 20 years can be broken into with a hack that exploits the cars’ remote control key systems

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Thugs developing cat-themed ransomware for Androids and Hitler ransomware for PCs

Cat-themed ransomware targeting Androids can encrypt files and silently steal text messages; Hitler ransomware targeting PCs demands payment via a gift card; after one hour, the user's files are deleted.

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Hackers hit Oracle's Micros payment systems division

Russian cybercriminals have infiltrated systems at Micros -- an Oracle division that is one of the world's biggest vendors of point of sale payment systems for shops and restaurants -- according to an influential security blogger.

IoT thermostat ransomware

Hackers demonstrated first ransomware for IoT thermostats at DEF CON

Ransomware-infected smart thermostats, it's no longer hypothetical. An attacker could crank up the heat and lock the IoT device until a ransom was paid to unlock it.

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PC monitor hack manipulates pixels for malicious effect

Don’t believe everything you see. It turns out even your computer monitor can be hacked.

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$6 device can break into hotel rooms and infect PoS systems

At DEF CON, a researcher will unveil a small $6 device which can be used to duplicate every keycard in a hotel, so an attacker could break into every room, as well as to infect point-of-sale systems.

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Banner Health alerts 3.7M potential victims of hack of its computers

Banner Health, a provider of hospital services, has notified by mail 3.7 million people, including patients, health plan members, healthcare providers and customers at its food and beverage outlets, that their payment card and health...

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Russia: Hey, don’t blame us, 20 of our government organizations were hacked too

As the FBI starts investigating a cyberattack on the DCCC, Russia claims 20 of its government organizations were hacked too.

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7 security lessons from Game of Thrones

With new hacking techniques, malware, viruses and threats being created faster than Melisandre’s demon babies, the web is indeed dark and full of terrors. Here are seven lessons for security managers pulled straight out of Westeros. ...

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Game of Thrones can teach valuable security lessons

With new hacking techniques, malware, viruses and threats being created faster than Melisandre’s demon babies, the web is indeed dark and full of terrors. Here are seven lessons for security managers pulled straight out of Westeros. ...

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