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UCLA Phase Stretch Transform algorithm

twitter as a recruitment tool

6 things you should know about Twitter's timeline change

Twitter this week will start using an algorithm that reorders how users see the tweets in their timeline. Here are six things to know about Twitter's new feature.

cloud trends ts

'State of the Cloud' report: Vendors make inroads on dominant players

Every year cloud management vendor RightScale runs a survey of cloud adoption. The results are always interesting reading.

dog herding sheep

Node.js Foundation take jurisdiction of Express Web framework

The minimalist Web framework has had more than 53 million downloads, and now the foundation wants to ensure its continued viability through open governance

Docker founder Solomon Hykes

Is Docker ditching Ubuntu Linux? Confusion reigns

Docker has long relied on Ubuntu Linux as the default host environment for Docker apps, but comments made by the company's CTO recently suggest that might not be the case much longer.

waiter tray service

Zappa serves up Python Web apps, minus the servers

The framework for 'server-less' Python Web apps eliminates load-balancing worries and provides cost advantages over traditional servers

coffee newspaper java

JetBrains polishes Kotlin for JVM in advance of general release

The release candidate also features improved Java interoperability

Digital Key

Socat vulnerability shows that crypto backdoors can be hard to spot

The Socat networking service used a non-prime number for its key exchange mechanism, potentially allowing attackers to eavesdrop on encrypted connections opened with the tool.

mit probablistic patches code

Machine learning is a champ at fixing buggy code

Here's yet another new application of machine learning: MIT has developed a system for fixing errors in bug-riddled code.

151027 facebook headquarters 9

Facebook is closing down its Parse developer platform

Facebook has just given developers a year to stop relying on its hosted Parse services, announcing it will shut down the services it acquired when it purchased the company of the same name in 2013.

Java logo

Oracle plans to kill an attacker's favorite: the Java browser plug-in

Next year, the Java browser plug-in, which is frequently the target of Web-based exploits, will be retired by Oracle.


Microsoft opens its deep-learning toolkit on GitHub

Microsoft took another step on its open-source sharing journey Monday by releasing on GitHub a toolkit it uses internally for deep learning.

apple says it has created 1.4 million european jobs

Apple says it has helped create over a million European jobs

Apple makes claims on European job creation as regulators ponder tax affairs.

toned close up of a hand holding a stopwatch 57437132

For Sendachi, creating an agile company is about culture, not tools

We hear a lot about agility within enterprise development teams. The elephant in the room, however, is that agile is about culture, not about tools.

Build sells out

Microsoft's Build dev con sells out in 1 minute

Microsoft today sold out its Build developers conference in about a minute.

blue security padlock among circuitry

Google's Go upgrade fixes bug that could leak RSA private key

The flaw is tied to RSA computations in 32-bit systems

Build 2016

Microsoft to open Build ticket sales Jan. 19

Microsoft will open online registration for its annual Build developers conference on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

microsoft campus building

Microsoft offers developers free tools for its R programming language software

Microsoft is giving developers and students a free crack at its new server software for the R programming language.

IBM's z13 mainframe

Go language expands to IBM mainframes

IBM hopes that Google's language, already in use by Docker and Kubernates, will stretch the open source ecosystem for its mainframes

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