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Qualcomm's ARM server chip
IBM engineer reflected in wafer

Apple brings down apps, mainly Chinese ones, with malware

Intel hopes to improve automotive security

Intel is creating the Automotive Security Review Board to help the automotive industry use its hardware in a secure way -- and to persuade security researchers to help it find bugs in its own automotive hardware.

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Xerox PARC's new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds

Engineers at Xerox PARC have developed a chip that will self-destruct upon command, providing a potentially revolutionary tool for high-security applications.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

No, Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 820 won't ''double your battery life''

Qualcomm is proud of its new Snapdragon 820 SoC. So proud, in fact, that it's making a bold claim: That the system-on-a-chip is up to twice as power efficient as its previous high-end offering. However...


New Intel Core processors mean slimmer computers, long-lasting batteries

Processor improvements don't necessarily mean a boost in everyday tasks like email and web browsing, but they will mean thinner machines that have longer battery lives.

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Intel launches major new processor range

Intel has at last launched the chips it developed under the "Skylake" codename, now calling them sixth-generation Core processors. The launch is an important step for the company, which has had trouble keeping up in a marketplace that...

Security (3)

Intel says GPU malware is no reason to panic, yet

Malware that runs inside GPUs (graphics processing units) can be harder to detect, but is not completely invisible to security products.


TSMC wins case in trade secret battle with Samsung

Taiwan's Supreme Court ruled in favor of TSMC in its lawsuit against Liang Mong-song, an executive who left the company back in 2009, and allegedly gave trade secrets to Samsung.

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Intel's five (not very) big announcements from IDF

Intel's annual developer conference focused on robots and the Internet of Things, with new processors taking a back seat

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

Struggling Qualcomm wrote this ludicrous PR for Snapdragon 820

Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm's new SoC, will be available soon. But the company is making some frankly bizarre claims for the chip. Apparently, phones based on the device will offer 'DSLR-quality photography.' Cue loud guffaws from anyone...

Diagram of the Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 could yield big camera gains

The new 'Specter' image processor will capture sharper images in low light, the company says.

Design flaw in Intel chips opens door to rootkits

A design flaw in the x86 processor architecture dating back almost two decades could allow attackers to install a rootkit in the low-level firmware of computers, a security researcher said Thursday.

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Oracle preps 'Sonoma' chip for low-priced Sparc servers

Oracle will disclose the new chip at an engineering conference this month.

AMD financial results

AMD vs. Intel -- the war is lost, as Su's co. bleeds badly

AMD releases yet another set of dreadful numbers. It's doing really badly at its bread'n'butter -- selling CPUs and GPUs. Its custom SoC business is the only highlight in a dark, dark story...

European Commission's Charlemagne building

EU hits Qualcomm with two antitrust probes

Qualcomm is under investigation by the European Union's antitrust authority for possibly abusing its dominant position in the market for 3G and 4G chipsets used in smartphones and tablets.

intel xeon e7 v3

Intel pushes 10nm chip-making process to 2017

Intel said Wednesday that it will take longer than expected to introduce a new manufacturing process that will yield smaller, faster transistors.

Intel profit falls as PC sales slump continues

Intel's revenue and profit both dropped last quarter as people held off on buying new PCs ahead of the Windows 10 launch later this year.

3D NAND flash chip

Report claims Chinese chip maker bids $23B for Micron

China's largest state-owned computer chip maker, Tsinghua Unigroup, has reportedly made an offer to purchase U.S.-based Micron, a claim the U.S. memory maker is denying.

IBM has first 7nm chip and leapfrogs over competitors

IBM says it has produced the world's first 7nm (nanometer) chip, arriving well ahead of competitors, thanks to advances in its chip technology.

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