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why apples red campaign is so important


How Apple could exploit a forever-free iCloud

While Google and Microsoft are using large amounts of free cloud storage to sell inexpensive consumer notebooks, Apple has so far stood above the fray. But there's no reason why Apple can't join in the fun.

Apple Watches

Can't wait for the Apple Watch? You're not alone

In the past two weeks, new information has come out about the Apple iWatch. Columnist Mike Elgan is among the developers, analysts and vendors eagerly waiting for the new device to arrive next year.


12 Apple Watch details we now think we know

Apple's recently released WatchKit developer documentation tells us a lot more about what we can expect from the Apple Watch...


Apple Pay users spend big

Apple Pay users are already three times more likely to spend $250 or more than those on other services

An iPhone 6 being used to make an NFC payment via Apple Pay

Grocers, retailers gobble up Apple Pay in time for holidays

U.S. consumers have eschewed in-store mobile payments for years, but Apple Pay is making headway in that area just a month after the service launched Oct. 20.

xiaomi poster

Apple to Xiaomi: Easier said than done to become top smartphone vendor

A day after China's Xiaomi said it wanted to become the world's number one smartphone vendor, an Apple executive weighed in and told the Chinese company to be patient.

apples homekit will be the talk of ces 2015

Apple's HomeKit will be the talk of CES 2015

HomeKit seems set to be the star of giant trade show, CES 2015, maintaining Apple's track record of dominating the show.


Why Apple, Microsoft and others reject NSA spying

Unfettered state surveillance could damage some of America’s biggest brands — in its present form you could almost call it anti-American.

Cisco's Project Squared mobile collaboration app

Cisco crashes the enterprise mobile party with new collaboration app

Cisco will package and deliver enterprise collaboration capabilities via a mobile and Web app built to replicate the ease of use of consumer software but designed for ad hoc, workplace team interaction.

Two men in Daqing, Heilongjiang with an iPad

Apple strikes deal with China's UnionPay for App Store payments

Apple today announced it had struck a deal with UnionPay, China's most popular credit and debit card system, to accept payments for digital goods on its App Store.

thirdparty edit

iOS 8: 8 tips for taking better photographs

Here are eight useful tips for taking better photographs with an iOS 8 device.

masque the major security flaw that wasnt

Masque: The major security flaw that wasn't

Even a government health warning can't make Masque a big deal -- but Apple must expect more of the same...


Suspected WireLurker malware creators arrested in China

Beijing police arrested three people suspected of developing the "WireLurker" malware that may have infected hundreds of thousands of Apple mobile devices.

SanDisk ixpand flash drive

SanDisk releases Lightning-enabled thumb drive for iPhone, iPad

SanDisk announced a new thumb drive with Lightning and USB 2.0 connectors and software that automatically downloads photos and videos from iPhone's 5 and up and iPads.

apple watch the retail revolutionary

Apple Watch: the retail revolutionary

How has a failing firm reviled as a "toy maker" for selling candy-colored iMacs become the driving force in retail and enterprise IT?

Smartphone and tablets

Top workplace tablet in U.S. runs on Windows

U.S. companies use Windows tablets slightly more than iPads and Android tablets, according to a recent Harris poll of IT decision makers.

Apple's new iPads

Black Friday deals reveal deep iPad discounts

U.S. retailers plan to mark down Apple's iPad with steep discounts for this year's Black Friday sales.

public cloud

Box updates storage app with iOS 8 widget and more

Box upgraded its storage app on Apple iOS and the web with new features to make it easier for users to access their cloud stuff.

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