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knights landing intel chip

Intel tunes its mega-chip for machine learning

Intel wants to take on Google's Tensor Processing Unit and Nvidia's GPUs in machine learning computing with improvements to its Xeon Phi mega-chips.

BMW vehicle

BMW teams up with Intel and Mobileye, plans a self-driving car by '21

BMW hopes to make a completely autonomous car called iNEXT, suited for city streets and highways, by 2021.

Is the 'rugged' Galaxy S7 Active worth the extra $100?

The latest 'ruggedized' smartphone from Samsung is now available, and it packs a ton of high-end features in a hardened form factor that's built to last. But should you go rugged or choose the more stylish and affordable Galaxy S7?

HPE CEP Meg Whitman

HPE wins $3B in lawsuit against Oracle over Itanium

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been awarded $3 billion in a lawsuit against Oracle over a largely forgotten Intel processor.

Quantum array Penn State

This new model for quantum circuits is like a 5-decker sandwich

One of the challenges to realizing the benefits of quantum computing is finding a way to compactly assemble and then precisely control enough quantum bits, or "qubits," to deliver on the technology's enormous processing potential....

surface pro

Why your company will buy a Microsoft Surface all-in-one soon

News broke today that Microsoft is looking to the supply chain for help with a Surface AIO. Here's why you will buy one someday.


Dell stops selling Android devices

Dell has stopped selling its last Android devices as it washes its hand of pure tablets and focuses more on Windows 2-in-1 devices.

windows 10

Critics denounce Windows 10 upgrade changes as PR ploy

Commenters scoffed after Microsoft backtracked from a widely-criticized ploy to trick users into upgrading to Windows 10, calling it a public relations move.

hp chromebook 11 G5

HP sells PCs in a new way as it tries to speed upgrades

The PC upgrade cycle has slowed down to every five or six years, and HP is trying a new service model to sell PCs and devices at a faster pace.

Apple Mac OS Finder icon sad, with a black eye

OS X rebranding further marginalizes Mac

Could Apple’s renaming of OS X to ‘macOS’ make the Mac an even bigger yawn that it already is?

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Forget killer robots; a self-driving car could get you, too

If your autonomous car has to decide who gets to live -- you or the people it's heading for on the highway -- what's the right answer? Executive Editor Ken Mingis, Senior Writer Lucas Mearian and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw have some...


Blocking JavaScript can stop some Windows malware

Windows users need to defend against a relatively new attack, JavaScript files attached to email messages. One defense is to open JavaScript files with Notepad, but a more thorough defense is to disable Windows_Script_Host entirely.

samsung galaxy tabpro s

Microsoft declares 350M devices now on Windows 10

Microsoft today pegged the number of Windows 10 devices at 350 million, an increase of about 50 million since early May.

Volvo authomous self-driving cars

Though most back self-driving cars, 72% in U.S. say driving must be preserved, too

A survey by Volvo of more than 50,000 drivers shows that autonomous cars are more popular in some states than others -- but Americans in general are reluctant to let go of the steering wheel.

john fowleroow15

Oracle pledges 'x86 economics' with new Sparc servers

Oracle launched a new family of servers and a new Sparc chip, both aimed at customers considering x86 servers for a scale-out cloud infrastructure.


AMD's Radeon RX 480 is the best damned $200 video card we’ve ever seen

The Radeon RX 480 democratizes the pixel

Huawei MateBook

Review: The Huawei MateBook has class, but lacks a few features

Huawei's new 2-in-1 MateBook has an excellent display and a good selection of hardware, but the design of its keyboard cover could use some tweaking.

New features in Windows 10 laptop

Microsoft backs off click-the-X trick in Windows 10 upgrade pitch

Microsoft will revamp the notification of a pending Windows 10 upgrade so that clicking the red "X" will no longer authorize the process.

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