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apple plots course to wireless charging

Apple on course for wireless charging in iPhones?

Apple has been researching wireless charging (also called inductive charging) for an incredibly long time.

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5 must-have back to school laptop accesories

The laptop isn't the only piece of tech a student needs to succeed.


Back to school: Laptop accessories buying guide

No mom and dad—don't put away the credit card just yet. Here are five vital tech items you should send your kid away to school with.

Multi-ethnic group of university students at college with school gear and gadgets.

11 cool back-to-school tech tools

Equip yourself for a successful year with these campus tech tools, including an innovative note-taking pen, a laptop-friendly backpack and a clever space-saving power strip.

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Epson's new printers aim to kill the costly hassle of frequent ink cartridge refills

Epson is bucking the trend of low-priced printers and high-priced ink with a new line of EcoTank printers starting at $380.

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Review: Ikea wireless-charging furniture is stylish and functional but not without issues

Ikea's new line of furniture is following an industry trend toward embedding wireless charging into products, including automobiles. I found Ikea's flavor of this quite well built and stylish, but I did take issue with a couple things....

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Review: 4 low-cost videoconferencing devices keep you connected (video)

If you need to conduct meetings with remote colleagues or clients, these relatively low-cost videoconferencing devices can enhance the experience.

beats headphones

Apple hands out Beats headphones for back-to-school promo

Apple kicked off its annual back-to-school promotion in the U.S., switching the deal to a free pair of Beats headphones for customers who buy eligible Macs.

the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

SanDisk's new wireless thumb drive streams HD video to three devices

SanDisk today announced the latest of its wireless flash sticks that allow users to access photos, videos and files over Wi-Fi.

microsoft surface

Microsoft: Beneath the Surface

An analysis of Microsoft's new Surface Hub workplace collaboration solution.

curved displays

Review: 3 curved displays provide a new view

Juggling two or more monitors on your desktop? A curved screen can give you a wider view while taking up less room. We review three of the latest designs.

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SanDisk enters portable drive market with high-speed SSDs

SanDisk has announced its first lineup of four portable SSDs -- two high-capacity thumb drives and two pocket sized drives -- one of which is using the new USB Type-C connector offering up to 850MB/s throughput.

Well, it was funny while it lasted

User from HR emails this support ticket to the help desk, a pilot fish on the scene reports: "When I printer my documents nothing comes out."


We test a 'bullet proof' laptop bag the only way you can: By shooting it

We put Force Training Institute's Multi-Threat Shield against a .44 Magnum and 12 gauge shotgun to see if it lives up to the marketing claims.

Surface Pro 3 stylus pen

Microsoft buys Surface Pro 3 stylus technology

Microsoft now owns the company that provided the stylus and touch display interface technology for its Surface Pro 3.

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10M pieces of wireless charging furniture to sell by 2017

Ikea's release of a wireless charging furniture line will jumpstart what is expected to be a flurry of high-tech furniture that eliminates the need for that plug on your phone, according to a new report.

A thumbnail-size wearable trackpad

MIT develops wireless trackpad for your thumbnail

Researchers at MIT have developed a tiny wireless trackpad that can be worn on a thumbnail.

Intel's RealSense camera

Intel shrinks RealSense camera, targets smartphones

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in China today showed off a 6-inch prototype phone built with the new camera, which is about half the size of the older version.

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