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Doctor at a research hospital develops a database for childhood leukemia, but the grad student who programmed it is gone. Can this college student make it useful again?


Remember, every demo's REAL audience is Murphy

Ticketmaster and Fandango are far in the future when this tech's boss asks him to develop a basic ticket-purchase system -- one that uses a minicomputer 1,600 miles away.


Let's call it 80 percent-ish?

Software developer has six months to create his part of an airport's automated people mover -- and when a senior architect offers to help out, it sounds like a win/win.


Sometimes, bad taste matters

Pilot fish's home internet and cable-TV line has to be repeatedly replaced because squirrels keep chewing through it -- until a more experienced repair guy arrives.


OK, there's SOMETHING we've left out here...

This server rack in a school is in a spot that's about to be turned into a non-IT office. But the building crew is asking IT how to wall it off, so what could go wrong?


Simple misunderstanding

Older programmer's new boss can't seem to hide the fact that she thinks he's incompetent due to his age. What will it take to show her he can write code she likes?


Of course, that's just an approximation...

College student in the 1970s works nights as a computer operator, and he gets to use the mainframe for his homework, too -- but its performance isn't all he's hoping for.


Is this what they call a learning experience?

This IT pilot fish's job involves installing a business software package at companies across the U.S. -- but it's about to take an unpleasant turn into training.


Professionalism, always professionalism

Several employees are moving to new desks, and fortunately this pilot fish gets a week's notice so he can set them up overnight. But guess who didn't get the memo?


Well, yes, that IS a question...

This IT project is falling behind, and a key bottleneck is some work that's been assigned to a contractor. What's holding things up?


Hey, it's a LONG way up to the 26th floor!

Pilot fish's challenge is connecting a terminal on the 26th floor to a control unit on the ground floor -- in a hotel with no network wiring, and a deadline days away.


You've just got to go through the proper channels

Where can a vendor support rep turn when someone's code is overwriting the software's transactions, but the customer's programmers insist they're not responsible?


And you think YOUR compile cycle takes forever...

It's a few decades back, and this consulting firm is creating a government accounting system -- and getting an object lesson in how slow software development can get.


Honor, redefined

It's 1981, and these university students submit their Cobol homework on punched cards on the honor system. But is somebody getting ahead by being not quite so ethical?


And you thought you knew how to do arithmetic

Manufacturer hits IT with layoffs -- and despite management promises, employees get the ax, while contractors are kept on because "they're cheaper." How does THAT add up?



Packaged-software sales rep is launching into his spiel at this government agency when a legally blind agency director walks in -- and puts a tape recorder on the table.


Size matters

It's upgrade time for this law firm's computers, and the IT team has decided to go with what used to be called a bookshelf PC. But the boss has a very specific objection.


Wasn't this supposed to speed things up?

This IT pilot fish comes up with a clever way to let users access their company intranet without yet another user name and password. But why has it gotten so slow?


Enhance your resume (the vendor sales rep way!)

It's the 1980s, and this IT pilot fish is in the market for a word processor. But the sales rep has a different idea -- and he says it'll be good for fish's career, too.


Parlez-vous workflow?

U.S. pilot fish is working with a multinational chemical company's team in Paris, facing the challenges of transatlantic time shift, different work cultures -- and lunch.


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