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How 'human-aware' A.I. could save us from the robopocalypse

Much virtual ink gets spilled each week enumerating the many horrors that could be ours in a world filled with artificial intelligence, but top researchers in the field are already thinking ahead and making plans to ensure none of...

AlphaGo first game in Seoul

Google's A.I. is learning how to save your life

AlphaGo's uncanny success at the game of Go was taken by many as a death knell for the dominance of the human intellect, but Google researcher David Silver doesn't see it that way.

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BI meets Amazon Echo because . . . (dubious) PR value

Sometimes companies come up with marketing ideas that just make you scratch your head. Roll up Sisense.

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6 'data' buzzwords you need to understand

Take one major trend spanning the business and technology worlds, add countless vendors and consultants hoping to cash in, and what do you get? A whole lot of buzzwords with unclear definitions. sparkling water

Use Apache Spark? This tool can help you tap machine learning

Finding insight in oceans of data is one of enterprises' most pressing challenges, and increasingly A.I. is being brought in to help. Now, a new tool for Apache Spark aims to put machine learning within closer reach.

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Study reveals security gap in big data projects

An IDG Enterprise study of big-data initiatives finds that the extremely valuable output of those projects often lacks additional security. Download the free report.

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Younger generation more optimistic about big data, study says

An IDG Enterprise study of big-data initiatives finds a generation gap: IT professionals aged 18 to 34 are most optimistic about the transformative benefits of big data, while older IT pros are more skeptical. Download the free...

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Saving media (or not) with Conde Nast and behavioral data

It may not be the only answer, but Conde Nast believes it is onto something with its new behavioral data offering.

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Amazon's Elastic File System is now open for business

Following an extended preview period, Amazon's Elastic File System is now generally available in three geographical regions, with more on the way.


NASCAR is digitizing race day

NASCAR is bringing modern technology to race day, using a new system to tie together data on each race so officials can make decisions fast. We got to see it in action at the Sonoma Raceway in California.

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Targeted advertising through vehicle choice -- an interesting experiment (and blunt tool)

A consortium of vendors is delivering targeted billboard advertising based on some pretty random inputs.

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

Venturing into machine learning? These tools do the heavy lifting for you.


The 'summer of A.I.' Is here, Vicarious chief says

Vicarious is drawing from neuroscience, deep architectures, and generative probabilistic models to create technology that requires "orders of magnitude" less training than traditional machine-learning techniques do, it says.

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Why the U.K.'s vote to leave the EU will have little effect on its data protection rules

U.K. businesses hoping for more relaxed data protection rules in the wake of the referendum vote will have to wait -- perhaps for a very long while.


Cloud or on-prem? This big-data service now swings both ways

There are countless "as-a-Service" offerings on the market and typically they live in the cloud. In 2014, startup BlueData blazed a different trail by launching its EPIC Enterprise big-data-as-a-service offering on-premises instead.

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Here's why Twitter bought machine-learning startup Magic Pony

Twitter has made no secret of its interest in machine learning in recent years, and on Monday the company put its money where its mouth is once again by purchasing London startup Magic Pony Technology, which has focused on visual...

Data center

Big data is changing the game for backup and recovery

It's a well-known fact in IT: Change one part of the software stack, and there's a good chance you'll have to change another. For a shining example, look no further than big data.

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SugarCRM is planning a Siri-like agent named Candace

SugarCRM has put AI at the core of its product plans and is working on a new intelligence service along with a Siri-like agent named Candace.

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