Welcome to the colony

IT pilot fish gets a job working at a government facility, and he's well-qualified except for one not-so-small detail: He needs a security clearance, and there's a Catch-22 involved in getting it.


There's a reason we still have user groups...

It's back in the days before Google, when this IT shop is running an Oracle database on a Digital Equipment Corp. VAX minicomputer under VMS -- and running into a problem that shouldn't exist.


OK, just THIS time we'll admit it's not IT's fault

Flashback to the mid-1990s, when this small manufacturing is just beginning to use PCs -- and the guys in maintenance haven't quite figured out what can go wrong.


Just one great idea after another!

This company issues a mandate: Everyone is required to come up with new cost-saving measures, no matter how small the idea is. Fortunately, one IT guy has TWO great ideas.


Not sure how he'd have done that last one, though

It's the very end of the fiscal year at this company when a pilot fish notices some email reminders that start out fine but don't quite manage to stay that way.


Why we love REAL power users

This pilot fish gets a job doing PC and network support for a small manufacturer in the southwestern U.S., where a purchasing agent agent named Fred seems to have a hand in everything -- and he's good at it all.


Welcome to Datatown, a not-so-friendly community

IT pilot fish is called in to a project meeting with four other analysts -- and it's clear right away that this isn't going well. The big question: to normalize or not to normalize.


No comment

Flashback to the days when this IT pilot fish is still in college, and most of his instructors are extremely good. Then there's the one with VERY specific standards for documentation...


Four words: Read. The. Furshlugginer. Manual.

This company is working on a project that uses mobile devices and barcodes, but it's hit a snag: The wireless barcode reader won't pair with the tablet.


Looks like neither M is for Money (or Math)

This IT consultant pilot fish and his cohorts have recently gotten some good news: Their company has beefed up their 401(k) with full vesting and a better match. So why doesn't fish's co-worker seem to care?


What was on YOUR mind the morning of your wedding?

This programmer has two things on his mind: his upcoming wedding and the thorny problem of triggering terminal screen updates in near-real-time as data changes. Guess when he gets the idea for a solution?


Who says all the wonder is gone from IT nowadays?

This older employee's wireless mouse suddenly stops working, so she buys a new one and hooks it up the same way as before. Her question to this support pilot fish: Why won't the new mouse do anything?


Big data from the web? What can possibly go wrong?

This IT pilot fish starts getting email for somebody else's business -- at an address that includes fish's own domain name. That doesn't worry him much, but then he gets a letter in the mail.


Maybe that's not a problem for YOU...

This IT pilot fish is working under contract at a government facility -- until the contract is rebid, and fish's company loses. Can fish still keep doing the same job and work for his old company? Well, sort of.


Guess the 'unboxing' scenario wasn't on the list

This new hire at a health services company has been issued a brand new iPhone. But why is she having so much trouble making phone calls with it?


Is this why mainframes almost never get rebooted?

Flashback to the late 1980s, when PCs are beginning to arrive at the government agency where this pilot fish works -- and not just on users' desks. Who knew a mainframer with a PC could have problems?


I just grab it from the App Store and go, right?

IT pilot fish who's supporting a software development project gets an email from a developer who can no longer get remote access to his resources -- and has his own ideas about how to fix the problem.


Got better code? Here's less money

IT pilot fish works at an internet ad company, and his team is always hunting for better ways to match ads with the users who will look at them. But is it possible to be TOO good at that?


Location, location, location!

This IT pilot fish runs a local managed-services provider, and he's out to lunch with a client when he gets a call from his wife -- who has suddenly discovered she needs a new phone.


And he was right -- there wasn't A mouse there...

It's a new employee's first day on the job, and he's assigned to a cubicle that's been used as a temporary workspace for visitors ever since the previous occupant left. Just one question: Does it have a mouse?


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