Suddenly the answer is perfectly clear

This pilot fish is at a remote location and needs to get some work done on his laptop -- but when he starts up the machine, he discovers the mouse won't work. He can work around that -- but what's wrong?


If you wondered why Windows XP is still around...

It's early December 1999, and this small manufacturing company in San Diego is finally getting around to asking about Y2k -- for a computer that runs their plant and hasn't been rebooted in a decade.


It's just the job for you!

This database developer's contract is terminated after four years at a data marketing outfit. Fortunately, he's immediately beseiged by recruiters with the perfect job for him. Unfortunately, there's a hitch.


We handle all kinds of problems here, but...

Pilot fish works as a systems engineer at a Florida company that manages IT for organizations ranging from law firms to medical clinics, but he's still not quite prepared for this long-time customer's call.


When all else fails, trot out the dog and the pony

Flashback to 1984, when it's time for this non-profit organization to switch from stand-alone word processors to PCs. But which is better: to avoid retraining, or save time?


What else would you wear on a birthday?

Vendor tech is doing a disk installation for a minicomputer at a trucking company, and at noon he notices there's a big birthday lunch going on in the break room, complete with music -- and something else.


Welcome to Monday, when everything is your fault

After a week and a half of running in circles, this support pilot fish finally clears up the laptop problems of a remote employee with his own communication issues. Then fish gets an email from the office manager.


'Your resume is sitting on the fax'

IT pilot fish has worked as a contractor pretty frequently, but he's a regular employee at this company when a co-worker comes over and says, "Hey, did you know that your resume is sitting on the fax?"


Always, ALWAYS get your receipt!

This pilot fish's first IT job is as a field engineer for a small computer vendor that makes a turnkey system for pharmacies -- but on this trip, he's got a different kind of technical problem to deal with.


A little knowledge...

This steel mill is getting an automation upgrade, which means there will finally be real-time tracking of the manufacturing process -- at least once it gets past a manager who knows less than he thinks he does.


But c'mon, who works long hours these days?

This pilot fish has to deal with getting broadband for a site where it's not exactly well supported by the local telco -- and for once, he's glad they dragged their corporate feet.


Six weeks, six months, six days

IT pilot fish loses his contracting job in a sudden headcount reduction, which means he's unexpectedly looking for work -- and this time, it's a roller coaster of sixes.


Why we love users, on-the-wrong-track edition

IT consultant gets a request from a longtime client: An employee whose workplace is in the big downtown Amtrak-and-commuter-rail station has been having trouble with his email. Can you fix it?


'We don't care. We don't have to.'

This network provider's customer is moving to the building next door -- just about 50 feet. How hard could it be to get broadband to the new office?


Good news: No flood problems! Now the bad news...

Engineer is dispatched to investigate flooding at a major telecom hub in New York City. Are there any lingering problems from water damage? No -- but there's a bigger problem.


To stop speaking to a real person, press 0

The call center for this college's IT help desk has one particular staffer who's really, really good at his job -- maybe even a little too good.


Wheel, reinvented

IT pilot fish returns from a week at a hardware vendor's user conference -- remember those? -- and the junior consultant on the project team is really excited about his status update.


Wanna bet someone just learned the word 'degauss'?

Pilot fish is tapped to manage an outsourced project to Implement a new software package on the client's desktop environment. That means new PCs -- and figuring out what to do with the old ones.


Now THAT'S a denial of service attack!

This outsourcing outfit's potential client is very security conscious -- and while the outsourcer's professional hosting centers look OK, the would-be client is very worried about headquarters security.


Data mining, 1970s-style

Flashback to the 1970s, when this phone company pilot fish starts getting calls from people whose service has been cut off -- apparently because they're supposed to be dead.


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