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HP's Moonshot server now packs 64-bit ARM chips

Hewlett-Packard has added a 64-bit ARM chip as one of the options for Moonshot, a new type of HP server that can accommodate different chip architectures to address specific workloads.

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Intel to invest $1.5B in two Chinese chip firms

Intel is investing $1.5 billion in two Chinese chip companies with an eye to boosting its presence in the country's booming mobile phone market.

ARM's Cortex M7

ARM's Cortex M7 chip could usher in feature-rich robots, appliances and wearables

ARM's new 400MHz Cortex M7 processor could find its way into robots, drones, medical devices and even wearables.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980

Nvidia pumps more horsepower into its flagship graphics chips

Nvidia is bringing brighter images and sharper special effects to its new flagship GeForce GTX 980 and 970 graphics processing units.

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Beyond FLOPS: The co-evolving world of computer benchmarking

Benchmarks have been evolving along with the hardware they measure, and both are getting more complex.

Intel's Broadwell 14nm wafer

PC confusion likely with Intel's quick jump to Skylake

Laptop and desktop buying decisions could get confusing in 2015 as Intel introduces PC chips based on two different architectures -- Broadwell and Skylake -- in the same year.

Dense server battle to heat up with Intel's Xeon D

Intel is putting more weight in the server space with a new Xeon D family of chips, due out in systems in 2015.

How Intel plans to find its way in smartphones

Smartphone success has eluded Intel for years, but the company's CEO hopes to reverse its fortunes by drawing lessons from an aggressive strategy that made it a major player in the tablet market.

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Beefier servers pack more storage, DDR4 memory

Chasing the latest data center trends, top server makers have made storage and memory capacity a priority in their new servers.

Intel's E5 2600 v3 processor

Intel looks to modernize data centers with new Xeon server chips

Intel has designed its latest server chips to provide the building blocks to modernize "legacy data centers" by providing more processing cores, throughput and power-saving features.

google quantum processors

Google to build quantum-computing processors

Google has partnered with scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara to build new processors that can be used in quantum computing systems.

AMD's new eight-core FX chips are based on aging Piledriver architecture

Advanced Micro Devices is targeting mid-range desktops with its latest high-end FX chips based on the Piledriver architecture.

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Intel is shipping its fastest PC processor yet

Intel is now shipping the Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition chip, its fastest PC processor to date and its first with eight cores.

Dell adds Intel processor to new Wyse thin client

Dell for the first time is using an Intel processor in its Wyse thin clients, which are used as alternatives to enterprise PCs.

10 things we know about Apple's new iPhone 6 A8 chip

Apple's iPhone 6 appears on schedule for its public reveal in September, when they begin churning off the production line into the pockets of tens of millions of customers. The smartphone will use new Apple-designed chips, here's...

IBM turns to local rival Inspur for help as China gets tougher for foreign firms

Inspur has been trying to steal IBM's server business in China

Hero hacks: 14 Raspberry Pi projects primed for IT

VoIP PBXes, NTP servers, Web-controlled power strips -- hack together one of these handy, cheap solutions for the server closet and beyond.

As sharks circle, IBM prepares its x86 exit

Once IBM completes its x86 server line sale to Lenovo, the latter will immediately take a solid third place ranking in worldwide revenues in the market.

AppliedMicro's 64-core chip could spark off ARM core war

A decade-old race to crank up core counts in x86 chips may have lulled, but the competition has just started picking up in ARM processors.

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