Meet Pepper, the dancing robot

Meet Pepper, the dancing robot

If you are anything like me, your primary criterion for a useful robot is one that dances.


Could these be the drones you're looking for?

Could these be the drones you're looking for?

Drones are super hot right now. Isn't it time you got one?


Fusion, not fiction

Fusion, not fiction

Scientists at MIT are working on an ARC reactor. Could an Iron Man suit be far behind?


The Onion shows us that things can always get worse with Comcast

Comcast has been in the news a lot lately for everything from a potential merger with Time Warner to its plans to cap Internet use for everyone. The public has generally not been too happy about these changes. And now the satirical...


Try an Hour of Code. You might just like it.

If you go to Google today, you will see a Google Doodle in honor of Grace Hopper, the  computer scientist whose theory lead to the development of COBOL and who is credited with coming up with the term debugging. What you might not...


Fire and phones do mix

What could possibly go wrong with a fire-powered portable battery charger? The concept is simple. A blade, which sticks out of the FlameStower over a fire, transferrs heat from the flame to a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). On...


iPhone 5 s-is-for-same: Why mess with perfection

Blogger's Note: Just to avoid any confusion, I wanted to point out that this video and my summary of it are intended as humor. The video is a parody of an Apple announcement. I thought it was funny. I hope you will too. Are you...


The iPhone camera can improve your (supposed) life

With Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C, will we finally get what we were promised with the iPhone 5: A camera to take pictures of our food that we can share on social media? Social media use has exploded, so much so that some...


The long and glorious history of the Turbo-Encabulator

The long and glorious history of the Turbo-Encabulator

With one simple sentence, the Turbo-Encabulator was born.


One small step for Kirobo, one giant leap for robot-kind

Why do robots become astronauts? Simple: Because they like space. Kirobo, a Japanese robot, blasted off for the International Space Station last week. The robot, which can speak and recognize faces, is going to space with the...


CarTube: Drive to distraction (and visit the hospital!)

YouTube has changed the way we live, and CarTube will change the way we drive. The idea is amazing in its simplicity: Integrate YouTube into the most widely used mobile device, your car. Now your windshield is your viewing...


Robotic beer dispenser showcases the positive uses of technology

Finally, technology being applied to something useful: beer dispensing. RoboKeg, a Raspberry Pi powered beer dispenser, is a prototype of what bars at concerts or sporting events might look like in the future. In addition to...


Fireworks displays that rate immortality

In many nations, holidays are observed with fireworks. LOTS of fireworks. Untold millions of dollars are destroyed in minutes, but oh how gloriously they are spent. In the USA, we're coming off of Independence Day celebrations,...


This is your brain on LED

When art, science and engineering come together, you sometimes end up with a 15-foot tall LED-lit brain. A group called Mens Amplio, which is Latin for “expanding the mind,” is creating this project. So how does it work? Lets...


Listen to the beat of the hard drive drums

YouTube user bd594 has got some skills with old computer parts. He uses them to create some pretty well-executed music. For this song, bd594 used an HP Scanjet 3C for the vocals, two hard drives for the drums and cymbal, two...


Hard drive in slow mo'

If you've ever wondered what happens with a hard drive when you request data from your computer -- and, really, who hasn't? -- then this one's for you. Those wild and crazy Slow Mo Guys, Dan and Gav, removed the cover of a 500GB...


Controlling cockroach neurons -- there's an app for that

In this TedTalk, we see how electrical stimulation of neurons can trigger activity in a severed cockroach leg. And lemme tell ya, this cockroach can dance. A little background may be in order. Tim Marzullo and Greg Gage wanted to...


What astronauts really do on the Moon

For me, nothing quite captures the spirit of the Apollo Program more than, “I like to skip along.” The astronauts in the video are Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan, modifying lyrics from the famous The Fountain in the Park song...


The Cloud? I prefer the clouds...

The Cloud gets a lot of airplay these days. it's become a bit of a buzzword, to be checked off ones' Buzzword Bingo card at the next staff meeting. But before The Cloud, there were clouds. And pretty cool ones, too. This video...


Cat, video, technology. Cat video technologist.

In this week's installment of cats and technology, we have Remy, the cat who either loves or hates newly printed pages. Remy is not bothered by the piles of papers on the desk, but a newly minted sheet from the printer? Oh, boy,...


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