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Anyone see a problem with this plan?

IT manager pilot fish is also a clinical psychologist, and he's worked out a way to piece together an electronic clinical records system for this large mental health center. Then his boss discovers the project.

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A team of people building a human tower

9 things you need to know to run a successful software development team

Experienced software engineering leaders share what it takes to get the most out of your team.

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How to drive a Web browser with R (and RSelenium)

RSelenium lets you do everything from submitting a simple Web form to testing a Web application in different browsers. Here's how to get started.

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How Facebook engineers conquer elusive app memory leaks

Facebook reveals techniques it used to reduced the number of elusive memory errors that would crash its iOS app

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The Windows 10 developer’s dilemma: Go Universal or stick with the desktop?

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform offers code-once-run-anywhere upside, but development drawbacks abound.

Sebastien Thibault illustration - Promise and Peril in the Journey to DevOps [SINGLE USE ONLY]

Promise and peril in the journey to DevOps

Steep learning curves, cultural warfare and unbridled criticism are among the land mines littering the path to DevOps. However, plenty of perks await organizations that complete the trek successfully.

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Facebook releases software that creates more software

Facebook released as open source a library it uses to generate code, called Codegen, providing a way for outside programmers to automate some of the routine work they do when creating large programs.

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Microsoft (yes, Microsoft!) ups the container ante

Oh how the worm has turned, and today sees Microsoft roll out container-friendly technologies.

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Just their type: 12 keyboards programmers love

Software developers can become quite attached to the keyboards they use to bang out code all day. Here are some models that have significant coder followings.

Android M Marshmallow vs. iOS

Android 6.0 M ''Marshmallow'' vs. iOS 9 -- FIGHT!

Google has confirmed the name of Android M -- Marshmallow. The new version will first make it to the expected new Nexus devices due for release later this year. Soon after, it'll be available for OTA upgrades for older pure-Android...

Mobile phone data privacy.

Mozilla offers app to create Web pages on smartphones

It's for Android devices and available currently in four languages: Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, English and Indonesian.

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Agile, continuous delivery models represent a ‘cultural shift for IT’

CIOs say their software development models are evolving to incorporate more rapid, iterative delivery and deployment. This requires special talent management.

And that means six more weeks of code reviews

Pilot fish is tasked with writing a simple program to bill other agencies for computer resources. There's just one catch: His agency has decreed that everything must use a three-tiered programming model.

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Parse opens up SDKs to Apple and Android developers

The Facebook-owned cloud platform for mobile apps will first offer kits for Apple and Android, with JavaScript, PHP, and others to follow

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The real dirt on programming certifications

Code alone might not be enough to land you that top job

Graffiti that says You were meant for greatness

Up your coding game with these 7 habits of great programmers

Experienced software engineers share their thoughts on what differentiates great programmers from good programmers and what it takes to up your coding game.

Why didn't you say that to begin with?

This software developer pilot fish is working on a relatively mundane system to handle freight bills, and it's coming along fine -- until he arrives at work to find his cube full of managers and accountants.

free programming resources for kids

8 free tools that teach kids how to code

It’s never too soon to teach kids to code. After all, they are already growing up surrounded by technology and are naturals when it comes to tablets, smartphones and computers. Here are eight websites and apps you can use to get your...

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Microsoft offers Windows developers a bridge to Apple iOS

The WinObjC library provides a way to port Apple iOS applications to Windows, and to write iOS apps with Visual Studio.

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