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AMD's Kaveri A-series chip

New AMD licensing deal could create more x86 rivals for Intel

AMD is licensing its x86 chip architecture to a new joint venture it has formed with a consortium of Chinese companies.

20160224 stock mwc qualcomm booth sign

Qualcomm’s ARM server chip inches forward, while AppliedMicro forges ahead

Qualcomm’s long-awaited server chips may start going into systems in the second half of next year, judging from comments on the company’s financial conference call on Wednesday.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Here's what the new Intel will look like

The PC market has been in trouble for ages, but last year took the biscuit. Shipments dropped below 300 million for the first time since 2008, and IDC declared it the worst year in history. That explains a lot about what happened at...


Intel's tablet adventure looking like its netbook disaster

Intel's rise and fall in tablets are starting to resemble the company's misadventures in netbooks less than a decade ago.

Intel logo

Intel axes 12,000 jobs as it seeks to break away from PCs

Intel is cutting 12,000 jobs worldwide as the company restructures operations to diversify from PCs into growth areas of IoT and servers.

MB 12 rose gold

Apple refreshes MacBook with Skylake processor

The new MacBook was priced starting at $1,299, the same as the initial model introduced more than a year ago.

rmit quantum

Quantum computing, here we come: A qubit data bus may soon be possible

Transporting information from one place to another is a key part of any computing platform, and now researchers have figured out a way to make it possible in the quantum world.

Intel chip

Next-gen Intel Pentium and Celeron chips are coming soon

Intel's Core chips are dominating PCs, but the company isn't giving up on its Pentium and Celeron brands.

Intel chip

Intel starts baking speedy FPGAs into chips

If Nvidia and AMD have graphics processors, Intel is now deploying screaming co-processors of its own -- in the form of FPGAs.

Intel Compute Stick

Intel to ship thumb-sized Compute Sticks with Skylake chips in late April

If you've been waiting patiently for Intel's new Compute Sticks with Skylake chips, there's good news: those thumb-sized PCs will start shipping on April 29.

mit quantum qubits diamond

Diamonds may be quantum computing's best friend

MIT researchers have announced a new approach that uses diamonds to solve a tricky problem with quantum computers.

zaius rendering

IBM's Power chips hit the big time at Google

Google and Rackspace are designing a server based on IBM's upcoming Power9 processor, a sure sign that Intel is no longer the only game in town for cloud service providers.

nvidia tesla p100 gpu topangleleft4

Servers with Nvidia's Tesla P100 GPU will ship next year

Nvidia's fastest GPU yet, the new Tesla P100, will be available in servers next year, the company said.

ung 7171

Nvidia unifies a big list of developer tools in one package

Nvidia's varied list of developer tools were messily organized in different kits, but that's not the case anymore.

AMD external GPU

5 burning questions about AMD's Bristol Ridge chips

Laptops and tablet hybrids with AMD's new 7th generation chips -- code-named Bristol Ridge -- will soon become available. The chip is being positioned as a worthy Intel Skylake alternative.

hp envy x360 15.6 entertainment mode front right facing

AMD's 7th Generation laptop chips will take on Intel's Skylake

AMD hopes to provide stiffer competition to Intel's Skylake with its new "7th Generation" processor for laptops and desktops.

samsung 10nm class dram group 002

Laptops, tablets could pack more DDR4 memory with Samsung breakthrough

Samsung wants to cram faster and more power-efficient DDR4 DRAM in laptops and hybrids with new memory chips it introduced on Monday.


Intel's top PC, IoT executives leave in management shakeup

The writing was on the wall for some Intel executives after a former Qualcomm executive was hired in November to oversee the company's PC, Internet of Things and software businesses, and two of them are departing.

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