Death to passwords

Passwords are like the keys to your house: you use them every day, but almost never really think of them until you lose them. Or someone else finds them. The recent hack of Gawker, which operates sites such as Lifehacker, Gizmodo,...



5 tips to keep you cyber-safe this buying season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may mark the high points of the holiday shopping season, but they are by no means the end of it.  In a still struggling economy, with everyone searching for value, consumers will encounter technology...



Schoolyard bullies branch out over the Internet

Spam, malware, viruses, and identity theft -- these are the dangers most of us associate with the Internet.  Faceless threats from somewhere in "cyberspace", that attack us anonymously.But, as recent history has shown, users with...



Spam wars 2010: The last word

No matter what Richi Jennings or I say, the debate about spam won't end here.  As Howie put it in his comment on Richi's latest post:"The only thing as never ending as spam is the debate about whether we're winning the war against...



Losing time is losing the war

In his Long View blog, Richi Jennings posted a rebuttal to my post, Spam wars 2010.  In his response, Richi argues several of my points, particularly those involving statistics.  While some of Richi's points are well taken, given the...



Spam wars 2010

There's a spam war raging in North America, and computer users are losing. Worse yet, many of us don't even realize we're being attacked or why.Most users see spam as an annoyance, and don't look past their cluttered inboxes to the...



Who is winning and losing in tech consolidation

Multitasking isn't just for users anymore. Never before has the tech world seen so many companies diversifying through mergers, acquisitions, and moving into new markets. Google has been a leader in the expansion charge, becoming a...



To iPad or not to iPad: That is the tech question

Hardly a day passes in the world of technology news without a story on Apple's iPad and the legion of supposed iPad killers lining up to take it down. Recognizing the success Apple has had, a host of companies including Microsoft,...



Proactive security: The only responsible way to go

Last month, Google's security team sent a message to the Internet security community:  we need to redefine responsible disclosure.  The current method of reporting security vulnerabilities is outdated and too slow.Responsible...



Mobile phones, mobile dangers: Protecting children with cell phones

The cell phone in all its iterations -- from pre-paid to smartphones -- has become common throughout the world.  According to the United Nations' telecommunications agency, the ITU, there will be over 5 billion mobile phone...



Securing your online world

Matthew Danzico of BBC News Washington, recently wrote about the website CultofLess.com, one man's attempt to sell off virtually everything he owns and live, primarily, off technology.To some that might sound crazy.  But stop for a...



Choosing the best browser -- can it really be done?

Last week showed that the browser wars are far from over, and might just be heating up again soon. Microsoft announced a full-on coming out party for Internet Explorer 9's beta release, scheduled for September.Almost simultaneously,...



Tips for on-campus technology protection

Back-to-school means students returning to campus and bringing their technology with them. Research firm Student Monitor, which tracks computer and Internet purchases and usage in higher education, reports that 95% of college...



Tips for back-to-school technology shopping

The back-to-school season is in full swing, and technology has found its way to the top of many shopping lists.  From iPads to desktops and everything in between, technology has become a must for most students, especially those...



Tips to keep your online privacy intact

Is there such a thing as online privacy anymore?The recent evidence might suggest that there's not:AT&T's 3G network is hacked, revealing thousands of iPad owners' email addresses. The company later suffers another breach during...


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