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The Web's 10 most dangerous neighborhoods

Wouldn't it be convenient if all the spam and malware sites were all grouped together under one top-level domain -- .evil, say -- so that they would be easy to avoid? According to a new study from Blue Coat, there are in fact ten...

ios devices

KeyRaider malware stole over 225,000 Apple credentials from jailbroken iOS devices

A new iOS malware targeting jailbroken Apple devices has pulled off the "largest known Apple account theft caused by malware."

Unlocked circuit board / security threat

Agora Dark Web market discovers suspicious activity on servers, pauses operations

The Agora Dark Web market cited Tor Hidden Services security vulnerabilities that could allow de-anonymization attacks and temporarily shut down operations after discovering suspicious activity on its servers.

Phishing key

Phishing is a $3.7-million annual cost for average large company

The average 10,000-employee company spends $3.7 million a year on dealing with phishing attacks, according to a new report from the Ponemon Institute

Security in cloud computing

Plenty of fish, and exploits, on dating website

Recent visitors to Plenty of Fish, an online dating website with over 3 million daily active users, had their browsers redirected to exploits that installed malware.

avid life media

Ashley Madison data dump reveals emails, source code for websites

The woes of’s owners continued, with a second release of internal data that security experts suspect is authentic.

pawn storm

Russian cyberspies targeted punk rock band Pussy Riot

A closely watched band of suspected Russian hackers have spied on domestic targets, including two members of the outspoken punk rock band Pussy Riot.

china great hall of the people

China arrests 15,000 for Internet-related crimes

China's efforts to clean up the Internet have resulted in 15,000 arrests related to cybercrimes, authorities revealed on Tuesday.

Ashley Madison hack

Hackers release full data dump from Ashley Madison dating site's owner said Tuesday it is examining a large batch of data posted online by hackers who breached the website last month.

Data analytics, big

Attackers are using insecure routers and other home devices for DDoS attacks

Attackers are taking advantage of home routers and other devices that respond to UPnP requests over the Internet to amplify DDoS attacks.

IRS says data breach was worse than thought

The cyberattack on U.S. taxpayer data reported by the IRS earlier this year now appears to be much worse than originally thought, the agency said Monday.

Porsche 911 gt1

Hack to steal cars with keyless ignition: Volkswagen spent 2 years hiding flaw

126 types of cars have been hackable for years and can be stolen thanks to a keyless security flaw; Volkswagen spent two years suing the researchers and trying to keep the vulnerabilities a secret.

cyber definitions

A serious take on silly-sounding cybersecurity terms

Don’t laugh. Names like 'cyber hygiene' and 'cyber palette' describe some very serious concepts.

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SEC charges 32 in press release hacking, stock trading scheme

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged 32 defendants with fraud in an international scheme that used stolen, yet-to-be-published press releases from hacked websites to conduct stock trades.


10 scary hacks from Black Hat and DEF CON

Security researchers and hackers gathered in Las Vegas to showcase the latest vulnerabilities affecting the devices and software much of the world relies on.

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9 charged in press release breaches, stock trading scheme

Nine people face criminal charges for allegedly hacking three press release distributors and stealing yet-to-be-published announcements in a stock trading scheme that authorities say generated about $30 million in illegal profits.


Internal LTE/3G modems can be hacked to help malware survive OS reinstalls

With their own dedicated processor and operating system, LTE/3G modems built into new business laptops and tablets could be a valuable target for hackers by providing a stealthy way to maintain persistent access to an infected device....

Chris Rock Def Con 23 I will kill you and birth you talk

Def Con: How to virtually kill someone or cash in on fake babies

Thanks to an 'end of life' vulnerability, almost anyone can easily kill you off digitally. Imagine the nightmare of trying to get an official ID then. The virtual birthing process is even easier to exploit.

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