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iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
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10 iPhone 6 features you may have missed

Apple's thinner, lighter, faster and larger iPhones are here, confirming almost every credible expectation. Here's a rundown of some little-known iPhone 6 facts.

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More evidence of the Windows Phone app gap: FTC doesn't bother to sue Microsoft

Here's one more piece of evidence that Windows Phone lags far iOS and Android in app availability: The FTC, which has gone after Google, Apple, and Amazon for unlawful app billing, hasn't even bothered to target Microsoft.

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Why the iPhone 6 won't hurt Windows Phone

Apple did its usual big-bang, glitzy rollout today for the iPhone 6. The new phone may well hurt competing Android devices. But Windows Phone won't feel a thing.

why mobile payments pros are drinking apple pay kool aid

Why mobile payments people are drinking Apple Pay Kool Aid…

The financial tech sector seems incredibly excited at the potential of Apple Pay. This is what some players in that sector are saying about Apple's new mobile payment system.

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10 years in tech: The crazy cellphone ideas of 2004

In 2004, Apple had just started development of its iPhone and no one outside the company knew about it, Samsung was focused on the South Korean market, and the hottest thing in wireless was the I-mode mobile Internet service in Japan....

iPhone 5 / 6 / 6 Plus comparison

The iPhone 6 completes Apple's mobile line-up

The new smartphones Apple unveiled this week fill gaps in a product line-up that now stretches from the iPhone 5C to the iPad Air.


Apple to expand, recast iPhone portfolio today

Apple will restructure its 2014-15 iPhone portfolio today, analysts said, by dumping the iPhone 5C but keeping the three-year-old iPhone 4S to sell at even lower prices in overseas markets.


Apple starts selling lower-cost iCloud storage, adds iCloud Drive to beta website

Apple on Wednesday flipped the switch on its new iCloud storage plan prices.

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iPhone 6 rollout: Lights out for Windows Phone?

When the iPhone 6 gets rolled out tomorrow, some may be tempted to say that it will finally mean the end of Windows Phone. But will the iPhone 6 really harm Windows Phone, or is there a way for Microsoft to salvage its smartphone OS?

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China state-run media dreams up conspiracy theories about missing iPhone 6

Government-controlled media outlets in China yesterday speculated that the iPhone 6 will not be immediately sold there because Apple retaliated against carrier partners who leaked details of the new models before their launch.

Microsoft's haul on Apple's big day: 2.5 million page views of anti-Siri ad

Microsoft was happier than you might have thought with Apple's big iPhone 6 announcement day. The company rolled out another ad slamming Siri as being inferior to Windows Phone's Cortana digital assistant, and gotten big viewer...

Apple iWatch [three models]

With new iPhones -- and a watch -- Apple moves on from Jobs

Tuesday's big Apple event, at which the company unveiled new iPhones and the Apple Watch, represented a milestone: It was the first truly post-Steve Jobs Apple product launch.

apple pay what you need to know

Apple Pay: What you need to know

While we wait for Apple's iPad launch event in a few weeks, here's what you need to know about Apple Pay.

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The iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch -- and other highlights from the Apple event

If you missed Apple's live cast onTuesday, here is a recap of everything you need to know, from the new iPhones to Apple Watch.

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Delayed iPhone 6 launch in China could stoke more demand

Apple's iPhone 6 rollout Tuesday drew disappointment in mainland China, when consumers learned that the country wouldn't be among the first markets to receive the new smartphone.

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the Apple iwatch

Apple Watch steals show from biggest iPhone ever

Apple CEO Tim Cook and several other top execs today pulled the wraps off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and showed the company's long-awaited wearable -- the Apple Watch -- to a large audience in Cupertino, Calif.

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Apple's iPhone 6 livestream wasn't very iSlick

For a company famous for stage managing its events down to the tiniest detail, the livestream of Apple's launch event for its Apple Watch and new iPhones left a lot to be desired.

7 questions following applelive

7 questions following #AppleLive

Apple’s Tim Cook has kicked back against critics with new iPhones, the Apple Watch and future big business, Apple Pay, but there are some questions for Apple fans:

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