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Ex-Apple Music exec slams Spotify

Spotify is major label dominated and wants to pay the artists even less, complains ex-Apple Music chap.

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6 external storage solutions for iPad and iPhone

If you are looking for life beyond iCloud, try these iOS storage solutions


Samsung (sort of) tells Galaxy owners to use Apple Music

Samsung says no more Milk service in US, promises to integrate partners in its devices, I say why not use Apple Music?

meet the first apple carekit app for mental health treatment

Meet the first Apple CareKit app for mental health treatment

Start app helps people suffering from depression identify effective medication treatments significantly faster than existing methods achieve.

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Smartphone sales jump 4% in Q2, Gartner says

Global smartphone sales jumped 4.3% in the second quarter compared to a year ago, but iPhone sales declined for the third straight quarter, market research firm Gartner said.

the good bad and ugly of apples iphone 7 headphone plans

The good, bad and ugly of Apple’s iPhone 7 headphone plans

There's some mixed feelings, but thinner devices and more display space may justify things


Why is the new emoji in iOS 10 so controversial?

In iOS 10, Apple changed the revolver emoji to look like a squirt toy gun. Critics say that the change will cause confusion, miscommunication, and do nothing to solve gun violence. Here’s why they’re wrong.

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Apple's habits peg Sept. 7 for iPhone 7 reveal

If past practice is a guide, Apple will unveil the newest iPhones in just over three weeks, on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

tim cook apples next five years in quotes

Tim Cook, Apple’s next five years in quotes

Joining the dots on Apple’s future plans

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Apple pitches iPad Pro as computer

Although Apple has recently implied that its iPad Pro tablet could replace a PC, the nascent ad campaign does not signal a change in strategy.


Introducing a Perfect companion to Apple's Swift

Perfect is a Web application server for OS X and Linux designed solely for server side Swift development.

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A new $500,000 iOS bug bounty beats Apple's offer

A security firm is offering up to $500,000 for information on zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS, surpassing Apple's bug bounty just days after it was announced.


Getting started with Swift Playgrounds

Kids and adults can learn to code with Swift Playgrounds, a free iPad app coming to iOS 10. Made by Apple engineers, it teaches the Swift programming language, but it’s fun like a puzzle game.

psst apples ipad for the enterprise plan is working out fine

Psst! Apple’s enterprise iPad plans are coming together

Welcome to the iPad enterprise. A place for pros.


Why does the iOS 10 lock screen reveal so much?

In iOS 10, you now have an unprecedented access to your apps and services right from the lock screen. But is this convenience worth compromising our privacy?

apple watch manufacture begins

Can Apple Watch 2 reignite the wearables industry?

Will Apple Watch 2 be a big deal?

watchos3 hero tumbles pr print

Apple Watch 2: GPS, a barometer and better waterproofing -- oh my!

There are all new rumors about the Apple Watch 2 circulating -- here is what we know.

windows bugs crashes

A bug fix bake-off

Installing bug fixes is a big part of Defensive Computing. Recently I updated devices running five different OSs which let me compare and contrast how they install bug fixes. Not to spoil the story, but I judge Chrome OS as the best,...

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