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sony xperia z4

Xperia Z4 reflects Sony's timidity in smartphones

Sony's decision to launch its new high-end smartphone, the Xperia Z4, only in Japan, shows its hesitancy about this market and raises questions about its commitment to it.

Sony introduces new flagship Xperia Z4 smartphone

Sony's new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z4, will ship in summer in the Japanese market.

Microsoft to integrate Skype, Office with Cyanogen's version of Android

The integration will go beyond pre-installed apps and well-placed icons.

findmyphone android

Where did I leave my Android phone? Google it

Wish there was a way to easily find your smartphone when you've dropped it under a sofa cushion or the dog ran off with it? If you have an Android-based phone, Google may be able to help.

Material Design Apps Android

30 exceptional Material Design apps for Android

Ready for more Material Design in your life? These 30 Android apps make Google's latest design standards look amazing -- and they have the functionality to match.


EU targets Android in competition probe

The European Commission has launched an investigation into Google over its Android operating system and demands the company makes to hardware partners.

EU slaps Google with antitrust charges

The battle begins: Google vs. EU... FIGHT!

In Brussels, at high noon today, the EU fired the first hail of anti-trust charges towards internet giant Google...

Google logo fisheye

Update: EU files antitrust charges against Google over search, launches Android probe

The European Commission has charged Google with abusing its dominant position in Internet search services in Europe by favoring its own comparison shopping product, Google Shopping. It also opened an antitrust probe into Google's...

LG G4 leak

LG G4 leaks: 'Gorgeous' Android flagship in real leather (and fake carbon fiber)

These colorful beasts are the LG G4, in all its leather-clad glory. It's no clone. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are in two minds...

01 samsung galaxy s6 edge2

Not all about Apple Watch; 3 hot smartphones went on sale Friday

Samsung and HTC separately launched sales on Friday of three new smartphones that have garnered positive reviews and, by various accounts, some solid initial customer interest.

HTC One M9 Camera - Take 2

HTC One M9 camera, take 2: Can a software update make things better?

HTC says a new software update should improve camera performance on its One M9 phone -- so how much difference does it really make? A hands-on comparison.

Galaxy S6, HTC One M9

Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and the search for smartphone perfection

The real question isn't which phone is the best. It's which is the best for you.

android updates primary

Google, Intel vow to speed up delivery of Android updates

It usually takes months for mobile devices to get Android updates, but Intel and Google want to slash the wait time.

mobile apps smartphone

A smartphone bloatware iconoclast speaks out

It's my phone and 'I should be able to do whatever I want with it,' says Jesse Nunez, a self-described smartphone purist, who believes he should be able to customize his phone as he pleases.

htc one m9

HTC One M9 deep-dive review: Third time's (almost) the charm

HTC's latest luxurious smartphone isn't a radical upgrade, but it offers subtle refinements that bring it closer to perfection. We take a detailed look at the One M9 and test how it holds up in the real world.

How I Use Android: David Singleton

How I use Android: Android Wear Engineering Director David Singleton

Google's own director of engineering for Android Wear gives us a glimpse at what devices he carries, how he sets up his home screens, and what apps he can't live without.

samsung galaxy s 6 gs6 edge

Samsung rebuts claim that its Galaxy Edge S6 bends easily

Samsung disputes a stress test that showed the Galaxy Edge S6's frame bending and screen cracking under applied pressure, saying a smartphone wouldn't experience that kind of force in normal use.

Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9 Camera

Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9: Smartphone camera shootout!

Just how good is the Galaxy S6's camera -- and how does it compare to the HTC One M9? See for yourself in this head-to-head photo face-off.

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