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snapdragon 820

Qualcomm puts silicon brain in flagship Snapdragon 820 chip

Qualcomm wants to help future mobile devices learn about their users, by putting cognitive computing capabilities into its next mobile microprocessor, the Snapdragon 820.

USB 3.1 flash drives? Don't expect them soon

Mobile devices and PCs will soon arrive with USB 3.1 ports, but don't expect flash drives based on technology to be available for a while.

SanDisk pushes MicroSD to 200GB

SanDisk has managed to cram 200GB of memory into a MicroSD card.

Lenovo Tab 2 A8 with Android

Lenovo brings 64-bit Android to its $129 tablet

Tablets running 64-bit Android haven't been out for long but prices are set to fall fast. Case in point: Lenovo's 8-inch Tab 2 A8, which ships in June starting at $129.

HP's Spectre X360 in tablet mode

Hands on: HP's Spectre X360 hybrid boots lightning fast

HP's new Spectre X360 is designed to be used mainly as a laptop, but can turn into a tablet by flipping the screen backwards.

Bloatware free Windows computers

The Lenovo Superfish fiasco illustrates how dangerous the pre-installed software on a Windows machine can be. Here I discuss options for starting off with a clean copy of Windows, both versions 7 and 8. Also, some tips for keeping it...

monash 3D printed jet engine

Researchers make a 3D-printed jet engine

Australian researchers have created what they're calling the world's first 3D-printed jet engine, capturing the attention of leading aerospace companies.

Sensor tech makes predicting the future easier to do

We no longer need seers, oracles and psychics to tell us about the future. The declining cost of sensor technology and the availability of cloud-based analytical platforms is making predictive analytics accessible to every industry...

malware keyboard security bug virus

Lenovo to flush 'crapware' from its consumer PCs after Superfish sin

Lenovo will immediately begin reducing the amount of "crapware" on its consumer PCs, a move triggered by last week's admission that adware pre-loaded onto the company's machines posed a critical security threat.

hp sprout tap to start

Adding dimensions to HP

Recently HP made some interesting announcements regarding its push into the emerging world of 3D and business oriented tablets. Will this move HP into a leadership position in next generation printing and computing, or simply give...

Toyota Mirai

Toyota begins production of its first hydrogen fuel cell car

Toyota this week held a ceremony marking the beginning it its production of the Mirai, which will begin selling later this year at a base price of $57,500.

screen shot 2015 02 26 at 12.35.33 pm

Samsung mass produces 128GB smartphone memory with 2X-plus performance

Samsung said it is mass producing the first embedded NAND flash memory based on the UFS 2.0 specification, which offers 2.7 times the speed of common eMMC flash.


Researchers uncover signs of Superfish-style attacks

Researchers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation found evidence that indicates attackers have exploited a security vulnerability in the Superfish adware and a slew of other programs

Lenovo site hack

Lenovo website hacked in wake of Superfish debacle

Lenovo's website appeared to have been hacked Wednesday, possibly in retaliation for a piece of adware it installed on PCs that was found to have opened up a security hole. Early Wednesday afternoon Pacific time, some visitors...


Lenovo's brand 'buzz' score takes hit after Superfish crapware flap

Lenovo's "brand buzz" rating fell by half after reports surfaced that it had pre-loaded hacker-vulnerable adware onto consumer PCs, a brand quality measurement firm said today.

Really, it's a great solution, but...

This big minicomputer computer keeps getting errors writing to the disk drives it manufactures, and none of the engineers can figure out why. But when a new engineer tries his hand at it, he comes up with a fix.

rooftop photovoltaic array

How regulators and legislators make it harder for you to use solar power

While solar power is leading other sources for new electrical capacity, the distributed power movement, where homeowners and businesses deploy photovoltaic panels on site, is under assault by utilities and fossil fuel interests.

And no, you don't get to keep the CRT either

In the late 1990s, this organization is on a six-year refresh cycle for monitors, with the next wave is set to be flat-panel displays, And for one engineer, that can't come soon enough.

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