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Microsoft sets up machine learning demo site that guesses your age

To demonstrate the new machine learning capabilities in its Azure cloud, Microsoft has set up a Web site that guesses the ages of people in uploaded photos.

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Amazon buys ClusterK, a firm that helps users buy cloud capacity cheap

Amazon has acquired ClusterK, a developer of software that helps companies run mission-critical applications on spare cloud compute capacity sold by Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Build 2015 roundup

Build 2015 UBER mentions: #ITBW rounds up the best Build 2015 roundups

True to form, yesterday Microsoft began the keynote of its Build 2015 developer conference, discussing cloud first. Then, just as sleepy non-techie user types in the audience were starting to count sheep...

how to fix icloud sync in seconds

How to fix iCloud sync in seconds

You need to know what to do when your contacts or calendar events don’t sync between devices.

Microsoft to offer three new ways to store big data on Azure

Microsoft will soon offer three additional ways for enterprises to store data on Azure.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Nadella sets lofty cloud goals for Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wants to boost the company's enterprise cloud business run rate to $20 billion by fiscal year 2018.

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Microsoft refines Azure management portal preview to give IT pros more control

Microsoft has upgraded an IT management portal it's developing for Azure that's intended to calm the nerves of IT pros wary about moving on premises applications to the vendor's cloud.

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Paying too much for cloud services? These five tools can help cut your cloud costs

While it is great that cloud providers base their fees on what resources you actually consume, the various elements of your bill are daunting and complex, to say the least.


Security extortion? When legit disclosure morphs into a shakedown

The essence of security is not trusting that people will do the right thing. Firewalls, deadbolts and armed guards exist to slow down or stop bad guys, not to encourage good acts from good guys. With that in mind, let's look at how...

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Best practices for cloud spring cleaning

In the cloud, there are some insidious and barely visible new sources that contribute to software entropy.

Microsoft's Q3 results are in

Microsoft's Q3 results: Ups, downs (printed on tea leaves?)

Microsoft's Q3 financial results were officially reported yesterday. And as always, to mark the occasion, bloggers put on their analyst/numerologist hats...

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Amazon says its cloud is 'a $5 billion business'

Amazon has finally shared some numbers about its cloud business, and not surprisingly, they show that it's thriving and profitable.

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Microsoft's Q3 results get a lift from Office 365 and Azure

Microsoft reported better-than-expected financial results for its third quarter, helped by strong sales of cloud services like Office 365 and Azure.

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What does HP think it’s doing?

The recent confusion over whether HP would remain a public cloud provider illustrates how cloudy its strategic planning has been.

An upcoming watermarking feature from Box

Box wants to be a platform for easy-to-write enterprise apps

A developer edition of Box will allow enterprises to build apps on top of their content collaboration and sharing capabilities without using the Box user UI or requiring a Box account.

Office 365 migration path

Microsoft looks to address customer concerns about cloud control and transparency

Microsoft plans to give customers more control over their Office 365 data in the cloud and more visibility into how it's being accessed.

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IBM launches new threat-analytics tools in the cloud

IBM today launched two new services based on QRadar that make security event management software available through the cloud.

Microsoft Azure offers scalability as a service for high-volume apps

Microsoft plans to introduce a new cloud platform service that could ease concerns about scaling up an application as it grows in popularity.

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