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Evolution of iOS [cover]

The Evolution of iOS

A look at the evolution of Apple's mobile operating system.

apple watch series 2 review its time

Apple Watch Series 2 review: It’s time to jump in

I thought I'd share my thoughts after using the new Apple Watch Series 2 for a week or so.

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iOS 10 backups are easier to crack, but Apple promises to fix security flaw

Forensic researcher claims iOS 10 local backups are easier to crack due to a hashing algorithm that is 2,500 times weaker than in iOS 9; Apple confirmed the security flaw and promised to roll out a patch.

apple is going to be good for your health

Here is Apple's smart plan for digital health

Apple is developing a truly connected health ecosystem, from the patient to the practioner and all the way to the data insight gold mine

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iOS 10 slower off the uptake mark

At the 12-day mark, iOS 10 accounted for 41.9% of all iOS editions detected by Mixpanel, significantly lower than the 52.4% accumulated by iOS 9 last year at the same post-release point.

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Quick take: The iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black really shines

While the iPhone 7 is essentially all new under the hood, aesthetically, the new kid on the block is the Jet Black model.

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The Evolution of Apple's iPhone

For the iPhone, change is constant

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Why there’s so much fascination with the phantom Apple-McLaren supercar

We want one. Whether anyone makes one is beside the point.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: The iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 -- and the gadget guy!

After a quick update on the latest Apple news, it's time to get a gander at the gadget guy's latest goodies -- just in time to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season.


Mingis on Tech: The iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 -- and the gadget guy!

After all the Apple-centric news of late , it's time to get gander at the gadget guy's latest goodies in time to prep for the holiday shopping season.


Apple’s new iWork is all the productivity most of us need

The addition of collaboration tools and a selection of under-the-hood enhancements mean no Mac or iOS user will ever need to use Google Docs again.

boring but record setting iphone 7 shows hope beats hype

‘Boring’, record-setting iPhone 7 shows hope beats hype

Apple's new iPhone is defying the picture given by an out of touch media

apple wwdc 2016 16 iMessage

Apple's iMessage finally grows up

Apple's iMessage service will have a much bigger impact than you think. It's all about the App Store.

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FBI faces lawsuit for silence on iPhone 5c hack

The FBI’s refusal to reveal how it accessed an iPhone 5c from the San Bernardino shooter will face scrutiny in court.

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Best Deals of the Week, September 12th - September 16th - Deal Alert

Check out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of September 12th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted!

iPhone 7

Bigger iPhone 7 Plus outsells smaller sibling

Preliminary data from U.S. sales of Apple's newest iPhones suggested that the larger 7 Plus was outselling the smaller 7, which would be a first, a market research firm said.

7 things we learned about iphone 7 today

7 things we learned about iPhone 7 today

As iPhone 7 upgrade mania spreads across the planet, what have we learned about Apple's new smartphones in the last few hours?

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What IT needs to know about iOS 10

iOS 10 offers a range of technologies that make the iPhone and iPad even better enterprise devices and network citizens. But there are a couple of caveats.

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