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Alation's new data-accessibility platform
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The data science ecosystem

Data science isn't new, but the demand for quality data has exploded recently. This isn't a fad or a rebranding, it's an evolution.

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Why analytics is eating the world

It's been nearly four years since investor and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen proclaimed that software is "eating the world", and the evidence is everywhere. Full-scale transformations are being wrought upon companies and...

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4 ways to beat the big-data talent shortage

Big data will continue to be hamstrung by a lack of talent for the coming years. IDC predicts that in the U.S. there will be 181,000 deep analytics roles in 2018 and five times that many positions requiring related skills in data...

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6 features coming to Tableau's new BI analytics suite

Tableau Software will release a big update to its business intelligence software in the coming weeks, promising that customers will be able to spend more time on data analysis and less on "data wrangling."

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Databricks takes the human intervention out of Spark processing

A new workflow feature for Databricks Cloud can automate routine deployment tasks.

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Review: Aerospike kicks scale-out NoSQL into high gear

Aerospike Server leverages memory and SSDs to bring extremely high throughput to a flexible, scalable key-value database.

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Facebook's query software now crawls data mountains faster

Facebook engineers have revamped the company's open source Presto query engine to run up to four times faster.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: Killer robots or intelligent partners?

We are in the middle of a tidal wave of interest, development, hype and fear toward artificial intelligence. How do we make sense of it all?

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A call for data analysis case studies

For our 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards, Computerworld editors are seeking case studies that illustrate intriguing ways big data is being used everywhere from research to commerce. Submit your case study today.

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Oracle introduces big data-infused marketing services

Oracle this week is launching three new services, applying cloud technology to help organizations use big data to market their products and services more effectively.

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We need open data to become the new open source

Data is becoming more and more critical to businesses, but almost all data is siloed inside corporations. The lack of open data sets today holds innovation back and that needs to change.

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Survey: Big data interest still growing

It's not all positive, however: Security issues and problems with some existing products leave room for improvement.

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American Cancer Society embraces big data

Teradata data warehouse delivers impressive performance gains, opens doors to additional data-driven improvements.

Data science = achieving predictability

Data science leads the customer engagement revolution

The big data revolution gained significant momentum in 2014, amassing to an incomprehensible amount of data: a zettabyte in just the past two years. Yet the revolution that is under way is not in the unprecedented quantity of data...

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Big data sends cybersecurity back to the future

The rising popularity of data science is largely due to incredible amount of digital data that is collected and processed daily - we are truly in the big data era. Here are the aspects of big data that are important to build the next...

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SAP brings new analytics tools to companies large and small

With new features for data preparation, visualization, scoring, data modeling and network analysis, the software is designed to enable users to predict and act in real time instead of relying on batch processes.


Apache Tajo brings data warehousing to Hadoop

Organizations that want to extract more intelligence from their Hadoop deployments may want to try the relatively little-known Tajo open source data warehouse software.

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SAP to cut 2,200 jobs, plans to recreate them in other parts of the company

SAP will cut more than 2,200 jobs this year in activities where it sees no future, but plans to create other jobs around cloud services and its HANA in-memory database offering, where it sees more potential.

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