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DNS Internet connections IoT

Renesas joins IoT development platform rush

Renesas says its chips-and-software package can cut out the need to build baseline functionality.

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Five new things we know about Skylake

Intel's Skylake chips will be released after Windows 10, and tablets, laptops and desktops will follow in quick succession.

hp machine prototype

Prototype of HP's futuristic 'Machine' coming next year

The prototype will use DRAM, however, not the memristors eventually envisioned

AMD to launch next-generation Fiji GPUs on June 16

Gamers, buckle up: AMD will launch its highly anticipated graphics processing unit, code-named Fiji, on June 16 at the E3 conference.

amd 6th generation a series processors codenamed carrizo l

AMD skips Chromebooks, bets on Windows 10 with new Carrizo chips

Chromebooks may be hot-ticket items, but with its sixth-generation A-series chips for mainstream laptops, AMD is placing its bets on Microsoft's Windows 10.

5 reasons why Intel wants to buy Altera

Altera specializes in FPGAs, reprogrammable chips which Intel lacks

internet of things iot stock

Intel to buy Altera for $16.7B, eyes IoT market

The deal had been rumored to be in the works since March.

data center case study

Intel works to end 'lost' data center devices

Embedding RFID into chipsets would make the technology near-universal.

Intel close to buying Altera for $15B

Intel and Altera are apparently once again on speaking terms and said to be nearing a deal in which Intel would buy the smaller chip maker for $15 billion.

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Windows takes early lead over Android in Cherry Trail tablet fight

More Windows devices with Intel's Atom chips code-named Cherry Trail were announced this week, giving the Microsoft OS an early lead over Android

Avago to buy Broadcom for $37B to create a networking chip giant

Avago Technologies has agreed to buy Broadcom in a deal that will create a networking chip giant with a wide variety of products, including components for the burgeoning IoT sector.

ARM-based phones china

ARM CEO sees fierce smartphone rivalry driving faster chip development

Heated competition in the smartphone and tablet markets has pushed chip makers to speed up the pace at which they release new processors, ARM CEO Simon Segars said this week.

ARM making rapid progress on next high-end chip

ARM is in the advanced stages of development with its next high-end processor, which will succeed the Cortex-A72 and could reach smartphone and tablet makers by the end of next year, a chip said this week.


Intel's Gordon Moore amazed at legacy of Moore's Law

Gordon Moore talks about his famous observation that paved the way for faster, smaller and cheaper computing devices.

Intel looks to boost server chips with ASIC integration

Intel is expanding its custom server chip program by integrating a special processing unit that could speed up specific apps in cloud environments.

gordon moore

Gordon Moore is still amazed at how Moore's Law shaped the tech industry

Intel honored Gordon Moore at an event in San Francisco on Monday night for his famous axiom, Moore's Law, which has helped guide the evolution of technology for 50 straight years.

mediatek processor cpu

MediaTek unveils 10-core chip that promises better battery life

Not satisfied with offering eight-core chips, Taiwan's MediaTek has unveiled a mobile processor with 10 cores.

Data matrix networking connections system

IBM switches on the light for high-speed data transfers

IBM is ready to light up data transfers over long distances between computers with a new chip that could ultimately spell the end for slower electrical wiring.

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