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French Senate extends state of emergency
is apple preparing to take 8 billion from google

storage blocks cloud data code

EMC helps VMAX, VNX storage arrays hook up with public clouds

On Tuesday, EMC introduced automatic tiering of data from its VMAX and VNX systems to public clouds including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Platform.

Google Local Guides

Google offers up to 1TB of free storage for 'Local Guides' posts

As part of its effort to populate its “Local Guides” feature, Google is offering up to 1TB of free cloud storage to anyone who reviews a restaurant.

dropbox smartphone mobile

Dropbox goes enterprise (again). Too little, too late?

Dropbox has long been a Silicon Valley darling. Its star, however, has waned a little in recent years. Will the company's new enterprise focus help with that?

box for windows 10 app blog post image

Box boosts Windows 10's enterprise potential with new app

Box, the enterprise-focused cloud storage company, released a new app for Windows 10 that marks a major endorsement of Microsoft's developer platform strategy for its new operating system.

Money bags, full of cash.

Microsoft's OneDrive changes: Follow the money

Microsoft could raise more than $100 million in additional annual revenue for each percentage point of OneDrive users the company prods into paying for storage space.

Windows Phone

Windows smartphone owners question Microsoft's commitment after OneDrive space reduction

Microsoft decision to drastically slash the free allotment of its OneDrive storage service has annoyed Windows phone users.

20151104 drew houston dropbox open2

Dropbox woos large businesses with new Enterprise offering

Large enterprises have a new Dropbox product tailored for them that the company unveiled at its user conference in San Francisco.

Drew Houston Dropbox Open

Dropbox touts enterprise growth at user conference

Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston announced at the company’s first conference for users that there are now more than 150,000 companies paying for its Dropbox for Business product, up from the 130,000 business customers he...

onedrive petition

OneDrive users petition Microsoft to rethink storage cuts

As of early Wednesday, an online petition had collected nearly 2,000 virtual signatures.

microsoft logo redwest a

OneDrive users rage against the Microsoft machine for backpedaling on unlimited storage

Users of Microsoft's OneDrive online storage service on Tuesday railed against the company's decision to ditch its unlimited allowance, calling it a betrayal.


Microsoft shrinks OneDrive storage limits for some Office 365 customers

Microsoft is ending its unlimited OneDrive storage plan, and will put a cap of 1TB on storage for Office 365 Home, Personal or University subscribers.

abstract rack of servers datacenter networking hardware

Operations costs are the Achilles' heel of NoSQL

Companies interested in adopting NoSQL should consider their options carefully. The vast majority of database use cases do not need massive horizontal scalability. Most applications could be better off with traditional SQL databases....

kurian netapp

NetApp's new CEO talks about hybrid cloud, customer challenges

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, new NetApp CEO George Kurian spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about the reasons for the leadership change and how he plans to deal with the financial and product...

Western Digital SanDisk hard drive SD card

Here's why Western Digital is buying SanDisk

Western Digital's purchase of SanDisk, part of a consolidation trend in the storage market, gives it instant access to the 3D NAND flash technology making its way into enterprise data centers.

adobe document cloud logo

Adobe teams with Dropbox as part of Document Cloud upgrades

Adobe announced a slew of upgrades to its Document Cloud document management platform on Tuesday, including a new partnership with Dropbox to better integrate Acrobat and the cloud storage provider.

dell emc merger

Dell, EMC deal is a reconciliation of a conflicted 10-year marriage

Dell and EMC spent 10 years selling each other's storage products, a deal that created billions of dollars in revenue for the companies. But when the relationship got too competitive, the partnership ended two years earlier than...

20151012 jeetu patel box

Box's future lies in developer tools

For a decade, Box has built its business on selling cloud storage services to consumers and companies, but the company is now making a move towards providing developer tools.

Michael Dell at Dell World

As a private firm, Dell-EMC will have freedom HP can only dream of

Dell's acquisition of EMC will give it access to a sales force notorious for its ability to "sell ice to eskimos," while EMC will gain a new foothold among mid-market customers. As a private entity, the combined result will face a...

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