Good thing this could never happen today, huh?

It's the early 1980s, and this big bank has decided to consolidate more than 90 separate computer systems to create the "business banking applications for the next generation." What could go wrong with that plan?


Ring of truth

This East Coast bank has West Coast offices, and one of them has a user who keeps seeing the same problem with a terminal-emulation program -- and he doesn't hesitate to call it in.


Liars, damned liars and engineers

This manufacturing plant has a lot of automation, and some very specific processes to make sure it all works. So who would fail to follow those processes?


Unclear on the concept

This newly hired system administrator appears to have the right credentials -- but he might be just a little short on real-world experience.


'Clean and office appropriate,' redefined

This HR administrator sends out a highly questionable email message -- and the reason is an image that she didn't exactly think through before attaching.


Is this really how Sherlock got his start?

Pilot fish has just taken a programming job with a government workgroup, but he also has to cover hardware support -- and his first assignment is replacing the group's PCs.


Have you tried...oh, you did

This IT shop has had system administrator vacancies for a while, and thus far no applicants have made it through the phone screening -- so management takes matters into its own hands.


It's That Analyst again

Pilot fish's phone rings, and it's That Analyst again -- the one who won't open a help desk ticket like everyone else. His complaint this time? His server is sending alerts -- and with good reason.


See, we're NOT the only ones who get tech shock

This telecom sales rep has been selling business phone systems for decades -- everything from PBX to VoIP and IVR, with a lot of acronyms in between -- but he remembers exactly when his universe changed.


But we DID meet the deadline, right?

Software vendor has a contractual requirement to deliver a product design to this company by a set date -- and the vendor delivers right on schedule. So what's the problem?


Because tablets are just naturally secure, right?

This state agency has been doing a field rollout with Surface tablet computers to go paperless for inspections, and the section managers just love them -- but it seems someone forgot something.


Why we love decentralized IT

This bank tracks deposits and loans with a widely used and well-supported application, and it has always worked fine -- even though it's administered by the Deposit Operations department, not IT -- until now.


Why, is that a problem?

This company buys a small vendor that's been providing some business services, and the buyer is pretty sure all the due diligence is done. Or maybe not.


Or sit between them, so she'll get even more heat

Help desk pilot fish gets a trouble ticket from a user who says her PC suffered a "thermal event" the day before, just before she went home -- and now the computer won't boot.


Paperwork or a work around? Hmm, tough choice...

Telecom pilot fish working for this community college gets a work order to put in an extra data cable for a new classroom wireless access point. But when he gets to the classroom, what's the first thing he sees?


Not the house call he had in mind

This pilot fish mostly supports small businesses, but he also does occasional house calls for users who need it -- and this one's not the usual computer-and-printer problem.


But they ARE still going to fix it, right?

IT pilot fish in a regional office of a big federal agency gets a call from the IT guy in HR -- and what he's seen is pretty clearly impossible.


How to save money in IT: Broadcast edition

It's the early 1980s, and this pilot fish is working at a TV station as an electrical engineer -- and lightning strikes are a problem in ways they really shouldn't be.


Or we could just filter out anything with @ in it

Sysadmin pilot fish works for a company whose clients include several large pharmaceutical companies -- including one with a product that's very popular among spammers, which turns out to be a problem.


Good to know there are things you can count on

It's Monday morning, and this worried user calls the help desk because she's sure her email looks different from the screens she had when she left work last week.


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