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Salesforce Snap-ins Service Cloud Lightning

Blue Origin launch

Afraid of floods and hackers? Put your data in space

Satellite-based data centers with room for petabytes of data may start orbiting Earth as early as 2019. But when it comes to keeping secrets safe from the long arm of the law, the black void may not be far enough.

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Icertis and PROS partner to fend off the SteelBrick threat

More shenanigans in the revenue and contract management space as vendors of every shade position for the changing seasons.

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Apixio scoops up cash to drive uptake of healthcare cognitive computing

Wow, that's a lot of buzzwords right there. So what does it all mean, and what is Apixio up to?

20160524 cisco meraki mc74 phone

Cisco's Meraki spreads its cloud to voice

If you manage your whole LAN in the cloud, why not add in the desk phones, too? That's what Cisco's Meraki division has done. Its first phone, the MC74, can be managed on the same dashboard Meraki provides for its switches, Wi-Fi...

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Google says welcome to the Cloud 2.0

Enterprises' initial entrance into the cloud is over and they are witnessing the arrival of the Cloud 2.0. That's the word from Diane Greene, senior vice president for Google's cloud businesses.


What does protocol really mean in your data center?

Does protocol matter when you are building out your storage? Is it a hardware choice? Maybe a software choice?

saasgenius SaaS

This site aims to be the Yelp of the SaaS world

Online reviews have already transformed the way people choose everything from restaurants to respiratory therapists, and now SaasGenius wants to do the same for enterprise software in the cloud.

Zach Nelson NetSuite CEO

What a difference a year makes: A more traditional SuiteWorld 2016

Those who got a bit of a shock at last year's NetSuite conference will be back on familiar ground.


Encryption is the foundation of the new data center

As workloads in the corporate data center begin to migrate to the public cloud, the need to encrypt data in motion and at rest becomes foundational.

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Cue the guerrilla marketing -- FinancialForce rolls out PSA Communities

It's the week of NetSuite's SuiteWorld conference, so what better time for archrival FinancialForce to announce some product news?

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Preparing for a Salesforce implementation

One of the best investments you can make in your Salesforce implementation process is to have a clear plan. This article includes best practices for a successful CRM implementation.

LinkedIn hack password

LinkedIn zombie hack returns for your braaains

LinkedIn was hacked way back in 2012, but the leak of passwords four years ago wasn't the end of the story. Another 117 million have turned up, and many of those old passwords still seem to be valid...

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Cloud28+ turns its cloud catalog into an enterprise app store

Cloud28+, the cloud services federation backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, wants to help companies install enterprise applications, not just choose them from its catalog.

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Google's new chip makes machine learning way faster

Google has taken a leap forward in the speed of its machine learning systems with the creation of a custom chip that it's been using for over a year.

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John Deere is plowing IoT into its farm equipment

John Deere is taking the Internet of Things out into the field by developing new technologies and embracing existing ones to boost the efficiency of prepping, planting, feeding and harvesting with the goal of improving per-acre crop...

SAP's S4/Hana at Sapphire Now 2015

SAP seeks to simplify IT with a beefier version of Hana

SAP has updated its flagship Hana in-memory computing platform with a raft of new features designed to make IT simpler while giving organizations a better handle on their data.

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Transitioning to the cloud: Adobe hits it out of the park

Adobe is a case study in moving from traditional software delivery to the cloud. The bottom line seems to be enjoying the change.

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Microsoft and SAP deepen cloud partnership

SAP and Microsoft have expanded an existing partnership to offer new products to users of the Azure and Office 365 cloud services, focused on better integrating the two companies' offerings.

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