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IBM helps mobile apps meet accessibility guidelines

The Mobile Accessibility Checker flags potential accessibility issues with mobile apps

Google's new Pub/Sub

Google brings app messaging to its cloud

Google has created a service to bolster communications across apps that customers build on the company's cloud platform.

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Amazon's next cloud conference set for October in Las Vegas

IT professionals with skills in Amazon Web Services will once again swarm Las Vegas come October.

Atlassian offers high-volume, Git-based code management

The Stash Data Center can support thousands of developers all submitting their code changes at once.

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R in 5 lines or less: Dataviz with the Google Charts API

Want to tap into the Google Charts API with just a few lines of code? There's an R package for that. We show you how to create a Google Charts data visualization in a snap-- complete with code and screencast.

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Why computers still struggle to tell the time

While computers manage many things with extreme precision, they have surprising difficulty keeping track of time.


Apple unveils new Photos app in OS X Yosemite public beta

A month after Apple previewed OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 to registered developers, the company on Monday issued the first public beta of the update, notable for Photos, a new application that will replace the aged iPhoto.

Ractive aims to bring Web programming to the masses

The developers of a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces are hoping their work will make Web programming more accessible for part-time programmers.

Perl challenge aims to keep programming language very much alive

Gives busy Perl programmers an opportunity to participate in the vibrant community in their spare time

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How IBM analyzes Twitter for enterprise devs

IBM is creating new ways to derive potentially valuable information from the massive, sprawling data set known as Twitter.

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IBM brings location awareness to MobileFirst apps

Enterprise apps built with IBM's MobileFirst management and development platform can now be made more aware of their surroundings.

IBM brings BlueMix platform services in-house

IBM is launching a series of tools to help ease the process of setting up a hybrid cloud.

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Apple will launch iOS public previews to get more eyeballs on bug hunt

Apple plans to launch an invite-only public beta of iOS 8.3 next month, then expand the program this summer with iOS 9.

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Attention, rock star developers: Get a talent agent

High demand, large workloads, and the changing nature of programming work have some developers seeking reps to help them land new gigs

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How Etsy makes DevOps work

Etsy, which describes itself as an online “marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods,” is often trotted out as a poster child for DevOps. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught up with Etsy...

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Yahoo commits to Mobile First with new developer suite

Yahoo today unveiled its new Mobile Development Suite, which is aimed at helping devs "analyze, monetize, advertise and enhance their apps."

Heroku Enterprise launches, bringing Salesforce's app platform to the business

Today, Salesforce introduces Heroku Enterprise, which takes the core platform-as-a-service and adds more features to make it accessible to the enterprise. 

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Facebook virtual reality apps could be 'revolutionary'

Facebook is developing virtual reality software, the technology could revolutionize the way people work and play online.

Learn to use R PDF cover

Learn R for beginners with our PDF

It's all here in one place -- our popular "Beginner's guide to using R." You'll learn how to get your data into R, easy ways to do basic data analysis, painless data visualization, syntax quirks you'll want to know and get tons of...

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