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Charter close to $55B deal to buy Time Warner Cable

Charter Communications is apparently near a $55 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable, a deal that would create a broadband powerhouse in the U.S.

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Law firm challenges net neutrality rules as too weak

The FCC faces a novel challenge to its recent net neutrality rules: a communications law firm is arguing the regulations aren't strong enough.

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FCC refuses to delay net neutrality rules

The FCC has denied the requests of several broadband providers and trade groups asking that the agency delay its net neutrality rules.

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Zuckerberg’s zeal for free Internet shows in video

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn't an evangelical preacher, but his latest video promoting the new Platform is filled with a missionary zeal.

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Rand Paul's bill would overturn U.S. net neutrality rules

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican presidential candidate, has introduced legislation that would overturn the Federal Communications Commission's recent net neutrality rules.

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Broadband is like a river (but not the way you think)

Just as rivers were the engines of prosperity for the U.S. as it emerged as a superpower, so now is broadband an engine of innovation. We need to tune that engine to stay ahead.


Consumer groups dance on the grave of Comcast-TWC deal

Consumer groups are cheering the news that Comcast has abandoned its planned $45 billion acquisition of cable and broadband provider Time Warner Cable.

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Comcast's $45B Time Warner Cable deal is dead

Comcast is officially walking away from plans to acquire Time Warner Cable.

Comcast abandons Time Warner merger plan

Comcast has apparently abandoned plans to merge with Time Warner Cable.

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Lack of broadband in some areas limits telemedicine

The lack of broadband service is limiting the deployment of telemedicine in some parts of the U.S.

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Google's Project Loon close to launching thousands of balloons

Google says it's Project Loon is close to being able to produce and launch thousands of balloons to provide Internet access from the sky.

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FCC faces seventh net neutrality lawsuit

Broadband provider CenturyLink has joined the list of ISPs and trade groups suing the U.S. Federal Communications Commission over its net neutrality rules.

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Update: Four more lawsuits challenge FCC's net neutrality rules

The rush is on to sue the FCC over its net neutrality rules.


The future is here: You may already be using IPv6

You've probably heard about the looming shortage of Internet addresses and the need for IPv6. What surfers may not realize is that in many places on the Web, it's already in use.

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GOP bill would invalidate FCC's net neutrality rules

A group of Republican lawmakers has introduced a bill that would invalidate the FCC's recently passed net neutrality rules.

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Comcast to launch 2Gbps fiber service starting in Atlanta in May

If anybody doubted there's growing — perhaps unprecedented — competition in the business of fiber-optic Internet service to the home, look at what cable giant Comcast announced Thursday.

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Thousands ask Congress to overturn net neutrality rules

Opponents of the FCC's new net neutrality rules aren't giving up.

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Verizon bumps up its 100G metro fiber-optic network

Verizon on Tuesday announced new technology to bolster its super-fast 100 Gbps fiber-optic network serving metro areas, but didn't reveal where the work will be done or other details.

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Update: FCC faces lawsuits against proposed net neutrality order

Broadband industry trade body USTelecom and a Texas Internet provider filed lawsuits Monday against a controversial U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposal to reclassify broadband providers, which could be the harbinger of...

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