Looks like he's identified what's not working

The organization where this pilot fish works is implementing a new service, and it'll be thoroughly tested by headquarters IT before it's rolled out. So what's not working?


Attention to detail: It's how borders stay secure

This pilot fish's company has sold a system for checking passports at an international airport. But one day fish gets a phone call from the border police: "The server doesn't work."


An idle mind is the devil's Photoshop

Pilot fish is hired by this company to develop a simple database system to track clients and match them with doctors. It's quickly finished, and all that's left is to finish the training manual -- complete with cover.


Mail dysfunction

This warehouse advertises to hire a new PC Technical Specialist, but after a week, boss tells this pilot fish that no resumes have come in. Is there something in the ad that's keeping people from applying?



Net admin pilot fish is a contractor in a large federal agency, and with several sites to keep track of, he needs the right tool for the job. But Information Security has a different idea.


See, they CAN figure it out...eventually

These two users sit next to each other all day in this manufacturer's shipping department. And when one of them gets an error message, where does he turn?


Details, details

Head of this research group at a large non-profit medical center returns from a trip, and complains that her laptop won't turn on.


Got a minute?

Developer pilot fish helps build an in-house application to simplify and automate tasks for the Tier 1 support techs, so even new recruits can get up to speed fast. But there's one feature the boss doesn't care for.


One technology down, just 30 years' worth to go

IT consultant's father has agreed to help his son with a new business -- and though he worked as a computer field engineer until the early 1980s, he hasn't quite kept pace with the IT industry since then.


Now that you mention it, there IS one more thing...

Help desk pilot fish gets a call from a remote office: Users are having problems getting access to the local server -- and the office manager says no, she can't tell whether the server's power is on.



Pilot fish is at his desk when he gets a call from a user complaining that her computer is "locked" and asking does fish know what that means?


Yes, to help you, we need to know that

It's late in the day at the help desk for a big government agency, and this pilot fish is the last one still on the job when he gets a call from a user with a problem he wants solved -- on a Need-to-Know basis.


He's never touched a PC. Hey, what could go wrong?

It's many years back, and this newbie IT pilot fish is tasked with setting up a new top-of-the-line 386 PC -- the first PC he's ever touched.


ScreeeeScrawwwwwShklrrlklkr @#$%!

Flashback to the 1990s, when a few users at this company have discovered the wonders of the Internet at home by modem -- and one user calls the help desk to complain, "My modem is insulting me."


Managing IT is easy: Just don't listen!

After an endless succession of managers and layoffs, it finally looks like things are betting better in the IT department where this pilot fish works. Or...maybe not.


Sorta gives 'know your users' a whole new meaning

It's the 1980s, and this pilot fish at a small manufacturing company where PCs are new gets a panicked call from an order-entry clerk -- who's sure her computer is about to explode.


Wonder where he learned to stay so cool...

Flashback to 1999, when this pilot fish is a network admin at Palmer Station, Antarctica -- but even down in the icebox, the hot topic is Y2k.


Sweet smell of skunkworks success

This pilot fish knows about a project that everyone wants, but it's been on the shelf for three years. How do restart a project like that? (Hint: Hold your nose.)


Hey, you've got 38 minutes. What's the problem?

It's 8:22 a.m. when this IT pilot fish gets a call from a user: An important report is due by 9 a.m., with major repercussions if it isn't run on time -- but there's no one around who knows how to do it.


Famous last words: 'You should be fine'

This pilot fish at a big computer manufacturer is the only field service rep in the office when a customer call comes in for a model he's never worked on -- with an SLA that demands to be fulfilled.


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