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Andy Jassy Reinvent
SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

Open bank vault with gold coins spilling out

The myth of the 'golden metric'

What metrics actually matter? What role do they play for audience managers as we move into 2016? How should we approach all the charts and graphs presented by our myriad analytics platforms?

Adobe Analytics Workspace

Adobe Analytics adds drag-and-drop dataviz

New capabilities for the software formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst move out of beta today.

darpa big data

All your big data will mean nothing without systems of insight

Businesses want to use data to understand customers, but they can’t do that without harnessing insights and consistently turning data into effective action.

Google chart options

Great R packages for data import, wrangling & visualization

Here are my go-to R packages -- in a handy searchable table

computerworld aithennow image

Why artificial intelligence is succeeding: Then and now

A look at the re-emergence of A.I. and why the technology is poised to succeed given today's environment.

net neutrality reaction

Dominate the new news cycle with 4 audience engagement questions

By understanding general trends in the digital daily news cycle and by focusing on your loyal readers’ behavior and preferences, it is possible to create new digital deadlines to help your content make the biggest possible impact. ...

Cool - and useful - data projects in the real world

Computerworld's Data+ Editors' Choice Awards show how big-data analysis is doing everything from fighting fraud to discovering and treating medical problems.

Computerworld big data illustration by James Yang

Finding ROI in a swirl of data analytics

The 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honorees were selected for their ability to make smarter decisions for their organizations using big data.

beautiful green farmland with blue sky and clouds


Intelligent monitoring systems at this 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree help prevent failures in agriculture equipment

Members of Schneider Electric’s data integration project team [2015]

Schneider Electric

This 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree used data intelligence to improve the accuracy of price quotes and push sales of service agreements skyward

data analytics thinkstock


This television provider, a 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree, uses customer data to deliver addressable ads to specific households

Memorial Healthcare’s IT team [2015]

Memorial Healthcare

Data analytics helps this healthcare provider, a 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree, find operating room cost efficiencies and improve patient care

National Grid analytics team [2015]

National Grid

This 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree uses a predictive tool to combine advanced weather data and outage modeling technology to pinpoint areas at risk of losing power

Female executive standing in front of chalkboard with analytics


A business intelligence tool helps this 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree dig through mounds of data previously hidden in spreadsheets

FloraCraft accepts the Plex Systems 2015 Plex Impact Award for Innovation at PowerPlex 2015.


Analytics help this maker of Styrofoam products, a 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree, collect real-time data from materials, machines and people on the shop floor

Members of Loyola’s IT team [2015]

Loyola University Maryland

This 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree analyzes user activity and business needs to help secure individuals' information across campus

Mercy Healthcare’s data analytics project team [2015]

Mercy Healthcare

Analytics give doctors an objective way to assess different methods of caring for patients at this 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree

A behind-the-scenes look at life in the studio at Zulily’s Seattle headquarters.


A cloud platform at this 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree helps merchandisers make inventory decisions in a hurry

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