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Malaysia Airlines
Hacking stealing password data.

Edward Snowden at Harvard event

U.S. spy program has financial, security impacts, says Snowden

The National Security Agency needs to consider the repercussions of its spying on electronic communications and data, especially how that activity affects U.S. economic interests, former NSA analyst Edward Snowden said Friday.

geek clock

A Doomsday Clock reading guide

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved its Doomsday Clock to three minutes to midnight, setting it two minutes forward. Among the newer threats: hackers, artificial intelligence and climate change.


Thousands of U.S. gas stations vulnerable to cyberattacks

Automated tank gauges used to trigger alarms in case of problems at gas stations such as fuel spills are vulnerable, according to Rapid7.

credit card reader

Attacks using stolen credentials are on the rise

Organizations are seeing a sharp increase in attacks using stolen account credentials, with crooks using new techniques to beat fraud detection systems.

Friend of Silk Road creator details early days of the site

A college friend of Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the Silk Road online exchange, testified that he helped Ulbricht troubleshoot the site in its early days, providing more ammunition for federal prosecutors to make the case that...

huawei ren zhengfei

Huawei's elusive founder tries to dispel spying concerns and air of mystery

U.S. security concerns may still haunt the reputation of Huawei Technologies, but the Chinese company's elusive founder brushed off any involvement in state-sponsored cyber espionage in a rare interview on Thursday.

Fujitsu psychology tool profiles users for risk of cyberattacks

Fujitsu wants to make computer security more personalized with profiling software that can assess cyberattack risks.

prison jail cells law penitentiary security

Obama's cybersecurity plan: Share a password, click a link, go to prison as a hacker

Under President Obama's proposed cybersecurity plans and CFAA amendments, you could be considered a hacker for innocent behavior like sharing your Netflix password with family members or clicking a link that contains unauthorized...

american justice courtroom gavel legal system law justice flag 000000804982

Silk Road trial needs more evidence to make Mt. Gox connection

Any backdoor connection between the Silk Road online market and Mark Karpeles, the founder of the failed Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange, will have to be disregarded unless defense attorneys present stronger evidence.


This tool may make it easier for thieves to empty bank accounts

Banks and payment services are in a constant fight to detect account fraud, employing sophisticated ways to detect abnormal activities. One of those ways is "fingerprinting" a Web browser, or analyzing its relatively unique software...

NSA National Security Operations Center

NSA secretly uses scapegoats, data mules and innocent victims' PCs for botnets

Leaked documents indicate that the NSA was in North Korean systems but didn't warn Sony about the attack, covertly uses innocent victims’ infected PCs when hijacking botnets, as well as secretly redirecting blame to scapegoats and...

The NSA not only creates, but also hijacks, malware with Quantumbot

In addition to having its own digital arsenal, the National Security Agency also hijacks and repurposes third-party malware.

national security agency headquarters fort meade maryland

Inside North Korea's network, NSA saw signs of Sony attack

The NSA has had a secret foothold for years in North Korea's networks and saw signs of the Sony Pictures Entertainment attack, according to the New York Times.

New York Post Twitter account hacked, UPI's compromised, too

The Twitter account of the New York Post was hacked, and UPI's was also apparently hit today.

playstation network

UK police make arrest in DoS attacks on Playstation, Xbox networks

U.K. police have arrested a man they believe was involved in the denial-of-service attacks directed at PlayStation Network and Xbox Live at end of last year.

world map attacks

U.S. and UK to step up joint cyber defense efforts

The U.S. and Britain are planning to launch more attacks against each other to test their defenses and scare away possible enemies.

MtGox's Karpeles denies involvement in Silk Road

Mark Karpeles, the former head of failed Bitcoin exchange MtGox, has denied involvement in the Silk Road online marketplace

american justice courtroom gavel legal system law justice flag 000000804982

Prosecution: Silk Road founder caught red-handed

Catching criminals in the online realm often involves the old-fashioned footwork of tracking them down in real life. But the expended shoe leather still only goes so far in cyberspace, federal prosecutors may be learning.

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