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opinion apple is becoming part of the infrastructure

DDoS attack: Apple’s HomeKit for a safer smarthome

Why smart home customers need to read the small print

Watch 2 alone

Deep dive: The Apple Watch Series 2 delivers on last year’s promise

This year’s Apple Watch Series 2 surpasses the previous model by addressing many first-generation flaws.

apple future of health

US hospital's iPad patient plan and Apple's bid for mHealth

When every medical device is connected and mobile, which mobile devices do you want them to be most compatible with?

apple pay credit cards primary 100413350 orig

Apple Pay at two years: Not much to celebrate (yet)

While Apple Pay supposedly helped spark a revolution for in-store mobile payments, there's not much celebrating by Apple or its rivals.


Google Pixel Camera Shootout

We take the Pixel XL into the lab and square it off against the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20, and Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Apple bolsters A.I. division by hiring first ever director of A.I. research

Apple is actively working to improve its A.I. division by hiring Ruslan Salakhutdinov as its new director of A.I. research.


Could a ceramic iPhone be next?

After unveiling a ceramic Apple Watch, Apple has filed a patent for a ceramic iPhone. But there are a few challenges to creating an iPhone out of a material that looks straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

apples tim cook speaks on apples ai plan

Apple’s Tim Cook speaks on Apple’s A.I. plans

Thinks machine intelligence will improve lives

tim cook wants to make your life better

Tim Cook wants Apple to make your life better with AR

Augmented Reality will bring people together

ios 10 lock screen iphone show

iOS 10's one-month adoption rate hits 68%

iOS 10 adoption continued to climb a month after its release, with some sources estimating the upgrade is on more than two-thirds of iPhones.


5 Apple lessons Samsung must learn after its Note 7 disaster

To innovate succesfully Samsung has to focus on itself, not its competitor

samsung note7 warning

Samsung's Note7 calamity cracks open a door for Apple

The explosion-implosion of Samsung's premier Galaxy Note7 line may boost iPhone sales, but don't expect outright gloating from Apple.


Google made an iPhone, so now what?

Google’s new Pixels phones look and cost the same as the iPhone. Now that Google is in Apple territory, what can the original iPhone-maker do to stand out?


12 hardware and software vulnerabilities you should address now

Hardware and software that live past their end-of-life dates pose serious risks to organizations. Find out which assets you should update, upgrade or replace ASAP.

when will apple put siri online

When will Apple put Siri on the Apple Store online?

Siri has an inevitable future as an assistant for every digital interaction


The first fashion shoot with the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode

We were able to fool people into thinking a photo from the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode was actually taken with a DSLR. That's how good it is.

uk government apple watch ban achieves nothing

UK government Apple Watch ban achieves nothing

What a good time for some mobile security advice

decline graph down

Both Apple and Microsoft take tumble in Gartner's latest device forecast

Shipments of devices powered by Apple's and Microsoft's operating systems will end 2016 down from the year before, research firm Gartner said this week.

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