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apples open sourced swift could change everything

151027 facebook headquarters 8

Facebook makes app accessibility easier with React framework updates

Facebook is making it easier for app developers to build programs that work for people who are visually impaired after the company updated its React and React Native programming frameworks.

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New IBM tech lets apps authenticate you without personal data

Back in January, IBM announced Identity Mixer, a new technology for protecting users' personal data during authentication. Now it announced that the technology is available to developers on its Bluemix cloud platform.

oracle redwood shores

Oracle cries foul over expert in Java case against Google

The accusations have been flying for five years now in Oracle's bitter legal battle with Google, and on Thursday the companies reportedly appeared in a San Francisco District Court to hear Oracle argue its latest charge.

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Review: 5 memory debuggers for Linux coding

When you're working in Linux, manually debugging memory-related errors can be difficult and time consuming. These five tools can help.

Marianna Tessel

Usability is the secret behind Docker's growth

Docker, the company behind wildly popular open-source containerization technology, didn't invent containers, but its Senior Vice President of Engineering says usability drove its adoption.

20151027 red hat logo

Red Hat delivers more container love in its latest Linux update

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 is now generally available, with new additions focusing on containers, security, networking and system administration.

mac app store

Apple apologizes to Mac devs for App Store certificate screw-up

Apple has apologized to developers for the snafu that sent Mac users scrambling last week to reboot and re-enter Mac App Store credentials when their apps refused to launch.

Joseph Sirosh

Why Microsoft’s data chief thinks machine-learning tools are like tailored shirts

When Microsoft's data and machine learning chief thinks about the future, he sees a world where developers create applications that are built to leverage machine learning and predictive analytics without the help of a data scientist....

8 free websites that teach programming

Microsoft ups its DevOps game with a raft of new tools

It would be tough for Microsoft to top the seismic waves it created at last year's Connect developer conference when it announced the open-sourcing of its .Net application framework, but this year the software giant has plenty up its...

Visual Studio Marketplace

What Microsoft's new developer strategy means for CIOs

Microsoft is leveraging open source and cross-platform development tools to reach a wider range of developers.

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Review: OpenShift 3 rocks Docker containers

Red Hat’s robust, easy-to-use, and highly scalable PaaS now builds on Docker, with some temporary limitations.

dockercon eu 2015

New Docker tool removes a big barrier for enterprises

Making containers enterprise-ready has been a theme at this week's DockerCon EU conference in Barcelona, and on Tuesday Docker itself launched a new tool with that goal in mind.

HOLD - CW November feature - microservices - minitature figurines service and repair circuit board

Modular software creates agility -- and complexity

Good things may come in small packages, but microservices can present big challenges for software application design. Here’s how to make the most of modular design without sweating the small stuff.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise new signs

Containers get a fresh business boost from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise just rolled out an entire portfolio of Docker-focused products.

Apple design fail

Grumpy Apple design old-timers hate iPad & Mac user interfaces

Two ex-Apple design “legends” are ripping into Tim Cook’s magical gang. Apparently, Cupertino has lost its way, focusing on prettiness over usability...

linus torvalds

How bad a boss is Linus Torvalds?

It depends on context. In the world of software development, he’s what passes for normal. The question is whether that situation should be allowed to continue.

Project Oxford emotion detection

Microsoft bolsters artificial intelligence with additions to Project Oxford

Microsoft unveiled five new services for its Project Oxford artificial intelligence services, including emotion detection and video stabilization.

Tibco Simplr automation

Tibco courts 'citizen developers' with two new tools

One of the dominant trends in the world of enterprise software today is empowering business users, and Tibco on Tuesday made two product announcements that could further that goal.

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