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Pepsi Phone P1 official confirmed

Pepsi Phone P1 phablet looks amazing (but you can't buy it)

Pepsi is making an Android phone: Yes, the rumors were true: It’s called the Pepsi Phone P1. Well, not so much “making” as licensing its brand to a Chinese ODM, but y’know...


How to buy a productivity tablet

Whether you're opting for an iPad or a Surface, here are five things to consider before you buy a tablet.

Facebook work chat

Facebook begins testing its Work Chat app for businesses

Facebook quietly released a new Work Chat app that connects its popular consumer messaging service to its privately-available work social network.

LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Ed. LTE “cancellation”—more questions than answers

The LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE rollout has been canceled, due to a mysterious “hardware issue.” It was only just released last week, so this looks bad—although it’s possible the smartwatch may make it back onto shelves “in the future.”

How I Ise Android: Matthew Izatt

How I use Android: Gmail app product manager Matthew Izatt

A leader from Google's Gmail Android app team reveals some surprising details about his own Android-using habits.

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Feds fund encryption apps that could cloak terrorists

U.S. government funds have recently been used to support the creation and maintenance of commercially available smartphone encryption apps -- the same kinds of apps thought to be used by terrorists.

Pushbullet Pro

Pushbullet and the danger of going 'Pro'

Asking users to pay for a popular service is fine -- but something about the way Pushbullet's going about it is rubbing people the wrong way.

smartphone encryption

Paris attacks demand 'wake-up call' on smartphone encryption

Deadly terrorist attacks on Friday in Paris, apparently planned by ISIS, have ignited a new round of concerns over smartphone encryption.

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LG Android Wear smartwatch makes calls even if users leave their phones behind

Google has brought cellular connectivity between mobile phones and smartwatches running the Android Wear operating system, thus making it possible for people to make and pick up calls at say a shopping mall even when the phone is at...

Nexus 6P Big Phone Craze

Why I'm finally giving in to the big phone craze

After years of resisting, this writer gives up the fight and gets on the big phone bandwagon -- for one very specific reason.

apppple music andorid

Apple Music hits Android to tempt switchers

Android users now have an app they can trust

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Tag Heuer launches $1,500 smartwatch, but time will tell its impact

The big question with the Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch is whether it can make a significant impact in the overall smartwatch market with its $1,500 price tag.

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Price and features: The latest Android smartphones compared

If you're wondering which of the newest Android phones to choose, we've created a chart comparing features and prices that might help.

1 google inbox

Why email is a better virtual assistant

Google is inventing something better than Siri, Cortana, Alexa or even Google Now. It's email with a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help you out.


4 old-school BlackBerry features in Android-powered Priv’s Al Sacco demonstrates four distinctly BlackBerry features in the new Priv, BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone.

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Google could enrich VR experience on handsets with custom chips

Google appears to be striving for richer augmented and virtual reality experiences on Android mobile devices with an effort to internally develop chip designs for hardware partners.

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BlackBerry Priv sales begin, but will they be enough?

AT&T started selling BlackBerry's first Android-powered smartphone, a slider called the Priv, for $250 with a two-year contract, a price that could entice buyers who are reluctant to pay BlackBerry's own $699 off-contract price.

BlackBerry Priv review

BlackBerry Priv Android smartphone maybe not John Chen’s last stand (but still lousy value)

The BlackBerry Priv reviews are in. Some are qualified raves, but many are harsh rants. It’s worrying for the future of BlackBerry, if the Android-based Priv is the business’s last chance to survive...

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