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LaaS (Linux as a Service): What to expect when you build a Linux server in the cloud

Linux servers in the cloud -- cheaper and better than ever.

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Container wars: Rocket vs. Odin vs. Docker

We review three approaches to using containers as an alternative to virtual machines.


'Chopping the tail' to reduce IT complexity

CTO Bryson Koehler explains how he leverages open source and cloud services to reduce system complexity at The Weather Company, which has pulled eight data centers offline in the past several years.

barbedwire cloud

IBM fattens patent portfolio in cloud tech

IBM's long-term cloud strategy involves a large patent portfolio to keep competitors at bay.

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IBM aims new IoT community site at developers

The DeveloperWorks Recipes forum will offer technical tutorials on connecting remote devices to back-end cloud systems.


Does the Cloud Free up the Enterprise?

At the AWS Summit in New York, Amazon Web Services customers and analysts discuss whether public cloud services free up the enterprise from being 'held hostage' by traditional IT companies.

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This new 3D XPoint memory could last forever

Intel and Micron may be touting their new 3D XPoint memory as the first new class of memory since 1989, but it bears a remarkable resemblance to another memory that's been around for years. That said, 3D XPoint is in a league of its...

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Intel & Micron 3D XPoint memory -- is it just CBRAM hyped up?

Intel and Micron announce 3D XPoint. Pronounced 'crosspoint,' it's a new form of solid-state, non-volatile memory, we're told. We're also told it's faster and more durable than NAND flash. But we're not told much else, except it's not...

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Alibaba eyes cloud computing expansion with $1 billion investment

The Chinese company has plans to open a second data center in the U.S.

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5 ways to save money on your cloud costs

Here's how to quickly estimate the cost of your cloud environment.

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Google offers users of its Compute Engine their own encryption keys

Google will let enterprise customers of one of its Cloud Platform services lock up their data with their own encryption keys, in case they're concerned about the company snooping on their corporate information.

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Amazon takes on MySQL with Aurora

Going forward, Amazon will position Aurora as its default database service.

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IBM launches its data warehouse service into the cloud

The DashDB data warehouse relies on in-memory technology to speed up analysis.

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Amazon posts a $92M profit as AWS sales nearly double

Amazon Web Services generated $1.8 billion in sales for Amazon in the second quarter, up about 80 percent from the $1 billion it brought in a year earlier.

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YouTube cofounder endorses paid version

YouTube is preparing to launch an ad-free subscription service, perhaps by year-end.

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The cloud is complex, so Intel's launched a sweeping project to fix it

Intel has kicked off a broad effort to push the adoption of the modern cloud infrastructure, which it says has been slow to take off because the software is complex and takes too long to deploy.

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Google lures businesses to Nearline with 100 PB of free cloud storage

Google on Thursday had its sights fixed firmly on Amazon as it launched its new, low-cost Nearline cloud storage service out of beta and into general availability.

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New York eases limits on Uber's growth

It's probably safe to say goodbye to "de Blasio" mode in Uber's app in New York.

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