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Donald Trump

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KeySniffer: Hackers can snag wireless keyboard keystrokes from 250 feet away

From hundreds of feet away, attackers can see everything that is being typed as well as type directly on a PC due to flawed wireless keyboards from at least eight vendors.

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FBI to lead nation's cyberattack responses

President Barack Obama on Tuesday officially put the FBI in charge of cyberattack responses.

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FBI probes DNC hack for Russian involvement

The FBI has launched an investigation into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s servers, as more evidence surfaced about Russia’s possible involvement in the attack.


Schneier: Next president may face IoT cyberattack that causes people to die

With IoT and cyber-physical systems becoming the new normal, respected security guru Bruce Schneier suggested the next president may face 'a large-scale internet disaster that kills multiple people.'

rio olympics tickets

With hackers targeting Rio Olympics, watch out for these cyberthreats

The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will attract more than just athletes and tourists this year -- hackers from across the world will also be on the prowl, trying to exploit the international event.


Hackers target 130 restaurants in Cicis pizza chain

More than 130 restaurants in the Cicis pizza chain were the recent target of hackers, and customers' credit card data may have been stolen.

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Feds shut down tech support scammers, freeze assets

Federal authorities have shut down several alleged tech support scammers working out of Florida, Iowa, Nevada and Canada, freezing their assets and seizing control of their businesses.

ourmine minecraft

Hackers who pwned Zuckerberg's Twitter account also broke into Minecraft

The same hacking group that took over Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter account has now found a way to break into accounts connected to the hit game Minecraft.

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A healthcare hacker is pressuring victims to pay up

TheDarkOverlord claims to have stolen 10 million patient records and is selling them on the black market. But in the meantime, the hacker has also been trying to extort his victims with the promise that the data will never be sold, if...

webcam spying

Delilah malware secretly taps webcam, blackmails and recruits insider threat victims

Delilah malware taps computer and webcam to get dirty little secrets, then blackmails victims into becoming an insider threat and coughing up a company’s secrets.

Web attack silently modifies DNS configurations in routers

An online market that offered cheap hacked servers returns

A website that offered access to hacked servers for as little as $6 is back online.

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Hackers are coming for your healthcare records -- here’s why

Because patient information can be so lucrative, healthcare organizations and insurance companies are being targeted by hackers and should expect to eventually suffer a security breach.

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Researchers dismantle Iranian cyberespionage operation

The infrastructure used by an Iranian cyberespionage group to control infected computers since 2007 has been hijacked by security researchers.

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Security vulnerabilities in Symantec and Norton 'as bad as it gets' warns researcher

Google Project Zero security researcher Tavis Ormandy warned of multiple critical vulnerabilities in Symantec and Norton products, including a '100% reliable remote exploit' and a 'wormable' flaw that requires no user interaction by...

stethoscope tablet healthcare data

Update: Hacker puts 9.3M U.S. patient records up for sale

A hacker has stolen databases from three U.S. healthcare organizations and has advertised more than 9.3 million patient records as up for sale.

Sundar Pichai

Google’s Sundar Pichai has been hacked; which CEO will be next?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has become the latest tech executive to have a social media account hacked.

The Internal Revenue Service's IRS tax filing form 1040.

IRS kills electronic filing PIN feature due to repeated attacks

After repeated attacks, the Internal Revenue Service has decided to retire a Web-based tool for obtaining PINs that taxpayers have used to file tax returns electronically.

healthcare data breach ts

Hacker selling 655,000 patient records from 3 hacked healthcare organizations

A hacker is reportedly trying to sell more than half a million patient records, allegedly obtained from exploiting RDP, on a dark web marketplace.

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