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Android N statue
Smartwatch, Android Wear

trusted contacts

Google's Trusted Contacts helps family keeps tabs on you -- if you want them to

Google has released a new app which allows friends and family to keep tabs on where you are, but only if you want them to.

folding keyboard

23% off iClever Backlight Bluetooth Folding Keyboard for Smartphone, PC, or Tablet - Deal Alert

This ultra light portable keyboard features full standard-size keys, but folds into ⅓ of the size so you can pack it anywhere. Backlit with red, blue, or green at two brightness levels. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy texture for...

Android statues

Remote management app exposes millions of Android users to hacking

Poor implementation of encryption in a popular Android remote management application exposes millions of users to data theft and remote code execution attacks.


Gooligan malware snares access to more than 1M Google accounts

A new Android malware has managed to steal access to more than 1 million Google accounts, and it continues to infect new devices, according to security firm Checkpoint.

Google Pixel Phone Android

The real effect Google's Pixel phone is having on Android

To get at the Pixel's actual impact, you have to look beyond the surface -- and beyond the basic numbers.

surgical simulator virtual reality

How a video-gaming programmer created a popular VR surgical simulator

Last month, start-up Level Ex launched a surgical simulator that was developed by a video gaming programmer who found notoriety by literally throwing together his first app.

abstract glowing laptop

First look: Visual Studio for Mac is here at last, almost

Xamarin-inspired IDE will allow C# and F# programmers to develop for iOS, Mac, and Android on a single machine, but is currently limited.

Android Phone Fingerprint Scanner

How to supercharge your Android phone's fingerprint scanner

Your phone's fingerprint scanner is quite literally always at your fingertips -- so why not make it even more useful?

oneplus 3

OnePlus 3T finally available: Specs, price and how to buy one

After months of waiting the OnePlus 3T is finally available to buy in the U.S. and Canada. But what makes this phone so special? Besides the budget price, plenty.

mi mix

Xiaomi's bezel-less Mi Mix Nano: What we know so far

Xiaomi turned heads when it introduced it's nearly bezel-less Mi Mix last month. Now images have leaked of a smaller version. So what do we know about the alleged Mi Mix Nano?

Small Android Phone

Going back to a small phone is a really big deal

Some reflections on size and our most personal handheld gizmos.

microfiber cloth

33% off MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths For Screens and Other Delicate Surfaces, 30 Pack - Deal Alert

This extremely soft, high-quality and machine-washable microfiber material absorbs and safely removes dust, oil smudges, fingerprints, and dirt from eyeglasses, camera lenses, computer screens, televisions, and other delicate...

Android 7.1 App Shortcuts

Android's App Shortcuts are held back by Apple's influence

The real problem with Google's take on 3D Touch? It tries too hard to emulate Apple instead of just focusing on good user experience.


The best messaging apps with end-to-end encryption

If you want to keep prying eyes away from your conversations, then these are the apps that you need to get.

Google Photos Screensaver - Android TV

How to use Google Photos as a screensaver on Android TV

Android TV does everything Chromecast can do -- except for one little but lovable feature that's oddly M.I.A. Here's how to get it back.


Google Daydream View unboxing: A first look at Google's VR headset

How does Daydream View compare to Gear VR and other virtual-reality headsets? Jon Phillips and Adam Patrick Murray go hands on.

Android TV (Mi Box) Chromecast

Why my family is ditching Chromecast for Android TV (yes, really)

After three years of casting videos to our TV with Chromecast, we've made the move back to a set-top box -- for one very specific reason.

le pro3 gold

Review: The Le Pro3 phone -- low price, great hardware, pushy UI

LeEco's Le Pro3 Android smartphone has high-end hardware and a low price -- sounds like a great deal, right? But it may not be a deal you’ll want to make.

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