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01 galaxy s6 edge2

Chrome for Android

12 time-saving tips for the Chrome Android browser (with video)

Become a mobile browsing pro with these little-known tips for Google's Chrome browser for Android.

01 samsung galaxy note 5a

Galaxy Note 5 review: A big phone finally grows up

The new Galaxy Note 5 brings some much-needed sophistication into Samsung's plus-sized phone family -- but at what cost?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen-gate

FAIL: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen -- RTFM, you're inserting it wrong

Samsung comes under intense criticism for Galaxy Note 5 design flaw. If you insert the S-Pen upside-down, it gets stuck. Removing it damages the motherboard -- probably beyond repair...

Smartphone Revolution

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the smartphone revolution

You say you want a revolution? The smartphone market as we know is about to be flipped upside down -- and there's no turning back from this kind of change.

android security

Flaw in Android remote-support tool exploited by screen recording app

An application hosted in Google Play until yesterday took advantage of a flaw in the TeamViewer remote support tool for Android - - for months -- to enable screen recording on older devices.


Microsoft starts public test of Cortana app for Android smartphones

Microsoft now lets anyone with an Android phone try out its app that brings the virtual assistant from Windows 10 to a non-Microsoft platform.

Galaxy Note 5

My 'aha!' moment in reviewing Samsung's Galaxy Note 5

A sense of déjà vu leads to an unexpected revelation.

android umbrella

First Look: Dell Venue 10: A hybrid for Android lovers

As a notebook, is the Venue 10 a contender for professional needs? In terms of price, the answer becomes iffy because, frankly, it runs up against several options in the market, most of which are Windows two-in-one devices, like the...

How I Use Android: Kevin Barry

How I use Android: Nova Launcher developer Kevin Barry

The mastermind behind one of Android's most popular customization tools talks about his own home screen setup -- and why big-screened devices aren't for him.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6-point-huh? Analyzing the Marshmallow numbering madness

It may seem strange that Google's Android Marshmallow release brings such a big jump in version number, but those of us obsessing over digits are missing the point.

Android M Marshmallow vs. iOS

Android 6.0 M ''Marshmallow'' vs. iOS 9 -- FIGHT!

Google has confirmed the name of Android M -- Marshmallow. The new version will first make it to the expected new Nexus devices due for release later this year. Soon after, it'll be available for OTA upgrades for older pure-Android...

Another vulnerability found in Android's media processing service

The Android service that processes multimedia files has been the source of several vulnerabilities recently, including a new one that could give rogue applications access to sensitive permissions.

150817 google marshmallow 01

Google offers up final dev tools for Marshmallow

Google has released the final developer tools for Android's next version, which will be called Marshmallow.

back to school android apps

The best free Android apps for going back to school

Sadly it's time for fewer games and more productivity. Here's how to get your Android device ready for another school year.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 S6 edge+ release date

Ugh: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ & Note5 apes Apple iPhone

Samsung announces Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 -- its new twin flagship Android phones. The release date is confirmed, with preorders now. However...

Project Ara modular smartphone

Puerto Rico is out as Project Ara's first test market, but Google isn't nixing the program

A series of mysterious tweets implied big changes were coming to the modular smartphone program.

Moto X Style

Consumers win as Android vendors struggle

The future for many smartphone vendors looks uncertain as Apple rules the high end and the battle over cheaper smartphones gets increasingly intense

galaxy s6 edge plus and note 5

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Note 5 to hit stores Aug. 21 (with video)

Samsung announced a new Galaxy Note 5 phablet and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone on Thursday, both with 5.7-in. displays.

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