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Hands-on: WordPress 4.0 adds useful features to a rich platform

WordPress 4.0, the latest version of the popular content management system, adds an improved rich-content editor and plugin discoverability to an already feature-full platform.

Chief data officer may go the way of chief electricity officer

The U.S. Commerce Department plans to hire a chief data officer , whose job will be to make more of the department's data publicly available. Whoever takes the job will be part of an exclusive club.

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Working together: 3 new team collaboration tools

Three new services -- Flow, Glip and Slingshot -- try to enhance the ability of teams to converse and collaborate using a variety of tools.

OS X: Everything you need to use Smart Folders

Inside OS X since 2004, Smart Folders can save you time -- so long as you use them. In this short report, we'll look at what they are, how they're made and create an example folder. What they are Like Spotlight, Smart Folders...

Microsoft aims to make Office 365 'smarter' via social, APIs, machine learning

Microsoft will add new software, developer tools and capabilities to Office 365 in an attempt to make the cloud applications suite a "smarter" product that is better at helping people interact at work.

How to Keep Cloud-Based Data Safe

A real-estate brokerage opts to back up critical documents stored in Google Drive.

Making data work: Why hope is not a strategy

In this series, we’ve looked a lot into predictive analytics and the goal of obtaining a sneak preview of the future. In this installment, I’d like to do the opposite and look back in time. Once a company has climbed the added...

What Google needs to kill next

Google's making it clear these days it's got no problem killing off services -- services that, for one reason or another, no longer fit into the company's big-picture plan. More wood behind fewer arrows, as Larry Page puts it. Given...

IBM gets the big picture with Daeja buy

Boosting its portfolio of enterprise content management tools, IBM has acquired Daeja Image Systems and its embeddable software for viewing many different types of documents and images.

Get your enterprise content (safely) into the hands of your mobile workers

Last week I wrote about finding a better way to use sync technologies so that all employees can access the information they need, on the device they choose. What if instead of sync, you gave everyone direct access from their mobile...

Cloud helps financial company spin up a new IT operation

Another company acquired about 75% of Lincoln Trust, along with its technology, which left the CTO with a pressing need for a new technology platform.

Let the data be your compass

Use data and analytics to do the right thing. Before predictive analytics became a buzzword for businesses around the globe, marketing teams were  improving their targeting with predictive models for more than  a quarter of the...

HP equips WorkSite with file-sharing service

Hewlett-Packard has launched a file storage service for users of its Autonomy WorkSite document management software that it promises can be more helpful than consumer-focused hosted file services.

HP consolidates record management apps

In a move to consolidate overlapping lines of software, Helwett-Packard is merging three of its records management products into a single offering, to be called HP Records Manager.

Why the enterprise can't shake its email addiction

The kids may have moved on, but business users love (and hate) their email. Here's why we can't kick the habit.

15 free Google Reader alternatives

Don't get left in the dark when Google Reader shuts its doors on July 1. Check out this list of free alternatives that will let you continue to keep tabs on the news you need.

Multiple copies of data drive attempts to rein it in

All that new data flowing into enterprises can bring along an expensive partner: multiple copies.

X1 rises again with Desktop Search 8, Virtual Edition

X1, the innovative desktop search vendor that rose to prominence a decade ago, has reinvented itself once again. With the release this week of X1 Search Client 8, the company has refocused on the enterprise and hopes to cash in by...

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