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cw feb2016 big data rescue

Big data's big role in humanitarian aid

Mission-based organizations, including those helping the recent wave of Syrian refugees, are using big data to improve their response efforts.

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Study: Untamed analytics will take your business on a wild ride

The potential business benefits of data analytics are great, but the predictive models can also “go awry” and produce unintended consequences if underlying assumptions are faulty or outdated. Companies need a governance strategy to...


Growing the IoT: Chaos vs. Curation

Virtually every paradigm-shifting technology goes through several key phases; time to assess where we are with the IoT

computer world feb 2016 primary

Read CW’s February 2016 digital magazine!

In this edition: Why the new re-engineering is endless -- and all about the customer; how humanitarian groups are using big data to improve response efforts; the pros and cons of a career focused on open source and much more.

mit quantum big data

When big data gets too big, this machine-learning algorithm may be the answer

Big data may hold a world of untapped potential, but what happens when your data set is bigger than your processing power can handle? A new algorithm that taps quantum computing may be able to help.

Big Data analytics machine learning

Open source is the 'new normal' for big data

It's no secret that Hadoop and Apache Spark are two of the hottest technologies in big data today, but what's less commonly remarked upon is the fact that they're both open-source software.

Big Data

Why 'data scientist' is this year's hottest job

It's notable enough that close to half of the 25 "best jobs in America" named by recruiting site Glassdoor this week are tech-related, but even more striking is the fact that "data scientist" tops the list.

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Data scientists have the hottest job in America

A report released by Glassdoor says that data scientists have the best jobs in the U.S., according to that company’s analysis of its outsized database of job information.

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Big data is an antitrust issue too, says European Commissioner

Europe's top antitrust authority is on the lookout for companies using big data to stifle competition, although it hasn't spotted any problems yet, according to Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

WSO2 BigDataGame machine learning football super bowl

Test your Super Bowl picks with this new machine-learning prediction tool

There's been no end in sight to the advance of machine learning into the world of enterprise software, but this week a new online tool debuted for the purpose of sheer fun: predicting the winner of the Super Bowl.

wearables at work

Are you a 'human sensor platform'?

The proliferation of wearables, along with an ever-expanding list of features on smartphones, are turning humans into roving sensor platforms. What does it mean for you, and business?

diane greene

Why Google hasn't taken off in the cloud yet

Google Cloud Platform is in the unique position of being considered one of the big three IaaS vendors, but at the same time it's almost always seen as being the third-best option behind AWS and Microsoft. As the new head of Google’s...

Yahoo Corporate

Yahoo releases a ton of anonymized user data to help machine learning scientists

Yahoo has released a 13.5TB file of anonymized user data to machine learning scientists in academia, calling it the largest-ever release of its kind

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How to profit from your company's 'data streams'

Your company probably generates a lot of real-time data from sensors and other events – data that could be producing new business revenue. This report offers tools to help you wring more value out of data you already produce.

microsoft campus building

Microsoft offers developers free tools for its R programming language software

Microsoft is giving developers and students a free crack at its new server software for the R programming language.

financial data ts

Unlocking data from the Web: raises cash to further its quest

We've heard it time and time again, that data is the most valuable thing an organization can leverage. is one company helping to unlock that value.

Sailfish Exchange Booz Allen Hamilton

Short on data science know-how? Sailfish platform aims to help

All the world may revolve around data, but if you can't make sense of it, all the data in the world won't do you much good.

Network room and mainframes with virtual city in the cloud

Q&A: Why Syncsort introduced the mainframe to Hadoop

In an interview with IDGE, Josh Rogers and Lonne Jaffe of Syncsort explain how they plan to transform big iron and traditional data warehouse/analytics.

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