Gee, thanks for the help, boss!

This company's customer-facing network moves from one colocation data center to another, and the transition goes smoothly. But then customers start losing connections -- and the problem won't stand still.


Sometimes, simplest is best

Help desk gets a call from the head of HR, who's trying very hard to print a document on the color Xerox copier -- but it's been imported into Word, and it's become really messed up.


It's not everything -- it's the only thing

Sysadmin pilot fish returns after being away from the office for a while to find a request: Restore everything that was deleted in a folder on the network. But where has it all gone to?


We bet the second user wasn't NEARLY so helpful

This office has two users who both want to be able to use three monitors at their desks. But after ordering and setting up everything needed, this pilot fish can't get that third monitor working for the first user.


This is why divinity students don't take CompSci

It's the early 1980s, and students at this university computer center are having fun with mainframe Job Control Language commands -- including an ongoing attempt to LOCATE GOD.


And by the way, welcome back!

This IT pilot fish is freshly back from his honeymoon when the customer service team leader stops in and asks him to order some sample kits using a script fish has developed. No problem, right?


Unclear on the concept, but she WAS thinking ahead

Flashback to the late 1990s, when this company is finally making the move to PCs -- and a panicky user who has to borrow a monitor to run payroll isn't clear on how this stuff works.


See, that whole Agile approach really does work!

Help desk pilot fish gets a call from a user whose support calls are guaranteed to be frustrating. Worse still: Before fish can help, he needs information that will require this user to type in a single command.


Quick and easy, redefined

Head of the Finance department returns from an ERP vendor's convention and sends a message to IT -- "Could someone come by for a quick and easy request?" -- and, naturally, it's anything but.


On the other hand, it survived Y2k just fine

This big retailer wants to make sure it doesn't feed duplicate orders into a mainframe system, so it tasks a programmer with making sure that doesn't happen. Flash forward 22 years. What could still go wrong?


Disaster. Recovery. Just like the name says...

It's time for this insurance company's big annual disaster recovery test, and because this pilot fish has some configuration changes to make, he heads to the colocation data center a few days early. Think that'll help?


Unclear on the Y2k concept, but taking no chances

Flashback to 1999, when this IT pilot fish is in the Air Force working as a medical technician, and everything -- that's EVERYTHING -- has to be Y2k-compliant.


Really, just a Post-It note would have worked fine

After an employee at a remote office is let go because of poor productivity, his laptop is shipped back to this IT tech -- who finds a piece of masking tape over the built-in webcam. And under the tape?


Cross-examination can work ON lawyers, too

Support pilot fish gets a visit from his company's biggest and brightest hot-shot lawyer, whose laptop isn't working -- and he's willing to wait while fish fixes it.


Not exactly Law & Order: IT Victims Unit

Flashback to 1994, when laptops cost $3,000 and are hard to come by at the company where this pilot fish works -- a situation that doesn't improve when the lone loaner laptop goes missing.


Sometimes it just takes a little leverage

This pilot fish is providing support for a big hardware manufacturer's motherboards, and he gets a call from a customer who just can't get the PCs he builds to boot reliably.


Too bad he didn't try to call the help desk first

It's the beginning of the school year, and it's more than usually chaotic for this pilot fish who's hobbling around after foot surgery. But one teacher can't log in -- and he insists that his cables are plugged in.


Sadly, we're pretty sure she HAS done this before

This IT pilot fish gets a new user set up with email, then asks if she needs help learning how to use it. Her response: 'Oh no, I've done this before.'


Sometimes you really need an engineered solution

This software for monitoring production lines is standardized throughout the company. But one manager wants to install a monitor that will make it impossible to use without a complete redesign.


There's sharing, and then there's OVER-sharing...

This Head Start program shares space with a school district, and the two organizations have different Wi-Fi networks and web filtering rules. But someone is sharing Head Start's Wi-Fi passphrase with school users.


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