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Like daughter, like father

Pilot fish's eight-year-old daughter comes to him in a panic -- she says she saved all her stories like he told her to, but now she can't find any of them. But it seems she may have inherited that tendency.


Google gets into the low-code enterprise app development biz

Google is the latest enterprise software provider to throw its hat in the ring of low-code app development with a new service called App Maker.

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Review: GitLab rocks version control

Thanks to a solid foundation and delightful extras, this open source version-control system is a serious contender.

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10 resume do’s and don’ts for developers

Recruiters and hiring managers reveal what makes a candidate stand out -- or fall flat.

Overtime will never be this much fun again

Recently married IT pilot fish takes on extra development work for a factory automation project -- but he doesn't want to spend all his spare time driving to the remote factory. Fortunately, there's a work-around.

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First look: Visual Studio for Mac is here at last, almost

Xamarin-inspired IDE will allow C# and F# programmers to develop for iOS, Mac, and Android on a single machine, but is currently limited.


Does Apple really want to kill Automator, AppleScript?

Shock termination of veteran Apple developer guru sends shockwaves across the Mac community

Whatever happened to all those dot-coms, anyway?

It's the late 1990s, and this cash-machine network has just been spun off from its parent bank, which means the new company needs to order up a new billing system -- the dot-com way.


Intercom integrates with Twilio, jumps on the developer ecosystem bandwagon

Just providing a really valuable product isn't nearly enough -- you need to convince developers to build tools on top of your platform as well.

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IT users review 6 software test management tools

Developers use test management tools — from vendors such as HPE, Microsoft and IBM — to manage their software quality-assurance programs. We’ve asked QA managers to identify the best and worst features of six leading suites.

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Every version of SQL Server 2016 now gets its full feature set

Microsoft packed SQL Server 2016 with new advanced features that are supposed to help it compete with a suite of other database software. But some of the most advanced capabilities in the relational database software were restricted...

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The next versions of Visual Studio are here on Windows -- and Mac

Microsoft's Connect developer conference kicked off with some expected news: the next versions of the Visual Studio IDE have arrived on Windows and Mac.

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Microsoft and Google bury the hatchet in one small way

There's one small glimmer of hope in the relationship between Google and Microsoft: Google has joined the .Net Foundation, to help drive forward the programming language Microsoft created.

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Machine learning: The deplorable state of deployment

A failed standard, complex alternatives -- and a way forward.

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OpenAI will use Microsoft's cloud, as Azure gains more features

Microsoft's continued investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is paying dividends. The company has partnered with OpenAI, a nonprofit company founded earlier this year to advance the field of machine...

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3 things GrubHub's CEO should've considered before sending an anti-Trump email

Watch what you write in an email.

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The top 12 overused IT terms

A lot of what we talk about in IT confuses the heck out of our business-side colleagues.

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5 screen-sharing apps offer easy collaboration

These five apps that will let you video chat, message, share screens and collaborate in real-time with your coworkers.


What are Microservices?

Developers are finding a new way to create apps and programs - here's a quick look at how microservices work, and what it means for IT shops and their development operations.

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