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Apple's iPhone 7
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andy jassy aws reinvent 2016 2

Amazon accelerates and simplifies its cloud infrastructure offering

Amazon Web Services continued to push its infrastructure offering forward on Wednesday with the launch of upgrades to its existing instance types and new tools for both simplifying and accelerating computation tasks in its public...

andy jassy aws reinvent 2016

AWS launches FPGA-based cloud instances to accelerate complex applications

Amazon Web Services gave its cloud customers a set of new infrastructure capabilities aimed at making its compute offering faster, simpler and more capable of running complex applications that benefit from hardware acceleration.

andy jassy aws reinvent 2016

AWS launches cloud-based accelerators to speed apps

Amazon Web Services gave its cloud customers a set of new infrastructure capabilities aimed at making its product suite faster, simpler and more capable of running complex applications that benefit from hardware acceleration.

domino01 v02

10 smartphone trends to watch for in 2017

Smartphone buyers have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Devices will be thinner, faster, and perhaps a bit more intelligent than you'd like.

AMD's Zen chip

5 burning questions about AMD's Zen chip

AMD's Zen chip is just around the corner; it'll first come to gaming systems any day now. There's a lot of excitement about Zen, which AMD believes is its most important chip this decade.

BeagleBone Black Wireless

Open-source hardware makers start certifying products

In recent weeks, OSHWA also met one of its initial goals: To start certifying open-source hardware. Certification allows hardware designs to be replicated.

HP EliteBook 725

HP's EliteBook 705 laptops pack AMD's latest Pro chips

AMD's been dodgy about the release of Zen chips for laptops, and HP is providing a bridge with new laptops based on chips code-named Bristol Ridge.

Brain circuitry

Research chip modeled after the brain aims to bring smarts to computers

The dream of creating intelligent computers has inspired the development of exotic chips based on the structure of the brain, which operates in mysterious ways. Some researchers are making such chips from components found in today's...

Intel Xeon Phi

Intel chases A.I. with new chips, but still lacks a potent GPU

Intel is taking a new direction in chip development as it looks to the future of artificial intelligence, with the company betting the technology will pervade applications and web services.

Intel self-driving car

Intel to invest $250M in self-driving cars

Intel plans to spend an additional $250 million over the next two years to make fully autonomous driving a reality.

Snapdragon 835

Next year's premium smartphones may get Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chip

If you plan to buy a premium smartphone next year, here's an important detail: the handset could be equipped with Qualcomm's next-generation Snapdragon 835 chip.

Intel's Xeon chip logo

Intel's latest Xeon chips based on Skylake due next year

Intel's has reached Kaby Lake with its PC chips but isn't done with the previous-generation Skylake architecture quite yet.

Xeon E5 v4 chip

Intel packs more horsepower into its monster 22-core processor

CPU performance increases were ignored for years, but AMD put them back on the map with its upcoming Zen chip. This has rubbed off on Intel in a good way.

AMD Radeon WX 5100

As AMD mulls GPU for 32-core Zen chip, it develops software tools

AMD has a clear-cut business plan: Its upcoming 32-core Zen chip will bring it back into high performance servers, and the company has expressed a desire to make high-performing GPUs for such systems.

s822lc hpc detail shot

As Watson matures, IBM plans more AI hardware and software

Just over five years ago, IBM's Watson supercomputer crushed opponents in the televised quiz show Jeopardy. It was a preview of how artificially intelligent computers would storm into our daily lives.

note7  8

Samsung Galaxy Note7 fiasco hits Qualcomm's revenue

Samsung's cancellation of the Galaxy Note7 hurt Qualcomm's chip sales, but the company expects other smartphones to fill that void.

Tianhe 2

U.S. government warns China to play fair in the chip market

A battle between the U.S. government and China is now brewing in semiconductors, the foundation of electronics.

Intel's teraflop chip

Worried about China, the U.S. pushes for homegrown chip development

The world's fastest computer runs a Chinese-developed chip, and that fact hasn't escaped notice by the U.S. government.

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