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Comcast abandons Time Warner merger plan

Comcast has apparently abandoned plans to merge with Time Warner Cable.

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Lack of broadband in some areas limits telemedicine

The lack of broadband service is limiting the deployment of telemedicine in some parts of the U.S.

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Google's Project Loon close to launching thousands of balloons

Google says it's Project Loon is close to being able to produce and launch thousands of balloons to provide Internet access from the sky.

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FCC faces seventh net neutrality lawsuit

Broadband provider CenturyLink has joined the list of ISPs and trade groups suing the U.S. Federal Communications Commission over its net neutrality rules.

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Update: Four more lawsuits challenge FCC's net neutrality rules

The rush is on to sue the FCC over its net neutrality rules.


The future is here: You may already be using IPv6

You've probably heard about the looming shortage of Internet addresses and the need for IPv6. What surfers may not realize is that in many places on the Web, it's already in use.

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GOP bill would invalidate FCC's net neutrality rules

A group of Republican lawmakers has introduced a bill that would invalidate the FCC's recently passed net neutrality rules.

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Comcast to launch 2Gbps fiber service starting in Atlanta in May

If anybody doubted there's growing — perhaps unprecedented — competition in the business of fiber-optic Internet service to the home, look at what cable giant Comcast announced Thursday.

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Thousands ask Congress to overturn net neutrality rules

Opponents of the FCC's new net neutrality rules aren't giving up.

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Verizon bumps up its 100G metro fiber-optic network

Verizon on Tuesday announced new technology to bolster its super-fast 100 Gbps fiber-optic network serving metro areas, but didn't reveal where the work will be done or other details.

net neutrality

Update: FCC faces lawsuits against proposed net neutrality order

Broadband industry trade body USTelecom and a Texas Internet provider filed lawsuits Monday against a controversial U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposal to reclassify broadband providers, which could be the harbinger of...

net neutrality

Net neutrality rules: Separating fact from fiction

The net neutrality debate in the U.S. has been filled with hyperbole, speculation and questionable claims. Here's a look at reality.

Pro-net neutrality rally in 2014

Does net neutrality really mean 'net regulation?

Critics have blasted the FCC's new net neutrality rules, saying they amount to a government takeover of the Internet. Backers say that's not true.

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Net neutrality rules let FCC police future ISP conduct

The FCC's proposed net neutrality rules allow the agency to police future network management practices and business models rolled out by broadband providers, raising concerns about possible overreach.

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GOP senators rip FCC's net neutrality decision

The FCC's net neutrality rules could open the door to rate regulation and could drive some small broadband providers out of business.

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GOP lawmakers grill FCC's Wheeler about Obama influence on net neutrality

Republican lawmakers repeatedly accused the FCC of being improperly influenced by President Barack Obama during the agency's recent net neutrality proceeding.

alert wsj claims june apple tv music event

Alert: WSJ claims June Apple TV, music event

Apple's big plans for television, music, Apple TV and more are coming on stream.

Pro-net neutrality rally in 2014

FCC girds for legal attacks on net neutrality order

The FCC's 400-page official order on net neutrality, released on Thursday, is about to be the center of a long and contracted legal battle.

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