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ransomware hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

Physical RAM attack can root Android and possibly other devices

Researchers have devised a new way to compromise Android devices without exploiting any software vulnerability and instead takes advantage of a physical design weakness in RAM chips.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones are catching fire too; 2 fires in the last week

Two Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners had their phones catch fire in the last week, with even more S7 Edge, S7 and iPhone 7 fires reported within the last two months.

Google Pixel Phone Updates

Google's Pixel phone should come with a three-year update guarantee

For a pricey phone that's supposed to show off "the best Google experience," can't we do better than a standard two-year promise for operating system updates?

phone repair kit

42% off 17-Piece Precision Smartphone Repair Kit For iPhone, Android, Samsung and Others - Deal Alert

Save money by repairing your own device. This 17-piece tool set is heavy duty, lightly magnetic, and highly rated from over 450 people on Amazon. Currently listed at 42% off its typical list price.

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Apple Pay at two years: Not much to celebrate (yet)

While Apple Pay supposedly helped spark a revolution for in-store mobile payments, there's not much celebrating by Apple or its rivals.

Google Pixel Phone

Google's Pixel phone is much more than the sum of its parts

If you're looking at Google's Pixel as Just Another Android Phone, you're missing what really matters.


Google Pixel Camera Shootout

We take the Pixel XL into the lab and square it off against the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20, and Galaxy S7 Edge.

pixel xl google assistant how can i help

Google Pixel and Pixel XL -- what reviewers think

Google Pixel and Pixel XL reviews started rolling in on Tuesday. Here is what everyone had to say.

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The 20 best free Android games to play right now

Want big fun without a big expense to match? Grab these entertaining freebies now.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Review: Google's new Pixel XL is a fine phone -- but is it really special?

Google’s new flagship phones, the Pixel X and XL, offer fast performance and the latest hardware. But do they meet expectations?


Google Pixel XL Top 5 features

The Pixel XL is the first Android phone to deliver an emphatic, cohesive, surprise-and-delight experience. Let's investigate exactly how.


Google Pixel XL Unboxing

An Android user, an iPhone user, and an all-around mobile curmudgeon unwrap and boot up Google's new superphone.

Google Assistant

The elephant in the room with Google Assistant

The new A.I.-powered Google Assistant looks great, but there's something about the software no one seems to be acknowledging.


5 Apple lessons Samsung must learn after its Note 7 disaster

To innovate succesfully Samsung has to focus on itself, not its competitor

andrew zuis note7

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 from hell

While production of the Note7 has stopped, it's imperative that Samsung figure out what went wrong and lay out the details publicly.

Google Pixel Phone, Verizon

Some important things to know about Google's Pixel phone and Verizon (updated...again)

Google is selling its new Pixel phone through Verizon, but take note: The arrangement has some big asterisks that aren't immediately obvious.

samsung note7 warning

Samsung's Note7 calamity cracks open a door for Apple

The explosion-implosion of Samsung's premier Galaxy Note7 line may boost iPhone sales, but don't expect outright gloating from Apple.


Google made an iPhone, so now what?

Google’s new Pixels phones look and cost the same as the iPhone. Now that Google is in Apple territory, what can the original iPhone-maker do to stand out?

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