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iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4

iphone 6 home button touch id

Apple and Samsung now neck-and-neck after monster quarter

The huge popularity of the new iPhone 6 pushed Apple and Samsung closer than ever at the top of the market for smartphones.

why apple watch may mean lower cost iphones

Why Apple Watch may mean lower cost iPhones

The Apple Watch isn’t the end of things being interesting. It’s the beginning of much, much more.

Microsoft continues cross-platform tear, releases Outlook for iOS, Android

Microsoft today launched Outlook for iOS and Android, a rebranded version of startup Acompli's app, to replace the oft-derided Outlook Web App.

outlook android

FREE: Outlook for iOS and Android, plus more mobe Office goodies

Microsoft is proud to unleash more 'free' mobile apps for iOS and Android. Along with the new Outlook app -- based on Acompli -- the Android tablet versions of the other Office apps are now fully supported, being no longer in preview....

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Thanks to iPhone 6 sales, Apple ties with Samsung for top smartphone rank

The iPhone 6 has sold so well that Apple tied with Samsung for the top position in the smartphone market in the fourth quarter.

winged flying iphone 6

Apple defies law of large numbers by booking bang-up iPhone sales

Apple sold a record 74.5 million iPhones in the December quarter, a record that bested the old one by a whopping 24 million.

Apple Watch vs. Android Wear

News flash: The 'Apple Watch vs. Android Wear' battle is not and will never be a real thing

Don't be fooled: The real battle within the smartwatch realm has nothing to do with Apple against Android.

121214 imac

Amid blow-out quarter, Apple barely mentions Mac sales

Almost unnoticed during Apple's earnings call on Tuesday, the company said it sold 5.5 million Macs, a record for the final quarter of the year.

Update: Apple posts record sales, says Watch to ship in April

Record revenue from iPhone and Mac sales helped Apple bring in $74.6 billion in revenue last quarter, up from $57.6 billion a year earlier.

phil schiller says apples shipped one billion ios devices

Apple has sold one billion iOS devices, company claims

Apple has sold more than a billion iOS devices and says it will ship the Apple Watch in April.

elvis presleys ipad and other stories

Elvis Presley’s iPad and other stories

Mobile tech is transforming everything, here's a few illustrations as to how -- and why -- there's iPads in Gracelands.

apple chief notes big data impact on education

Apple education chief sees big data for education

Data analytics should help teachers assemble personalized lessons for students, notes Apple education chief John Couch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook's 2014 pay package dwarfed by new hire Ahrendts'

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total 2014 compensation of $9.2 million, while more than double his pay package the year before, was dwarfed by the $73.4 million awarded to a subordinate, retail chief Angela Ahrendts.

apple will soon confirm record iphone 6 sales

Apple will soon confirm record iPhone 6 sales

Apple is seeing the highest level of iPhone demand ever recorded three months after a major new release.

7 itunes 12 tips mac users need

7 iTunes 12 tips Mac users need

iTunes is the center of your digital world if you use a Mac, iPad or iPhone, so you need to get to grips with it to have a happier digital life

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus sales gain steam in China

Users in China are flocking to Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

how healthy are your ios health apps

Apple users: How healthy are your iOS 8 Health apps?

A new report will make it much, much easier to figure out which health apps are healthy and which are not.

iPad Pro Apple Steve Jobs stylus

iPad Pro rumors: An Apple stylus (more evidence that Steve Jobs is dead)

WWSJD? Fire the lot of 'em, probably. A well-connected analyst says Apple is readying a stylus for the upcoming iPad Pro. That's despite all the famous soundbites from Steve Jobs. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers test pen theories.

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