C'mon, how long do you need that for, anyway?

This small business's employees depend on a web-based program for their work. So why are they losing their connections -- and the work they've done -- so frequently?


One manager at a time

This IT department faces a chronic problem -- what to do when the server goes down and some department keeps calling to ask when it will be back up -- and eventually manages to find a solution.


Think having a pager is bad? Try NOT having one

This IT pilot fish is on-call, but he knows Sunday is a slow day, so he drives 75 miles to his vacation home. There he finds that the boat dock has floated away -- and soon discovers that's not the only thing missing.


Well, it DID get his attention

It's Christmas holiday time back in the day, and this IT pilot fish is on call for support. But his big troubleshooting concern is closer to home: Why is his furnace buzzing?


Which part of 'dead zone' wasn't clear?

It's a few years back, and on his first day of work this newly hired IT pilot fish is presented with a two-way pager -- which isn't something he expected. But that's not his biggest problem with it.


IT: It's not just a job, it's a rollover accident

Flashback to the mid-1980s, when this pilot fish starts working for a small computer reseller -- and he's issued one questionable piece of equipment that looks like it's been been through a collision.


It IS a small world, after all!

This IT contractor pilot fish is working on a big bank's data warehouse project, and one manager he keeps bumping into seems familiar. But from where?


Why we love HR

This contracting division of a big company is sold to another big company, and its HR people come along too. What are the odds that this will result in REALLY bad HR decisions? Pretty high, it turns out.


Yeah, that would explain it...

It's a dark and snowy night -- in fact, snow-stormy -- when this pilot fish gets an emergency callout for two stores whose networks have gone silent.


Maybe not the best mnemonic, but hey, it worked!

This IT pilot fish has one user who's only a problem on Mondays -- because she regularly forgets her password over the weekend.


Hey, you asked for it...

User forgets her password and gets locked out, and this sysadmin pilot fish tells her what it is -- but only agrees to unlock her account if she explains what the password means.


Well, sure, when you put it THAT way...

In this company, IT reports directly to the head of Finance -- where a pilot fish is called in to explain why he's spending $20 on power strips instead of getting $5 models. Turns out the answer is only a day away.


User errors: Log, yes -- ignore, no

This programmer's module works, but it still has some issues, so he adds an error-logging feature -- which comes in handy when something goes very, very wrong.


You TRY to be unprofessional, but...

IT pilot fish is working on a migration project when, most of the way through, the team's layoffs are announced -- and fish isn't happy about it.


Old holiday tradition, meet new holiday tradition

This IT pilot fish's colleague REALLY likes fruitcake -- and not just during the holidays, but all year 'round. Still, this fruitcake turns out to be more than he can handle.


And you thought that stuff has no business purpose

This IT staffer sends out a message to everyone in the department: He and his fiancee have set a date for their wedding -- and he's making the announcement a full year ahead of time.


Business critical, redefined

Flashback to the days when this IT pilot fish is a newbie programmer for a manufacturer where an industrial engineer has a business-critical project for fish to deliver.


Remember, always follow all vendor instructions

Hospital's cardiac imaging equipment overheats and shuts down, so a nurse calls the vendor to send out a service tech. But before that happens, the tech support guy wants to do one more bit of troubleshooting.



This IT pilot fish is busy at work when his wife calls with a crisis, and he jumps up to head out and help deal with it -- which is not the reaction his boss has in mind.


There's a time to brag, and...yeah, this is it

It's job-interview time for this IT pilot fish who's very experienced -- and has a few extra qualifications too.


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