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Live updates from the Microsoft Data Insights Summit

See the latest news from Microsoft's first Excel and Power BI user conference

Map of states voting in GOP primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday

Primaries show the danger of focusing on bad data

Whatever your politics, this year's presidential primaries are a great lesson in how to focus on the wrong metrics.

esri primary

Data: What you want to know about Super Tuesday states

Dig into demographics with this Esri story map


Getting analytical about analytics

Too many of us are making ad hoc decisions around things like analytic strategy, architecture and tool sets.

60+ R resources to improve your data skills

From books to videos to online tutorials -- most free! -- here are plenty of ideas to burnish your R knowledge.

darpa big data

The promise of predictive analytics for Web content

As companies continue to improve their ability to extract precise and meaningful insights from big data, the importance of using analytics to craft an effective content marketing strategy will only increase.

Sample Plotly dashboard

Plotly targets BI users with new dashboard emphasis

The cloud service that once focused on stand-alone data visualizations now hopes to play in the business intelligence space.

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Study: Untamed analytics will take your business on a wild ride

The potential business benefits of data analytics are great, but the predictive models can also “go awry” and produce unintended consequences if underlying assumptions are faulty or outdated. Companies need a governance strategy to...

Narrative Science Qlik Sense

Got data? This free tool will generate a story to tell you what it means

Charts and graphs may be some of the most commonly used tools for bringing data sets to life, but Narrative Science wants you to consider another one: Stories.

yahoo headquarters

Prospective Yahoo buyers would have eyes on its customer data

Potential suitors for Yahoo's Internet business could include Verizon, Comcast and AT&T, which would want to access the company's 20-year-old treasure trove of customer data.

statistics stats big data analytics

QlikView vs. Tableau: BI users debate the importance of pretty charts

Online reviews from business intelligence software users suggest that either QlikView or Tableau could do the job, so choosy BI buyers should consider whether it’s more important for the organization to have user-friendly charting or...

Dollar signs digital readout cash money

Lenders may eye smartphone use before giving you a loan

Smartphone usage is likely to be tracked soon in the U.S. to determine whether you qualify for a loan or figure out what interest rate to charge.

instant articles facebook ios

Is relying on a single content platform like Facebook worth the cost?

If you’re a website that wants to be “audience-first,” does exclusively distributing your content on a platform like Facebook Instant Articles make sense for your readers?

Cortana Power BI information display

Cortana now gets business data from Microsoft's Power BI service

Microsoft is bringing its Cortana virtual assistant deeper into the business world by combining its capabilities with those of Power BI, the company's business intelligence and analytics software.

Google chart options

Great R packages for data import, wrangling & visualization

Here are my go-to R packages -- in a handy searchable table

Sample chart using Plotly

Plotly to open source its dataviz code

The JavaScript library is now free to use in any project, or offline in MATLAB, RStudio or a Jupyter notebook.

fb instant articles 2

3 ways to make social sharing work for publishers

It’s still early to effectively weigh the pros and cons of these social media partnerships for digital publishers, but what’s certain is that the way that readers access content -- and the way that publishers distribute it -- is...

r consortium

New $85K package development service backed by R Consortium

And, the consortium's Infrastructure Steering Committee has more money to award; applications are now open.

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