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Lenovo to hand out $100 refunds, $250 vouchers to settle IdeaPad suit

Lenovo will refund $100 or issue a $250 voucher to owners of IdeaPad U310 and U410 laptops to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging design defects in the computers.

Really, just a Post-It note would have worked fine

After an employee at a remote office is let go because of poor productivity, his laptop is shipped back to this IT tech -- who finds a piece of masking tape over the built-in webcam. And under the tape?

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980

Nvidia pumps more horsepower into its flagship graphics chips

Nvidia is bringing brighter images and sharper special effects to its new flagship GeForce GTX 980 and 970 graphics processing units.

desktop pc

Microsoft heads back to the desktop

After failing on smartphones and tablets, Microsoft is hoping it can find redemption back on the desktop.

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Dremel releases a 3D printer for the masses

Hand power tool maker Dremel has unveiled a 3D printer it said will allow almost anyone to use the desktop technology.

Apple logo, patched up

Apple delivers final non-security Mavericks update

Apple on Wednesday released OS X 10.9.5, what is most likely the last non-security update for Mavericks, just weeks before the company will ship Yosemite.

Stratasys objectjet printer

GE to use crowdsourcing and 3D printers to build next-gen appliances

GE will use Stratasys printers and a crowdsourcing site where users can offer their ideas to create prototypes for future household appliances.

toshiba windows laptop

Toshiba slashes struggling consumer PC business

In another sign of the decline of the PC, Toshiba is cutting its PC workforce by about 900 people and sales bases by more than half.

close up of a speedometer unit 57436662
In Depth

Beyond FLOPS: The co-evolving world of computer benchmarking

Benchmarks have been evolving along with the hardware they measure, and both are getting more complex.

applecdn primary

Apple updates privacy policy, moves to reassure users

Apple has outlined a new privacy policy and set up a site to explain what data it collects from users and how it handles that information.

Cloud computing security lock.

Apple turns on iCloud two-step verification after nude selfie scandal

Apple on Tuesday began offering an additional security protection for iCloud users, a move the company made following the theft of nude photos from several celebrities' accounts last month.

thoughts on apple tim cook and privacy

Thoughts on Apple, Tim Cook and privacy

While Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is "offended" at the way customer privacy is being undermined by some tech firms, you should be frightened...

os x yosemite icloud drive

iOS app devs warn customers off iOS 8's iCloud Drive

Third-party developers of iOS apps today urged iPhone and iPad users not to accept Apple's offer to upgrade iCloud storage to iCloud Drive after they install the new iOS 8.

Facebook releases its mcrouter data-caching tool as open source

Facebook is releasing mcrouter, its software for turning many cache servers around the world into one distributed system, as open source.

Appeals court tosses $368M patent judgment against Apple

A federal appellate court today threw out a 2012 judgment against Apple that required it to pay $368 million to VirnetX for patent infringement by the company's FaceTime video calling service and its implementation of VPN.

high res m600d form factors 1

Micron ships 16nm node SSDs, cheapest price yet

Micron is shipping its latest client SSD that offers up to 1TB of capacity at a cost of just 45 cents per gigabyte.

Cross-examination can work ON lawyers, too

Support pilot fish gets a visit from his company's biggest and brightest hot-shot lawyer, whose laptop isn't working -- and he's willing to wait while fish fixes it.

7 steve jobs stories we learned this month

7 Steve Jobs stories we learned this month

Several interesting insights have emerged about iconic Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs in recent weeks -- I thought they may interest some readers.

DisplayPort 1.3 standard supports 5K monitors

The new DisplayPort standard, announced by Video Electronics Standards Association, will replace the existing 1.2a standard.

Intel's Broadwell 14nm wafer

PC confusion likely with Intel's quick jump to Skylake

Laptop and desktop buying decisions could get confusing in 2015 as Intel introduces PC chips based on two different architectures -- Broadwell and Skylake -- in the same year.

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