But what if we have another hardware problem?

Data center pilot fish gets a call at home on the weekend: The mainframe is flashing errors and can't be restarted. Sure, fish says, I'll come in -- which turns out to be the wrong answer in just about every way.


Really, it's a great solution, but...

This big minicomputer computer keeps getting errors writing to the disk drives it manufactures, and none of the engineers can figure out why. But when a new engineer tries his hand at it, he comes up with a fix.


My version! No, MY version!

This growing biotech company ends up with a merged sales operation that includes two groups of salesmen, each with its own customer data supplier -- and both on one big customer database.


And no, you don't get to keep the CRT either

In the late 1990s, this organization is on a six-year refresh cycle for monitors, with the next wave is set to be flat-panel displays, And for one engineer, that can't come soon enough.


And it was an, um, privilege knowing him, right?

This pilot fish at a shipping and logistics company finds himself on a project to port some of the company's software to Unix -- just before the Thanksgiving holiday.


But we're betting you DID label that line, right?

It's back in the days before this sheriff's department went to VoIP, and a pilot fish there has a nifty device for the times when he needs to figure out exactly what line a phone is connected to.


I think we've located the problem, all right

This pilot fish's custom applications have been tweaked to perfection for a global manufacturer over the past decade. So why is the new facility in India starting to have problems?


Good thing you missed that the first time around

Pilot fish working for a county's emergency services gets a trouble ticket from a deputy whose laptop is having sound problems -- and fish pretty quickly finds a virus.


Who says users never read directions?

A new voicemail system has been set up for this company, a broadcast message about changing temporary password has been sent out, and all that's needed now is the final cutover.


This must be her lucky day

Freshly graduated pilot fish is hired by a big utility's IT department, and early on her supervisor decides to introduce her to the joys of late-night systems maintenance.


But...but it's technology!

In the early days of desktop computers, this pilot fish works for a company that sells the Apple II Plus -- and he wants to show his mom what it can do.


Why we love highly paid consultants

Highly paid consultant says that after a major database management system upgrade, this data center doesn't need to recompile all the applications' code. A pilot fish disagrees. Guess who loses?


She's right, the CD won't work there

It's the late 1990s, and this ISP has created CDs with preconfigured versions of several web browsers, to simplify things for customers. But why won't one new customer's CD work?


There's your Trouble

This pilot fish is working in a regional bank's data center as manager of a small operations support team -- a job that includes delivering less-than-good news to the data center manager on a regular basis.


For Northerners, think of it as Christmas in July

It's a summer day at the dawn of desktop computers, and this pilot fish gets a call from a friend who complains that his computer works fine for him -- but crashes for everyone else.


Maybe he just kept getting eased up the ladder?

It's early in the morning at a software company when this technical writer pilot fish is approached by a senior employee -- and he needs help.


Now that's what we call a bad bug

This IT pilot fish leaves his job for grad school, but they call him back to do an upgrade. And when it's up and running, it seems to be working -- but an accounting clerk complains it's not working right.


But that's what you told me!

This pilot fish is supporting a large Microsoft Lync meeting, and one of the 75 participants is having problems with audio, video -- and understanding the limits of IT.


See? I SAID it was intermittent!

This coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico has a hurricane-proof (and cell-signal-proof) police headquarters, so when the femtocell that serves the building gets flaky, it's a problem.


But we just got him broken in!

This IT pilot fish and his co-worker have been working together effectively on projects for years. But new, overly zealous project manager with a true love for meetings is becoming a problem.


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