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kyle pundez h. d. smith supply chain

Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2015 (2)

A.I. looms large in Google's view of the future

Google's Founders' Letter was an exception this year for the fact that it was penned by Google CEO Sundar Pichai rather than Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Walt Disney company headquarters [Burbank, California]

Customizing the customer experience with DMPs

Thanks to today's data management platforms (DMPs), brands are becoming more sophisticated in how they collect, store and analyze data in order to improve their customer experience.


This algorithm could help stop patent trolls

Patent trolls have proven a big enough problem to attract White House attention, but there's been little consensus on how to stop them. A new tool from artist and engineer Alexander Reben aims to bring algorithms into the picture.

Abstract background texture with bright clouds in windows

Public cloud review: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Joyent

The top five public clouds pile on the services and options, while adding unique twists.


AWS powers new big data services with giant hard disks

Amazon Web Services is going retro to help companies deal with big data workloads: The cloud provider announced Tuesday that it's launching two new volume types for its Elastic Block Store service that are powered by traditional,...

lawgeex legal machine learning crowdsourcing

No lawyer? This online tool uses A.I. to review your contracts

Business documents written in foreign languages are no longer the problem they once were thanks to technologies like Google Translate, but what about contracts written in legalese?

MIT AI2 cybersecurity AI

A.I. + humans = serious cybersecurity

Neither humans nor A.I. has proven overwhelmingly successful at maintaining cybersecurity on their own, so why not see what happens when you them?

quantum moves game scienceathome

A.I. still needs us -- to build quantum computers

We humans may still be licking our wounds following A.I.'s victory at the ancient game of Go, but it turns out we still have something to be proud of.

spare5 client ui

Startup combines AI with human savvy to help make sense of data

Spare5 on Wednesday released a new platform that applies a combination of human insight and machine learning to help companies make sense of unstructured data.

artificial intelligence brain circuitry circuits electronics

Facebook sees its future built on artificial intelligence

According to one Facebook executive, if you think you're drowning in a flood of information now, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

IBM Watson Web San Francisco

IBM puts Watson to work on cancer with new patient-adviser tool

IBM announced a new weapon in the battle against cancer that will put Watson to work in a new way.

Kansas City, Missouri

Experts tout 'small' data that gets results in smart cities

Business analytics need to be relevant, not necessarily 'big.' dennis mortensen robot AI

That moment when you realize you're exchanging emails with a robot

Next time you try to schedule a meeting with someone and an assistant named Amy or Andrew Ingram sets up the logistics, here's a pro tip: You may be chatting with a robot.

Next Rembrandt AI 3D printing

A.I. just 3D-printed a brand-new Rembrandt, and it's shockingly good

There's already plenty of angst out there about the prospect of jobs lost to artificial intelligence, but this week, artists got a fresh reason to be concerned.

mark pickett sears citizen data scientist

The rise of the citizen data scientist

Empowering businesspeople to perform their own analyses can free up highly trained data scientists to focus on the things that require their expertise.

hyundai ai car

Your next car may be a 'high-performing computer on wheels'

Hyundai is working on a new connected car that will tap big data and analytics for proactive service and constant connection.

Pepper the robot at CES

What will it take to make A.I. sound more human?

Conversation fillers such as "hmm" and "uh-huh" may seem like insignificant parts of human conversation, but they're critical to improving communication between humans and artificial intelligence.

correlation one data science scientist job

This new jobs site helps data scientists and employers connect

Billed as a matchmaker for data scientists and employers, Correlation One has some specific mechanisms in place to help the best-qualified data scientists rise to the top of the hiring pool.

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