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Fairphone 2
Xiaomi offices in Beijing

huawei honor smartphone

Huawei's Honor smartphone brand strives to become global

Huawei is building up a separate consumer brand that's been growing fast in China and hopes to take the world by storm.

legal issues

Supreme Court denies Google request in Java infringement case

Oracle can charge licensing fees for Java on Android after the court's decision.

OnePlus Two release date specifications virtual reality

OnePlus Two release date -- soon, post-reveal in virtual reality

The OnePlus Two release date looks like being in August or September. It's now confirmed that a virtual reality launch will be on July 27. Shut up, and take my money!

How I Use Android: Joe Braidwood

How I use Android: SwiftKey bigwig Joe Braidwood

SwiftKey has transformed the way many of us use our Android devices -- so how does one of the guys behind it use Android himself?

Microsoft Office for Android Phone

Microsoft Office for ANDROID phones: Yes! Download for free (kinda)

Want Microsoft Office on your Android smartphone? Well here you go. And it's absolutely free -- but with some paid features. Amazing...

Microsoft does Android again, ships Office apps

Microsoft today removed the preview label from its Office apps for Android, releasing the final versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word to Google Play.

mobile apps tablet data center

Samsung teams with Red Hat to build enterprise apps

Samsung is partnering with Red Hat to build mobile apps for business users in a deal that recalls Apple's tie-up with IBM this time last year.

Lenovo New Android UI

First look: Lenovo's new Moto-inspired Android UI, coming soon to a tablet near you

Lenovo and Moto are growing closer together in their approaches to Android -- but not in the way some feared that might happen.

02 galaxy s6 fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint sensors on their way to more smartphones

Fingerprint authentication will become more common on smartphones of all prices as sensors get cheaper, and Google's integration of the technology in the next version of Android will make it much easier for app developers and service...

galaxy s4

Samsung will plug security hole in Galaxy smartphones

Samsung will update the security software on its Galaxy smartphones to address a flaw that could let attackers access people's devices.

Android Lollipop Heads-Up Notification

A 60-second fix for Lollipop's heads-up notification nuisance

One minute and two dollars can make your Android Lollipop experience much more pleasant.

outlook for android signin 100590360 orig

Outlook for Android, iOS get enhanced management features

Microsoft updated its Outlook apps for iOS and Android to let system administrators have greater control over how employees use corporate email accounts.

samsung swiftkey vulnerability

Huge Samsung Galaxy security flaw (updated with Samsung statement)

Ryan Welton warns of man-in-the-middle hacks. 600 million Samsung Galaxy phones are vulnerable to a nasty bug in the keyboard, thanks to a custom SwiftKey build. And the only patch can come from wireless carriers: This is massive...

Dell Venue 10 7000

Dell Venue 10 7000 review: This isn't your average Android tablet

Premium hardware, a stunning display, and stellar software help make this convertible 10-in. tablet stand out for both productivity and play.

galaxy s6 active

Vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy phones put over 600 million Samsung phone users at risk

Samsung pre-installed the Swift keyboard which has a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to remotely tap into GPS, camera and microphone, eavesdrop on text messages and calls and more. NowSecure listed Galaxy S6, S5, S4 and S4...

9 ways to make the most of your Android device

9 ways to make the most of your Android device

Your Android device is a mighty computer -- so isn't it time you start tapping into its PC-like powers?

android apple ios

Google on Apple: The end is near

In the wake of announcements at Apple WWDC last week, and at Google I/O last month, it's clear that the days of using Google services on Apple hardware are numbered. Soon we'll be forced to choose between all-Google or all-Apple.

061215 blackberry

Android on a BlackBerry slider smartphone idea gets mixed reviews

BlackBerry may run the Android operating system on a slider smartphone coming this fall, according to unnamed sources in a Reuters report.

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