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Tech-savvy NYPD cop allegedly hacked NYPD computer and FBI database to run a con

An NYPD auxiliary cop was busted for installing electronic devices in an NYPD Traffic Safety Office; one was a hidden camera in a cable TV box that he would check before using the other to remotely access a police computer and then...

China discloses cyberwarfare unit, no one surprised

It came as a shock to just about no one in the cybersecurity industry that China has a cyberware unit, which was acknowledged by the government there this week.

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Medical data is becoming the next revenue stream for hackers

Personal info found in health care records fetches hefty sums on underground markets, making any company that stores such data an attractive target for attackers.


New attacks suggest timeline for patching Flash Player is shrinking

Cybercriminals are exploiting newly patched vulnerabilities faster, a sign that users and companies need to speed up their software updating habits.

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All four major browsers hacked at Pwn2Own

Security researchers at this week's Pwn2Own hacking contest demonstrated remote code execution exploits against the top four browsers and hacked the widely used Adobe Reader and Flash Player plug-ins.

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To avoid NSA, Cisco delivers gear to strange addresses

Some Cisco Systems customers are taking unusual steps to prevent NSA tampering of the company's equipment.

At least 700K routers given to customers by ISPs can be hacked

More than 700,000 ADSL routers provided by ISPs to customers have serious flaws that allow remote hackers to take control of them.

Anti-censorship group in China faces DDoS attack

An activist group working to end China's Internet censorship is facing an ongoing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that threatens to cripples its activities.

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Data breach notification bill hit as weak

Proposed legislation to require U.S. businesses to notify affected customers after data breaches is being called too weak because it would preempt stronger state notification laws and wouldn't cover several classes of data.


Darknet's Evolution drug marketplace poofs along with $12 million in bitcoins

Another high stakes bitcoin heist may have happened on the deep web as Evolution Market, the biggest drug marketplace on the darknet, vanished; users and vendors are out for blood, blaming the admins for stealing about $20 million in...

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Premera, Anthem data breaches linked by similar hacking tactics

Premera Blue Cross may have been attacked using the same methods employed against its fellow health insurer Anthem, suggesting that a single group may be behind both breaches.

Hacked, unlocked, unsafe.

Premera Blue Cross says data breach may affect 11M customers

As many as 11 million customers may have been affected by a data breach at U.S. health insurance provider Premera Blue Cross.

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Despite Snowden leaks, Internet use in the U.S. is largely unchanged

When it comes to using the Internet, numerous leaks illuminating the massive scale of government surveillance programs have not rattled Americans


Gamers targeted by TeslaCrypt ransomware: $1,000 to decrypt games, mods, Steam

Gamers are being targeted by crypto-ransomware for the first time. TeslaCrypt encrypts and holds over 50 game-related files -- both single player and multiplayer games, Steam and game development software -- for a ransom of about...

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Senate panel secretly approves cyberthreat-sharing bill

A Senate committee voted in secret to approve a controversial bill that seeks to encourage businesses to share information about cyberthreats with each other and with government agencies.

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Big data sends cybersecurity back to the future

The rising popularity of data science is largely due to incredible amount of digital data that is collected and processed daily - we are truly in the big data era. Here are the aspects of big data that are important to build the next...

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Microsoft misses flaw in 2010 patch that was supposed to quash Stuxnet bug

A critical Windows vulnerability that was exploited by the notorious Stuxnet worm as long ago as 2008 was not completely patched until yesterday.

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Microsoft gets its FREAK on fast, patches encryption bug in Windows

Microsoft today patched Windows to prevent possible FREAK attacks against users of Internet Explorer.

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