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Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman

pawn storm

Russian cyberspies targeted punk rock band Pussy Riot

A closely watched band of suspected Russian hackers have spied on domestic targets, including two members of the outspoken punk rock band Pussy Riot.


Samsung unveils 15TB SSD based on densest flash memory

Samsung has taken the wraps off an enterprise-class SAS SSD that stores 15.36TB in a 2.5-in. laptop drive form factor.

cloud storage hp

Dropbox adds U2F support for better security

It's a better option for high-security environments, one analyst says.


DOJ wants encryption that still allows law enforcement access

Encryption systems can be designed that still give law enforcement agencies access customer data with court-ordered warrants while still offering solid security, according to U.S. Department of Justice officials.

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Google offers users of its Compute Engine their own encryption keys

Google will let enterprise customers of one of its Cloud Platform services lock up their data with their own encryption keys, in case they're concerned about the company snooping on their corporate information.

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Microsoft to pay $320M for cloud security provider Adallom, report says

Microsoft is said to be paying $320 million to acquire Adallom, a cloud security provider whose services might help Microsoft in its new push toward becoming a "cloud-first" company.


3 Minutes With Werner Vogels

At Amazon's AWS Summit in New York, Network World's Brandon Butler sat down with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels to discuss the latest cloud developments from the company.

lastpass hack

LastPass users: Your worst nightmare just came true. So what now?

LastPass, the cloud-based password manager, has been hacked. So it's probably time for a precautionary master-password change...

amazon transparency report

Amazon gets transparency religion about government snooping -- but what took you so long?

AWS releases post-Snowden transparency report: Two years too late? Amazon CISO Stephen Schmidt finally opens kimono, and promises to continue doing so...

venom cloud virtualization

'Venom' vuln poisons your cloud (so patch now)

Venom is a horrible, horrible bug: Sky falling, film at 11. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers activate awful acronyms...


Security extortion? When legit disclosure morphs into a shakedown

The essence of security is not trusting that people will do the right thing. Firewalls, deadbolts and armed guards exist to slow down or stop bad guys, not to encourage good acts from good guys. With that in mind, let's look at how...

reboot cloud security

Cloud computing brings changes for IT security pros

Watch out, computer security professionals: Cloud computing vendors are coming for your jobs sooner than you think.

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Slack hacked, compromising users' profile data

The company has added two-factor authentication.

Anti-censorship group in China faces DDoS attack

An activist group working to end China's Internet censorship is facing an ongoing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that threatens to cripples its activities.

take that nsa

Email-crypto crypto-war breaks out: Yahoo! opens OpenPGP plugin -- NSA FUMES

For the remaining folks that haven't given up on Yahoo!'s email, news from SxSW may be a vindication of sorts. Thumbing its nose at the NSA, Yahoo! has released the end-to-end email encryption source to be used in its new browser...

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Lawsuit seeks damages against automakers and their hackable cars

A Dallas-based trial attorney has filed a lawsuit against Toyota, Ford and GM for failing to address a defect that allows cars to be hacked and control wrested from the driver.

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Box woos financial services firms with a tailored cloud offering

It was just about two weeks ago that Box set out to remove a major barrier to the cloud for security-minded organizations with its Encryption Key Management capability. Now, it's taken that focus a step further with a full-fledged...

google cloud platform

Google Cloud offers security scanning for customer apps

Google has released a security scanner to help its cloud customers guard against attacks on their Web applications.

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