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News Corp

How News Corp is uniting 10 business units and 25,000 employees in a global IT push

Among the initial goals for the new IT transformation: to get 75% of News Corp's computing power onto the cloud within three years, to consolidate its 50 data centers down to six, and to achieve $100 million in savings over three...

aws amazon web services

Amazon launches managed Elasticsearch service

Amazon announced a new service that's designed to make it easier to spin up and operate the popular Elasticsearch open-source search and analytics engine.

ibm watson

IBM delivers unicorns and rainbows: Fully hybrid Bluemix offering

Hybrid, like the Pepsi commercial went, the choice of a new generation. IBM wants to leverage this fact and is announcing some technologies that push the hybrid story further.

ibm corporate headquarters 1 2 100610081 orig 2

IBM brings Bluemix behind the firewall for sensitive workloads

IBM’s Bluemix development platform is already available in public and hosted private cloud versions. On Thursday, the company announced a third option for customers that need to build apps behind a firewall.

Banner with BoxWorks logo

IBM-Box enterprise deal yields new content tools

IBM and Box have started to deliver on a partnership they announced in June to help enterprises users share content and collaborate.

SAP's S4/Hana at Sapphire Now 2015

Many SAP users are still skeptical about S/4Hana and cloud ERP

SAP placed a big bet on S/4Hana when it launched the new enterprise suite earlier this year, but users aren't so sure it's the technology they're looking for.

microsoft logo redwest a

OneDrive for Business gets new tools to compete in crowded cloud storage market

Microsoft announced a suite of new updates to OneDrive for Business that should make it a more appealing option for companies looking to store files in the cloud.

business huddle

Box competitor Huddle makes two announcements during Box’s show week

The technology industry is a funny one, full of passive aggressiveness and false modesties. One common approach is to ride on the coattails of a competitors big week. And so it is today with Huddle.

cloud storage hp

Box debuts new app and services for businesses

Box announced a suite of new apps and services on Tuesday during its BoxWorks conference in San Francisco.

openstack photo

Mirantis' new version of OpenStack is good for Mirantis, not so good for the OpenStack story

The release of an incremental version of software shouldn't be newsworthy, but when it relates to the heralded OpenStack initiaitve, it's worth a look.

jason zander

Microsoft bolsters Azure in containers, security

Microsoft announced further enhancements to its Azure cloud platform, including a new container service and a new security center.

stormclouds danger warning

As cloud finally enters mainstream, Accenture acquires itself into relevance

The old technology world had global companies such as Accenture and Deloitte playing a critical part in implementing solutions. Recent news suggest the new world will be similar.

techy cloud

Juniper's fabric seeks to unite the enterprise

A reference architecture for enterprise networks is intended to help with the transition to cloud computing.

oracle redwood shores

Oracle services help enterprises mix cloud and on-premises software

For all the talk about cloud computing, it's a rare enterprise that doesn't still use at least some on-premises software. With that reality in mind, Oracle rolled out two new services designed to help companies integrate the diverse...

big data warehouse center storage

Get ready to meet Kudu, a new, open-source storage engine from Cloudera

An open-source storage engine called Kudu could soon be on the way from Cloudera, offering a new alternative for companies with big data stores to manage.

excel logical formulas screen2

Tidemark goes verticals, machine learning and benchmarking

Planning software vendor Tidemark is announcing some new features today, features that tell a broader story about the enterprise software landscape.

google cloud dataproc

With Cloud Dataproc, Google promises a Hadoop or Spark cluster in 90 seconds

Getting insights out of big data is typically neither quick nor easy, but Google hopes to change that with a new, managed service for Hadoop and Spark.

cloud apps security IBM

IBM tackles 'shadow IT' with a new cloud security tool for enterprises

If there's one thing that can strike terror into a CIO's heart, it's the security implications of the cloud. If there's another, it's the "bring your own" technology trend. Combine the two, and you've got the motivation behind IBM's...

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