But it's so tasteful!

The 40 members of this IT group move into a new office space, and for the most part it's fine -- except for one small problem.


And it only took 30 years

Flashback to the early 1980s, when this pilot fish is working for a big consulting firm -- and one of the senior salesmen is just too big a target to pass up on April Fool's Day.


How not to make money in IT, RFID edition

This IT pilot fish is working for an e-commerce startup on the ERP team, and trying to avoid problems for a vendor bidding on a project to use RF scanners throughout a warehouse. Guess who's not listening?


So THAT'S how it could happen!

Unix sysadmin pilot fish discovers one day that a log file has suddenly changed to binary -- and that shouldn't happen. But when he asks for help, a more senior sysadmin just tells him, "That's impossible."


It's all in how you read it

This manufacturing company has an trouble-ticket system for IT hardware issues -- but it doesn't always communicate quite the information that help-desk people need.


That's not the hat I was wearing when you asked

This pilot fish is the go-to guy for antivirus issues at his company, and he's painfully aware that there are a few gaps in the protection -- and one very special gap in particular.


Kids, do NOT try this at home (OR in the office)

Sysadmin who has access to all parts of this office's IT systems decides to play an April Fool's joke on a salesman -- one that's, well, a little too good.


See, it really works!

IT consultant gets an assignment at corporate HQ for an appliance manufacturer, and one of his first tasks is doing some work on an order entry system. Then he needs to test it.


Welcome to IT!

Pilot fish's first task at his first IT job is to create a helpdesk/support ticket system -- but to set it up, he'll need to remove the server from its place on a rack.


Hey, what's the rush?

This IT support pilot fish has been an employee at this company for a few years -- and so has a friend who came on board to join the regular staff after a stint as a contract employee. So what's this note from HR?


Lucky she had a backup copy of her password, huh?

User comes to this IT analyst pilot fish first thing on a Monday morning, very upset that her email client repeatedly popped up a demand for a password -- and then locked her out. What's going on here?


This is how we get better code AND better coders

Smart but junior programmer is assigned to fix some lower-level issues to give him some experience -- and when he comes across a file with peculiar formatting, he knows just what to do.


Why would we need him again?

Software developer's project has just implemented a few weeks ago, and her manager is upset about a database issue that's cropped up -- and is about to get even more unhappy.


Almost ready, redefined

These software developers have been working on an overtime-request-and-approval web application for the past few months -- a project that has been off and on for four years. But it's finally almost ready.


Think maybe her boss was on the call?

This IT pilot fish and his co-worker are sitting at their respective desks when the phone rings. It's a user -- and she's a lot less sociable than usual as she asks, "So, where are we at with the SOP updates?"


Some people just don't appreciate the finer things

This pilot fish is beginning to think maybe he's doing a less-than-fantastic job of educating users on certain topics. Then again, maybe they simply don't care.



A manager needs a network server set up while his regular network admin is on vacation, and this pilot fish gets the assignment. And while you're here, manager says, I hear you're pretty good at racquetball...


And at 80, standing on your head won't work either

Pilot fish with a side business helping out home users with their IT problems gets a call from a panicked elderly customer: She's trying to set a new new background image and something has gone terribly wrong.


Not certified, but very possibly certifiable

A client of this consultant pilot fish complains that his token-ring Novell network has gotten really, really slow. How slow? A print job submitted on Monday would spit pages out over the next two or three days.


Highlighting, redefined

The company where this sysadmin works has a carefully crafted process for any application changes -- and some people want to make sure they're very specific about the details.


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