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Intel's RealSense 3D depth-sensing camera

Orion lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air

Orion's lesson for IT: Test your systems, then test again (and again)

When NASA's new spacecraft, Orion, made its maiden voyage last week it relied on systems that NASA "tested it in all directions."

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Intel's IoT vision encompasses more than chips

Intel is bringing all its assets to bear on the Internet of Things, a hot topic for IT vendors that's especially critical to big chip makers.

Orion lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air

Update: Orion completes successful maiden voyage

After orbiting the Earth twice and climbing 15 times higher than the orbit of the International Space Station, NASA's Orion spacecraft completed its maiden voyage and returned safely to Earth.

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The Orion spacecraft is no smarter than your phone

Orion, NASA's next-generation deep space vehicle, is going to eventually fly to Mars -- run by a computer that's no smarter than your smartphone.

The ARM technology in Apple's A7, A8 chips gets an upgrade

The processor architecture behind Apple's A7 and A8 chips is getting an incremental upgrade that could improve security and speed.


To grow in IoT, Cypress and Spansion plan $4B chip merger

The contraction of the semiconductor industry continued with embedded chip and flash memory makers Cypress Semiconductor and Spansion announcing a merger plan worth $4 billion.

Intel gives Google Glass a needed boost

A move by Intel to supply chips for Google Glass shows that the wearable is still alive and kicking, despite recent reports to the contrary.

google glass

Intel to provide chip for Google Glass, promote device in workplaces

Intel will supply a chip for a new version of Google Glass that will be available next year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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'Cloak' could make heat, static invisible in electronics

Search for two-part invisibility cloak yields technique that could help eliminate static and heat build-up in electronic devices

Intel's thumb-sized PC.

Coming in 2015 from Intel: thumb-sized 'compute sticks'

Intel is shrinking PCs to thumb-sized "compute sticks" and expects them to be out next year.

intel broadwell 14nm wafer white sep 2014

Moore's Law nears 50, and Intel's battling to keep up

It's becoming more difficult for Intel to keep up with Moore's Law.

Qualcomm to tap server market with the help of China

Qualcomm wants to enter the server market and will tap expertise in China to build the low-power chips it needs.

Intel to combine PC and mobile chip divisions to reflect market shifts

Intel will combine its PC and mobile processor divisions under one roof, reflecting a changing market in which the line between tablets and laptops has blurred.

Nvidia reaches high on graphics performance with Tesla K80

Nvidia's PC graphics chips may draw all the attention, but supercomputing chips are driving the company's GPU technology ahead.

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Samsung responds to Nvidia patent complaint with own infringement charges

Samsung Electronics has accused Nvidia of infringing its patents following a September action by Nvidia that accused the South Korean company and Qualcomm of infringing patents related to its GPU technology.

Qualcomm faces probes in U.S., Europe on top of China investigation

Chipmaker Qualcomm now faces regulatory investigations in the U.S. and Europe on top of an ongoing anti-monopoly probe in China.

Dell's Alienware13.,

Dell's Alienware 13 laptop lets users connect to external desktop graphics cards

The Alienware 13 will start at $999 and works with the newest external graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia.

soft machines visc 1

Stealthy startup launches virtual CPU cores that hope to trounce traditional processors

Backed by a who's who list of big names in the chip industry, startup Soft Machines is launching a chip that spreads workloads out over a CPU's cores.

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