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Google street view Mont Blanc

Google aims to kill 'Death by PowerPoint' with new Slides

Google Slides -- can it displace PowerPoint? La GOOG hopes so, especially in education. The new features -- currently rolling out on Android, iOS and the Web app -- aim to make slide presentations more interactive...

Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy's new company makes an acquisition

Success begets success. So when Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy does something, the world takes note.

nextbit robin phone

25% off Nextbit Robin Unlocked Android Phone - Deal Alert

Born on Kickstarter, Robin is the first Android phone that makes running out of space history. With the cloud integrated into Android OS, your onboard storage is merged with the cloud, so you always have the space you need.

Instagram Facebook

Instagram pwned by 10-year-old Finn Jani -- Facebook pays $10,000

Instagram hacked by Jani, so Facebook gave him $10,000 because of his white-hat stylee. Also, it's good PR to be seen to reward a 10-year-old proto-researcher....

Virtual machine

Review: HPE’s machine learning cloud overpromises, underdelivers

Haven OnDemand’s enterprise search and format conversions are the strongest services, while more interesting capabilities are not fully cooked

sharepoint mobile

Sharepoint to go mobile this year with a new app

After 15 years on the market, Microsoft SharePoint is still going strong. The enterprise content management and collaboration platform software is getting a number of updates over the coming year to benefit the more than 200,000...

IBM four qubit square circuit

IBM makes quantum computing available in the cloud

IBM Research is making its quantum processor available to the public via IBM's cloud to any desktop or mobile device.

microsoft campus building

Microsoft's Solair acquisition could expand its IoT services

Microsoft dove deeper into Internet of Things technology on Tuesday with the acquisition of Solair, an Italian company that operates a cloud-based IoT platform.

20160503 emc vxrack neutrino node

EMC's latest VCE nodes aim to make clouds easy

One way to get enterprises and service providers to adopt cloud infrastructure is to make it easier to set up and use. That’s what EMC is doing with Neutrino, a new type of hardware-software node for the VCE VxRack platform.

careers money

Mavenlink offers a consulting service, because services bring protection

Maybe coincidental, or maybe a response to an increasingly turbulent marketplace.

20151027 openworld oracle cloud signs

Can Oracle buy a way into the cloud?

It wasn't so long ago that Oracle dismissed cloud computing as "gibberish." Now, it's singing a different tune.

illustration of shark eating fish

Oracle pays $532 million to snatch up another cloud service provider

Oracle on Monday announced that it is paying $532 million to buy Opower, a provider of cloud services to the utilities industry.

20160502 emc unity storage array

EMC World kicks off with cloud backup and cheaper flash arrays

EMC is kicking off its EMC World user conference with a new backup offering and a storage array priced for mid-sized enterprises.

blockchain code

IBM offers advice on how to secure blockchain in the cloud

Cloud providers hosting the blockchain secure transactions technology should take additional security steps to protect those records, IBM recommends.

mark collier openstack cloud IaaS open source

OpenStack Summit -- checking in after another six months

The bi-annual OpenStack summit is always a great chance to see how the initiative is going.

kyle pundez h. d. smith supply chain

Why analytics is eating the supply chain

New software is enabling better visibility and more collaboration among partners, including key customers and suppliers.

radeon nano fiji gpu

You'll soon be using GPU as a Service

The role and deployment of the GPU is about to change dramatically, going from an embedded component to a cloud-based service. And it will usher in some major new market opportunities.

tivo bolt

Rovi to acquire TiVo for $1.1 billion

Online entertainment listings company Rovi plans to acquire digital video recording firm TiVo for $1.1 billion in a stock and cash deal, the companies said.

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