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Intel's first server chip with performance-boosting FPGA to ship early in '16

Intel will ship its first Xeon server chip with a programmable FPGA from Altera in the first quarter next year, some 18 months after announcing work on the product.

Server platform based on Qualcomm ARM server chip

Server vendors tap ARM chips to give users alternative to Intel

For a while it was hard to get a hands on an ARM, but that may not be the case soon. Five computer makers have announced servers with ARM processors that will challenge x86 systems in the mainstream market.

Xilinx and IBM executives

IBM teams with Xilinx to take on Intel with Power chips

IBM has partnered with chip maker Xilinx to expand the use of IBM Power processors in servers, taking on Intel for a bigger slice of the data center market.

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Intel plugs 72-core supercomputing chip into workstation

Intel tries to bring more computing muscle to desks

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Intel's fastest chip ever will appear in supercomputers next year

There's been a slight delay, but the latest version of Intel's fastest processor will finally reach supercomputers early next year.

Cavium ThunderX

Morgan Stanley kicks tires on ARM servers, wants a rival for Intel

Morgan Stanley is testing ARM-based servers, the latest sign of competition for Intel in the data center.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Tim McDonough

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 820—new high-end is “faster and cooler”

Qualcomm launches its Snapdragon 820 system on a chip. After months of whispers and hyperbole, we can finally expect to see it in top-end devices early next year...

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Nvidia powers up drones, robots with Jetson TX1 board

Nvidia's Jetson TX1 board delivers 1 teraflops of performance and will ship for $599 on Nov. 16

Canvas A1 Micromax

ARM has a new 64-bit chip for the next billion smartphones

ARM released a new chip design this week that should bring a burst of performance to low-cost smartphones aimed at fast-growing markets like China, India and Brazil.

Freescale Kinetsis microcontroller

ARM is bringing some much needed security to the Internet of Things

ARM is bringing its TrustZone security technology, long used in smartphones, to a family of chips for the Internet of Things

The Nvidia Tesla M40 GPU accelerator.

Nvidia packs machine learning for Web video in new GPUs

Nvidia's new GPUs will add more context to live streams and Web video.

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Carbon nanotubes in a race against time to replace silicon

A list of roadblocks stands in the way of carbon nanotubes replacing silicon for chip manufacturing, especially the question of whether it can be ready in time.

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ARM readies update to IoT platform -- but it's not ready for prime time yet

Chip designer ARM will be trying to convince developers that all is well with its IoT platform at its TechCon event this week, as it delivers a technology preview in place of the final release developers they were expecting.

android with phone

Google could enrich VR experience on handsets with custom chips

Google appears to be striving for richer augmented and virtual reality experiences on Android mobile devices with an effort to internally develop chip designs for hardware partners.

A Qualcomm snapdragon 820 prototype

Mobile devices with Snapdragon 820 chip could arrive by April

Qualcomm says its chips will start appearing in devices next year.

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Intel targets IoT with new Quark chips and free cloud OS

Intel has released new processors and free cloud services as part of its latest push to capitalize on the nascent Internet of Things market.

Samsung curved TV

Samsung sees Q3 profits jump on demand for chips and displays

Samsung Electronics achieved higher sales and profits in the third quarter of this year, but competition in the smartphone market remained intense, it said in Seoul on Thursday.

Larry Ellison speaks at Oracle's OpenWorld conference. Will he show up at Dreamforce?

Oracle just made its biggest Sparc announcement since buying Sun

Oracle announced a new line of Sparc servers at OpenWorld on Monday based on a new processor called the M7, the first designed entirely in house by Oracle.

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