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Big Data analytics machine learning

The road to machine learning is likely paved with APIs

To take advantage of machine learning, most companies will probably turn to third-party APIs rather than do the work themselves.

machine learning

Natero brings predictive analytics to customer lifecycle management

Predictive analytics is being applied by many vendors to early stages of the sales funnel -- Natero is applying it to an organization's existing customer base.

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'State of the Cloud' report: Vendors make inroads on dominant players

Every year cloud management vendor RightScale runs a survey of cloud adoption. The results are always interesting reading.

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Zappa serves up Python Web apps, minus the servers

The framework for 'server-less' Python Web apps eliminates load-balancing worries and provides cost advantages over traditional servers

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7 elements of cloud SLAs you should focus on

Pay close attention to the SLAs in your cloud contracts, and negotiate better terms whenever you can.

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Collaborative work in the cloud: What I learned teaching my 9-year-old how to code

By teaching my nine-year-old to code using her Chromebook and Cloud9 IDE I had a chance to observe collaborative learning in action.

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Microsoft's Azure Stack beta gets new services, DevOps tools

People testing out the public beta of Microsoft's Azure Stack private cloud system have some new platform services and DevOps tools to play with, less than two weeks after it initially launched.

prysm enterprise collaboration

Prysm combines displays with SaaS to extend the reach of enterprise collaboration

The increasingly busy enterprise collaboration space got a new entry Monday with Prysm's new platform designed to support dispersed, multidevice workplaces.

cloud windows

Microsoft sees silver lining in clouded Windows

The company is in the midst of a great transition, and current indications are that it is going well.

Sample Plotly dashboard

Plotly targets BI users with new dashboard emphasis

The cloud service that once focused on stand-alone data visualizations now hopes to play in the business intelligence space.

The European Commission headquarters in Brussels (8)

What businesses should know about Privacy Shield

U.S. businesses may take some comfort from the fact that a successor to the Safe Harbor agreement has finally been named, but at this point, they shouldn't get too comfortable.

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Box helps businesses better control encryption of cloud data

Box has made it easier for its customers to control how stored data is encrypted with an update announced Thursday.

cloud data

IBM doubles down on data with four new cloud tools

Data is what makes today's business world go 'round, and IBM on Thursday launched a suite of new tools designed to help companies make the most of what they've got.

cloud integration biggest challenge

Cue the surprise: Oracle suggests Amazon's cloud isn't real

All is fair in love, war and technology marketing. In a fantastic example of ignoring the bleedingly obvious, Oracle wants to rewrite the playing field.

Power BI dashboard

Microsoft's Power BI sports new 'publish to Web' feature

Microsoft's Power BI data visualization service is making it possible for companies to share their business information with the world in an interactive format.


The 3 technologies retailers need to succeed

Retailers looking to grow in a fast-changing industry need to focus on three main technologies. Computerworld's Sharon Gaudin -- just back from the National Retail Federation's Big Show -- and Executive News Editor Ken Mingis have the...

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Microsoft launches IoT Hub to ingest data from the physical world

Microsoft announced that its Azure IoT Hub product for managing fleets of devices that feed digital data from the physical world will be generally available on Thursday.

Google data center

Google is said to endorse ARM server chips, but don't get excited yet

Google will give its public backing to Qualcomm's ARM server chip next week, according to a report, but history suggests it's too early to draw conclusions.

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