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Ranault ZOE, Nissan LEAF

Microsoft to connect Renault-Nissan self-driving cars through Azure cloud

Microsoft has signed a deal to work with Renault-Nissan to create a new vehicle communications platform via the Azure cloud.

volcano orange mclaren p1 in race mode 14494581169

Why Apple should buy McLaren -- even if it won't

Rumor has it that Apple is in talks with British supercar maker McLaren, but both companies are denying those claims. Here's why a deal would work out well for both parties.

Tesla Model S

Update: Researchers show off remote attack against Tesla Model S

Researchers from Chinese technology company Tencent found a series of vulnerabilities that, when combined, allowed them to remotely take over a Tesla Model S car.

160914 uber selfdriving 1

Obama administration rolls out policy for self-driving vehicles

The Obama administration released an overview of the federal government’s automated vehicles policy, which includes a checklist for makers on various aspects of the cars they are developing, as well as guidelines to states on evolving...

ARM Cortex R52

ARM's braking chip will help keep you safe in autonomous cars

Autonomous cars don't have the benefit of humans slamming on brakes to avoid accidents; chips will need to swiftly crunch sensor data and algorithms.

roboat self-driving autonomous boat

Autonomous boats -- yes, boats -- to hit the water in 2017

MIT and two Dutch universities are collaborating on a $27 million project to create a fleet of autonomous canal-going vessels. At the same time, private companies are already building open water vessels for a myriad of transportation...

Lyft car

Robot cars will make up most of Lyft’s rides in five years

Autonomous cars are set to take off but they are less likely to be driven by private owners and will in all probability be part of networks operated by ride-hailing services, according to the co-founder and president of Lyft.

lyft nyc

Transportation as a Service: Lyft's self-driving car revolution

Lyft president and cofounder John Zimmer has laid out a vision for the future, one that relies on self-driving cars. They will not only change how we get from one place to another, but also affect how our cities are designed.

tesla autopilot model s large

Autopilot tech supplier fears Tesla is pushing safety envelope too far

Autopilot supplier Mobileye has ended its relationship with Tesla because it believes the all-electric carmaker has been taking too many risks with semi-autonomous technology.


Land Rover lets you control your car while skydiving

British adventurer, Ben Grylls, tested out the new Land Rover Discovery's Intelligent Seat Fold Technology while jumping from a plane. Using a smartphone app, drivers will be able to perform a variety of functions including closing...

Tesla Model

Safety of Tesla Autopilot under scrutiny again, this time in China

Tesla Motors is once again facing controversy over the safety of its Autopilot technology for assisting car drivers, this time in connection with the death of the driver in a Model S crash in China.

160914 uber selfdriving 4

Uber's self-driving cars in Pittsburgh: What it's like to ride in one and where they're coming next

Move over Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh is the new hub of tech innovation. At least, it might seem that way, with Uber rolling out its pilot self-driving car program there this week.

self driving uber

As self-driving cars hit Pittsburgh's roads, Boston wants to be next

Uber today announced that some customers in Pittsburgh will find themselves in its first self-driving vehicles; meanwhile, Boston's mayor said he wants his city wants to welcome the testing of autonomous vehicles.

v2i v2v

Government, carmakers more worried than ever about vehicle cyber attacks

As lawmakers are calling for regulators to do more to address the threat of vehicle hacking, car companies are recognizing their vulnerabilities and investing in cybersecurity tools to protect their ever more sophisticated vehicles.


Your next Uber could be self driving

Self-driving Ubers are now arriving in Pittsburgh as the company tests out its autonomous car development

2016 jetta 5173

Volkswagen starts a new cybersecurity firm to prevent car hacking

As cars become more computerized, the vehicles are facing a greater risk of being hacked. That’s why Volkswagen is founding a new cyber security company devoted to protecting next-generation cars.


Chevy's all-electric Bolt has a Tesla-busting range

The new electric car from Chevrolet has a range of 238 miles, beyond that of the Tesla Model 3.

Drive PX 2 AutoCruise

Nvidia's updated Drive PX 2 computer will drive autonomous cars

Recent accidents involving Tesla cars may have been a setback for self-driving cars, but Nvidia believes a fast computer under the hood could make autonomous cars and cabs truly viable.

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