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Hey, he was gonna fix it in version 1.01...

This junior programmer's first project is converting an existing program to Cobol, and it's soon clear that some very strong Cobol skills are needed to get the project back on track -- so enter a pricey consultant.

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JavaScript: The Good Parts

Free course: "JavaScript: The Good Parts"

In partnership with tech training provider Pluralsight, ITworld is offering a free online JavaScript course by Douglas Crockford, author of "JavaScript: The Good Parts" and Senior JavaScript Architect at PayPal.

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Mozilla to launch new Firefox feature testing program

Mozilla plans to launch a new testing program in August that lets Firefox users try out potential changes to the browser.

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Free course: Get started with AngularJS

In partnership with tech training provider PluralSight, here's a free online course to get you up and running with the world’s most popular JavaScript framework.

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4 ways to cut app development and maintenance costs

A managed services or fixed-fee outsourcing model for app development and maintenance can yield major savings for IT.

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Top 10 new features in ASP.Net 5

ASP.Net vNext makes it easier to build leaner, faster, cloud-optimized Web applications, and it lets you do so on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

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How to ditch the iOS 9 preview and go back to iOS 8

For iPhone users who took the plunge into the iOS 9 beta program and have now decided they prefer the more stable iOS 8, there's good news. You can roll back your iPhone's operating system. Here's how.

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Microsoft's TypeScript 1.5 aligns with ECMAScript

The latest version of JavaScript variant simplifies the use of modules and includes experimental functions from ECMAScript 7

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Microsoft Visual Studio understands much more than Windows

Visual Studio 2015 provides a way for a developer to write a single application to run across multiple Windows platforms, such as mobile, desktop and even Microsoft's experimental HoloLens environment.

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Esri to unveil mapping tools in R

Esri is set to announce an open-source software bridge today that makes it faster and easier to move mapping data between ArcGIS and R.

9 ways developers can help rebuild trust on the Internet

Nine ways developers can rebuild trust on the Internet

Public keys, trusted hardware, block chains — developers should be using these tech tools to help secure the Internet for all.

8 free websites that teach programming

8 free websites that teach you how to program

Want to learn to code, but aren't interested in paying pricey fees? Here are eight great websites that will teach you how to program -- on your own time, from the comfort of your own home and for free.

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JavaScript rules the school, but C++ climbs in popularity

C++ is the biggest gainer in language popularity so far this year, but JavaScript remains stalwart.


5 great websites to learn to code or upgrade your coding skills for free

Coding is no longer just for programmers and geeks -- it's a great skill for almost anyone at work. Here are five great places online to learn coding for free, or to upgrade your skills if you already code.

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Prepare for a future without Internet Explorer

IE is on its way out, so it's time for IT and Web services creators to make the switch to the modern Web.

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Apple iOS 9 free download is here [but beware bad bugs]

The Apple iOS 9 download is now free, but don't forget it's still test software. Cupertino opened the beta program to non-developers, so you no longer need to fork $99 to get the latest software on your iPhone or iPad. But beware the...

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Amazon makes it easier to test mobile apps in its cloud

AWS launched Device Farm, a service for mobile app developers to test their apps on a range of phones and tablets in Amazon’s cloud.

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Why Apple rules UX, its native iOS apps suck, and that's OK

Every iPhone Apple sells today ships with 32 native applications but few, if any, are considered best in class.

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Are you overtesting your software?

Is it possible to reduce – or even eliminate – the human factor when it comes to testing software releases? In a word, yes. Here’s how.

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