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Android 6.0 Marshmallow FAQ

Android 6.0, Marshmallow: The complete FAQ

Google's Android 6.0 Marshmallow release is full of fresh new features and flavors. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's changing -- and what it all means for you.

Android 6.0 Google Now on Tap

Android 6.0 up close: Google Now on Tap is almost amazing

One of Marshmallow's marquee features is wildly impressive -- some of the time. But is that enough?

150817 google marshmallow 07

Google patches another round of Stagefright flaws in Android

Google has issued patches for two new Stagefright-related software vulnerabilities, one of which affects Android versions going back to 2008 and puts millions of users at risk.

Motorola Android Upgrades

Motorola, you've let us down

When you've made your name as the company customers can count on for reliable Android upgrades, you can't drop the ball like this.

LG Watch Urbane Second Edition - LTE-Connected Smartwatch

LG Watch Urbane, take 2: Why I'm seriously skeptical about an LTE smartwatch

LG's new Watch Urbane Second Edition is the first Android Wear smartwatch with its own data connection -- but that may not be a feature you actually want on your wrist.

lg v10 smartphone

The LG V10: A photographer's dream or too much of a good thing?

LG's latest V10 Android smartphone offers two front-facing cameras and a myriad of photographic modes and tweaks. But are those features that users are actually looking for?

Google Pixel C

The crucial factor everyone's forgetting about Google's Pixel C

Google's Pixel C Android convertible seems a bit strange on the surface, but there may be more to this device than meets the eye.

Android character at MWC

New Android vulnerabilities put over a billion devices at risk of remote hacking

Newly discovered vulnerabilities in the way Android processes MP3 and MP4 files can allow attackers to compromise devices by tricking users to visit specifically-crafted Web pages.

Google Photos Custom Person Labels

How Google Photos' new custom-labeling feature can help clean up your collection

A new feature rolling out to Google Photos is even more useful than you'd think.

Google Event

Nexus phones, an Android laptop, and more: Your guide to all the new Google announcements

The most noteworthy news from today's Google event -- from the headline items to the interesting little nuggets mentioned in passing.

google marshmallow

Android 6.0 heads to Nexus devices next week

Android 6.0 is headed to Nexus devices the week of Oct. 5.

nexus groupshot

Google announces the Nexus 6P and 5X, shipping in October

Google says it has the best camera to ever grace a Nexus smartphone, specifically touting its low-light performance.

Google Nexus Android Pixel C tablet

At Google Nexus event, “Ryu” Pixel C Android tablet—“Such incredible power”

The Google Nexus event will also show the Pixel C: an Android tablet, with detachable keyboard, in the mold of Surface and iPad Pro...

google logo white

Here's what we expect Google to announce on Tuesday

Not one but two new Nexus phones? A new Chromecast? The final release of Android Marshmallow? Google could do it all tomorrow.

Blackphone 2 review

Silent Circle unveils Blackphone 2 Android phablet (B2B EPP MDM CYA BBQ)

Blackphone 2 by Silent Circle is here: Phil Zimmerman's privacy-enhanced Android phone is reincarnated. But it's a bit spendy. Still, what price security, eh?

google now voice search 100612006 orig

Google improves voice search

Google said it has built a better neural network that is making its voice search work faster and better in noisy environments.

Will this handset become BlackBerry’s first Android device?

BlackBerry pins hopes on an Android phone, Priv, as handset losses continue

BlackBerry is moving away from its proprietary operating system and embracing Android as it seeks to turn around its loss-making handset business

google play store

US antitrust authorities could follow EU in investigating Google's Android deals

Antitrust authorities in Europe are investigating whether Google illegally forces smartphone vendors to install its own app suite on phones running the Android operating system. Now, it seems, U.S. authorities may be ready to follow...

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