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Sapho wants to enable micro apps for SAP, Oracle and Microsoft

Because big and monolithic is something that should (and will) be consigned to history.

Welcome to Datatown, a not-so-friendly community

IT pilot fish is called in to a project meeting with four other analysts -- and it's clear right away that this isn't going well. The big question: to normalize or not to normalize.


cleverbridge and ChartMogul: Subscription billing and analytics better together

An interesting partnership that begs some questions about what is core and what . . . isn't.

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Review: Six Python IDEs go to the mat

See how IDLE, Komodo, LiClipse, PyCharm, Spyder, and Python Tools for Visual Studio stack up in capabilities and ease of use

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JavaScript superset JS++ adds dead code elimination and more

The JS++ platform also adds modules and backs a multitude of code editors, including Visual Studio Code and GitHub Atom

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Flashback to the days when this IT pilot fish is still in college, and most of his instructors are extremely good. Then there's the one with VERY specific standards for documentation...

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Node.js 7 to be released next week

With the new release, version 6 of the JavaScript platform will move to long-term support, and version 0.10 will reach "end of life" status

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UML to be ejected from Visual Studio

The company is removing UML support in Visual Studio 15 due to a lack of usage

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Amazon and the hazards of inadequate app testing

Amazon quietly updated its app last week and confessed that its iOS shopping cart would freeze when a shopper tries to switch between apps. It makes one wonder how extensive mobile app testing is these days when this kind of glitch...

Get Ready for the Bot Revolution - illustration by Richard_Borge [SINGLE USE/Computerworld]

Get ready for the bot revolution

Thanks to powerful platforms, bots are faster to develop than your average mobile app and cheaper to build and maintain. But will bots liberate IT from mundane tasks or will their development and upkeep only add to IT’s workload?

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Application tie-ins are taking center stage in collaboration

On Monday, Avaya announced an all-in-one collaboration platform, plus an open SDK for making other applications work with it.

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JavaScript projects regroup under new foundation

The JQuery Foundation gives way to the JS Foundation, which will take projects such as Dojo Toolkit and Grunt

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Microsoft open-sources P language for internet of things

The platform specializes in asynchronous programming for embedded systems, device drivers, and distributed services

What was on YOUR mind the morning of your wedding?

This programmer has two things on his mind: his upcoming wedding and the thorny problem of triggering terminal screen updates in near-real-time as data changes. Guess when he gets the idea for a solution?

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Azure roundup: FPGAs, new VMs and fresh Europe regions

Microsoft's big Ignite conference for IT pros wrapped up at the end of September, and that means the company offered a variety of new cloud capabilities to attract people to Azure. Here's what you need to know.

Atlassian IPO

No longer a little vendor from Down Under, Atlassian continues to innovate

From humble beginnings, Atlassian has grown to be a global phenomenon. News from the Atlassian Summit this week shows how.

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Facebook spins Yarn to replace NPM JavaScript packager

The company built Yarn out of a desire for a faster, more secure version of the NPM JavaScript package manager

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First look: Chef’s Habitat puts automation in the application

By packaging configuration and runtime requirements with the app, Habitat decouples automation from the infrastructure

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