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8 ways to store web pages ios users need to know
10 ways apples siri can help you get things done

microsoft ceo satya nadella

Dear Satya Nadella: Make sure the Microsoft Surface phone has these features

Microsoft is officially dropping out of the smartphone race...except for some strong hints that they will make a Surface phone.

mobile app dev

96% off Complete Mobile App Developer Course Bundle - Deal Alert

Learn Everything You Need to Turn Your App Idea into a Real, Working Product with 10 Courses (77.5+ Hours) of Premium Content. For a limited time just $49 with this rather dramatic 96% off deal.

thinking businessman apps ts

Microsoft PowerApps first look: Create mobile apps without coding

Microsoft’s nascent no-code development tool is limited and limiting, but also promising.

apple campus headquarters stock

Apple hires mobile encryption pioneer amid encryption debate

Apple revealed that it rehired a mobile encryption pioneer as the company continues to face scrutiny from governments wanting more access to its products.

now you can run windows 10 on an ipad pro android

Now you can run Windows 10 on an iPad Pro, Android

Parallels Access puts your Windows and Mac computers on your tablet, virtually

what to do when your apple pencil stops working

What to do when your iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil stops working

Apple Pencil giving you the blues? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Apple iPhone 7 speakers

New iPhone 7 rumors say Apple to go 'quadraphonic'

iPhone 7 rumors of 4-speaker design from Apple emerge. But will improved speakers make up for removing the headphone jack?

8 essential tips every ipad user needs

8 essential tips every iPad user needs

Have you seen all these iPad features?

20160121 ep 030801a mcu 016

Apple sets up development center in India for its Maps product

Continuing his bid to woo Indian customers and developers, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company was setting up a new development center for its Maps product in Hyderabad in south India.

apple just put maps development on the fast track

Apple’s expansion in India accelerates Maps development

Expect more features and more city views in Maps soon as Apple launches dedicated offices in India

7 good reasons apples ios in india plans makes utter sense

7 good reasons Apple’s iOS in India plans make utter sense

Apple's decision to open an iOS development center in India makes economic, business, scientific, and international sense. Here are just seven reasons why.

IPhone 6S launch in Palo Alto

Apple CEO woos app developers in India

In a bid to win over more Indian developers, Apple on Wednesday announced it would set up by early next year a facility to help developers on best practices and improve the design, quality and performance of their apps on the iOS...

apple watch gains yet another killer app

Apple Watch gains yet another ‘killer app’

You can look forward to even more in a few months time after WWDC

itunes classical music

The end of iTunes music sales is inevitable

It's inevitable that Apple will pull the plug on digital music sales through its iconic iTunes store. The only question is when.


5 things to consider before you buy a new MacBook

Apple's newly updated MacBook line packs a lot punch in an ultra-thin case. But it may not be for every road warrior.

Apple Didi Chuxing Uber

Why Apple shunned Uber for Didi Chuxing in China -- for $1,000,000,000

Apple buys stake in Didi Chuxing, so-called Uber of China. $1 billion is a decent chunk of change, so naturally speculation is rife about why, how and when. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers surge and wave...

what to do when your iphone wont turn on

What to do when your iPhone won't start up

Is your iPhone dead? Find out with these few steps.

surface book surface pro 4 Microsoft

It’s official: Laplets like the Microsoft Surface Book are trumping tablets

Laplets have officially made bigger gains in 2016 so far over tablets.

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