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Brillo OS is another IoT project by Google
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android security danger

Researchers create app to stop RIG attacks on Android and Android-based IoT devices

Researchers, who said there is an urgent need to mitigate runtime-information-gathering (RIG) attacks on Android mobile and Android-controlled Internet of Things devices, presented 'Leave Me Alone: App-level Protection Against Runtime...

android security danger

Android's default browser is vulnerable to URL spoofing

A flaw in Android's default Web browser lets attackers spoof the URL shown in the address bar, allowing them to mount more credible phishing attacks.

Microsoft wraps up alt platform Office run with app previews for Android smartphones

osoft today opened a public preview of the three core Office apps -- Excel, PowerPoint and Word -- for Android smartphones, following a similar sneak peak in January for Android-powered tablets.

Android Upgrade Report Card: Lollipop

Android upgrade report card: Grading the manufacturers on Lollipop

Six months after Lollipop's release, how have the major Android manufacturers done at delivering upgrades to their devices?

zenfone 2

Asus packs 64GB of storage in $299 ZenFone 2

Asus isn't a household name for smartphones in the U.S., but the company is trying to make a strong statement with the Zenfone 2, which packs more storage than similarly priced competitors.

xiaomi mi 4i

Smartphones from Xiaomi, Micromax pressure established manufacturers

Smartphone manufacturers Micromax in India and Xiaomi in China have given the low-end segment a shake up with their latest products, and even if the devices don't go on sale around the world, their launches will likely be felt...

How I Use Android: Brian Rakowski

How I use Android: Android VP Brian Rakowski

One of Google's Android VPs gives us the skinny on his favorite apps and devices -- plus an up-close look at how he sets up the home screens on his own personal phone.

android smartphone with money

Review: 7 Android apps that track your expenses

If you do any business travel, you know how important -- and annoying -- it is to track your spending. One of these 7 Android apps can help.

LG Watch Urbane vs Moto 360

LG Watch Urbane vs. Moto 360: A detailed real-world comparison

LG Watch Urbane or Moto 360 -- which Android Wear watch to get? An in-depth comparison based on extended real-life use.

zte nubia z9

Once fighting for the low end, Chinese smartphone vendors focus on pricier products

This week when ZTE launched its latest phone, the Z9, the Chinese company wasn't embarrassed to reveal its high price.

00 lg g4 camera primary1

How good is the LG G4 camera? A real-world evaluation

LG has been making big promises about the camera its new G4 smartphone. We ran it through some tests to see if it delivers.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit's IPO pitch shows a strong pulse

Fitbit, the maker of wearable activity trackers, has filed to go public and revealed some strong sales numbers in its filing.

LG Watch Urbane

Living with the LG Watch Urbane: Android Wear at its best

The LG Watch Urbane brings a traditional timepiece style to the Android Wear world -- but it's what's beyond the surface that really makes this smartwatch shine.

Android Wear Wi-Fi

Android Wear on Wi-Fi: Using a smartwatch without a phone nearby

Google's latest Android Wear update lets your smartwatch stay connected when your phone isn't present. Magic? Kind of. Here's what it's like to use.

Bad news for Android

Android cellular voice channel used as new covert channel to leak info, spread malware

Researchers bypass Android security mechanisms and exploit smartphone cellular voice channel to act as a new covert channel which can potentially be used to leak information and to spread malware.

kantar says europeans are dumping android for ios

Kantar says Europeans are dumping Android for iOS

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveals almost a third of new iOS users in Europe dumped Android to grab Apple devices.

killer android features android secret

Android squeaks by iOS in mobile ad revenues

For the first time, Android phone and tablet advertising revenues edged out iOS mobile ads in the first quarter of 2015, according to measurements by a mobile ad service.

Android Wear Watch Faces

9 exceptional Android Wear watch faces

Bring your Android Wear watch to life with these nine downloadable faces that show just how awesome a smartwatch can be.

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