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Some charts you can make with Plotly's new JavaScript library

big data fabric

Microsoft's Cortana Analytics looks to democratize big data

Microsoft has fused a number of its new data processing technologies into a single package to help companies extract more value from their growing piles of data.

Power BI Desktop application

Microsoft's Power BI visualization service arrives July 24

Microsoft's Power BI data visualization and business intelligence service will be generally available in two weeks.

businessman flowchart

Self-service BI review: Tableau vs. Qlik Sense vs. Power BI

All three next-gen BI solutions make data discovery and analysis remarkably easy, but Tableau does it best.

hollerith tabulating machine

Big data: The 100-year-old buzzword

Visual analytics and data science are hot. As we create more data than ever before, we seek newer, better, faster ways to make sense of it and to know what actions we should take to improve our world. We’re told that this is the age...

kyvos screenshot

Kyvos serves up Hadoop on cubes

What good is big data if you don't have the proper tools to make sense of it? A startup, Kyvos Insights, can transform terabytes of information stored on Hadoop clusters into easy-to-parse data cubes, the format business analysts...

60+ R resources to improve your data skills

From books to videos to online tutorials -- most free! -- here are plenty of ideas to burnish your R knowledge.

r consortium

Update: Google, Microsoft, Oracle back new R Consortium at Linux Foundation

A new R Consortium of major vendors launched today aimed at "strengthen[ing] both the technical and user communities," according to a Linux Foundation announcement.

R Consortium of major tech companies on the way?

Rumor on Twitter is that some major players will be joining forces to work on R infrastructure.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Playground

Salesforce launches free Analytics Cloud Playground

While you can't save interactives, the site lets you do quick explorations and get a taste of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

data analytics thinkstock

Review: Qlik Sense 2 chases Tableau

Combining rich visualizations with ease-of-use extras, Qlik brings powerful analytics to the rest of us.

demo traction 2015 champion followanalytics

Traction Watch: FollowAnalytics promises enterprise marketers fast, deep mobile and IoT analytics

Spring 2015 DEMO Traction champion FollowAnalytics has developed a "1:1 mobile marketing platform" that the company says helps enterprise marketers successfully transition to a mobile first strategy.

Graph using ggplot2 code snippets

Free download: Save R data visualization time with these ggplot2 code snippets

Tired of typing -- or trying to remember -- ggplot2 syntax? These code snippets can help.

data visualization

My ggplot2 cheat sheet: Search by task

Here's your easy-to-use guide to dozens of useful ggplot2 R data visualization commands in a handy, searchable table. Plus, download code snippets to save yourself a boatload of typing.

consumer data ts

8 ways to get the most from customer data

While everyone talks about big data, many organizations don't know how to best use the customer data they collect and store.

business analytics

Marketers are betting big on predictive analytics

The promise of predictive marketing is increasingly taking hold in enterprises looking to get a jump on their customers' buying plans.

business intelligence

Progress brings new analytics to enterprise customers

Progress' OpenEdge Analytics360 repackages Logi Analytics business intelligence software for enterprise use.

Closing announcement on Many Eyes

IBM to shutter dataviz pioneer Many Eyes

It looks like the end of the road for a site that offered what was once cutting-edge access to Web-based data visualization.

job candidate selection thinkstock

Gild sharpens its tool's hiring focus with BI

Personalized dashboards can be custom fitted to each hiring role.

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