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Microsoft helps boost Android, iOS app performance with offline access

Microsoft wants to help Android, iOS and Windows apps run offline as well as online, offering a way to improve app responsiveness and functionality when network coverage is bad or nonexistent.

Critical vulnerability in Git clients puts developers at risk

A critical vulnerability in client software used to interact with Git, a distributed revision control system for managing source code repositories, allows attackers to execute rogue commands on computers used by developers.

Microsoft helps solve developer problems with Bing-based tool

The Bing Developer Assistant now works with C#, but more languages are on the way

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Coder, sell thyself

But don’t think your success as an independent contractor will require you to become anything like a used-car salesperson. It’s still your skills at the keyboard that will make all the difference.

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Review: Alpha Anywhere aces mobile apps that work offline

Database-oriented rapid app development tool shines at creating Web and hybrid mobile apps that work offline

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Microsoft mellows, embraces Windows leaks

Microsoft didn't seem bothered about another leak of Windows 10. "How could we be upset about lots of people wanting to try our new stuff?" tweeted Gabe Aul, the engineering general manager for Microsoft's operating system group....

But we DID meet the deadline, right?

Software vendor has a contractual requirement to deliver a product design to this company by a set date -- and the vendor delivers right on schedule. So what's the problem?

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Microsoft to release Project Orleans as open source

Microsoft plans to open-source the framework that helps developers of cloud services like those behind the popular Halo 4 game.

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Microsoft acquires cross-platform mobile app power with HockeyApp

Adding to its toolset for cross-platform mobile applications, Microsoft has acquired a small German software company called HockeyApp that has developed a service for crash analysis and beta testing of mobile applications.

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Users hate your app's awful UX

A study released by app platform development company Kony indicates that user experience is the biggest sticking point and the biggest hurdle in mobile development.

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Salesforce introduces custom AppExchange storefronts

Salesforce today is introducing the AppExchange Store Builder, an easy way for customers to roll out a customized app store.

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How to maintain security in continuous deployment environments

If you wait till tomorrow to secure what continuous deployment took live yesterday, hackers will infect your application today!

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More than 30 vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine

There are serious vulnerabilities in Google App Engine, a cloud service for developing and hosting Web applications, a team of security researchers has found.

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Google's expansion to cars and TVs will be powered by Android Studio apps

The usefulness of Android in your car, on your TV and smartwatch will be decided by app availability, and Google is hoping to make it easier to create them with its new development environment, Android Studio.

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5 myths and 5 mistakes job-hunting coders must know about

The things you need to know after you’ve made it through coding boot camp.

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Got an hour? You can learn to code

For one week,'s Hour of Code event will offer one-hour tutorials on the basics of computer science

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Your new legacy system: The public cloud

A commentary on public cloud as a new "legacy system" and what businesses need to consider.


Why Apple's support for Day of Code matters

Race, sex, creed should not be barriers to participation in building the technology that drives tomorrow

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