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Moto 360 smartwatch

New Moto X vs. Original: Camera Shootout

New Moto X vs. the original: Smartphone camera shootout!

How good is the new Moto X's camera -- and how does it compare to the first-gen model? See for yourself in this head-to-head photo face-off.

Samsung drops Knox prices and introduces Knox user portal


New Moto X Leather Wood Plastic

Hands on: The new Moto X in leather, wood, and plastic

The new Moto X comes in a choice of some interesting and eclectic materials. Here's an up-close look at the three main options.

android malware

Many Android devices vulnerable to session hijacking through the default browser

The default browser in Android versions older than 4.4 has a vulnerability that allows malicious websites to bypass a critical security mechanism and take control of a user's authenticated sessions on other sites.

Android guys

Google debuts first low-cost Android One phones in India

Three Indian vendors have launched smartphones based on a Google reference design starting at around $100 without operator subsidy, in a bid to grab a share of a growing but competitive segment of the country's smartphone market.

Moto 360 Interesting Things

Hands on: 5 interesting things about the Moto 360

Beyond its basic design and features, the Moto 360 has some pretty interesting qualities that set it apart from other Android Wear watches.

Pantech's gaming cellphone

10 years in tech: The crazy cellphone ideas of 2004

In 2004, Apple had just started development of its iPhone and no one outside the company knew about it, Samsung was focused on the South Korean market, and the hottest thing in wireless was the I-mode mobile Internet service in Japan....

New Snapdragon chip means cheaper LTE smartphones are coming

Qualcomm hopes to push down the cost of LTE smartphones with the Snapdragon 210 chipset.

Moto 360 Battery Controversy

Motorola responds to Moto 360 battery 'controversy'

A widely cited report claims Motorola is lying about the battery in its Moto 360 smartwatch -- but things on the Internet aren't always what they seem.

Sleek iPhone 6 and 6 Plus feature big displays, NFC payments and new chips inside

Both phones run Apple's new A8 processor and are due to be made available Sept. 19

google antitrust europe

Déjà vu -- Europeans restart antitrust probe of Google (is Android next?)

Eric's head just exploded: Google's European frustrations continue. The EC has re-opened its interminable antitrust case, because the proposed settlement doesn't seem to please ministers nor rivals. When will it all end? In IT...

windows phone store

More evidence of the Windows Phone app gap: FTC doesn't bother to sue Microsoft

Here's one more piece of evidence that Windows Phone lags far iOS and Android in app availability: The FTC, which has gone after Google, Apple, and Amazon for unlawful app billing, hasn't even bothered to target Microsoft.

New Moto X Hands On

Hands on: The first things you notice about the new Moto X

One of the most anticipated Android follow-ups of the year is finally here. Time to go hands on with the new Moto X.

Moto X

Hands on: Trying out the new Moto X -- is bigger necessarily better?

The new Motorola Moto X Android smartphone has a bigger and brighter display, additional voice abilities and a number of new features.

The new Moto X has a metal frame and a 5.2-in. screen

Motorola Mobility has upgraded its flagship Moto X smartphone with a metal frame, a more powerful processor and a bigger screen.

moto x

Plastic is out, metal and wood in for high-end smartphones

Plastic is out and metal, leather and wood are in as smartphone vendors push luxurious-looking devices they hope will inspire buyers to upgrade.


Can the Lumia 830 Windows Phone really take on the iPhone?

Microsoft says that its just-announced Lumia 830 Windows Phone will eat into the market share of both the iPhone and Samsung devices. Is that a real possibility, or just one more example of overhype of Microsoft's struggling...

samsung galaxy note edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge phablet is weird yet innovative

Weird science brings forth curvy phone-tablet hybrid: Samsung unveiled its latest phablet at IFA 2014. It has this weird curved screen edge, which may take some getting used to. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if it's a gimmick or...

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