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Samsung Galaxy S7

iPhone 5se

“iPhone 5se” is the stupid name for next 4-inch Apple phone, say sources

Rumors point to iPhone 5se as the ridiculous name for the next small phone from Apple. Surprisingly, it's not going to be known as 6c—even though everyone was expecting that—and the release date is said to be in late-March or April...

apps and data representations being erased from a chalkboard

Containerization moves beyond the full erase

The latest containerization technologies enable IT to create separate, protected areas for work apps and data on employees' personal devices. The challenge is to maintain security.

iPhone 7 headphone jack Apple

Apple iPhone 7 / 6c rumor roundup: Radical rethink or money-grabbing ripoff?

The iPhone 7, Apple’s anticipated phone from its Fall 2016 catalog, is attracting more rumor attention than usual. In part because people are expecting bigger changes than the usual incremental tweaks and a new-look case...

Apple iOS 9 3 beta

Apple iOS 9.3 -- download to your iPhone (also mysterious Android migration whisper)

Apple iOS 9.3 download is now here (in beta, of course). Richi Jennings rounds up the key new features, but he also pokes at the rumor that iCorp is being “forced” to help people migrate to Android...

Xiaomi Redmi 3 release date

Wow! Xiaomi Redmi 3: only $107 for huge battery and metal build

The Xiaomi Redmi 3 release date is tomorrow, but only in China. It’s an incredible Android smartphone for not very much cash -- it comes with a full-metal jacket, huge battery, fast SoC, and decent-sounding cameras...

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors

YES: Samsung Galaxy S7 new rumors say SD card, big battery, 4GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge details revealed in a few new rumors. The new Sammy flagships get some features that users have been crying out for, but with an odd camera choice...

iPhone 7 rumors release date

iPhone 7 rumors: Apple goes waterproof, stripe-free, earlier release date

These iPhone 7 rumors are unquenchable, despite Apple’s traditional secrecy. As well as whispers about an earlier release date, we hear that the new shiny will be waterproof and will lose the oh-so-ugly antenna stripes...

Apple iPhone Samsung LG OLED

Apple iPhone to see LG/Samsung AMOLED glass -- “sources” (and tying shoes with math)

Apple will use OLED in a future iPhone: Samsung and LG are “close to agreement” with Cupertino, we’re told. Of course, Apple is hardly the first manufacturer to use an OLED screen in a smartphone...

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored: 3 sizes, iris scanner, magnesium, panic!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors are flying -- like bluebottles around a two-day-old carcass. Our friends in South Korea hope the new range of flagship phones will reverse their flagging fortunes...

iPhone 6c rumor

In this iPhone 6c rumor, China Mobile tips Apple April 2016 release date

Apple will launch the iPhone 6c early next year, and the release date is in April, says China Mobile. Wait, are you serious? This all seems a bit of a stretch, even for the usual gang of Apple rumor-mongers...

Google Nexus 50 Dollar discount

W00t -- Google Nexus 6P, 5X and Huawei Watch are $50 less

Google Nexus 6P and 5X smartphones are down in price direct from Google. Also the Huawei Watch gets a discount. And you can get it faster now, without forking out for the overnight option...

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors Qualcomm 820

Samsung Galaxy S7: Speedier than iPhone, hotter than Hell (and lower priced)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be powered by a chip that benchmarks faster than the Apple A9 SoC. But the South Korean shiny-pushers will be working hard to ensure heat isn’t an issue...

Apple iPhone 6c rumors

For Apple iPhone, size is important, says this rumor-monger (and @XH558)

Apple will launch an iPhone 6c next year, featuring the old-skool 4-inch display, an A9 SoC, Apple Pay, and a metal case. It replaces the 5c as entry-level shiny in the lineup...

iPhone 7 rumor headphone Lightning

Apple iPhone 7 chatter: You will pay even more [also: swim, Cthulhu, swim!]

With the iPhone 7, Apple is planning to strong-arm you into paying more for headphones. According to the latest rumors, Cupertino will remove the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, forcing you to connect your cans via Lightning...

Huawei Mate 8 Ascend $470

Huawei Mate 8 ascends to dizzying heights of phablet-ness

Huawei launches the Mate 8 flagship phablet. The 6-incher promises to be fast, sleek, good value, get great battery life, and actually come with a up-to-date version of Android. Wonders will never cease...

Pepsi Phone P1 official confirmed

Pepsi Phone P1 phablet looks amazing (but you can't buy it)

Pepsi is making an Android phone: Yes, the rumors were true: It’s called the Pepsi Phone P1. Well, not so much “making” as licensing its brand to a Chinese ODM, but y’know...

apple logo ipad pro

Apple touts the iPad Pro as built for business senior writer Matt Kapko visited Apple headquarters yesterday to talk about the iPad Pro the company’s strategy for positioning it as a tool for business.

google htc nexus 9 tablet tablets

Tablet shipments are down, but they're gaining ground at work

Overall tablet shipments may have dropped in recent quarters, but workplace uses for the devices are still growing in the U.S.

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