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DisplayPort 1.3 standard supports 5K monitors

The new DisplayPort standard, announced by Video Electronics Standards Association, will replace the existing 1.2a standard.

tough phone case

sonys smarteyeglasses copy

Sony shows off latest SmartEyeglasses prototype

The latest prototype of Sony's SmartEyeglasses, a head-mounted display used with a smartphone, is on show at this week's IFA electronics show in Berlin.

Smartphone chargers and cables seen as fire risk in Japan

Consumer affairs groups in Japan are concerned about a rash of incidents involving smartphone chargers and cables that have led to fires.

logitech bluetooth multi device keyboard k480 500

Logitech keyboard types on your phone, tablet and PC

Logitech is offering a multi-OS keyboard that can work with up to three devices, either mobile or desktop, at once.

LG to unveil curved ultrawide monitor at IFA

LG Electronics is planning to show three monitors at IFA in Berlin, including a curved ultrawide model and a new 4K display.

At Ford Racing, 3-D printing offers speed edge

In the recent story about the evolution of 3D printing from prototyping to production manufacturing, we didn't have room to talk about Ford Racing's use of the technology to help build NASCAR engine parts. It uses a 3D printing...

In Depth

3D printing makes its move into production

The use of 3D printing for finished goods is about to disrupt manufacturing and supply chains in a big way. Here's why, and here's how IT will be critical to that transition.

Whatever works

Staff member at a county senior center calls this pilot fish, complaining that her printer won't work. "I knew her well," says fish. "She called frequently, because computers just got in the way of doing her work. I talked with...

PANIC! Stop using USB (it's ''fundamentally broken'') #BadUSB

BadUSB: Karsten Nohl and friends set up us the bomb. USB gadgets are totally unsafe. That's the stark warning from Security Research Labs, to be given at Black Hat in Lost Wages. Basically, any USB device can do anything it wants...

Thumb drives can be reprogrammed to infect computers

Most USB devices have a fundamental security weakness that can be exploited to infect computers with malware in a way that cannot easily be prevented or detected, security researchers found.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

This pilot fish works for a company that auto-generates and sends out faxes to a large number of its vendors and clients. "We had a rack with dozens of modems dedicated to the faxing system," says fish. "Only problem was that,...

iOS: How to use iPhone, iPad earphones in 13 tips

There's 13 handy functions available from the earphones you get standard with iOS devices -- you can even speak to Siri. Not only this, but many third-party headsets offer the same functionality. It makes sense to know what you can...

And that's the SECOND reason we can't help

As this pilot fish arrives for his shift on the help desk at an Internet service provider, he's told about a user who's been calling all day with a printer problem. "It was obviously not an ISP-related question, so our first-line...

3D printer constructs 10 buildings in one day from recycled materials

While not the first to use additive manufacturing to create buildings, a Chinese company is using 3D printing technology to build cheap housing out of recycled material at a rate of up to 10 structures in 24 hours.

How to @#$%! up a customer service report

IT support pilot fish who works for a financial institution gets a call from a user: "The letters on my report are printing really small." "After looking at the terminal, network and printer, I could not find any obvious cause,"...

How the other half lives (really, about the same)

This IT exec pilot fish isn't usually on call for routine user issues. But one Saturday his company-issued phone rings anyway. "They were requesting I personally handle a VIP-user trouble ticket," says fish. "At home. "It seems...

Personal 3D printer sales to reach $1.2B by 2018

A new report shows that 3D printers and the materials that go along with them will explode over the next five years due to a growing comport with the technology fed mainly by inclusion of the tech in academic settings.

10 Father's Day gifts to help dad feel young and cool

Dad isn't getting any younger. Why not get him a Father's Day gift that makes him feel young and cool again? Here are 10 ideas.

We're Central IT. Of COURSE we know what you need!

It's the late 1980s, and the field offices of this big federal agency all use serial interfaces to print their documents, according to a pilot fish working at one office. "None of the field offices could use parallel printer...

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