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how to get rid of icloud calendar spam

How to get rid of iCloud calendar spam

What to do to stop unwanted spam clogging up your iOS and macOS Calendars.


10 reasons to love the USB-C ports on the new MacBook Pro

There are numerous advantages to Apple's latest I/O transition

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Apple deals gift cards to lure Black Friday shoppers

After a one-year absence, Apple today returned to Black Friday by offering gift cards worth up to $150 with the purchase of select company hardware.

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Apple products will be rented like Apple Music, analyst claims

A complete Apple life for one monthly fee

MacBook Pro late 2016 pair

Scalpers try to cash in on MacBook Pro shortage

Profiteers are trying to cash in on shortages of Apple's new MacBook Pro notebook with sales on eBay.

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Apple returns to Black Friday

Apple today signaled that it will return to offering Black Friday sales specials this year.

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Apple says Wi-Fi isn’t interesting anymore

Apple’s stopped developing AirPort products, report claims


Hands on: 15-in. MacBook Pro delivers on speed and design – for a price

There's a lot to like in Apple's new MacBook Pro -- newer chips, faster SSD storage, and brighter, better display. But it's the Touch Bar that represents the biggest change.

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Ubuntu Mate, Windows 10 and macOS Sierra: A marriage of 3 OSs

All of them have their pros and cons, but the evolution of desktop operating systems has provided something for everyone -- including an underdog we can't seem to stay away from for very long.


Does Apple really want to kill Automator, AppleScript?

Shock termination of veteran Apple developer guru sends shockwaves across the Mac community

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Show-and-tell with the new MacBook Pros

It's a lot easier to really judge a laptop when you've got it in hand -- especially when it's Apple's new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar.


Mingis on Tech: The MacBook Pro show-and-tell

It's a lot easier to judge a laptop when you've got it in hand -- especially when it's Apple's new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar.

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Even Apple’s new book uses ‘special’ paper (Updated)

“Designed by Apple in California”

touch bar answering a call

First look: The 13-in MacBook Pro's Touch Bar wows

The innovative new Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro brings back something that's been missing from Macs in recent years: fun.


MacBook Pro review: The Touch Bar bridges the gap between iPad and Mac

With its innovative, contextual, customizable controls, the Touch Bar makes the new MacBook Pros worth buying.

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Early adopters seem to like the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Touch Bar opens up the UI

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What's the Mac mean to Apple, the Surface to Microsoft?

The Mac's contribution to Apple's revenue has shrunk in the last two years, while the Surface's share of Microsoft's revenue has grown.

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Tim Cook responds to US presidential vote

“The only way to move forward is to move forward together”

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