That IS when you want to find out, right?

This big credit card company is doing tons of planning for a data center disaster drill, right down to a helicopter to fly in backup tapes. What could possibly go wrong?


It's Monday. Do you know where your users are?

This user has made a great effort to extract a questionable email message from quarantine, then forwards it to this pilot fish with a question: What's this invoice from a company I never heard of?


But $1,500 for 'misc network equipment'? Approved!

This IT pilot fish is getting set to visit his company's 30 remote offices for a major networking upgrade. Fish's idea: Spend $50 per site to make future expansion easier. CFO's response: Nope.


See, people CAN change!

IT pilot fish finds himself once again working with a former boss who's philosophy was all work, all the time -- and fish isn't exactly delighted at the prospect of working with him again.


Now that you mention it...

This manufacturer of heavy equipment uses SHA-1 encryption for exchanging sensitive data with its partners as well as within the company -- but one vendor is balking at supporting it.


OK, that one's wrapped up. What's next?

This critical IT project is large, it's going to require time, it needs to be done without delay -- and any error or oversight could cost millions in a recall. Anything else we need to know before getting started?


This is why we do training AND documentation

This big data center is set up to keep security procedures simple for both users and IT operations staff -- but there are still a few bugs in the system.


Now THAT'S the way to wind down a job!

This IT consultant pilot fish is ready to wind down his years-long gig at a particular client, and that should be uneventful. But at the consulting firm he works for, the drama is just ramping up.


Out of the mouths of babes and HR reps...

This IT pilot fish gets a visit from an HR rep, who needs some emergency help with a training PC that won't power up. It's not fish's job, but there's no one else around -- so sure, he'll help.


RTFM: Still our favorite four-letter word

The company this pilot fish works for is located in a big industrial park, and when it's time to add a redundant data center, management knows just where it should go: right next door.


Hey, he gives it LOTS of thought before saying yes

At this big private university, this pilot fish who supports a storage system for researchers sometimes needs to notify all of them through a mailing list -- and for that, of course, there's an approval process.


WAAAAAY cheaper than getting the ax

IT guy replaces his boss's name in his car's hands-free device with 'The Biggest @#$%! In The Entire World.' And that's pretty funny -- until the day he's driving the boss to lunch.


Urgent, redefined

On-call pilot fish is awakened at 2 a.m. one Sunday by a call from the network operations center -- and he figures it's urgent. Why else would the NOC call in the middle of the night on a weekend?


They didn't reinvent the wheel, just the circle

Management at this healthcare IT vendor wants to get a better handle on how and why support engineers are working overtime. What better way than with a homegrown system that doesn't connect to payroll?



IT pilot fish receives a misaddressed email that's not just the usual spam or phishing attack -- this one is disturbing (and potentially illegal) enough that fish calls in the authorities.


First-name basis

There are lots of employees named Barney at the company where this IT pilot fish works -- at least seven that she knows of. So what are the odds she'd be dealing with more than one at the same time?


The logo right below her screen? Too easy to see

This company is having brand-specific laptop issues, so when a user calls with a laptop problem, pilot fish asks what kind she's using. Answer: 'D Y.'


You, I like. That other you? What an idiot!

First thing in the morning, all the phone lines for this small PC retailer are answered by one guy -- which leads to a surreal experience with one customer.


Hey, where's the fire?

This medium-size data center keeps getting the smell of smoke in the air, followed by alarms and visits from the fire department. But where is the smoke coming from?


So when will you be able to do this?

This IT tech pilot fish picks up part-time work from a support company that uses a notoriously buggy online service for scheduling work -- and this time it's loopier than usual.


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