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Bad with names? 2 Android apps try to help

Many of us have trouble relating faces to names -- which can be disastrous in a business situation. Two Android apps -- Humin and Social Recall -- try to help with that.

byod security

Google pushes Android devices into the enterprise

Google today announced Android for Work, which is designed to encourage and enable businesses to bring more devices onboard by adding security and more manageability to the Android platform.

moto e lte

First look: The new Moto E -- a better, still affordable phone

Motorola's new Moto E, the discount version of its Moto X smartphone, adds a front-facing camera, additional storage, a larger display and Android Lollipop.

Moto E second-generation phones

Motorola's latest Moto E is a more powerful LTE smartphone

The upgraded Moto E's arrival on Thursday highlights the growing competition for unlocked smartphones costing $200 or less.

lg magna phone

LG takes aim at Motorola's Moto G with new Magna smartphone

LG Electronics has announced four new smartphones, including the Magna, which could be a challenger to Motorola Mobility's Moto G.

Samsung Galaxy S6

New images and video offer more clues about Samsung's Galaxy S6

Less than a week left before Samsung Electronics is expected to launch the Galaxy S6, two new images and a video of the company's next high-end smartphone seem to confirm its name and a curved screen.


US judge dismisses antitrust case against Google over Android apps

A federal judge has dismissed an antitrust lawsuit that claimed Google harmed consumers by forcing Android handset makers to use its apps by default.

android malware

Android malware fakes phone shutdown then steals data

Security vendor AVG has spied a malicious program that fakes what a user sees when a phone is shut down, allowing the malware to move around on the device and steal data.


Two OSes in one: DuOS-M puts Android on your Windows device

Want to run Android apps on a Windows tablet or PC? Nothing easier with DuOS-M, a new application that lets you run a complete version of Android without any muss or fuss.

Samsung buys LoopPay to counter Apple Pay

Samsung Electronics has acquired LoopPay, a U.S. mobile payments firm that could help it counter the Apple Pay mobile payments system.

google antitrust

Google faces Russian antitrust complaint over Android app bundling

Russian search engine Yandex has accused Google of illegally favoring its own services by forcing Android device manufacturers to install its own apps and exclude apps from competitors.

outlook android

Microsoft adds business features to Outlook for iOS, Android

Microsoft on Tuesday updated Outlook for iOS and Android with several features important to enterprises.

xiaomi poster

China's Xiaomi takes first step into U.S. market

The biggest Android smartphone maker most Americans have probably never heard of is taking its first step into the U.S. market.

Google sets date and registration for I/O conference

Google has set a date for its annual developers conference, Google I/O: May 28 and 29.

Upgraded Moto E from Motorola gets LTE, more storage, but little else

The upgraded $99 Motorola Moto E will get LTE and twice the onboard storage as the previous version, but users will also have to make do with a low-resolution screen and front camera, at least if Best Buy is to be believed.

microsoft worlds biggest ios android developer

Microsoft will be a leading iOS, Android developer

Microsoft is going for it, and if its plans succeed, like it will become one of the most popular developers on both the iOS and Android platforms.

swatch smartwatch

Swatch goes head-to-head with Apple Watch, brandishing patents

CEO Nick Hayek waves his big IP-stash at Mister Cook: Swatch will release a smartwatch at the same time as Apple, claiming it won't need charging. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers break out the popcorn...

Dark Horse

The new dark horse of the mobile tech world

From tablets to laptops, an unexpected contender is emerging as a maker of sleek and desirable devices. What if it were to tackle smartphones next?

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