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Oracle denied new trial in copyright dispute with Google over Java

A federal court in California denied Oracle another trial in its longstanding copyright infringement dispute with Google over the use of Java code in Android.

Mediatek X20 Development Computer

Mediatek's developer board features a 10-core chip and Android 6.0

Like PCs, developer boards like Raspberry Pi are getting more horsepower to run faster applications and 4K graphics.

google assistant tips main

10 surprising and useful ways to use Google Assistant in Allo

Allo is designed to show off Google Assistant. Here's some of the coolest stuff you can do with it.

Andromeda - Android, Chrome OS

Andromeda? Making sense of an Android-Chrome OS marriage

Are Android and Chrome OS coming together for real this time? Some thoughts and a theory on how a string of saucy new rumors could play out.

acer chromebook r 13

Dealing with VPNs on a Chromebook running Android apps

My first impression of Android on a Chromebook was positive. But, you do need to be aware of how VPNs are handled, since there are now two different operating systems running on a single computer.

Google Allo

Google's Allo is a solution in search of a problem

Getting at the root of why Google's new messaging app exists -- and why it feels so inconsequential.

android nougat

Google ad hints of new smartphones to come on Oct. 4

Google released an intriguing new video on prime time TV Monday that hints of an Oct. 4 announcement of two new smartphones -- the Pixel X and Pixel XL.

Pixel Phones - Google

Pixel phones and the birth of Bizarro Google

Google's setting the stage for a major hardware announcement in October, but you don't have to wait til then to see some serious signs of change.


Rapid review: Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod

Hands on with the Hasselblad True Zoom camera Mod for Motorola's Z Droid smartphones.

exploded note 7

U.S. consumer agency issues official Note 7 recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission late Thursday issued an official recall for 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

Android Old Habits

Android is slowly sliding back into old bad habits

Android has a lot of good things going for it, but not all of Google's recent progress has been positive.

android security

Google offers $200K for top prize in new Android hack challenge

Researchers can submit entries from now until March 14, 2017.

lg v20

First look: The LG V20 keeps the good stuff and improves the rest

Shipping with Android 7.0, LG's high-end V20 offers features being dropped by its competitors, like an SD-card slot, removable battery and headphone jack, while concentrating on sophisticated audio and visual technology.

150817 google marshmallow 03

Google's 3-level Android patch may cause confusion

Google released a large monthly batch of security patches for Android, fixing 55 vulnerabilities, eight of which are rated critical.

102615 nexus p camera primary

Google's new 7-inch Huawei-built tablet -- what we know

People are getting all excited about rumors that Google is working with Huawei to build a 7-in. tablet, the successor to the Nexus 7, which was released in 2013.


Fossil's Q Marshal smartwatch

This big, chunky device is a second-generation smartwatch from Fossil.


Samsung recalls Note 7 on battery problems

Samsung has issued a global recall for its new Note 7 smartphone after 35 reported battery problems.

160902 samsung note7 2

Samsung recalls Note 7 on battery fire reports

Samsung is halting sales of its recently-launched flagship Note 7 smartphone and recalling phones of this model sold worldwide after reports of several units catching fire due to battery problems.

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