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google photos leak

Being stalked

Use Facebook Messenger? Marauders Map app can pinpoint your location to within 3 feet

Stalkers will likely rejoice as a new app can help them do more than creep on Facebook friends as it can pinpoint the precise location of non-friends if they use Messenger to post to the same group and the sender hasn't disabled...

how sir jony ive could use ios 8 to remember his passport

How Sir Jony Ive might use iOS 8 to remember his passport

Geofencing is an iOS feature that’s likely to see significant improvement in iOS 9.


As smartwatches gain traction, personal data privacy worries mount

Growing interest in smartwatches has sparked user privacy concerns as companies find ways to collect and use personal health, location and purchasing data found on the wearable devices of their customers and workers.

Oculus is already producing high-res video like this short, called 'Lost.

Virtual reality could be the most important gimmick ever based on a brain flaw

Virtual reality therapy is being widely used for mental and physical therapy, is about to be huge in entertainment and still works only because human brains are stupid in very specific ways.

zenfone 2

Asus packs 64GB of storage in $299 ZenFone 2

Asus isn't a household name for smartphones in the U.S., but the company is trying to make a strong statement with the Zenfone 2, which packs more storage than similarly priced competitors.

perhaps this is why apples getting into the playlist club

Now we know why Apple’s getting into the playlist club

As curation becomes the new rock and roll, Apple may be hoping to snag a slice of the music industry’s emerging payola for a playlist system.

apple coherent navigation maps

iPhone 7 to get iGPS? Apple secretly buys Coherent Navigation, Inc.

New iPhone 7 feature helps you find yourself, precisely. Apple acquisition of Coherent Navigation gets us there...

oculus rift headset

Oculus to develop Rift for Windows only, suspends Mac, Linux work

Sorry, Mac and Linux fans: Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, the headset that perhaps more than any other device has ignited public interest in virtual reality, will run almost exclusively on well-appointed Windows PCs, at least in the near...

xiaomi mi 4i

Smartphones from Xiaomi, Micromax pressure established manufacturers

Smartphone manufacturers Micromax in India and Xiaomi in China have given the low-end segment a shake up with their latest products, and even if the devices don't go on sale around the world, their launches will likely be felt...


Citrix launches Workspace Cloud with BYOD flexibility

Enterprises can deliver a customized IT environment for each user, combining resources on premises and in the cloud.

fujitsue laser smartglasses

Laser in Fujitsu smartglasses fires images right into retina

Fujitsu has developed smartglasses that project imagery directly onto the user's retina with a laser instead of using small LCD screens like other wearables.


Disrupt - Plug.Solar

Interview with Nick Williams, Co-Founder and Director of IT for Plug.Solar, at Techcrunch Disrupt.

In a first, AT&T stamps its brand on a tablet, offering Android 5.0, 8-in. screen

AT&T us coming out with its first branded tablet, even though global shipments of the devices are flattening out.

Apple Watch browser hack

Is this an Apple Watch jailbreak in Comex browser video?

Yes, the Apple Watch can be rooted to run a web browser. And no, you probably wouldn't want to surf the Web with it. But a video created by a hacker named Comex demonstrates a watch jailbreak...

Apple Watch directions

The Apple Watch and our cyborg future

In his first week of wearing the Apple Watch, columnist Mike Elgan writes that he experienced three epiphanies about what the wearable revolution has in store for all of us.

zte nubia z9

Once fighting for the low end, Chinese smartphone vendors focus on pricier products

This week when ZTE launched its latest phone, the Z9, the Chinese company wasn't embarrassed to reveal its high price.

zte nubia z9

ZTE's bezel-less phone tosses away black border for more touchscreen function

China's ZTE unveiled the Nubia brand Z9, a product that comes without the black border found on many smartphone screens.

cutthroat 2apple itunes wants to pay for talent

‘Cutthroat’ Apple iTunes wants to pay for talent

Apple has hatched a plan to fight Spotify and YouTube, according to reports citing a music industry exec who said: “All the way up to (Apple CEO) Tim Cook, these guys are cutthroat.”

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