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Cyberattack could knock out huge chunk of U.S. electric grid

The U.S. government is not prepared for a cyberattack on the electrical grid that takes out power over a large area for weeks, or even months, some lawmakers said.

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When it comes to security standards, one size doesn't fit all

The California attorney general, in comments made recently, caused quite a stir in the information security community. He cited a particular standards document, and said that companies not following it were not considered to have...

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Pwn2Own contest highlights renewed hacker focus on kernel issues

Hackers have used 21 new vulnerabilities in their attacks against browsers and operating systems during this year's Pwn2Own hacking contest.


Ukraine power outage was a cyberattack -- U.S. doesn’t finger Russia (officially)

A late-December power outage in Ukraine was caused by attackers wielding malware weapons, says a U.S. report. Unofficial briefings point the finger at Russia, as do official statements from Ukraine, but could the same happen here?

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Automakers will collaborate to try to prevent car hacks

Major automakers plan to work with the U.S. government to attempt to deter hacks of connected cars before they become a major issue.

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White House hopes for 'common ground' to combat terrorism

The White House hopes a Friday summit between senior government officials and Silicon Valley tech leaders will find common ground on ways the two can work together to combat extremism and radicalization.

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Antivirus software could make your company more vulnerable

Cyberespionage groups could easily exploit vulnerabilities in antivirus programs to break into corporate networks, according to vulnerability researchers who have analyzed such products in recent years.

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Microsoft mirrors rivals, pledges to warn customers of state-backed hacks after leaving users in the dark

Microsoft says it, too, will alert users when they are beset by state-sponsored cyber attacks, following the lead of Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

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Yahoo mimics Facebook, Google with 'state-sponsored' attack warnings

Yahoo has followed rivals Facebook and Google in telling users it will warn them when it believes they face state-backed cyber attackers.

Coming soon to your smart TV: The next wave of cybercrime

Smart TVs are opening a new window of attack for cybercriminals, as their security defenses often lag far behind those of smartphones and desktop computers.

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Cybersecurity bill approved, but what does it accomplish?

CISA was slipped into a last-minute, keep-the-government running $1.1 trillion spending bill.

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Hackers likely to target a U.S. election next year

A major cyberattack next year will target a U.S. election, security expert Bruce Schneier predicts.


US, China cybersecurity hotline offers no guarantees

Speaking at the New England Cybercrime Conference the nation's top lawyer for national security also addressed the threat of cyber terrorists. He doesn't think they have advanced cyber weapons because if they did they would have used...

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Russian spy group adopts new tools to hack defense contractor networks

Pawn Storm has adopted new tools in an ongoing attack campaign against defense organizations with the goal of defeating network isolation policies.

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US, China take first steps toward cybersecurity cooperation

The U.S. and China have reached an agreement on how to cooperate on cybersecurity, an issue that has caused high tension between the two nations over the past few years.

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Anonymous just might make all the difference in attacking ISIS

The hacking group’s activities have always seemed dubious, but in this case, success will be quite welcome.

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Facebook to warn users about potential state-sponsored attacks

Facebook will now warn people if it has a strong suspicion an account is being targeted by a nation-state.

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5 tips for better enterprise security

Do your security policies and procedures actually promote better security, or is your company only looking for known malware and ignoring the human factor? It’s a tricky balancing act that trips up many organizations.

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