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iPhone sudden shutdown problem expands as Apple reacts to Chinese watchdog

Apple on Tuesday acknowledged that an iPhone 6S shut-down problem is more widespread than first believed, and plans to include diagnostic tools in the next iOS update to collect more data on the problem.

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'Boring' iPhone 7 builds 'strongest growth' for two years

Apple continues to dominate the high-end smartphone market in which the future of mobile technology is defined.

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Supreme Court leaves gap in Samsung-Apple patent ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its ruling in favor of Samsung Electronics in a design patent dispute with Apple, did not provide guidance on how the damages Samsung has to pay Apple for the infringement of smartphone design patents will...

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App developers not ready for stricter iOS security requirements

A month before Apple is expected to enforce stricter security requirements for app communications in iOS, enterprise developers don't seem ready to embrace them, a new study shows.

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Faith in fake Apple Watch news industry falls 71%

An IDC non-story story about estimates and contextual integrity

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Apple doesn't just want to control your car

All the focus on Apple Car skips the big picture of Apple's machine intelligence intent

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Random iPhone 6S shutdowns due to faulty battery component, Apple says

A problem with iPhone 6S products randomly shutting down comes from a battery flaw found in a small number of models, according to Apple.

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Researchers find a way to bypass the iOS activation lock

Two researchers claim to have found a way to bypass the activation lock feature in iOS that's supposed to prevent anyone from using an iPhone or iPad marked as lost by its owner.

friends dont let friends buy fake apple chargers

UPDATED: Friends don’t let friends buy fake Apple chargers

They are 99% unsafe, standards body warns


Apple using drones to take on Google Maps

Apple has long tried to catch up to Google when it came to maps, and now the tech giant might have just the way to close the map gap.

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Tim Cook on Apple's (RED) fight against AIDS

‘Your ability to live past your first birthday shouldn't depend on where you're born’ – Tim Cook

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Smart everything: Apple’s next product transition

Apple's big investments in machine intelligence show us where it thinks the future lies

how to get rid of icloud calendar spam

How to get rid of iCloud calendar spam

What to do to stop unwanted spam clogging up your iOS and macOS Calendars.

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Your iPhone 8 could have a curved OLED display

Apple has asked its screen suppliers to ramp up production of OLED displays for the much anticipated iPhone 8.

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Apple products will be rented like Apple Music, analyst claims

A complete Apple life for one monthly fee

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How a video-gaming programmer created a popular VR surgical simulator

Last month, start-up Level Ex launched a surgical simulator that was developed by a video gaming programmer who found notoriety by literally throwing together his first app.

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Review: Why you need the BBC’s amazing Story of Life app

A perfect expression of the best of tech innovation and wonders of nature from Sir David Attenborough.

how apple watch can help you lose the thanksgiving flab

How Apple Watch can help you lose the Thanksgiving flab

Now you have access to the kind of personalized biometric technology only Olympian athletes used to enjoy.

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