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Backblaze Storage Pods in Data Center
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Storage predictions for 2015

The storage industry is changing rapidly. This post covers the trends and technologies that will affect your decisions in 2015


Dropbox for Business becomes a platform with new API

With the introduction of a Dropbox for Business API, cloud storage and collaboration company Dropbox opens the gates for all kinds of new integrations with the likes of Splunk, Microsoft, IBM, Dell and others.

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The state of storage in 2014

Planning often and early is a good idea. In this two part blog on storage directions, I cover the current state of the art in 2014, and where I believe we'll be heading in 2015 and beyond.


How Apple could exploit a forever-free iCloud

While Google and Microsoft are using large amounts of free cloud storage to sell inexpensive consumer notebooks, Apple has so far stood above the fray. But there's no reason why Apple can't join in the fun.

Windows 10

Double-edged feedback sword nicks Microsoft over OneDrive

The double-edged sword of feedback has drawn some blood from Microsoft's Windows 10 and nicked the company's promise to listen to users.

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Review: Microsoft's hybrid cloud storage -- overpriced, underwhelming

Microsoft's Azure StorSimple backup and DR solution offers compelling Azure integrations, but the high price and absence of local management hold it back

Microsoft schedules OneDrive rollout for Office 365 ProPlus subscribers

Microsoft on Monday promised that Office 365 ProPlus subscribers would have access to OneDrive for Business, the company's enterprise-grade cloud storage service, by the end of January 2015.

Microsoft's defense of OneDrive changes fails to silence critics

Microsoft's explanation of why it discarded an advanced feature in OneDrive on Windows 10 failed to curb angry users' criticism.

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Microsoft updates Windows 10, gets an earful from users about OneDrive changes

Microsoft yesterday rolled out the next update to its Windows 10 Technical Preview, but an alteration to how OneDrive, the company's cloud-based storage service, synchronizes files got a big thumbs down from users

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The 5 SMART stats that actually predict hard drive failure

Backblaze, the cloud service provider that has released several internal studies on hard drive failure rates in its data center, today released data showing SMART stats are inconsistent from manufacturer to manufacturer and don’t...

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Box updates storage app with iOS 8 widget and more

Box upgraded its storage app on Apple iOS and the web with new features to make it easier for users to access their cloud stuff.

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Nasuni raises the bar for hybrid cloud storage

Subscription-based service offers scalable storage for enterprises.

Office and Dropbox

Microsoft, Dropbox strike give-and-take Office 365 deal

Microsoft and Dropbox will integrate each of their corporate offerings -- Office 365 on Microsoft's part, Dropbox for Business on Dropbox's -- with the other's services.

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Seagate gives Ethernet-connected drives their own IP address

Seagate today is unveiling a new hard drive that can be used as an object-based storage device for cloud or scale-out unstructured data stores.

The Matrix Bullet Dodge

Bulletproof storage

As storage becomes more dense, A system which is highly available becomes more critical. The term bullet proof has been used to describe storage systems which are designed with extremely high availability in mind. Could your storage...

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EMC snaps up three startups to help build hybrid clouds

EMC continued its push into hybrid clouds on Tuesday, buying three startups and introducing a package of hardware, software and services for getting a cloud up and running.

Industry reacts to Cisco cutting stake in VCE, EMC taking control

We've rounded up articles and social media commentary on the big changes taking place with the VCE converged infrastructure joint venture.

Microsoft fires new shot in storage wars, gives Office 365 users unlimited OneDrive

Microsoft today abolished space restrictions on its cloud-based OneDrive storage service for subscribers to Office 365, saying per-user allotments are now unlimited.

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