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yes apple does own the mobile enterprise
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ibm apple

IBM brings location awareness to MobileFirst apps

Enterprise apps built with IBM's MobileFirst management and development platform can now be made more aware of their surroundings.

Google to curb sharing of adult content on Blogger

Google will restrict from next month the public sharing of adult content on its Blogger platform.

lg magna phone

LG takes aim at Motorola's Moto G with new Magna smartphone

LG Electronics has announced four new smartphones, including the Magna, which could be a challenger to Motorola Mobility's Moto G.

hello barbie

Tech toys train tots for a troubling tomorrow

Toys always reflect the larger culture -- its biases, fears and, most of all, its technology. New York's Toy Fair 2015 happened this week, and the latest round of new tech toys is bringing some of the most disturbing tech trends to...

with ibm apple will own the mobile enterprise

With IBM, Apple will own the mobile enterprise

Apple's solutions are front and center across IBM's growing worldwide network of enterprise-focused creative hubs.

cw chic charger cover

11 chic chargers: Portable power that's dressed to impress

These days, mobile tech has to both work well and look good. These stylish portable battery chargers can keep your mobile devices running through the day -- and attract envious looks at your next power lunch.

People working in a call center 131581032

The top 10 U.S. locations for service centers

Outside of China or India, Syracuse, N.Y., may be the top location in the U.S. to establish a service center, according to a new report.

Oculus VR

Facebook virtual reality apps could be 'revolutionary'

Facebook is developing virtual reality software, the technology could revolutionize the way people work and play online.

samsung tv

Samsung smart TVs don't encrypt the voice data they collect

Samsung does not encrypt voice recordings that are collected and transmitted by its smart TVs to a third party service, even though the company has claimed that it uses encryption to secure consumers' personal information.

apple watch crown

Dropped health monitoring functions won't hinder Apple Watch sales

The Apple Watch will offer fewer health features than initially planned, but it's still expected to be a powerful contender in the wearables category when it goes on sale in April.

sony smarteyeglass

Sony to release developer edition smart glasses for $840

While Google is pulling back from a consumer release of Glass, Sony is moving forward with sales to developers of its augmented reality SmartEyeglass.

xiaomi note 5

Xiaomi leads China's smartphone market, despite Apple's iPhone 6

Apple's iPhone 6 has been a hit in China, but according to one account, rival Xiaomi still reigns as the country's largest smartphone vendor.

xiaomi poster

China's Xiaomi takes first step into U.S. market

The biggest Android smartphone maker most Americans have probably never heard of is taking its first step into the U.S. market.


Facebook lets users appoint an heir for their accounts

Facebook now allows users in the U.S. to pick a friend or relative to manage their accounts when they pass away.

ces 2015 samsung tv orange

Senator quizzes Samsung, LG on smart TV privacy

U.S. Senator Al Franken is investigating the privacy policies of LG and Samsung Electronics for the voice recognition technologies they use in their smart TVs.

apple supplier responsibility report

Apple fixing its awful Chinese labor mess, claims Cook

It must be time for another Apple 'supplier responsibility' progress report. You know the drill: Apple tells us how everything's OK over in China, Congo and all the other places in its shiny supply chain.

Upgraded Moto E from Motorola gets LTE, more storage, but little else

The upgraded $99 Motorola Moto E will get LTE and twice the onboard storage as the previous version, but users will also have to make do with a low-resolution screen and front camera, at least if Best Buy is to be believed.

ios 9 rumors

iOS 9 'Monarch' rumors: Stable and fast, but no big feature push

The rumor-mill has ground out a story about iOS 9 aiming to fix all the bugs introduced in 7 and 8. The next major release of iOS is slated to be less buggy, faster, easier to update, and lighter on your RAM. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers...

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