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Intel Haswell chip processor
Gordon Moore in 1981

Qualcomm plans to fast-track Snapdragon 820 with help from Samsung

A plan by Qualcomm to get Samsung Electronics to make its Snapdragon 820 chip could lead to faster smartphones, offering longer battery life by early next year.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore

Moore's Law at 50: The past and future

When you're strapping on the latest smart watch or ogling an iPhone, you probably aren't thinking of Moore's Law. But you should.

social earnings

Intel sales sag as PC sales slowdown drags on

The slower PC market has hit Intel's financial results.

Intel's Xeon E5-2600 v3 chip

U.S. chip block may delay China's 100 petaflop supercomputer

The U.S.'s recent denial of Intel chips for China's fastest supercomputer could derail an upgrade to double the machine's processing power.

U.S. stops Intel from selling Xeon chips to Chinese supercomputer projects

U.S. government agencies have stopped Intel from selling microprocessors for China's supercomputers, reflecting concern about their use in nuclear tests.

Chromebooks with Intel's Braswell chips are coming soon

A new generation of low-cost Chromebooks will run Braswell chips, which are expected to debut later this week.

Surface 3

Benchmark scores show performance gap between Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, iPad Air 2

A handful of benchmark scores for Microsoft's not-yet-released Surface 3 tablet hint that it's between a third and half as fast as the more powerful Surface Pro 3.

mobile payments

Broadcom hopes to integrate mobile payments into your next PC

Chip maker Broadcom wants to increase the number of devices that can accept mobile payments with a new microcontroller for PCs and Internet of Things products.

asus chromebook

ARM fades from Windows PCs and tablets, but grows in Chromebooks

Microsoft this week dropped support for ARM processors from its Surface tablets with the Surface 3, but adoption of the chip architecture in Chromebooks is growing.

Intel's Cherry Trail in a tablet

Seven things to know about Intel's 'Cherry Trail' Atom chips

Microsoft's Surface 3 is the first announced device to use Intel's new Cherry Trail Atom chips, but it won't be the last.

computer data center servers

Intel could strengthen its server product stack with Altera

Intel's chips dominate servers in data centers, but the possible acquisition of Altera could help the company provide a wider variety of custom chips designed to speed up specific applications.

Stanford breakthrough could make better chips cheaper

Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a new way to make chips and solar panels using gallium arsenide, a semiconductor that beats silicon in several important areas but is typically too expensive for widespread...

abstract rack of servers datacenter networking hardware

IBM's OpenPower project makes strides with first commercial server

An IBM project to expand the market for its Power processor is making headway, with new hardware announced that aims to challenge Intel's dominance in the data center.

intel cpu socket3

Intel's 'surround and conquer' IoT strategy

With the Internet of Things set to explode over the next 2 to 3 years, will Intel's x86 architecture become irrelevant?

0317 nvidia 1

Nvidia unveils a $10,000 autonomous driving -- computer?

Nvidia rolled out a $10,000 computer designed to allow cars to learn the right and wrong reactions to different situations.

intel curie

Intel doesn't want Curie wearable computer making fashion statements

Intel wants wearable device technology to be inconspicuous, so it's making its Curie wearable computer available through a button-sized board or as part of a chip package.

With new specification, run one application across devices

Raw horsepower has always been important measuring stick for performance of mobile devices and PCs, but it's also important to determine whether applications are written to exploit all the available hardware features.

Intel's Xeon D chip

Intel plans to ship built-to-order Xeon D chips this year

Intel will start offering custom chips based on the Xeon D starting in the second half of this year.

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