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Sometimes you really need an engineered solution

This software for monitoring production lines is standardized throughout the company. But one manager wants to install a monitor that will make it impossible to use without a complete redesign.

Microsoft expands Windows on Devices program

Microsoft wants to put a small version of Windows 8 on more developer boards

Internet of Things

Lowe’s wants to be your smart home gateway

For home improvement retailer Lowe's, the explosion in the Internet of Things has created a few challenges -- and a lot of opportunities.

twitter flight

Twitter sets its platform ambitions high with new 'Flight' conference

The event will help outside developers build apps using Twitter tools

Retailers prefer to develop apps for Apple before Android

Despite rumours of new iPhone features that already exist in Android

RAD Studio XE7 developers write once to multiple platforms

The new code editor from Embarcadero allows developers to maintain a single code base for multiple devices

FeedHenry fortifies mobile apps using Node.js

FeedHenry is a Node.js-based, enterprise-oriented MBaaS and mobile application platform with a wide array of integrations, both online and offline development options, collaborative app building, and a drag-and-drop form builder.

Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt.

Should you buy enterprise applications from a startup?

Get ready for radical changes in software purchasing

osx yosemite Apple

Apple's OS X Yosemite gets big start thanks to public beta

Apple's not-yet-shipped OS X Yosemite has gotten a jump on grabbing users, thanks to the company's free beta program.

Paul Glen: You can't wear the manager and developer hats at the same time

The two roles demand entirely different mindsets and work styles.

Moto 360

Round smartwatches mean more work for developers

The arrival of the first round of Android Wear-based smartwatches means developers have to take extra care to ensure their apps look good.

Two Galileo GPS satellites launched in wrong orbit

Two satellites that are intended to form part of the European Galileo satellite navigation system went astray from their intended orbit after their launch from French Guiana on Friday

R language gaining ground on traditional statistics packages

The use of R is growing more quickly than that of SAS, SPSS and MATLAB, according to one researcher

app dev

The API economy's weak point

A lot of technology platforms only work well if other services play nicely.

Amazon hopes to simplify mobile app testing with new tool

A new tool called Live App Testing from Amazon lets mobile developers distribute apps to a predefined group of users before the apps are launched.

Amazon seeks to simplify mobile app testing with new tool

Live App Testing is available via Amazon's developer console

PaaS shoot-out: Cloud Foundry vs. OpenShift

Cloud Foundry shines with broad application support and stellar ease of use, but OpenShift has the edge in management and automation

IoT coding platform could get data-crunching apps online faster

The "Internet of things" won't be built overnight, but vendors are now stepping in to give enterprises a helping hand.

Coding platform for Internet of Things could bring data-crunching apps online faster

RacoWireless is using standard software tools to help developers connect with any device

15 technologies that are changing how developers work

A long time ago, developers wrote assembly code that ran fast and light. On good days, they had enough money in their budget to hire someone to toggle all those switches on the front of the machine to input their code. On bad days,...

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