Partying like it's 1999, redefined

In the waning days of 1999, this international company is staring down the barrel of Y2k -- and the bigwigs at HQ are taking the looming catastrophe VERY seriously.


Hey, less than 90 seconds doesn't really count!

This paper mill has just installed a new mainframe, but a pilot fish on the scene observes that something seems to be missing. The IT manager disagrees -- why would they need a UPS?


Because that's what's REALLY important, right?

It's the early 2000s, and this network consultant at a state agency has to upgrade a NetWare network. Just one catch: There's another agency's accounting package that has to work with it, too.


Heck, we're just happy it didn't burst into flames

User marches up to this IT pilot fish's desk with a piece of equipment in her hand -- and she's clearly not happy. Can this possibly end well?


In fact, it's quite a bit more than they need

This team of four network analysts is moving to a new office that's been configured just for what they need -- or at least that's what they've been told.


There's the right way, and then there's...this way

Pilot fish needs a replacement battery for his laptop, so he tries his company's new unified IT portal to order it -- which turns out to be more of an adventure than he expects.


Rats! Another infinite loop!

Transaction-processing server at a remote site fails completely -- but it's back up. Then down again. Then up again -- and it turns out there's an obvious reason for the intermittent failure.


See, THIS is what responsibility gets you

Power outage takes down the office where this IT pilot fish works, so he's sent home. But four hours later, his boss calls to say power is back on, but fish still doesn't need to come in. Just two problems with that...


At last, some good from a bureaucratic definition!

It's the 1990s, and this graphic design group wants to ditch its typewriter-era desks for some that will work well with a workstation. Trouble is, the company's Interior Design office has its own ideas.


Don't tell me you can't do it, you SAID you would!

This incident manager knows a lot about IT, but he's not allowed to fix problems -- his job is lining up the right support teams to resolve issues. But one literal-minded support tech takes him at his word.


'Other duties as assigned,' redefined

Pilot fish is applying for a job at small government agency, and there's quite a list of IT qualifications among the requirements. But it turns out he's better qualified than he knows.


Promises, promises

Pilot fish has been working as an IT consultant at this aerospace company when the manager starts pursuing him to become an employee -- and makes joining the payroll sound very appealing.


Well, SOMEBODY needs to work on interview skills

IT pilot fish in the thick of his job hunt finds a small engineering firm that's looking for a software developer. It's 100 miles away, but he sends a resume anyway -- after all, what does he have to lose?


No ticket, no job

This pilot fish is driving to a job interview in an unfamiliar area, and he's not taking any chances with the local traffic cops, so he drives very conservatively -- which has its own unintended consequences.


OK, maybe that wasn't the best idea after all

This IT contractor is tired of the consulting grind, so he quits to take another job -- and shortly ends up back at the company where he was once a contractor. But that doesn't sit well with his old contract broker.


Hey, IT support is Adventureland, not Fantasyland!

IT pilot fish is enjoying a Sunday at a theme park with his family when he gets a support call from a user whose workstation has died -- and doesn't want to hear that he can just use the one on the next desk over.


Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed

On-call pilot fish working for this casino's IT department gets an early morning call for what turns out to be a minor onsite problem -- one that fish quickly clears up. But then he smells smoke.


C'mon, what good is all this automation anyway?

This big company is in the process of moving its data center -- and the new CIO has his own ideas about the best way to keep business data available for generating reports.


That IS when you want to find out, right?

This big credit card company is doing tons of planning for a data center disaster drill, right down to a helicopter to fly in backup tapes. What could possibly go wrong?


It's Monday. Do you know where your users are?

This user has made a great effort to extract a questionable email message from quarantine, then forwards it to this pilot fish with a question: What's this invoice from a company I never heard of?


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