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Windows 10 Start screen

Intel and Micron unveil 3D XPoint -- a new class of memory

Intel and Micron say they've developed the first new kind of memory since NAND flash was introduced in 1989.

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Microsoft starts pre-loading Windows 10 upgrade onto PCs

Microsoft has begun downloading the Windows 10 upgrade to some PCs whose owners had previously "reserved" a copy, hinting that they'll be among the first to see the upgrade notice on their Windows 7 and 8.1 devices.

conferencecam connect

Review: 4 low-cost videoconferencing devices keep you connected (video)

If you need to conduct meetings with remote colleagues or clients, these relatively low-cost videoconferencing devices can enhance the experience.

Right idea, wrong beep

User calls this support pilot fish, complaining that his UPS must need a new battery, because it keeps beeping at him from time to time. So why isn't fish finding anything wrong?


Videoconferencing Gear Roundup

Computerworld's Brian Nadel shows off four videoconferencing kits that can help you communicate with employees, clients or customers more effectively. See full story here -...

windows 10 desktop capture

Final Windows 10 upgrade forecast sees OS on 440M PCs by early '17

Microsoft should have Windows 10 on more than 440 million personal computers by early 2017, according to a new analysis of user share data and upgrade tempo.

beats headphones

Apple hands out Beats headphones for back-to-school promo

Apple kicked off its annual back-to-school promotion in the U.S., switching the deal to a free pair of Beats headphones for customers who buy eligible Macs.

car wireless internet security privacy security locks 100437820 primary.idge

Hacker: 'Hundreds of thousands' of vehicles are at risk of attack

A hacker who was able to wirelessly gain access to a Jeep and control its vital functions said he could do the same with any number of vulnerable vehicles on the road today.

Cleanliness is actually next to sabotage, it seems

Trouble ticket comes in to the on-site tech pilot fish at this small regional university: Ever since the mid-semester break, students can't log in on some of the iMacs in a Biology computer lab.

cook connects

Apple's Q3: $10.7B profit and a 'great start' for Apple Watch

Apple made a ton of money in the third quarter of the year with strong iPhone sales and record revenue from services.

An iPhone 6 Plus in hand

Apple device sales: iPhone soars, iPad slips, Watch data unclear

Rolling four-quarter averages offer a better look at overall trends for iPhone, iPad and Mac -- although not for the new Apple Watch.

White Apple logo on storefront

Ahead of earnings, experts peg Mac sales up 9%, total 4.8M for Q2

Apple sold approximately 4.8 million Macs in the June quarter, according to the average of 30 analysts' forecasts published today by Fortune.

Best Chromebooks

The best Chromebooks you can buy right now

Choosing a Chromebook can be a difficult decision -- but it doesn't have to be. A newly updated guide to picking the best device for your needs.

XZYprinting's Nobel 1.0 3D printer

Review: The Nobel 1.0 -- stereolithographic 3D printing on the cheap

For $1,500, XYZprinting's Nobel 1.0 stereolithographic 3D printer can blow away fused filament printers in accuracy. However, it does have some drawbacks.

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IBM's Q2 sales slide 13% after it dumps low-end server unit

IBM has reported another quarter of declining revenue and profit, though sales of its new mainframe gave it a lift.

3up macbook primary

Retina MacBook still constrained by shipping delays

More than three months after it went on sale, Apple's Retina-equipped MacBook remains in short supply.

U2 singer Bono walks inside transparent LED video screens

U2 tours with all-flash array to rock the latest video effects

Irish rockers U2 are continuing to innovate in their use of video on the current Innocence + Experience tour, and behind the scenes is some extremely high-performance, all-flash technology. Video show director Stefaan "Smasher"...

AMD financial results

AMD vs. Intel -- the war is lost, as Su's co. bleeds badly

AMD releases yet another set of dreadful numbers. It's doing really badly at its bread'n'butter -- selling CPUs and GPUs. Its custom SoC business is the only highlight in a dark, dark story...

Mini-PC round-up: A look at 6 new Windows 8.1 offerings

Mini-PC round-up: A look at 6 new Windows 8.1 offerings

Desktop computers aren't the bulky towers they used to be. Here are six mini PCs that fit in the palm of your hand and will change how you think about PCs.

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