Human error, redefined

This company uses an ERP system for OKing orders befor they go to the production line, and it uses a PC-based interface. But one manager likes doing it on his phone -- and that's a bit more error-prone.


Hey, remember me? Because I sure remember you

This IT pilot fish is working as a contractor at a client site where he has far too much opportunity to observe one particular IT manager -- and the way she manages isn't pretty.


Can you hear me now? OK then, HOW ABOUT NOW?!?

This company is upgrading its data warehouse from version 0.9 to version 2.0, and one pilot fish knows that has some subtle pitfalls for certain applications. But who's listening?


And then they had to ruin their imperfect record

This programmer pilot fish develops and maintains a custom manufacturing system for a client, and one report in particular has been working without a hitch for years -- until today.


But...but where are your PRIORITIES?!?

When it's time to review this IT shop's disaster recovery plans, the topic of staffing comes up -- along with a question that somehow has never crossed management's mind.


Well, it USED to work just fine!

This project Is replacing 30-year-old computer control equipment on a plant floor, and something's not right with one of the inputs. But is the problem in the hardware or software?


Hey, how hard could training be?

Flashback to the 1980s, when this big electronics chain has discovered there's big money to be made in everything that has to do with PCs -- including user training.


See, IT project governance works!

This manufacturer generates lots of production data that's used by its engineers at HQ. But local line supervisors also want to query the data to help make production more efficient. How hard could that be?


For once, WE aren't the last ones to find out

IT boss gets an email from the head of another department, asking for some user permissions to be adjusted -- but it's not exactly routine.


How not to cut overtime costs

Company buys a big competitor, which means IT has to integrate several divisions -- and that, in turn, is requiring lots of overtime. Guess what comes next?


Apparently he couldn't find the phone, either

Contract programmer pilot fish gets the assignment to create software tools for programming cable set-top boxes. When the job is done, he's pretty happy with the result -- but he's not finished yet.


Just thought you'd want to know...

This vendor sells pharmacy software -- and a free add-on Accounts Receivable package for customers who want it. But that's not exactly a bargain for anyone involved.


When all else fails, offer a catastrophic solution

It's the 1980s, and this IT pilot fish is working on an oil-pipeline monitoring system in a Venezuelan jungle -- with no phones, no handheld radios and a chief engineer with a way-too-creative workaround in mind.


Sometimes you just gotta have the real thing

It's time for monthly patching, and everything is going swimmingly, according to an IT pilot fish on the scene -- until a developer complains that his application is now denying him access.


Timing isn't everything -- it's the only thing

New tablets are being deployed for this local government, but the inventory system isn't finding them until they're delivered to the users -- and no one can figure out why.


About that pay cut we forgot to give you...

This big bank starts telling the companies that provide it with IT contractors that it's cutting rates. But in the year that follows, this contractor pilot fish's pay check stays the same -- until now.


That parking spot would sure come in handy, huh?

IT pilot fish has just been notified that he's about to be laid off, and as he's scrambling to find a new job, guess who's asking him to make a donation?


It's just like hardware, only softer, right?

IT/software manager is leaving the company, and that means an opportunity for someone who already understand the business's IT issues from the inside. That IS how this internal hire will work out, right?


Suddenly the answer is perfectly clear

This pilot fish is at a remote location and needs to get some work done on his laptop -- but when he starts up the machine, he discovers the mouse won't work. He can work around that -- but what's wrong?


If you wondered why Windows XP is still around...

It's early December 1999, and this small manufacturing company in San Diego is finally getting around to asking about Y2k -- for a computer that runs their plant and hasn't been rebooted in a decade.


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