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10 3d touch messages secrets iphone users need

10 3D Touch Messages secrets iPhone users need

Apple's Messages app has lots of interesting ways to use 3D Touch

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Apple and AT&T sued for infringement over iPhone haptic patents

Haptic technology company Immersion has accused Apple and AT&T of infringement of three of its patents in the latest iPhone models and Apple watches

12 maps tips

12 steps to getting more from Apple’s Maps

Apple continues to improve its Maps app, so I’ve put together this short guide to help you get more from it.

7 signs apple tv is changing television

7 signs Apple TV is changing television

Tune in, switch on, and build recurring incomes for the tech titans

smartphone encryption

FBI Director entreats tech firms to release encrypted data used in crimes and terror

FBI Director James Comey again implored tech companies on Tuesday to comply with court orders to reveal encrypted communications that law enforcement considers vital.

iPhone's Home button

Law firm searches for plaintiffs for class action suit against Apple over 'Error 53'

A Seattle law firm considering a class action suit against Apple wants iPhone users whose devices have been crippled by "Error 53" to contact their office.

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10 improvements in Apple’s latest iOS, OS X betas

The new features coming soon to your Apple devices.


Error 53 is Apple's way of saying 'You're fixing it wrong'

But customers weren’t made aware of it when they purchased their iPhones.


6 Apple services Tim Cook could bring to Android

Apple has a plan to become a big Android developer

apples gotten even more serious about enterprise it

'Mac is key for any modern enterprise' -- SAP

Recently updated Mac in Business pages say Apple is good for business

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

Apple hit with $626M damages in Virnet X patent case

A jury in Texas has ordered Apple to pay $626 million for infringing four patents held by a Nevada-based patent licensing company.

8 best alternative keyboards for iphones

8 best alternative keyboards for iPhones

Microsoft's newly-acquired SwiftKey is one of the best, but there are many other good iOS keyboards out there.

apple watch 42 mm stainless steel with white sport band

Healthy smartwatch growth seen after slow 2015

Despite slower than expected sales last year, smartwatch sales will grow at a healthy rate and will have the highest revenue potential of all wearables through 2019, according to Gartner.

iPad Air Apple iPhone

Shiny! iPad Air 3 & iPhone 5se -- Apple reveal, on the Ides of March

The iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5se are rumored to be launching next month, at an Apple event on the 15th. So if you’ve been missing seeing shinies since September, there’s not much longer to wait...

9 hidden iphone features you probably never saw

9 iPhone tips you probably never knew

Some even lesser known iPhone tips and tricks

augmented reality and the apple car

Augmented reality and the Apple Car

Apple has been working with virtual reality technologies for years -- might we see them introduced with Apple Car?

powermat charging wireless charging

Apple expected to finally introduce wireless charging with the iPhone 7

Wireless charging has proved wildly popular, with 90% of respondents to a recent survey saying they want it in the next smartphone. Apple has been a standout among makers in not adopting it, but IHS believes that's about to change.

Apple iPhone 5S (1)

Popular iOS app update technique puts users at risk

An increasing number of iOS application developers use a technique that allows them to remotely modify the code in their apps without going through the official app store's review process, an action that poses security risks for users....

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