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GopherJS compiler catches up with Google Go

GopherJS 1.7-1 extends browser app dev to version 1.7 of Google's Go language

visual studio

Visual Studio 15 preview adds TypeScript and C++ improvements

Microsoft's fourth preview of Visual Studio 15 also focuses on faster installation

lifestage facebook

Facebook renews search for elusive younger users with Lifestage

Facebook has released a new stand-alone app, called Lifestage, that lets young users share videos with other people in their schools.

Linux kernel development

Another day, another 4,600 lines of Linux kernel code

The Linux kernel is improving faster than ever, gaining 7.8 patches per hour and 4,600 lines of new code every day.

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6 tools for producing a great mobile app experience

You want users of your mobile apps to have a worry-free experience, which means using mobile app performance management (APM) tools to pinpoint any problems. IT managers in the IT Central Station community identify the best and worst...


Google to kill Chrome apps on Mac, Windows and Linux

Three years after introducing special apps that run inside the Chrome browser, Google announced Friday that it will be removing them from Windows, Mac and Linux by early 2018.

NBA Hackathon

NBA holds its first hackathon -- should your company, too?

Companies large and small have already embraced the hackathon as a way to foster collaboration and innovation, and now the NBA has announced that it's jumping on board.

sierra desktop

macOS Sierra's beta cadence points to October launch

Apple's macOS Sierra has been on a slower tempo of preview releases than El Capitan in 2015, hinting that the upgrade will launch in October.

linux course

$39 for 54 Hours of Training with the Linux Essentials Bundle - Deal Alert

These 5 courses will take you from newbie to Linux pro. Complete with two classes designed for Linux beginners, the Linux Essentials Bundle is the first step to a system administrator career, or to making a lateral move to your IT...

website learnability slide title

How to build web interfaces with learnability in mind

It's a key to keeping users on your site.

new google logo

Google’s new Fuchsia OS may take over the IoT

Is Google working on a new OS to get in on the ground floor of the internet of things?


Introducing a Perfect companion to Apple's Swift

Perfect is a Web application server for OS X and Linux designed solely for server side Swift development.

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Review: 13 primo Python web frameworks

Python programmers have many excellent options for creating web apps and APIs; Django, Weppy, Bottle, and Flask lead the way.

iot alzheimers

An engineer uses IoT to tackle illness

Daniel Strabley's day job is helping to protect the U.S. from weapons of mass destruction. He's also using IoT devices and software to help people with cognitive issues.

Google data center

Google buys Orbitera to improve its cloud app deployment services

Google has acquired Orbitera, a startup that makes it easier for software vendors to sell cloud-based products to businesses.

The World's Greatest Programmer

This Visual Basic 6 application has been running a factory's entire shop floor for 15 years, even though the engineer who wrote it had no formal programming training. What's his secret?

Microsoft Skype Spock

How illogical: New Skype bot lets you chat with Spock

Microsoft has made no secret of its grand plans for chat bots, and this week it rolled out five new ones for Skype. Surely the most fun is "Spock," a bot that promises to help you "learn the ways of Vulcan logic."

mozilla firefox primary

Mozilla supplies multi-process Firefox to <1% of users

Mozilla has begun a limited release of a multiple-process Firefox by outfitting fewer than one in every 100 users with the improved browser.

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