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BeyondCore report after revising my data
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Need to plumb Hadoop data lakes? Think Big's tool can help

Think Big on Monday unveiled its Dashboard Engine for Hadoop, which aims to make it easier for business users to extract insights from data stored in Hadoop.


The data science ecosystem, part 3: Data applications

The third part in a series on the data science ecosystem looks at the applications that turn data into insights or models.

Alation's new data-accessibility platform

In a haystack of data, Alation helps find the needle

Two-year-old startup Alation emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday with a new product focused on helping enterprises find the information they need to get ahead.

HP links Vertica and IDOL seeking better unstructured data analysis

Promising more thorough and timelier data analysis, Hewlett-Packard has released a software package that combines the company's Vertica database with its IDOL data analysis platform.

Chart and image gallery: 30+ free tools for data visualization and analysis

This sortable chart lets you compare dozens of tools for functionality, skill level and more.

Stacked bar plot created with the R GGally package

R in 5 lines or less: Data breach quick analysis

See how to generate counts by category and simple visualizations. With video and code.

salesforce dashboard designer

Why analytics is eating the world

It's been nearly four years since investor and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen proclaimed that software is "eating the world", and the evidence is everywhere. Full-scale transformations are being wrought upon companies and...

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EMC pools enterprise smarts to create data 'lakes'

EMC is drawing on its "federation" of companies to help customers build data lakes using EMC storage, VMware virtualization and Pivotal big-data smarts.

tableau 9.0 user monitoring

6 features coming to Tableau's new BI analytics suite

Tableau Software will release a big update to its business intelligence software in the coming weeks, promising that customers will be able to spend more time on data analysis and less on "data wrangling."

twitter business

IBM puts a price on Twitter analytics

The insight gained from a single tweet might not be worth very much, but the data from a million could be worthy. At least, IBM hopes so.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: Killer robots or intelligent partners?

We are in the middle of a tidal wave of interest, development, hype and fear toward artificial intelligence. How do we make sense of it all?


Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets an analytics-infused update

Following the launch of Dynamics CRM 2015 in November, Microsoft on Monday announced a spring update to the software that promises new social, mobile and analytics capabilities along with closer integration with Office 365.

Tableau's new drag-and-drop forecasting

Tableau 9.0 beta rolls out

The latest version of this data visualization software features drag-and-drop forecasting and smart splitting of data fields.

Mapping Starbucks in R

Useful new R packages for data visualization and analysis

From mapping to data munging, new R packages keep adding both functionality and ease of use to R.

Salesforce gives Service Cloud a shot of data science

Barely a week after adding a new predictive decision-making feature to its Marketing Cloud, has added a new Intelligence Engine for Salesforce Service Cloud that's designed to improve how service reps interact with...

Visualization in R

5 data visualizations in 5 minutes: each in 5 lines or less of R

See how quick and easy visualization can be.

Google chart options

R in 5 lines or less: Dataviz with the Google Charts API

Want to tap into the Google Charts API with just a few lines of code? There's an R package for that. We show you how to create a Google Charts data visualization in a snap-- complete with code and screencast.

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How IBM analyzes Twitter for enterprise devs

IBM is creating new ways to derive potentially valuable information from the massive, sprawling data set known as Twitter.

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