Is the app gap still killing Windows Phone?

Apps sell phones, and Windows Phone has long lagged behind both iOS and Android in app availability. Is it finally closing the gap, or is it still being hurt by the app gap?


Will September 30 be the date a Windows revival begins?

Reports say that the first Windows 9 preview will be released on September 30. Will that be the day that Windows finally gets back its mojo, or will the operating system continue to be lambasted by critics and users alike?


Steve Ballmer's 5 greatest YouTube hits

With Steve Ballmer leaving the Microsoft board, it's time to bid him a fond farewell -- and the best way to do it is with a look at five of his greatest YouTube hits.


Is the Windows-based HP Stream 14 a Chromebook killer?

Microsoft may have the answer to the Chromebook surge: An under-$200 laptop from HP with full-on Windows 8.1, a 14-inch screen, and 100 GB of free cloud-base storage. Will this be the machine that kills off Chromebooks?


Will Microsoft's Satya Nadella dump Windows Phone and the Xbox?

If Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is true to his logic, one day he'll dump both Windows Phone and the Xbox -- and of course, the Surface. But is he willing to follow that logic, or instead keep Microsoft's worst-performing divisions?


Windows Phone's nosedive continues: When will it R.I.P.?

One more day, one more piece of bad news for Windows Phone: IDC found that in the second quarter of 2014, Windows Phone's market share dropped yet again, to well under 3%. Is it time to play taps for the operating system?


New Windows Phones will be swamped by the iPhone 6, Samsung Note 4

Microsoft's timing couldn't be worse: It's expected to announce one or two new Windows Phones on September 4, just one day after Samsung will reveal the Note 4 phablet, and five days before Apple shows off its newest line of iPhones....


Chromebooks sales will triple -- is Microsoft right to fear them?

A new report from Gartner forecasts that Chromebook sales will triple in the next three years and gain a small chunk of the PC market. Do they represent a real threat to Microsoft, or are they just a side show? The Gartner...


Enterprises to Windows Phone: Drop dead

Microsoft may dominate enterprise software, but that's far from the case with Windows Phone. A new report finds that Windows Phone accounts for a mere 1% of mobile market share among enterprises. How much longer can Microsoft prop...


Surface Pro 3 ads target the Macbook Air. Bad move, Microsoft -- the Macbook wins.

Microsoft is ramping up its assault on the Macbook Air with a series of ads touting the Surface Pro 3's superiority to Apple's laptop There's just one problem. The Macbook Air is better. Here's why. Microsoft has several ads aimed...


Can a 'selfie' phone and HTC One save Windows Phone?

Microsoft has two new Windows Phones on tap -- a 'selfie' phone with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and the top-notch HTC One. They sound like solid phones, but are they enough to save the struggling operating system? Windows...


Windows 9 will kill Charms, be an operating system you can love

Windows 9 is going to strip out even more of Windows 8 than we thought: It will kill the Charms Bar. Considering that it will also add back the Start menu, and allow Metro apps to run as windows apps on the desktop, when it's done...


Pointless Windows 8.1 Update 2 shows Microsoft has given up on Windows 8

The fat lady has finally sung for Windows 8. With a list of non-features slated to be rolled out next week in what was once called Windows 8.1 Update 2, Microsoft has made clear it's given up on improving the struggling operating...


With $1.7 billion in Surface losses, is it time for Microsoft to pull the plug?

In the nearly two years since the launch of the Surface tablet line, Microsoft has racked up $1.7 billion in losses on it, with no end to the red ink in sight. Is it time for Microsoft to finally pull the plug? Computerworld's...


It's official: Windows 8's uptake is even worse than Vista's. Should Microsoft jump ship?

If there were any questions whether Windows 8 has been Microsoft's worst operating system ever, they should now be laid to rest: Windows 8's uptake is now lagging behind even Windows Vista's dreadful performance. Is all hope gone...


Anti-privacy court ruling shows why Microsoft is one of privacy's best friends

If you're worried about your privacy, Microsoft is one of your best friends. Microsoft's decision to appeal a court ruling that it has to turn over to the federal government email stored in Ireland shows once again that the company...


Windows Phone continues to slide, now under 3% share worldwide. Is it finally dead?

Windows Phone's worldwide market share continues to drop, and now has under a 3% market share. Can anything save the struggling smartphone operating system? The Nokia acquisition certainly hasn't helped. Strategy Analytics' latest...


How to move your domain and Outlook mail to Google Apps and Gmail

Do you have a domain with email that you want to move over to Gmail and Google Apps? I've got help. I recently made the move myself. Here's how to move the domain and email, complete with "gotchas" you should watch out for, based...


Maybe Nadella isn't God, Microsoft employees say after hearing layoff plans

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella walks on water if you believe his ratings as a boss by Microsoft employees. But after his announced plans for laying off 18,000 employees, Microsoft workers are far cooler to him. Is this the end of his...


Who sold more phones last quarter, Apple or Microsoft? Wrong -- it's Microsoft.

When it comes to phones, Apple is the 800-pound gorilla, and Microsoft is the 100-pound weakling, right? Wrong! Last quarter, Microsoft sold nearly one million more phones than Apple did. And it has the numbers to prove it. That...


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