Well, you know how wild those library parties get

High-level manager for this library system tells IT support there's a problem with her laptop's keyboard: No matter what key she types, random things happen.


Oh, THAT'S what you meant!

Pilot fish is new on the job, supporting a collection of healthcare facilities spread over a wide area -- and at one of them, the pharmacy's server just refuses to boot.


Do as I say, not...

This pilot fish has the day off, but he knows 30 minutes of that time will still be work-related: a mandatory half-hour-long conference call. And he's already got the PowerPoint presentation.


But then they could reuse the business cards!

After a lot of staff turnover, this organization gets a much-needed addition to its sysadmin ranks -- but something still seems not quite right.


Good copy? Bad copy? No 'copy'

It's decades ago, and this banking company figures out how to get local branches to help out with check processing system. There's just one small, well-hidden problem waiting to rear its ugly head.


Well, it was funny while it lasted

User from HR emails this support ticket to the help desk, a pilot fish on the scene reports: "When I printer my documents nothing comes out."


Have you considered someone with handcuffs?

This pilot fish is doing some side work providing IT support for a small heating and air conditioning business when he gets a call from the owner -- whose laptop's version of Excel has started going crazy.


So THAT'S the kind of security users want from IT!

At this manufacturing company, IT is responsible for a wider range of areas than most -- and sometimes the user requests get a little bit on the wild side.


Gee, why IS it so hard to find IT people nowadays?

This project manager pilot fish has been working freelance, but when a regular, full-time PM position opens up at a well-established manufacturer, she decides to apply -- and it looks like a done deal.


Because that's the way we do it, that's why

Decades ago, this bank had problems because users were writing on floppy disks using ballpoint pens. That problem was solved -- but look what they're doing today.


There ARE worse ways to hear from the FBI at 1 AM

It's 1 a.m., and this user is asleep at home when she's awakened by her frantic teenage son at her bedroom door -- and it's about the FBI.


OK, try this one: Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?

IT support pilot fish for this healthcare organization gets a call from a user who can't get into her email -- and fortunately that problem can be resolved with the answer to a single question.


Timing is everything

Support engineer at a healthcare IT vendor gets a customer report that an interface between two systems isn't working properly after a change was made. Fortunately, there's a clue in the error data.


Yeah, that's some sort of error, all right

This IT pilot fish working for a school district is notified by a staff member that she can't log on and is getting "some sort of error message." But when fish looks into the problem, it just keeps getting weirder.


Why we check the process ALL the way through

Flashback to the 1980s, when this pilot fish is doing on-site IT support at a warehouse that's very high-tech: The daily 'pick sheet' is on a floppy disk. But something's going very wrong.


You said it was reassembled from tiny bits, right?

It's the early days of online ticket services, and this pilot fish is sitting with his grandma as he buys tickets for a local event -- and she seems to have a pretty good grasp of how it works.


The Master

Flashback a few decades to a data center where everyone has the same advanced degree -- OJT ("on-the-job training") -- until management decides to hire a Master of Computer Science.


Happy we could get that cleared-- er, cleaned up

This IT department builds websites for clients as part of its company's services -- but why can't the sales team member see the latest version?


Just our way of saying we missed you

IT pilot fish takes a few days off from work -- all properly approved by his boss -- but when he returns, the boss has a question: Why did you miss the staff meeting?


Just think of it as a selfie the hard way

This IT pilot fish is young, foolish and working for a company that regularly sends him out of town for work or training. One of his favorite places to eat in Dallas: a steak house where the rule is no ties allowed.


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