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Microsoft Windows broken

Backblaze Storage Pods in Data Center

Cloud provider pits 6TB hard drives in real-world face off

Cloud service provider Backblaze has published data comparing the performance of two of the leading providers of high-capacity hard drives.

stanford high rise skyscraperchips news

Stanford 'high-rise' chip takes on IoT and big data

Stanford University researchers have built a multi-layered "high-rise" chip that could significantly outperform traditional computer chips, taking on the hefty workloads that will be needed for the Internet of Things and big data.

Intel's RealSense 3D depth-sensing camera

6 technologies that will change PCs in 2015

In an era of slick gadgets, PCs are the dinosaurs, ensnared in wire clutter, sporting tired 2D cameras and stricken with the occasional blue screen of death. Technology coming up in 2015, though, is set to make PCs more...

imac 27 yosemite

Review: Apple's new 5K iMac -- powerful, pixel-ful and pricey

Apple's latest 27-in. desktop comes with a remarkable Retina display, great performance, a sleek design -- and an impressive price tag.

screen shot 2014 12 12 at 5.16.12 pm

A terabyte on a postage stamp: RRAM heads into commercialization

Crossbar is announcing a breakthrough in the ability to build large chip arrays using its 3D resistive RAM (RRAM) technology, which can greatly increase the capacity and performance of non-volatile memory.

ipod lawsuit steve jobs

Former Apple engineer describes 'secret war' with opponents of copy protection

A former Apple engineer told a federal jury that he worked on a project meant to deny rivals access to the lucrative iTunes digital music and iPod device markets.

sync 3 apps screen

Ford dumps Microsoft for QNX, unleashes new functions in Sync v3

Ford this week announced the third generation of its Sync in-vehicle communications and entertainment system, which replaces Microsoft with Blackberry’s QNX platform.

Computerworld Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - $30 to $150

Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2014: Nifty tech for $30 to $150

Part 2 of our annual holiday gift guide offers innovative keyboards, useful chargers, a hovering mini-drone and a plethora of other great gadgets to give or get.

Windows 10

Microsoft sets Windows 10's consumer reveal for Jan. 21

Microsoft has scheduled more Windows 10 revelations for Jan. 21, 2015, sending invitations today to journalists, reviewers and bloggers.

Ron Wayne and the Apple-1

'An incredible experience' says owner who sold his antique Apple-1 for $365K today

A vintage Apple-1 personal computer that was sold 38 years ago to a buyer out of Steve Jobs' garage went for $365,000 today at Christie's in New York City, thousands under the auction house's lowest estimate.

Microsoft starts accepting Bitcoin payments

Opening up to new payment options, Microsoft has started accepting Bitcoin payments on its Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox stores.

lenovo ac power cord recall

Lenovo recalls more than 500K power cords

Lenovo is recalling 500,000 power cords in the U.S. and 44,000 in Canada because they have the potential to overheat and catch fire. The company recommends that users stop using the power cord.


Review: 20 Apple 5K Retina iMac details

I've curated a few details you might not be aware of concerning this outstanding new iMac.

Orion lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air

Orion's lesson for IT: Test your systems, then test again (and again)

When NASA's new spacecraft, Orion, made its maiden voyage last week it relied on systems that NASA "tested it in all directions."

Business system of technology devices and functions

Intel's IoT vision encompasses more than chips

Intel is bringing all its assets to bear on the Internet of Things, a hot topic for IT vendors that's especially critical to big chip makers.

Microsoft Windows

For Microsoft, new Windows revenue may mean 'subscriptions'

After Microsoft's chief operating officer last week said the company was going to change the Windows business model, analysts tried to figure out exactly what he meant.

Or sit between them, so she'll get even more heat

Help desk pilot fish gets a trouble ticket from a user who says her PC suffered a "thermal event" the day before, just before she went home -- and now the computer won't boot.

Windows 10

Free Windows? Not a chance

Microsoft is dousing speculation that it would make Windows free across the board.

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