Well, it WAS a battery...

Consultant pilot fish gets a call from a client at a property management company who complains, "My battery won't stop chirping. It's really annoying. Can you replace it?"


The second complaint was going to be 'no music'

Network admin pilot fish walks into the office one morning and is immediately accosted by a user who can't get any work done because of a network application that won't launch -- but everything looks fine.


Maybe they finally realized there IS a problem?

Engineer pilot fish working for a state agency gets a notification from IT by way of his boss: Something is using up all the space on his local hard disk. And as months go by, it's not getting better.


Actually, it's easier without any surprises

Rumor mill says that the division where this IT pilot fish works is about to be hit with a big layoff -- and the details even include the date the ax will fall.


Fortunately, he was tidy but not TOO tidy

This company's new graphics/web designer is told he can trash any of his predecessor's old files he doesn't need -- but he still goes a bit too far.


Because the user is always right, right?

Company that manages an automated teller machine network is doing a complex upgrade of its billing system. The good news: It's finally in testing. The bad news: Billing has an idea for a new requirement.


We'll take our knowledge transfer any way we can

After her cat walks across this business analyst's laptop keyboard, her mouse suddenly won't work -- and when she returns to the office, none of the developers or her co-workers can fix the problem.


'Just drop off a phone,' redefined

Pilot fish has to deliver a replacement cell phone to a user at a remote site, but it's not far from his house and all the prep work for transferring the user's data is already done -- or so he's told.


Unclear on the concept

This IT pilot fish is tasked with upgrading a business user's PC memory, and makes sure to ask the user when she'll be away from her computer so it can be installed. That seems clear enough, doesn't it?


Tomorrow's lesson: Troubleshooting

Elementary-school teacher is frantic because her mouse arrow is stuck in the lower-right corner of her computer screen. Nothing the school's tech coordinator tries will unstick it -- until she mentions something.


Going...going...not going...going...

This pilot fish donates a refusbished PC to be sold at a charity carnival's "white elephant" silent auction. But one of the carnival volunteers comes up with a way to be extra, um, helpful.


Why won't we help users create good passwords?

Sysadmin at this bank gets a call from a veteran loan officer who complains that he can't sign on to the core banking system -- and happens to be a serial offender at locking himself out of his account.


Your tax dollars at work, just not for you

IT pilot fish working for this small California city gets a Public Records Act request passed along by the city clerk -- and it's not exactly something that will improve life for taxpayers.


Good thing IT is rolling in extra budget, right?

This company gets virtually all of its desktop-computer equipment from a local office supply store -- and that store's owner happens to be a friend of the IT director. What could go wrong with that arrangement?


Not the buffer overflow you were thinking of

It's the end of the 1980s, and this cash-strapped department is still using original-model IBM PCs when the help desk gets a call: "The PC crashed and it's beeping!" The problem: a buffer overflow.


If you're gonna be wrong, that's the place for it

This company is testing an upgrade of its computerized call center product at a customer site, but a power supply fails as soon as it's installed. Fortunately, there's a simple fix...unless it turns out not so simple.


Because more data is always better, right?

This 300-person company is moving, but upper management wants to pick a new site that's convenient for employees' commutes -- which means everyone gets to stick a push pin on a map.


Why we love HR

This municipal IT department hears from a volunteer who wants to gain help-desk experience. His references check out, but HR says there's one more hoop he'll have to jump through.


Why not just monitor the installation with Skype?

This company uses small, wall-hung kiosks to enter customer information at remote sites -- and they're simple enough that a facilities manager should be able to install them. But someone doesn't agree.


Why we love getting back to work on Monday

Pilot fish's wife has been bugging him for a few weeks about an image that seems to be stuck in her color laser printer -- and keeps printing at odd times. But when he check the print spooler, nothing's there.


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