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Review: Storm’s real-time processing comes at a price

The open source stream processing solution is proven reliable at scale, but difficult to learn and use.

Apple introduces ResearchKit

Apple's ResearchKit is here; now open your iPhone and say 'Ah'

Apple is embarking on its boldest push yet into health, with a new open source framework that lets medical researchers and software developers gather health data from iPhone owners and build health-related apps.

WWDC 2015

Apple sets WWDC for June 8-12, again uses ticket lottery

Apple today announced that its annual developers conference will run June 8-12, with tickets assigned through a random drawing.

iOS 8.4 beautiful

Download iOS 8.4 NOW -- 'beautiful' new beta is next Apple seed

Forget Apple's iOS 8.3: That's old news. Why? Yesterday Apple released iOS 8.4 beta, and at the moment it is all Apple bloggers can think about...

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6 cool tools for compiling to JavaScript

Little languages abound to bring your code to the Web with surprising ease and few compromises

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Stack Overflow survey: Almost half of developers are self-taught

Stack Overflow Developer Survey finds 48 percent of respondents never received a degree in computer science

Language Forks

Language forks bestow new power on programming

From Hack to Cython, inventive forks are pushing popular programming languages in new directions

See, it really works!

IT consultant gets an assignment at corporate HQ for an appliance manufacturer, and one of his first tasks is doing some work on an order entry system. Then he needs to test it.

Embarcadero RAD Studio 8

Embarcadero moves RAD Studio beyond Windows

Embarcadero has strengthened its flagship Windows RAD Studio IDE to better help build mobile apps and software for Internet of Things devices.

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NASA code-a-thon uses IBM cloud to build space tech

NASA is pulling together more than 10,000 developers, scientists, students and entrepreneurs from 62 countries for a code-a-thon this weekend aimed at building technology for space exploration.

Etsy borrows some virtual HipHop help from Facebook

Etsy has moved from running PHP directly on the server to using Facebook's speedier open source PHP virtual machine

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Instagram gives Apple Watch developers a hand

Instagram is sharing some code it wrote for its own Apple Watch app to help other developers.

This is how we get better code AND better coders

Smart but junior programmer is assigned to fix some lower-level issues to give him some experience -- and when he comes across a file with peculiar formatting, he knows just what to do.

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Coding for cars: The next gen of mobile apps

Developers will need to rethink UIs, connection strategies, and how to capitalize on new data streams -- especially as autonomous cars start rolling off the lots

Why would we need him again?

Software developer's project has just implemented a few weeks ago, and her manager is upset about a database issue that's cropped up -- and is about to get even more unhappy.


Chef serves up devops for the enterprise

If every business is now a software business, as the saying goes, then many companies might benefit by automating their routines for creating and updating the software that keeps them in business.

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First look: Microsoft's Azure App Services sweeten cloud development

Polished integration of Azure Websites, Mobile Services, and BizTalk Services is a big step forward for cloud-oriented developers.

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Microsoft consolidates enterprise editions of Visual Studio

Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate will be merged into a single Visual Studio Enterprise edition.

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