Now THAT'S secured data!

Field tech is replacing a laptop motherboard at an office with a much-higher-than-normal level of security, complete with an escort, ID cards and fingerprint scanners at every door -- and it doesn't end there.


And she didn't get mad when you touched them?

Help desk gets a call from a panicky remote user who says her task bar is gone and she can't launch any of her programs to work -- and none of the troubleshooting the techs try over the phone seems to help.


There's book-smart and then there's phone-smart

This IT pilot fish and his boss are working on a project to replace the aging administrative systems for a state university system -- but one day the university's president needs their project room for a meeting.


Must just be a lucky coincidence...for somebody

This organization has several different divisions, so competition for IT resources is unavoidable. The clear solution: a Resource Office to decide which division's projects get top priority. How could that go wrong?


Let's take this one step at a time...

Manager asks for help dealing with the extension of one of his workers who's, well, no longer one of his workers. Fortunately, there are instructions for that -- but they don't seem to be enough.


Is it the appendix? The spleen? The intestine?

Nurse calls this hospital's IT help desk at 2 a.m. about problems she's having with patient orders -- and she's way too busy to be more specific.


Well, it was spam-ish, right?

This company's corporate email is managed by a third-party provider that detects and quarantines spam and malware-laden messages -- but something isn't quite right.


And you thought IT governance slows things down...

This big manufacturing plant uses electric motors the size of small houses -- along with a mountain of work rules that this IT pilot fish gets to see in action when one of them needs a controller board replaced.


Want to sue over this? We know some lawyers...

Officially designated 'expert' IT person joins the staff at this law firm, and promptly sends a group email to more than 1,500 clients -- all of them listed on the cc: line.


Now we know what they're NOT paid the big bucks for

It's lunchtime, and this IT pilot fish is the one on call when word of a high-level tech crisis comes in: The teleconferencing equipment in the executive conference room isn't working.


Because parts is parts, right?

Flashback to the late 1990s, when this big aerospace/defense contractor acquires a competitor. But as soon as they're both on the same manufacturing system, the Bill of Materials application goes off the rails.


Run a backup and check error logs, then we'll talk

This steel rolling mill is finally going digital by installing dumb terminals to direct how ingots are to be rolled out, instead of announcing it over the PA system -- and that sounds like a career opportunity to somebody.


All for One IT, and One IT for me

This company implements a concept called "One IT" -- if there's a big IT problem, all available IT people scramble to put the fire out -- and it sounds great. But not everyone is on board with the idea.


If it's jumping around, that IS a problem

User calls this help desk pilot fish, complaining that her frog has stopped working.


We have trouble remembering it's a new month too

It's February 1978, and this company has just installed a refrigerator-sized minicomputer. But on March 1, it's clear that something isn't right.


Their motto: If it ain't broke, fix it

This manufacturing company is acquired by a much bigger corporation, which means it's time for somebody to fiddle with IT -- with predictably catastrophic results.


Thirty days hath...

This IT pilot fish is part of a Finnish research expedition to the Antarctic on a ship that's outfitted specifically for the mission -- but not everything is quite ready for the trip.


But did he still get the free lunch?

It's 1985, and this sysadmin has figured out everything he needs to cadge a free lunch out of sales people: a tie, a tour of the server room, and an attitude that's maybe just a little too casual.


What a deal -- and guess who pays for it?

This big Silicon Valley data center specializes in outsourcing -- and in unbelievable deals.


No treat, just trick

Manager regularly visits a remote office, and he has the risky habit of leaving his wallet full of travel receipts out on his desk -- and to these IT people, that's a challenge.


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