Who knew this network stuff was so tricky?

It's back in the pre-Internet days, and this company sends data between sites on reels of magnetic tape -- but it's looking at a better way.


Work for us? Fine. Get hired? Not so fast...

Bank is really interested in hiring this contract software developer, and she's willing to sign up. But there's a catch: All new hires have to take a test, and this one isn't exactly IT-friendly.


Everyone's greatest resource: Somebody else's time

IT analyst pilot fish gets a frantic email message from a customer support. Some of the company's software has stopped working for a big customer. Does fish know of any changes that caused that?


It's not like anybody was there using it, right?

This small team of state-government auditors arrives at work one morning to find that their server has suddenly gone incommunicado. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to find out why.


Any color you like, as long as it's black

Pilot fish has just overseen a redesign of the corporate website, and a manager comes to his desk holding a printout of the new home page. Manager's question: 'Why isn't this in color?'


Mumble jumble

This outdated mainframe running an obsolete operating system suffers a failure almost every week, and this pilot fish has to support it. But that's not his biggest problem.


Why we still do deskside tech support

IT tech for a midsize school district gets a trouble ticket from a high school teacher: She can't get a DVD out of her classroom's aging DVD/VCR combo player. Which of many possible problems is it this time?


Urgent, redefined

Client needs certain features added to this software vendor's product -- and it's urgent, so the vendor's programmer works overtime to get it done. And then?


Actually, we pay what we pay and we HOPE you'll take it

This IT pilot fish joins a well-known computer services company, and he's really happy with the opportunities the new job presents. Then he happens to see a report that's just come out of a printer.


Gee, thanks for reminding us of our options, boss!

This government facility is gearing up for a new set of cybersecurity requirements, and it means IT staffers will need a whole new set of certifications -- or else.


So who do we crucify?

Server admin pilot fish at a very big company gets an evening message from a PC services manager: What's going on with the Windows licensing server? And who can we blame for it?


Or maybe the boss was a Priority 1 user

Users at this government agency really like having their mainframe computing done at the lowest -- and cheapest -- priority, in which the job isn't going to run until 6 p.m. Wonder why that is?


Do it by the numbers -- or just GET the numbers?

IT pilot fish's employer is acquired, and he moves on -- but soon discovers he needs a W-2 from before the acquisition. He used to manage that system, so he knows it's there. How hard could getting it be?


Bigger question: Where were you for the past year?

Tech is doing a hardware upgrade on a server, fighting to get the OS to recognize the changes, when he suddenly realizes the air conditioning isn't blowing. And the power is off. And someone is staring at him.


Sounds like management material to us...

Freshly arrived boss decides to gauge how well his new staff responds to change, so he gives each staffer a packet with an excerpt from the book 'Who Moved My Cheese?' -- then asks how they would respond.


Why we love engineers

This tech is responsible for a factory's shop floor, but when he returns from vacation he finds the shop floor has a slew of IT issues -- and the engineers are blaming him.


What's the sound of a data center mistake? WHOOSH!

This IT contractor is assigned to a big carmaker's engine plant, and his cube is right next to the computer room. That means when the fire-suppression alarm goes off and the Halon dumps, he's the first to hear.


If it's got wires -- or doesn't -- talk to IT, OK?

This company is upgrading its heating and air conditioning system in a big way, complete with wireless thermostats everywhere. But IT isn't consulted -- after all, it's an HVAC system, not a computer, right?


Gee, thanks, boss!

It's time for the annual organization picnic, and these IT techs are planning to carpool to the site 80 miles away. But just before quitting time, who should come up with an emergency?


Unclear on this whole 'backups' concept

Boss of this group of government analysts comes up with a great idea for version control: Put all files, including backups, into a single master folder. What could go wrong with that?


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