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Salesforce Snap-ins Service Cloud Lightning
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Microsoft PowerApps first look: Create mobile apps without coding

Microsoft’s nascent no-code development tool is limited and limiting, but also promising.

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Google-Oracle Android copyright fight goes to the jury

Oracle and Google’s fierce court fight over the code inside Android went to a jury on Monday after closing arguments that sharply differed on the most basic issues.

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How data virtualization delivers on the DevOps promise

Your data could be standing in the way of getting the most out of DevOps and continuous delivery. It’s also a significant security risk in development -- and that’s about to get more expensive.

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Here's a look inside Google I/O's playground for developers

Google held its massive I/O conference this week at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Here's a look at what developers found inside.

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Has Google finally found enterprise religion?

Google has known for some time that the enterprise is where the money is, but it sure hasn't shown it in the past. That looks to be changing.

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Google's new tools make it easier to integrate apps with its spreadsheets and slides

Google is updating the developer tools for its Docs productivity suite to make it easier for companies to integrate with its presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software.

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85% off Foundations of Front-End Development Course - Deal Alert

This course covers the basic programming concepts and languages required for creating engaging websites from scratch. It's $199 list price has been dramatically discounted to just $29.

7 good reasons apples ios in india plans makes utter sense

7 good reasons Apple’s iOS in India plans make utter sense

Apple's decision to open an iOS development center in India makes economic, business, scientific, and international sense. Here are just seven reasons why.

IPhone 6S launch in Palo Alto

Apple CEO woos app developers in India

In a bid to win over more Indian developers, Apple on Wednesday announced it would set up by early next year a facility to help developers on best practices and improve the design, quality and performance of their apps on the iOS...

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Five questions for Google to answer at its big I/O conference

Google’s big I/O developer conference is happening later this week, and the company is expected to make a raft of important announcements over the course of a two-hour-long keynote on Wednesday. Here are five questions it should...

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Here's how Land O'Lakes uses Google's cloud

Land O'Lakes is leaning on Google to power its new WinField Data Silo application, and that just goes to show how enterprises are using the public cloud today.


Oracle v. Google, and the end of programming as we know it

The courts ruled that APIs can be copyrighted. That was bad. Now, if APIs can’t be used with fair use, that will be even worse.

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Save $185 on the Complete Web Developer Course - Deal Alert

Learn how to build websites with the Complete Web Developer Course. With 236 lectures and 28 hours of content, this course is a steal at only $14.

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Pay What You Want for 13 Premium Mac Apps - Deal Alert

If you want to maximize your productivity, this bundle of premium Mac apps is the ticket. Together, they’re valued at $946, but here’s your chance to pay what you want for them.

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Meet Google's cool new natural language tool, Parsey McParseface

Google has changed the way developers build applications that understand human language -- and in the finest tradition of the Internet, has named the result after Boaty McBoatface.


Mozilla rehashes Firefox feature-testing program

Mozilla has cranked up Test Pilot -- restoring a 2015 project with a name from 2009 -- to collect feedback on proposed new features for its Firefox browser.

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Scala language moves 'closer to bare metal'

The Scala Native project leverages LLVM compilers as a deployment mechanism for the functional and object-oriented language


JavaScript road map: Smaller but more frequent updates ahead

ECMAScript will be updated more often, even if releases bring few new features

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