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New SAP Hana tool aims to bring focus to Big Data insights

A new SAP rapid-deployment service aims to help enterprises tap its Hana in-memory database and computing platform for BI initiatives involving Big Data.

Snow piles up during a winter storm

Snowmageddon: interactive maps for your blizzard enjoyment

Forecasts and social media hype, visualized

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Teradata buys mobile marketing software company Appoxee

Analytics systems supplier Teradata has acquired Appoxee, a Tel Aviv startup that develops in-app and push messaging software designed to increase mobile user engagement.

big data trends
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Now on CIO: 5 big data technology predictions for 2015

MapR CEO and co-founder John Schroeder predicts five major developments will dominate big data technology in the new year.

Bluewolf CRM Predictions

2015 CRM predictions to fire up customer success and growth

Nearly every company is working towards a digital frontier and as we close out 2014, it’s important for companies to reflect on the strategic initiatives that will impact and accelerate customer success and business results for 2015....

Watson Analytics data visualization

Test drive: IBM Watson Analytics free beta

Watson Analytics aims to make data analysis as simple as asking a question in plain English. We take it for a spin.

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Cisco sees a data analytics fortune at the network's edge

The company that commercialized routers 30 years ago is now using them to bring big-data analysis to the edges of networks, where some types of information may be valuable for a few seconds but not worth storing long-term.

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Hadoop successor sparks a data analysis evolution

If 2014 was the year that Apache Hadoop sparked the big data revolution, 2015 may be the year that Apache Spark supplants Hadoop with its superior capabilities for richer and more timely analysis.

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IBM Watson Analytics now open for business

After a lot of buildup, IBM Watson is now open for business.

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Microsoft Pulse 2.0 polling and analytics service launches in beta

Microsoft is launching its Bing Pulse real-time polling service as a free self-service beta that anyone can use to get feedback from their audience via phones and tablets during an event.

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Workday plots wave of predictive analytic apps

Workday is pushing into analytics with a series of specialized, predictive apps to help staff in HR and financial management roles.

Chart from Massachusetts Office of Campaign & Political Finance

Election data: One picture is worth ...

Looking at an interactive graph of campaign finance data is quite a bit more useful than a text list of contributions. The Mass. Office of Campaign & Political Finance CIO shows a new tool.

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Twitter and IBM team up on analytics apps

IBM and Twitter today announced a partnership that allows them to collaborate in a variety of ways to join social media data with enterprise apps and analytics.

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Startup aims to bring order to performance monitoring

The IT market is seeing a rush of startups that monitor apps, data, websites, servers and networks. While it's a great trend for best-of-breed IT shoppers, deployment of multiple tools creates its own problems.

IBM sends Cognos and SPSS to the cloud

IBM's popular Cognos Business Intelligence and the SPSS predictive analytics package are headed for the cloud.


Capitalizing on the data driven revolution

Data is being generated at a pace that was unimaginable a decade ago. It is clear that the use of data to drive business insights will separate those who lead from those who fall behind. Learn more about how we organizations can...


Analytics for the rest of us

In most enterprises up to now, analytics has been something separate from day-to-day operations. That’s about to change.


Salesforce's big opportunity is in keeping it simple

Salesforce is growing revenues fast and its developer ecosystem faster, meaning there are piles and piles of customer data just waiting to be studied.

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