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D-Link patches router, promises more fixes

D-Link issued fixes on Monday for flaws that could allow remote access to one of its routers, and will patch other models in the coming week.

USB 3.1 flash drives? Don't expect them soon

Mobile devices and PCs will soon arrive with USB 3.1 ports, but don't expect flash drives based on technology to be available for a while.

And no, you don't get to keep the CRT either

In the late 1990s, this organization is on a six-year refresh cycle for monitors, with the next wave is set to be flat-panel displays, And for one engineer, that can't come soon enough.

ss pixel perfect firstslide

Pixel perfect: 12 innovative displays

Sometimes an ordinary computer monitor isn't enough. Here are 12 new types of display that could improve your workday.

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Now on CIO: 5 affordable hardware upgrades

Jazz up your system's storage, memory, networking and display without breaking the bank with this desktop PC upgrade guide.

fujitsu ring

Fujitsu Bluetooth ring lets you write in the air

Fujitsu is continuing its push into wearables for the workplace with a prototype Bluetooth ring that lets users "write" in the air so they can work hands-free.

Samsung Ativ One 7 Curved all-in-one PC

Curved displays from TVs see uptake in PCs, monitors

Curved displays may be a fad for TVs, but they could prove to be more popular as computer monitors.

Apple's Beats unit sued by Monster over headphone deal

Apple's Beats Electronics and its cofounders have been sued for allegedly easing out headphones developer Monster from a partnership ahead of last year's acquisition by the iPhone maker.

USB connectors

The reversible USB Type-C connector is turning heads at CES

The new Type-C connector has shown up at the International CES this week, and it brings several improvements worthy of attention if you're a USB user.

HP Zvr 23.6-inch Virtual Reality Display

HP's Zvr 'virtual reality' display shows holographic projections

Holographic imaging meets virtual reality in HP's futuristic Zvr display.

cw gift guidemain

Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2014

From device chargers to cameras, smartphones to speakers, here's the best tech gear to give and get this year.

ipod lawsuit steve jobs

Apple admits to deleting your iPod music (because confusion)

Yes, it's OK -- let's not confuse the poor widdle users. Apple seems to have admitted that it did in fact silently delete music bought from Real Networks and others. But it's most certainly not Saint Steve's fault. In IT Blogwatch,...

susan kare

8 cool toys for Apple users

I keep coming across innovative solutions I want to write more about, so here's the latest collection.

Mobile broadband modems lose their appeal with consumers

Modems are one example in a long line of products that have been hurt by the popularity and functionality of smartphones. Cameras, handheld navigators and portable game consoles have also seen their fortunes wane as smartphones have...


6 great gifts your Mac will love you for

If you’re looking for cool tech gifts this season, look no further — here are half a dozen products your Mac will love you for.

intel 4k computex poster

Prices for 4K monitors sink below $500

Prices for 4K monitors have dropped below $500, bringing them within the reach of cost-conscious buyers.

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Mobile 4K video gets wired to TVs

USB 3.1 will support the MHL 3 specification, which can stream 4K mobile video transfers from mobile devices

Environmentally-friendly, energy-saving monitor

3 power-sipping monitors lower energy bills

Today's displays must be bright, fast -- and able to use electricity intelligently. We test three 27-in. power-saving monitors to find out how they perform.


Silicon Valley's next disruption: Reality!

Virtual reality and augmented reality are practically the same thing and will be served up to us in breathtaking and unexpected ways.

iPad Air 2 in gold

Apple's A8X chip opens door to new devices

The A8X chip in Apple's iPad Air 2 is faster than its predecessors and could pave the way for the company to put its homegrown silicon in large-screen tablets, TVs, cars and even laptops.

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