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lenovo superfish how to remove
Vintage Apple-1 close-up

macbook nvme

NVMe -- the future of the SSD Mac

We already know the future of the Mac is solid state and that disk drives are rapidly moving into history. Now, the company plans on developing the technologies it uses in SSDs to make them faster.

windows 10 store beta

Free Windows 10 is <i>not</i> an upgrade … it's marketing

Windows 10 is not a free upgrade. It's a "marketing and promotional activity," as far as Microsoft is concerned.

Another satisfied user!

This company's users have the usual complaints about faxes not going through (which turns out to be mainly a problem with fat-fingering fax phone numbers). But IT has the answer: an efax system.

screen shot 2015 04 15 at 1.41.28 pm 100579506 large.idge

10M pieces of wireless charging furniture to sell by 2017

Ikea's release of a wireless charging furniture line will jumpstart what is expected to be a flurry of high-tech furniture that eliminates the need for that plug on your phone, according to a new report.

chromebook 15 cb3 531

Acer's new laptops, hybrids set tone for Windows 10-Chromebook battle

A heavyweight battle between Windows 10 laptops and Chromebooks is expected to break out later this year, and Acer will play on both sides with low-priced laptops and laptop-tablet hybrids it announced on Thursday.

Intel Compute Stick

Review: The Intel Compute Stick -- the ultimate mobile PC

Stick PCs can turn any display into a fully operational computer. Intel's new Compute Stick does with Windows 8.1 for only $150.

Intel Haswell chip processor

Intel could prolong Moore's Law with new materials, transistors

As questions persist about the longevity of Moore's Law, an analyst has predicted some specific ways that Intel will keep it going for at least the next few years.

apple store

Apple retail chief rebuts showroom strategy speculation

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has told store employees that the online-only sales of the Apple Watch and new 12-in. MacBook were a "unique situation" that would not become the new norm for the company.

Gordon Moore in 1981

Moore’s Law is golden

The lead-up to the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law resulted in a deluge of news stories, reminiscences and analysis. Was that necessary or even appropriate?

win 10 large start

Windows 10 to launch in July.... Seriously?

AMD's CEO last week said that Microsoft would launch Windows 10 at the end of July. That timeline would be audacious for the company to meet.

Qualcomm plans to fast-track Snapdragon 820 with help from Samsung

A plan by Qualcomm to get Samsung Electronics to make its Snapdragon 820 chip could lead to faster smartphones, offering longer battery life by early next year.

ula will 3d print flight ready components. photo ula

Rocket maker for NASA and the Air Force to begin 3D printing parts

United Launch Alliance, which makes rockets for NASA and the military, will 3D print flight-ready rocket components for next-gen rockets.

retina imac primary

Mac sales up 8% as industry remains in doldrums

Apple next week will again boast that sales of its Mac line of computers beat the industry average, assuming estimates by researcher IDC hold up.

windows 10 number

Microsoft preps PCs for Windows 10 with more auto updates

Microsoft last week continued to deliver automatic updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs to prep them for the summer upgrade to Windows 10.

Moores law turns 50

Moore's Law turns 50 (and it's still good for a few more years)

Yesterday, Moore's Law turned 50. The 'law' -- more like an astute observation -- provides the best way to guess the number of transistors you can expect to find in computer chips of the future...

win 10 small start

Keep Windows 10 preview up to date -- or face a dead PC

Testers running Windows 10's preview must keep the OS relatively up to date or face a bricked PC that soon won't boot.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore

Moore's Law at 50: The past and future

When you're strapping on the latest smart watch or ogling an iPhone, you probably aren't thinking of Moore's Law. But you should.

A thumbnail-size wearable trackpad

MIT develops wireless trackpad for your thumbnail

Researchers at MIT have developed a tiny wireless trackpad that can be worn on a thumbnail.

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