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Moto G 2015

android security danger

Apple hater finds 950 million reasons to quit Android for iPhone

Apple hating security journalist tells Android users to switch to iPhone

cyanogen screenshot

Newcomer Cyanogen looks to disrupt Android and iOS

Several versions of the Android OS for smartphones have appeared on the global stage in recent years. One version, Cyanogen OS, has gathered publicity as well as prominent investors --including Twitter, Qualcomm and Foxconn -- that...

android security danger

Update: Maliciously crafted MKV video files can be used to crash Android phones

A malicious application or Web page could be used to crash Android devices, in some cases persistently, due to a vulnerability in a multimedia processing component.

Moto X Lollipop Upgrade

Motorola opens up about Lollipop upgrade letdown and the future of fast rollouts

Motorola finally explains what went wrong with the Moto X's latest Android upgrade -- and what it's doing now to prevent a repeat performance.

moto x pure

Today's high-end smartphones: Too big for comfort?

Forget phablets. The latest flagship smartphones, such as the new Moto X Pure Edition, demand a reach that some of our hands can't, well, handle.

Moto X Style, Moto G, OnePlus 2

The new Moto X, Moto G, and OnePlus 2: A quick 'n' simple guide to Android's latest unlocked options

So many smartphones, so little time. Here's an easy-to-follow breakdown of all the new unlocked Android devices announced over the past 24 hours.

Moto X Style

Motorola launches 3 new Android phones with 'amazing value'

Motorola announced three new Android 5.1.1 phones, including a high-end model that will be sold this fall in the U.S. as the Moto X Pure Edition, starting at the low price of $400 unlocked.

oneplus 2 smartphone

First look: OnePlus refines its successful formula with new phone

Chinese vendor OnePlus has done it again, and produced a powerful smartphone at a bargain price.


Moto X gets fast charging, Moto G waterproofing in new lineup

Motorola focused on price when it added three new smartphones to its lineup.

OnePlus 2 price

OnePlus 2 price is right -- review roundup

Wow, the OnePlus 2 price is low. That much we expected, given the company's previous market outing. But a hands-on test shows this is no mere cheap phone...

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Honda joins list of carmakers embedding Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Honda announced that its 2016 Accord will offer smartphone mirroring technologies that will enable drivers to use mobile apps with their infotainment systems.

apples secret android plan for apple watch

Apple’s secret Android plan for Apple Watch

Apple Watch for Android – is this a thing??

Google removes 'porn clicker' malware from its Play Store

Google has removed dozens of apps from its Play Store that purport to be games but secretly click on advertisements on pornographic websites.

How I Use Android - Liam Spradlin

How I use Android: App designer and Android blogger Liam Spradlin

He designs Android apps you love and writes Android blogs you read -- so how does Liam Spradlin use Android in his own life?

New Android Maps Your Timeline feature

'Your Timeline' in Android Maps: Google knows EVERYTHING about you

Yikes: Google is rolling out a new Maps feature for Android called Your Timeline -- if for no other reason than to showcase its all-seeing, all-knowing, data gathering omnipotence...

huawei store

Higher-end phones help Huawei rake in the cash

Huawei Technologies' shift to selling high-end smartphones is paying off. The more expensive devices helped almost double the company's handset revenue in this year's first half.

ZTE Axon

ZTE fights off low-end stereotype with high-end Axon phone

Chinese brands don't always command much attention in the U.S., so when ZTE teased its newest smartphone, the Axon, it initially didn't mention the company at all.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 black 2

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2 focuses on thin and light profile

The two Android tablets will start arriving next month.

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