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HP claims ''FIRST'' with 64-bit ARM servers

One in the eye for Dell -- Project Moonshot adds new blade types: HP's customizable server chassis 'n' cartridge range is getting interesting. Now it offers a 64-bit ARM unit, optimized for Web cache and HPC workloads. HP claims it's...

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Rackspace rebooting its cloud servers too

Rackspace is in the process of rebooting a substantial portion of its cloud servers before Oct. 1.

Oracle rolls out analytics cloud services

Its Exalytics in-memory appliance also gets an upgrade.

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Oracle expands depth of its cloud development platform

Oracle is giving its entry into the platform-as-a-service market an injection of new services in hopes of differentiating it from the likes of Windows Azure and's Salesforce1.

SDN: HP launches app store for enterprise

The SDN 'dam has been busted' says HP.

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Oracle's Larry Ellison throws down the cloud gauntlet

Oracle CTO and executive chairman Larry Ellison, who just a few years ago famously mocked the notion of cloud computing, has positioned the company to become the industry's largest cloud player, with something to offer customers at...

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Amazon AWS EC2: Always on (uhh... except when it's not)

Jeff Bezos looks astonished: Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instances will reboot themselves over the next few days. Looks like there's a nasty Xen bug that's responsible, but Amazon is being cagey about...

Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld

Cloud will be key for Oracle at OpenWorld

OpenWorld, which begins on Sunday, will serve as an introduction to Oracle's new executive structure and offer a look at the company's priorities.

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Amazon readies major cloud server reboot

Amazon Web Services will be updating a substantial number of its cloud servers, and customers are recommended to re-launch their instances in the coming days, according to AWS consultants; Xen hypervisor security bug could be to blame....

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Virtualization, Cloud Complicate Insider Threats for Federal CIOs

The expansion and blurring of the traditional government network environment require federal IT officials to rethink contracting processes and embrace real-time security monitoring.

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Consumer drives shown to be more reliable than enterprise drives

Seagate hard drives fail more often than those from Western Digital or Hitachi, according to an ongoing study by cloud service provider Backblaze.

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Google's massive new Dutch data center to cost $770M

Eemshaven's mean, green, advertising machine: Google is to build a new European data center in the Dutch city of Eemshaven, Groningen. It's said to be "hyper-efficient," whatever that means. But la GOOG isn't the only company...

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Talk to my coworkers? Are you MAD? Ray Ozzie's latest wild idea: Talko

If you don't talk happy and you never dream, then you'll never have a dream come true: Ray Ozzie is back, baby. His new startup, Talko aims to get us talking on the phone again -- but not on phone calls. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers say,...

Microsoft knocks iOS 8 install requirements, ups OneDrive free space

Microsoft yesterday levered the news that some iPhone owners had to delete content before installing the new iOS 8 with an offer to nearly double the free space for its OneDrive cloud storage service.

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The limits of Apple's iOS 8 privacy features

The privacy improvements in the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system provide necessary, but limited, protection to customers, experts say.

Carlsberg taps Office 365 to connect 20,000 global employees

Global brewing brand gives cloud collaboration tools to 20,000 staff.

SAP to buy Concur for $8.3B to boost cloud portfolio

SAP is buying business-travel and expense software vendor Concur in a bid to continue growing out its portfolio of cloud-based applications.

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Why the entry-level iPhone 6 has just 16GB of storage

While Apple offered several new features to its entry-level iPhone 6, it didn’t bump up the onboard storage capacity beyond where it was two years ago.

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