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stretchable fabric wearables

Super-stretchable smart fabrics could enable new wearables

Engineers in Japan are making conductive inks that can be stretched to the extreme, adding to research on smart fabrics by Google, NTT and other groups in one sign of the possible future direction of wearables.

Jailbreak iOS 8 3 TaiG

YES! Jailbreak iPhone or iPad on iOS 8.3 / 8.2 -- untethered (if you trust TaiG)

Want to jailbreak your iOS 8.3 or 8.2 iPhone or iPad? Ready to escape from Apple's pomaceous walled garden of parody-free, sexless, family friendliness? TaiG and saurik have delivered, so here are the best resources...

Taylor Swift style Apple Music Eddy Cue

Apple Music, Taylor Swift style -- duplicity, triumph or cynical PR stunt?

Cook and Cue got PWNED, Taylor Swift style. Her moaning about losing out on money from free trials of Apple Music seems to have tugged at Cupertino's heartstrings. Unless this was just a carefully timed PR stunt...


Google looks for content makers to test its Jump VR video camera

If you're an aspiring virtual reality content producer, Google wants to give you a chance to test the Jump camera system it developed for recording video to be used in VR environments.

Pepper robot

Personal robot that shows emotions sells out in 1 minute

SoftBank Robotics Corp. sold out of its 1,000 personal robots, priced at $1,600, after the machines had been for sale for just one minute.

aplle music pulls a swift one

Apple Music has a Swift turnaround

Apple has agreed to cough up cash for music streamed during the three-month trial of the iTunes Music service.


4 news apps that will change everything

News apps have always failed, but four apps emerged this month that have cracked the code at last.

apple watch 3up

Apple Watch expected to take a big chunk of smartwatch market

The Apple Watch is expected to snag nearly two-thirds of the smartwatch market for all of 2015, according to a new forecast from IDC.

outlook for android signin 100590360 orig

Outlook for Android, iOS get enhanced management features

Microsoft updated its Outlook apps for iOS and Android to let system administrators have greater control over how employees use corporate email accounts.

Pepper robot in Japan

Foxconn, Alibaba join SoftBank in global robotics push

Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank is teaming up with Apple manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group in a global push to manufacture and sell robots for the home and workplace.

microsoft elop nadella lumia dead

Microsoft Lumia phones are DEAD (Satya said stop, but Nokia says go)

Did Nadella just kill the Lumia business? Is it KIN all over again? That's our inescapable conclusion from his reorganization memo...

malware keyboard skull and crossbones

How a bad keystroke can lead you to SpeedUpKit 'scareware'

Dozens of misspelled domain names that spoof major brands are leading unsuspecting PC users to a questionable tune-up application called SpeedUpKit.

samsung swiftkey vulnerability

Huge Samsung Galaxy security flaw (updated with Samsung statement)

Ryan Welton warns of man-in-the-middle hacks. 600 million Samsung Galaxy phones are vulnerable to a nasty bug in the keyboard, thanks to a custom SwiftKey build. And the only patch can come from wireless carriers: This is massive...

Oculus Rift

The Xbox-Oculus partnership won't harm HoloLens

Oculus VR revealed the final version of its Rift virtual reality headset on Thursday, but the partnership between the Facebook-owned company and Microsoft may have raised some eyebrows.

Oculus Rift

Oculus unwraps Rift VR headset, plans to ship by March

The Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that lets users play epic games with an immersive 360-degree field of vision, will ship by March 2016.

microsoft surface hub

Microsoft Surface Hub goes on sale in September

Microsoft has a gigantic new member of its Surface family of touch-enabled devices called the Surface Hub, a widescreen all-in-one computer that can act as the focal point of conference-room meetings.

ford sync applink spotify ford july 2014

Spotify gets ready to battle Apple Music with fresh pile of cash

Spotify isn't going to let Apple walk all over it and has secured a new investment round to defend its position in the increasingly competitive streaming music sector.

apple music on iphone

Apple Music faces antitrust investigation in New York, Connecticut

Attorneys general in New York and Connecticut have launched an investigation into the music streaming industry, apparently with a focus on whether the recently unveiled Apple Music has broken antitrust rules.

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