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apple watch three faces
digital transformation strikes house of commons

galaxy s6 edge

Galaxy S6 Edge: Is its distinctive style worth the premium price?

What will customers pay for style? That's the question faced by the marketing teams behind the Apple Watch, whose 18k gold models are priced to start at $10,000. The same issue confronts marketing teams for the new Samsung Galaxy S6...

big data in the cloud

Apple database acquisition could help improve performance of its services

FoundationDB's NoSQL technology lets the company grow its services and still keep users happy.

becoming steve jobs a review

'Becoming Steve Jobs': Why it matters

Who was Steve Jobs? What motivated him, how did he see the world, and where did he find the inspiration and motivation that caused him to express himself through the products he put his stamp on?

apple watch three faces

Inside Apple's gigantic Apple Watch rollout

The Apple Watch may or may not be an impressive piece of design or technology. But one thing is certain: Apple's retail preparations for selling the watch are amazing.

Windows apps running on an iPad

Microsoft answers Windows device share slump with freemium strategy

Microsoft's strategic shift to creating apps and services for rival operating systems was born from the hard realization that Windows' share of the total device market was in the middle of a three-year slump, according to new...

apple touch id

Apple’s TouchID has promise for the enterprise

Expect much more from Apple’s TouchID somewhere down the line – the company is thinking about more ways to make its biometric identification solution useful.

tim cook

Why critics should apologize to Apple’s Tim Cook

Think back to when some pundits thought Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t up to the job.

apple watch apple pay nfc chase freedom

Apple Watch and its wireless tech

Apple hasn't called its upcoming Apple Watch "magical" as it did with the iPad in 2010, but its wireless components have some spellbinding features. Whether the embedded NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi elements contribute to the success of...

mobile malware

Hundreds of Android and iOS apps are still vulnerable to FREAK

Hundreds of Android and iOS apps are still vulnerable to a dangerous attack revealed two weeks ago that can compromise encrypted data.

Texas jury clears Apple of infringing 5 patents once held by Nokia

A Texas jury found that Apple didn't infringe on five wireless technology patents that once belonged to Nokia and were sold to patent licensing firm Conversant.

alert wsj claims june apple tv music event

Alert: WSJ claims June Apple TV, music event

Apple's big plans for television, music, Apple TV and more are coming on stream.


What does Microsoft get out of Cortana on Android, iOS?

Microsoft will reportedly offer its Cortana intelligent assistant as Android and iOS mobile apps, a move that would sync with its strategy to offer its software and services to as many people as possible.


Understanding the Meerkat live-streaming magic

You're going to be hearing a lot about a new live-streaming app called Meerkat.

apple event researchkit

Apple updates dev guidelines for medical research apps

Apple has updated its iOS development guidelines to spell out what consent mobile apps dealing with human medical research must obtain. A new clause states that this type of app must get permission from participants, and if...

apple iphone 6 6plus, Apple Watch

Why Apple may go its own way with wireless charging

Apple has filed several patents on wireless charging over the past 10 years, but hasn't added the feature to any of its devices. If it does so, the technology will likely be proprietary.

the apple watch is coming. is your cio ready

The Apple Watch is coming. Is your CIO ready?

Apple’s iPhone dominance of the mobile enterprise means employees will soon begin bringing an Apple Watch to work; Is your business prepared?

Apple opens iOS public beta, urges backup in case things go south

Apple yesterday launched a first-ever public beta for iOS, offering some iPhone and iPad users a chance to test iOS 8.3, a still-under-construction edition that has been in developers' hands for more than a month.

ios 8 3 public beta Apple

iOS 8.3 update download NOW...ish (Apple Seed not such a *public* beta)

Here's the public beta of the iOS 8.3 update. Or is it? When is 'public' not public? When it's invite-only, apparently. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers don't let the facts get in the way of a good Apple story.

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